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Name: joy <eduduspellsolutiontemple@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-10-31
my name is joy i want to testify about a
great spell caster that help me cast a spell
that bring my husband back to me without
any delay. I broke up with my husband with
just little misunderstanding hoping we will
get back shortly,but things was growing
worse until i contacted Dr edudu who help
me with his historical powers to bring him
back, without charging me any money for
his work, i have never believed in a spell
caster until i come across Dr edudu it will be
of great sin if i should go out from here
without dropping the contact of this great
spell caster,in case you need the help of this
great spell caster you can contact him
through his email: once you contact him all
your problems will be over,once again i say
very big thanks to you sir for helping me to
recover my husband back, and please sir
keep your good work bcause people need
your help and in their lives.once more
contact him on his email


Name: Gina Brian <ginacollection0@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-10-31
My decision to contact Dr Marvel practically saved my life. My husband was being so physically abusive to me and I thought there was no way out. I secretly ordered a protection spell from Dr Marvel one day while he was at work. He was so concerned about me and assured me I was doing the right thing. Right after I got the talisman, my husband suddenly agreed to go to couple’s counseling and anger management classes. I’m seeing a therapist on my own, too, and it all feels like it’s going to turn out alright. Thank you Dr Marvel, for your kind and benevolent aid. Much appreciation. You can contact Dr Marvel through his web site on http://extremespellhome.webs.com or his email extremespellhome@hotmail.com or his mobile Number +2348106985072

Name: Laura Connor <lauraconnor260@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-10-31
I want to use this medium to tell the world about Dr Marvel who helped me in getting my lover back with his powerful spell, my ex and i where having misunderstanding which led to our breakup though i went to beg him several times to please forgive and accept me back because i knew i offend him but each time i went i always feel more deeply in pain and agony because he always walk out on me and would not want to listen to what i have to tell him but on one faithful day as i was browsing i came across a testimony of a woman whose problem was worse than mine and yet Dr Marvel helped her with his spell. So i was happy and also contacted Dr Marvel for help via email (extremespellhome@hotmail.com) and then told him my story but the only thing he said was that i will wipe your tears out with my spell so luckily for me everything want well just as he promised and right now i have got my lover back and we are both living happily. there is nothing Dr Marvel can not do with his spell and just as promise myself i will keep testifying on the internet of how Dr Marvel helped me. Are your problem greater that mine or less i give you 100% guarantee that Dr Marvel will put an end to it with his powerful spell, contact Dr Marvel today to help you email: extremespellhome@hotmail.com or call him through his mobile number +2348106985072. His web site on http://extremespellhome.webs.com

Name: Morren Bond <mareenbond@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-10-29
I really want to thank Dr Ero for saving my marriage. My husband really treat me bad and left the home for almost 1 month i was sick because of this, then i contacted eromosalelovespell@outlook.com>eromosalelovespell@outlook.com for help, they told me that my husband is under a great spell of another woman. They cast a spell of return back of love on him. And he came back home for forgiveness and today we are happy again, i want you all who are having relationship, ex and even husband problem to contact eromosalelovespell@outlook.com

Name: George <andersongeorge84@yahoo.com>
Date: 2014-10-06
HIS EMAIL CONTACT IS odogwumalaika@gmail.com THE MOBILE IS +2348097302201


Name: amanda <odiaaziengbe@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-10-04
My names are Mrs. Amanda Martinez from Houston, taxes.i never believed in love spells or magic until I met this spell caster once. when I went to Africa in March this year on a business summit. I met a man called dr. Abulu.He is powerful he could help me cast a spells to bring back my love’s gone, misbehaving lover looking for some one to love you, bring back lost money and magic money spell or spell for a good job.i’m now happy & a living testimony because the man I am married to today left me 3 weeks before our wedding and my life was upside down because our relationship has been on for 2 years… I really loved him, but his mother was against me and he had no good paying job. so when I met this spell caster, I told him what happened and explained the situation of things to him..at first I was undecided, skeptical and doubtful, but I just gave it a try. and in 6 days when I returned to taxes, my boyfriend ( now my husband ) he called me by himself and came to me apologizing that everything had been settled with his mummy and family and he got a new job interview so we should get married..i didn’t believe it because the spell caster only asked for my name and my boyfriends name and all I wanted him to do… well we are happily married now and we are expecting our little kid, and my husband also got a new job and our lives became much better. in case anyone needs the spell caster for some help, email address abuluspiritualtemple@gmail.com

Great Abulu I thank you very much thank you in 1000000 times.. if not you I would have been lost and wasted thank you.

please make sure you contact him for any financial difficulties okay..

What a powerful man such as Dr Abulu.. he is so much powerful..\\ email him for any difficulties.. abuluspiritualtemple@gmail.com


Name: Andrew <andychapman4u@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-09-17

These comments you see on the internet about Dr Malaika (odogwumalaika@gmail.com) are not just comments, they are truthful words of experience written by those who have been there and found help
in reuniting with the ones they hold dear to their heart and other marital and financial problems. I can tell you this because I also asked him for help to cast a spell to fix my relationship with the only woman I have ever
loved after been married four time in the last four years cos i didn't believe in love but in the power of been rich. When it came to meet my wife it was different
because I fell for her in every way. At the time i met her it was only a while before the relationship became serious cos I bet she love me also.
We moved in together and our relationship blossomed. we got married but couldn't have a baby and then I discovered my wife was barren. I had to try some spell casters but to no avail
until I contacted Dr Malaika. HE restored my wife's womb and just like that she got pregnant, she has given birth now and our baby is growing. I later casted a money spell through him
which he did and today we are rich and doing very fine. Thank god for our lives and also to Dr Malaika who God has used to blessed us. I know that not everybody will believe this moreover its just something
on the internet but my heart knows every of this word that formed this entire comment is true. Am Leaving Dr Malaika's contact for those who believe this and need help as well. his contact is:


Name: wilson felix <wilsonfelix06@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-08-29
Hello friends, an awesome and amazing testimony about a Great spell caster i really love to share. My name is Wilson Felix from the Canada. Getting my wife back is what i least expected and could never imagine. I and my wife have been married for five years and we have been living happily but all of a sudden she changed completely and turned away from me and i never knew what was going on, i tried to ask her but she refused to tell me what the problem is, and as time went on she sought for a divorce. I was so worried and confused, and i did all my possible best to get her back but it wasn't easy, i thought all hope was lost, and during my search for a way out, a friend of mine who had similar problem told me about a great spell caster called Dr OSAUYI who helped him get back his wife also. I never believe in spell casting in my entire life or a magic because i never thought it will work but i tried to give this man a chance and to my greatest surprise, He cast a spell to bring her back, but today we are back together into a lovely home with three beautiful kids. We are happy together again and i am using this opportunity to tell anyone passing similar situation to contact him on OSAUYILOVESPELL@GMAIL.COM OR OSAUYILOVESPELL@YAHOO.COM OR YOU CAN CALL HIS CELL PHONE and you will be the next to tell a new testimony.

Name: Mrs WILSON <osobaspelltemple@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-08-25

My Name is Mrs WILSON I was married to my husband for 10 years and we were both bless with two children, living together as one love, until 2014 when things was no longer the way it was [ when he lost his job ]. But when he later gets a new job 6 months after, he stated sleeping outside our matrimonial home which really makes me crazy. Only for me to find out that he was having an affair with the lady that gave him the job. since that day, when i called him, He don't longer pick up my calls, He do not behave how he use to be before he got the job from the lady that he was having an affair with,I have also questioned him on this particular issues several times to please stop all this that what he is doing to me that is causing me to loose my temper and patient, Yet my husbands just still keep on seeing the lady. Until I met a very good friend of mine who was also having a similar problem years back, Who introduced me to a very good love spell caster,When my friend told me about this spell caster i ask her which one is he talking about,That i have used like two spell casters online that are fake.She explained to me that yes that there are really fake spell casters online that are just there to rip off someones money without giving out good result that THIS VERY PARTICULAR SPELL CASTER THAT I AM TELLING YOU ABOUT WAS INTRODUCED TO ME BY THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA,COS HE IS MY COUSIN.The president directed me to him and gave me his contact that he is a very great spell caster that has helped him solve internal and external problems of his home and also of this country. But i told her that if it has to do with things that i am not interested, but she said that it has nothing to do with pay first. but the only thing she was ask to do when the president gave her the contact was just to go and buy the items to cast the spell,And if you can not get this items,It will only cost you just $150 dollars to like $300 dollars which you will have to send to him via western union or any means he require you to get this charges to him to get material needed to cast the spell this was what i did to get my man on track when he was doing something like this me in the year 2011.I quickly ask her on how i am going to get to this very great and reliable spell caster and also i did not forget the country he was from,She to me that this great spell caster that is so reliable and unique is from NIGERIA.she gave me the spell caster e-mail address and phone number. When i contacted him, i was so surprise when he said that if i have the believe in him and also i have faith that directed me to him that i will get my husband back in the nest three [3] day that i should just relax my mind as everything will go well,He told me to just put my mind at rest that nobody has ever come to him for help and go the same way he or she came.That he will want to first of all assure me that in the next 1,2,3,to 4 days that my husband must and will call me on phone begging and come home to me and go down on his knees and will be begging for forgiveness and even will get a gift to make the reunion sweet.He also told me that his spell casting is forever that there will be no break up again and also that the spell do not have any side effect but just to make you get what you want.Really my people in the world that will stop by to read my story,Or to those that need a very good spell caster,All the process went well and as he assured me and my husband was fully back on track and love me like never before.So i am out here to extend my thanks firstly to my friend that introduce me to him and also a very big thanks and more thanks to osobaspelltemple@gmail.com. This testimony is what i can only do for him by sharing it to other people to contact the right spell caster online and not to fall into the hands of those scammers that has used spell to start collecting money from individuals that need help without any sort of result.This man Called Dr osobs is good,great,durable,reliable and he helps those that will not also complete charges to get materials needed to cast spell and he is the author of my happiness and Joy. His e-mail address is as follow: osobaspelltemple@gmail.com. ONCE AGAIN HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS: osobaspelltemple@gmail.com


Name: George <andersongeorge84@yahoo.com>
Date: 2014-08-23
HIS EMAIL CONTACT IS odogwumalaika@gmail.com THE MOBILE IS +2348097302201


Name: Mrs BRITTANY WALTER <oodliaspelltemple@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-08-22


I want to testify of what a spell caster did for me and my hubby.we have been married since 2007 without a sign of pregnancy or conceiving.I went off birth control then and did not have a period.my gyro gave me progesterone to jump-start a period and it did.,but i did not have another one.we did another round of progesterone followed by 100mg clomid for 5 months,we followed all doctors instructions but all to no avail.I have been buying ovulation kits pregnancy test AND i finally got 3 test when i was ovulating! So ever since that we been trying for years now! Well i was very confused because i keep taking ept test AND they all keep turning out to b negative! I really want a baby girl while my hubby want a baby boy LOLL! I think maybe we are just trying to hard, What i can tell you is that its been so many years now and i still yet do not have my period??nobody to help because every body around us was already at the verge of losing their faith on us.no were to run to until one faithful day i was reading a magazine and i stumble on a page were i found topic or a head line {A SPELL CASTER} who can heal someone from HIV AND AIDS,bring back your EX,enlarge your BREAST,help you win a VISA LOTTERY,losing your WEIGHT and even get six PACKS AND flatten your BELLY,I gave him a try and before i could no it PROPHET Oodlia rescue me from my problem by casting a spell for me and told me to go and make love with my hubby,then nine months after the spell and making love with my husband i delivered a twins A BOY AND A GIRL.This spell caster name is PROPHET Oodlia so many people have witness his wonderful work..He is nice, contact him on oodliaspelltemple@gmail.com if you are in any predicament•Thanks so very much!!


Name: Vivian Alex <obasispelltemple@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-08-22

My life entirely changed since I met Dr obasi by chance on internet! All my dreams has been turning to real, it's unbelievable! My Husband came back to me within 48 hours as you said and... he changed! he loves me again, like the first day! Thanx again for all you have done. I want to express my warmest gratitude, Dr OBASI. I'll never ever forget all the happiness you gave me. You are truly a man of your word. I highly recommend Dr obasi to you for whatever problem you are experiencing whether is love, money or psychic powers. He is powerful. You can contact him on obasispelltemple@gmail.com Vivian Alex Country: USA


Name: Andy Sowers <osobaspelltemple@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-08-12

An amazing testimony on a spell caster who brought my wife back to me..
My name is Andy Sowers,i live in Australia,and I'm happily married to a lovely and caring wife,with two kids.A very big problem occurred in my family seven months ago,between me and my wife.so terrible that she took the case to court for a divorce.she said that she never wanted to stay with me again,and that she didn't love me anymore.So she packed out of my house and made me and my children passed through severe pain. I tried all my possible means to get her back,after much begging,but all to no avail.and she confirmed it that she has made her decision,and she never wanted to see me again.
So on one evening,as i was coming back from work,i met an old friend of mine who asked of my wife.So i explained every thing to her,so she told me that the only way i can get my wife back,is to visit a spell caster,because it has really worked for her too.So i never believed in spell,but i had no other choice,than to follow her advice. Then she gave me the email address of the spell caster whom she visited.{osobaspelltemple@gmail.com}.
So the next morning,i sent a mail to the address she gave to me,and the spell caster assured me that i will get my wife back the next day.What an amazing statement!! I never believed,so he spoke with me,and told me everything that i need to do. Then the next morning, So surprisingly, my wife who didn't call me for the past seven {7}months,gave me a call to inform me that she was coming back.So Amazing!! So that was how she came back that same day,with lots of love and joy,and she apologized for her mistake,and for the pain she caused me and my children. Then from that day,our relationship was now stronger than how it were before,by the help of a spell caster.
So, i will advice you out there to kindly visit the same website {osobaspelltemple@gmail.com},if you are in any condition like this,or you have any problem related to "bringing your ex back.
So thanks to the sobaspelltemple for bringing back my wife,and brought great joy to my family once again.


Name: MY LOVE <osobaspelltemple@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-08-12

Names is Monique Curry ,AM from United states .i never believed in love spells or magic until i met this spell caster once when i went to Africa in June last year on a business summit i meet a man called Dr osoba, is powerful he could help you cast a spells to bring back my love s gone misbehaving lover looking for some one to love you bring back lost money and magic money spell or spell for a good job i m now happy & a living testimony cos the man i had wanted to marry left me 4weeks before our wedding and my life was upside down cos our relationship has been on for 3 year i really loved him, but his mother was against me and he had no good paying job so when i met this spell caster, i told him what happened and explained the situation of things to him at first i was undecided,skeptical and doubtful, but i just gave it a try and in 6 days when i returned to taxes my boyfriend (is now my husband ) he called me by himself and came to me apologizing that everything had been settled with his mom and family and he got a new job interview so we should get married i didn't believe it cos the spell caster only asked for my name and my boyfriends name and all i wanted him to do well we are happily married now and we are expecting our little kid and my husband also got a new job and our lives became much better in case anyone needs the spell caster for some help his email address: osobaspelltemple@gmail.com


Name: larry smith <greatidungaspelltemple@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-08-12
if it is africa 95 percent of the spell casters there are fake ..my name is larry from canada..i have been scammed by 2 different spell casters named dr shagi and dr arango until i came across dr idunga via facebook..he told me if i get the items and he work for me i can pay him anything i can afford, he worked with sincerity for me and in 6 days my inlaws called me plead to me that my ex wife want me back but dont know how to do it directly, she came to me the following day and we are happy again..am thanking dr idunga for his sincere work which is lacking among african spell casters.. am also using this medium to tell you all to beware of scammer and try to know one cos dr idunga will follow due process before anything that has do with finance..his contact is greatidungaspelltemple@gmail.com or + 2348113076524

Name: sophia andres <sophyandres8@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-07-30
Hello I am Sophia Andres , I am out here to spreed this good news to the entire world on how I got my ex love back.I was going crazy when my love left me for another girl last month, But when i met the website of Dr Ikuku
http://ultimatesolutioncenter.webs.com the great messenger to the oracle how my ex love left me and also how i needed to that he serve,I narrated my problem to Dr Ikuku about a job in a very big company.He only said to me that i have come to the right place were i will be getting my heart desire without any side effect.He told me what i need to do,After it was been done,In the next 12 hours,My love called me on the phone and was saying sorry for living me before now and also in the next one week after my love called me to be pleading for forgiveness,I was called for an interview in my desired company were i needed to work as the managing director..I am so happy and overwhelmed that i have to tell this to the entire world to contact Dr Ikuku at the following email address and get all your problem solve..No problem is too big for him to solve..Contact him direct on: ultimatesolutioncenter@gmail.com or call him on +2348104181322 and get your problems solved like me..... ONCE AGAIN HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS: ultimatesolutioncenter@gmail.com or contact him through his website at http://ultimatesolutioncenter.webs.com. he is real and very powerful to help.
Dr Ikuku Mobile Number: +2348104181322
Email: ultimatesolutioncenter@gmail.com


Name: Stacy Brown <stacybrown160@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-05-22
I have been scammed overtime by these people. I thought Malaika was also a scam but my mind told me to give him a try after a friend convinced me about him which I did. He is a god in human form. Take a look at me now! Oh am so happy. I was barren for life as it was supposed to be but when I met Dr Malaika my situation changed. My hubby left me over the years because I couldn’t give him a child but here we are now with a cute baby girl. Dr malaika casted a spell that brought back my hubby and at the same time he casted a spell to restore my barren womb. I said I won’t testify until I give birth to prove this is real. Here we are now living in the miracle performed by Dr Malaika. Dr Malaika told me he does spell for riches, cures cancer and all kind of illness which I now believe. His email is odogwumalaika@gmail.com or call him through his mobile +2348097302201. He is so wonderful. Am very much happy now.


Name: Rosemary Bryant <rosemarybryant112@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-05-08

I just want to say appreciate you Dr.azaka for all you have done for me. He is back now. That very powerful spell caster STOP THE DIVORCE – and get my ex husband back.
I am Rosemary Bryant, from USA. I never believed in love spells or magic until i met this spell caster once when i went for a business summit November last year in Africa. I meant a man who's name is Dr.azaka, he is really powerful and could help cast spells to bring back one's gone, lost, misbehaving lover and magic money spell or spell for a good job or luck spell .I’m now happy & a living testimony because the man i had wanted to marry left me 3 weeks before our wedding and my life was upside down because our relationship has been on for 3years. I really loved him, but his mother was against us and he had no good paying job. So when i met this spell caster, i told him what happened and explained the situation of things to him. At first i was undecided, skeptical and doubtful, but i just gave it a try. And in 7 days when i returned to USA, my husband called me by himself and came to me apologizing that everything had been settled with his mother and family and he got a new job interview so we should get married. I didn't believe it cos the spell caster only asked for my name and my Husband name and all i wanted him to do. Well we are happily married now and we are expecting our little kid, and my husband also got the new job and our lives became much better.in case you are in any situation you can contact Dr. Azaka at his email dr.azakablackmagic@live.com or his personal cell +2347055662984.

I appreciate you for all your help DR.


Name: Sten Molin <sten.molin@comhem.se>
Date: 2014-02-21
Hello from Sweden,
Something wrong with your mail address. If you have another address please contact me, sten.molin@comhem.se
Sten Molin


Name: Ronald Winslow Chapman <littlebit57@verizon.net>
Date: 2014-02-16
I am of the chapmans from skaneateles new york and i was just searching my name and came upon this and it's interesting.

Name: Samuel Lina <samuellina89@gmail.com>
Date: 2013-11-01

I and my husband have been having a lot of problem living together, he will always not make me happy because he have fallen in love with another lady outside our relationship, i tried my best to make sure that my husband leave this woman but the more i talk to him the more he makes me feel sad, so my marriage is now leading to divorce because he no longer gives me attention. so with all this pain and agony, i decided to contact this spell caster to see if things can work out between me and my husband again. the spell caster told me what i will do to get my husband back, so he told me that he was going to make all things normal back. he did the spell on my husband and after 5 days my husband changed completely he even apologize with the way he treated me that he was not him self, i really thank this priest his name is Dr HOODOO he have bring back my husband back to me i want you all to contact him who are having any problem related to marriage issue and relationship problem he will solve it for you. his email hoodoolovespell@yahoo.com


Name: sarah <sarahtiti@ymail.com>
Date: 2012-09-11
God bless the winexbackspell@gmail.com therapist oniha a lot. His spell casting is really great. All i think he should never stop with his work because there are still people out in the world who still needs his spell service and i will say eventhough you have not find him this is him the winexbackspell@gmail.com just go straight to him and tell him your complaint,i assure you,he will make you happy just like mine. God bless him again and to all the people who are reading my note on this blog.

Name: Richard McManus <mcmanus_r@bellsouth.net>
Date: 2011-11-09
Just looking around

Name: Germana Grunert <germanagrunerta@gmail.com>
Date: 2011-10-15
I,m really greatful, here i Founded information about Karl Gottlieb Dihlmann,my great great grandfather, i´ve been looking for information for a long time without results, thanks again

Name: Keith <email address>
Date: 2011-03-30
Does anyone have the correct email address for Mr. John Jay Chapman of Nassau, NY? The address on the website is incorrect. Thanks.

Name: Jack Casey <jack_casey@emerson.edu>
Date: 2011-03-02
I grew up in Nassau (48 Lake Avenue) from birth in 1947 until 1965, when I left for Emerson College in Boston, by whom I am now employed (after life as a "radio gypsy" for 40 years.)
Recently, I visited a boyhood friend, (Dr.) Ken Merchant, former Dean of the Business School at USC, and his family (including his parents, second generation "Nassau-onians" themselves) in California. We found ourselves reminiscing about life in Nassau, including the time Ken struck me out in Little League, at Merchant's Field, the ballpark named for his family. Ken then took out a copy of Paul Huey's book on the history of Nassau (Paul's mother was my piano teacher). I have now discovered your excellent history of own town as well. Thanks for filling in the blanks with many facts I didn't know about my hometown.
I have not visited Nassau since my mother's death in 2001. Don't know if you know them. I am looking at perhaps taking a motorcycle trip there this coming summer just to visit the old haunts. Would be delighted to buy you a beer to discuss Nassau history from my era (my dad was president of the fire co. and my mom, a nurse, was a founding member of the ambulance corps.) I can't say I miss Nassau but it does hold many pleasant memories for me. I'm glad I grew up there.


Name: Gregory E. Stump <blazingcats@yahoo.com>
Date: 2010-09-16
I was looking up my Great Grandpa Edward Chapman who lived in Goshen, Indiana, and it brought me to your Guestbook.

Name: Barbara <sassyladybarb@gmail.com>
Date: 2010-07-13
Hi just came across your wonderful site "I saw it on ancestry I was doing some family research on my Chapman Line and came across your family page my Grandmother's name is Bertha Chapman she married a Joseph/Joe Simpkins just thought "I would say hello and tell you "I am Happy that your making a difference in History and bringing family back Thank You

Name: SJ Jones <therealsj@att.net>
Date: 2010-05-06
Am excited to see if "my" Chapmans are the same as "yours."

Name: E. Tincknell <tinck_e@yahoo.com>
Date: 2010-04-03
I,too, stumbled onto your site. My Chapman line is not in the U.S. Phoebe Chapman married Henry Willis on October 9, 1796 in Ashley, Cambridgeshire, England. They are my G.G.G.G. grandparents (if I counted right). I have absolutely no other info on Pheobe, other than she was the mother of Maria Willis who married Thomas Sargeant in 1829 in Ashley. Any clues would be greatly appreciated. I have many of the decendents, but no parents or dates for either Henry or Phoebe. Thanks, et

Name: charlie chapman <charleschapman@gmail.com>
Date: 2010-03-21
sorry missed typed email thanks charlie

Name: charlie chapman <charleschapman@gmail.com>
Date: 2010-03-21
sorry missed typed email thanks charlie

Name: charlie chapman <charleschapman3@cmail.com>
Date: 2010-03-21
Great site, Im Charles P. Chapman, s.of C.Robert Chapman,deceased. Peoria IL. s. of Charles townley Chapman,deceased, Evanston Il. s. of frank townly Chapman deceased [patent att in d.c.]. We also have a summer house 3 lakes wis.Any Chapmans in northern wis?

Name: Keith Faulkner <kfaulk4707@aol.com>
Date: 2010-02-24
I was researching one of my family names (Chapman) and came across you site. I really enjoyed reading how you and your wife met...Nice phots also,,

Name: dale chapman tuemler <robertftuemler@verizon.net>
Date: 2010-02-19
my father was william thomas chapman son of nellie m. chapman daughter of jesse seymore chpaman son of william f. chapman does anyone know of these people ???

Name: Nancy Brower <njbrower@gmail.com>
Date: 2009-07-01
I actually don't know how I came upon this site. But I'm so glad to have found it -- my parents lived on Elm Street (directly across from Deb and Bill Romer's house which at the time belonged to Debbie's parents, the Strevell's)until the last few years of their lives when health concerns took them to the west coast to be closer to family. My brother Julian signed this guest book earlier. The last time I was home was in the early 90's and the family who then lived in what used to be our home was extremely gracious and invited me to tour the house. Quite an emotional experience. Thank you for this trip down memory lane.

Name: Mary D. Hutson <mhutson1930@yahoo.com>
Date: 2009-03-02
What a wonderful site. I was searching for the Chapman family, but found a gold mine. Thanks for reminding us what and who we really are; Americans!

Name: Audrey <audreyid@hotmail.com>
Date: 2008-12-26
Hi What a great site you have put together. My family descends from Alexander..William...John...Obediah...Peletiah..
Peletiah did have another son other than what is listed William & John...I descend from John.
Would love to find more info on Alexander, his father Dudley and Alexander


Name: Kenneth Bazinaw <kennethbazinaw@rocketmail.com>
Date: 2008-12-18
My great grandfather was a Chapman.His name Alex,his father was Augustus Chapman.My grandfather was from BOBLO ISLAND,which in the Straits of Mackinac.My father James Bazinaw moved to Mackinac Island from Boblo island with my grandfather,that is where he met my mother, and married.Together they raised 12 of us.We all still live in the surrounding area.I was delighted to read upon your family history,and the wonderful exspresions you put in the articles pertaining to our country.May GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, WHERE EVER THEY MAY BE.

Name: Jack Chapman <jchapman290@mchsi.com>
Date: 2008-03-23
Learned something new today. My GGG Grandfather, John
Chapman was born 12 Nov 1781 in CT and died Newfield, NY,
17 Mar 1859. His wife Sally was born 22 Apr 1786 in VT and died 4 Feb 1855 according to tombstones in the North
Spencer cemetery near Newfield NY. Still looking for his parents in CT.


Name: Jack Chapman <jchapman290@mchsi.com>
Date: 2008-03-17
I enjoy the family related comments. I have been searching
very hard for the roots of my GGG Grandfather, John Chapman, who according to Unadilla NY town history came to
NY from CT. He appears to be in 1810 Merideth, NY census
but the age category is 26 to 44 and he should have been
19 or 20. History says his son Uriah was born there about
1807. He and wife Sally were in 1820, 1830 census in
Unadilla, NY and in Newfield, Tompkins, NY in 1840 census.
Sally and daughter were living with another daughter, Delia
Reeves, in Newfield in 1850 census. Other children of
John and Sally appear to be: Uriah, Joel, Watson Thomas,
James, Jane, Maud, and Susan. I have looked at all the
John Chapmans born in CT about 1791 and none of them
seem to match. I believe Sally Chapman was Sally Billings,
daughter of Erastus Billings of Enfield, CT, Kortright, NY
1810, and Scholarie county NY thereafter.


Name: Charles Chapman <chapman23005@bellsouth.net>
Date: 2008-02-16
Hi, my name is Charles Chapman grandson of Charles Boone Chapman of Louisiana. I live in Clinton Mississippi and believe I am in the line of John(Appleseed) Chapman. I am looking for information on Robert Livingston Chapman from Louisiana. I am very excited to find your site!

Name: Margaret (Speaks)Waters <pegscupid@zoomtown.com>
Date: 2007-11-12
My grandmother was a Chapman. And I'm trying to find her ancestory. I was told she was related to John Chapman aka Johnny Apple Seed. My best guess is that it was his half siblings that were most likely her line. She was born in McArthur, Ohio. Her name was Estella Florence Chapman and she married Robert Franklin Speaks.That's all I know. Is there any way you could help me. It would be very much appreciated.

Margaret Waters


Name: Diane Longshore de Golia <longolia@excite.com >
Date: 2007-09-03
I'm looking for the parents of my ggg grandfather William H. Chapman who was born in Vermont in 1811. According to a letter handed down in the family, he had two brothers, Ephraim and Amos, and a sister named Addie. I'd appreciate any help that anyone can offer on this brick wall. This website was a wonderful find!

Name: Martha Crowley <swiggle51@aol.com>
Date: 2007-08-16
My grandfather was Walter F. Chapman of Shelby Co., Alabama. I don't know his birth year, but I believe it would have been a little previous to 1890. I believe his parents were Benjamine and Martha (Britt?) Chapman. His siblings names were: Emma, Marietta, George, Ida, Willis, Charlie and John. He married Lillie Lou Norman. He is buried in Bessemer, Jefferson Co., Alabama. Any Alabama connections out there? Anyone have any info. on this Chapman line? What I've printed here is about all I have and I'm not sure about all of it. Anyway....love your site and hope to meet someone with some Alabama ancestors in common.

Name: Nelda Chapman Harshaw <marnelhar@yahoo.com>
Date: 2007-08-07
I am a chapman decended from William Chapman in the 1600's, my grandfathers name is Aden Aretas Chapman, born in fremont county Iowa, I will let you know if I think we are related, probably


Name: Trudy Chapman <tlfuller@renlivens.org>
Date: 2007-06-30
Pretty new at this, but totally enjoying it.
What a wonderful forum. Thank you.
Edward and Julia (formerly Rolt) Chapman lived around London, England and had 2 boys. The name of one was Arthur (and brother?)was sent to Canada some time around 1886.


Name: Leanne Chapman <leannemgrow@aol.com>
Date: 2007-06-27
I am a Chapman from England, My dad mike chapman was born to Lilly and Joe Chapman in Luton England in 1947, I have uncle Jack Chapman in Redford England and a sister Tracy Chapman who lives in north wales. I live in Michigan.

Name: nicholas craig chapman <renaye64@yahoo.com>
Date: 2007-06-04
hello my name is nick chapman. i'm 9 years old I live in burke county of north carolina. i am glad to now be in your geust book.

Name: (Mary) Christine Chapman Flay <res4us@yahoo.com>
Date: 2007-04-30
Wow! great site!
My Chapmans came from Texas, Belton, Bell County. My Great, Great Grandfather was G.W. Chapman who was 45 in 1860 and had moved to Tx from Ohio.

From 1860 to somewhere between 1900-1910 the Chapmans lived in Texas until my grandfather Roy Wilson Chapman left for Cuba. His parents were Henry Wilson Chapman and Otela Kelly. Henry's father was G.W. We assume G.W. stands for George Washington but not possitive.

That is where the Chapman part ends for me.

My grandfather had a twin Rob and a sister, Iva.
Henry's sibling were Nancy, Catharine, John, Henry, Caroline, George, Emma, Robert.

If anyone has anything recognizes any of this I would appreciate an email.



Name: Roger D. Chapman <rogerdelchapman@hotmail.com>
Date: 2007-02-10
Just saying hi as I peruse the web

Name: Anna McDonald nee Chaplin <pittsanna@yahoo.com>
Date: 2007-02-05
trying to find Chaplin and came upon Chapman. Maybe a connection?

Name: Kathy Kemp <gkkhome@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 2006-11-15
Hi, I'm interested in the Chapman family. I started looking for Evelyn Delina Chapman b.13JUN1914 in KY., d.9SEP1989 in WI. My maternal grandmother. Her father was Owen Chapman,b. 2MAR1878 in TN,d. 3OCT1958 buried in TN, Owens wife is Martha Sparks. Owens father is Marcellus/Silas Chapman b. abt 1857 TN. I can't find any of Owen's children that Evelyn said were her brothers and sisters. Mildred, Pauline, Dewey, Robert, Omie, maybe 8 total. Evelyn D. Chapman married Kelso Corbet Lilly b.11APR1908 WV. d.4JUN1960 in WI. They married 14MAR1929 in Prosperty, WV.
So I'm searching for Owen and Martha on your site. thankyou Kathy Kemp in WI.


Name: sandy hipkins <catwoman@theinter.com>
Date: 2006-11-05
i have found a listing in my family's papers for a dorinda chapman who died in 1871 from yellow fever. i am not sure but do suspect this is her married name. her maiden name was possibly townsend. i am not sure if she was a daughter for a chapman or the mom married to a chapman. she died sept 10 1871. can you help me out thanks, sandy

Name: Ronald L. Chapman <ronchap47@yahoo.com>
Date: 2006-07-21
Looking for info. Thanks.

Name: carol stubbs <calex@paradise.net.nz>
Date: 2006-04-18
Greetings from New Zealand. This is going to sound like a very strange request, but here goes.
In 1971 you received a letter from Arthur E.M. Inwood,referring to his father (John Oldacre Inwood) having a sister Jessie, who married Joseph William Hayward. Well Jessie & Joseph were my greatgrandparents, and I am trying to do a family tree. Is there anyone you could possibley put me in touch with? Is Susie your daughter? If so she was married to my Uncle John and I met her when we were in Bda in 1990.
Thank you for any help you can pass on
Carol Stubbs (nee Simmons)


Name: Frederick Warren Chapman, III <chapman7900@bellsouth.net>
Date: 2006-03-06
I am trying to find a Chapman family book written by great uncle, Robert F. Chapman, daughter, Lea Chapman, L.A., SF or Orange county, Ca.

Name: Daniel Corleone <dogday286@yahoo.com>
Date: 2006-02-15
My Granmother was a Chapman,Ida Mae Jefferson Co,Al <br> married Luther Self Jefferson Co,Al

Name: carla and joyce chapman <joysway@hotmail.com>
Date: 2005-10-06
we are sisters of edwind and elsa chapman we have leona annette and edward for sibblings ,our fther was born in england our grandparents were also elsi and fredrick our aunts born in england are roselind and evelyn. we moved from long island new york in 1963 we reside in california .
we are all married and have childeren and grandchilderen. you may contact us at our email


Name: joyce conway <joysway@hotmail.com>
Date: 2005-10-06
our family lives in california moved from long island in 1963 elsa .edwin chapman
childeren edward joyce leona carla annette


Name: colin chapman <colinanne@aol.com>
Date: 2005-10-04
Hello all Chapmans everywhere.
Just to inform anyone with British connections that there are a considerable families of Chapmans which origate from north, east and west yorkshire areas. Nearly all were farmers of some discription and their repective family histories make good reading.


Name: Stan Chapman <VChap39@msn.com>
Date: 2005-09-13
I am interested in the descendants of William Chapman of New London, Ct

Name: Kaye <kayeandjay@msn.com>
Date: 2005-07-12
I have the Ortssippenbuch, Weissach, Germany that shows many enteries for the Heck Family. If you are interested please E-mail My Father came from Weissach, Germany. Family name Hoernlen/Hoernle.

Name: Betty Ann Peck Filkins <filkinb@mail.amc.edu>
Date: 2005-06-25
I am trying to find the line of my grandmother, Ruth Chapman Freleigh. We know her father was John Frederick Chapman and her mother was Ellen Frances Wheeler. The all lived in and around Alcove New York, Dormansville, NY (the Albany County Hilltowns.

Your cat here LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MY KITTY THAT JUST DIED- WHAT A SHOCKER THAT WAS! We have 2 more white kitties living here named Harry and Arnie..


Name: B. Weber <bertfromaz@webtv.net>
Date: 2005-01-28
I am just starting looking up the Chapman branch on my family tree, mostly they were in Iowa. Now will view your website. Thanks

Name: L. Larsen <tcck@comcast.net>
Date: 2004-12-29
Cynthia E. Chapman b.1873 in VA/WV d.abt.1943 in WA State
Cynthia E. Chapman m. Melville E. Friend in WV
Cynthia E. Chapman m. Langley

Parents both born VA -- Jacob and Sarah J. (Jarrett) Chapman


Name: jennie <CjenD@aol.com>
Date: 2004-12-14
looking for information on Edgar L. Chapman born 1/15/1833 died 2/6/1899 any information will help me so much

Name: Tammy L. Chapman <OhMissArtist@hotmail.com>
Date: 2004-10-24
WoW!! I was unaware that there are so many Chapman's in our world. If anyone knows any of these people, please email me @ OhMissArtist@hotmail.com
Richard Chapman, Julia Chapman, Vera Chapman,
Phylis Chapman, Michael Chapman, Stacey Chapman, Mark Chapman, Robert Chapman
my granparents had odd names that I am unable to remember
I know so little about my family but truly wish to find someone with whom I may relate. Thanks in advance for your help & kindness.

Enjoy your life,
Tammy L. Chapman


Name: Tammy L. Chapman <OhMissArtist@hotmail.com>
Date: 2004-10-24
Hello, I am trying to locate my family history & family members. I am not certain as to where I should begin, therefore, I am trying here.

Enjoy your life,
Tammy L. Chapman


Name: Paula Dulaney <Pdilly2003@yahoo.com>
Date: 2004-09-22
My grandmother was a Chapman and I was trying to find out about her side of the family. She was an orphan at 13 because her parents were killed in a car accident. So she said but one day i found a picture of my great grandmother kneeling next to my great grandfathers grave. I never could get any information out of her about them so I would like to learn. If you can give me some advice or info please contact me. Thank you my name is Paula.

Name: joan james <joan62002@yahoo.com>
Date: 2004-08-26
Duncan is cool.

Name: sue leam nee chapman <sleam@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 2004-07-23
just started researching my family tree,the chapmans in england uk ,derbyshire and warwickshire at the moment

Name: Sharon Hunter <sharon56626@yahoo.com>
Date: 2004-06-12
My father was a Dillman. We lived in Iowa, coming from OK, KS, MO & Germany.

Name: Justin Davis <ninetoesjudd@bellsouth.net>
Date: 2004-06-03
I grew up in the old schoolhouse on Schoolhouse Rd (not Bliss schoolhouse, the real one just west of town). I came across your site while showing a co-worker how to use Google. Ah... memories.

Name: Tina Ordone <tina@genealogymail.net>
Date: 2004-04-24
I have a website called "Stephentown Genealogy" which can be found at: http://www.stephentowngenealogy.com

I would be pleased it you would add the link to your site, under the New York heading.

Nice site and very well organized.


Name: bill chapman <milkmaid43@peoplepc.com>
Date: 2004-04-15

Iam a greenhorn and I know I cannot always find what I want but that is not fault of yours. Thank you for the website. Eventually I will get it straight and find my long departed ancesters


Name: beverly chapman(cole) <bev_2004_34@yahoo.com>
Date: 2004-03-12
i'm from kentucky i don't know if i am kin or not .i would like to know.here's some of my relatives names.

rush chapman my great uncle
virgil chapman my grandfather
lorenza chapman my father
tilden chapman my great grandfather

virgil chapman my grandfather


Name: Mary Chapman Baggett <baggetts@comcast.net>
Date: 2004-03-10
I'm beginning a search for a history of my family. My branch comes from the Bull/Chapman branch. I'm still trying to locate the specifics.

Name: Mary Chapman Baggett <baggetts@comcast.net>
Date: 2004-03-10
I'm beginning a search for a history of my family.

Name: Brower, Dr. Julian <jbrower@queenscp.org>
Date: 2004-01-23
Enjoyed the Nassau history and pix. I grew up there; my father was in pracice there for many years (dentist: Dr. Sam Brower)---we lived at 25 Elm Street. I currently live in NYC---passed through Nassau last June on my way to high school reunion (Columbia HS)--looks almost as I left it back in the 50's. Thanks again

Name: Wesley Weiler Chapman III <dasshone@yahoo.com>
Date: 2004-01-12
Aztec New Mexico...

Name: john <jbarnekow@yahoo.com>
Date: 2004-01-04
cool are we related? i am from eagle river well close enough

Name: Ronald "Ron" C. Chattin <nittahc@cox.net>
Date: 2003-12-23
I really enjoy my trip on your Web site. I was checking for any Chattin connections. Thanks, RonChattin

Name: Rod Pope <kcgenealogy@itlnet.net>
Date: 2003-12-21
Great site-lots of work! But you enjoy it, right?
One of my wife's uncles was William Hobart M Chapman, born 5 March 1897 in Warren County, Kentucky and died 24 March 1924. He was gassed in the first world war and then came home and contracted T B, the combination of which caused his death at such an early age. We do not know where he died or where he is buried, would love to find out.


Name: Ronsworth Chapman <ronz1970@yahoo.com>
Date: 2003-12-18
I live in the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. My Father's father's name was Benoit Chapman;I am told that he had portugese roots.He was what some would call,"mixed".
My father's mother was of East Indian Descent. My Mother is of African descent.I am black
Most of the people in my family are musically inclined. There seems to be a lot Chapmans who are musicians. There is Tracy Chapman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Gary Chapman(music producer formally married to Amy Grant, the pop singer), Oliver Chapman(a local singer whom we have no contact with)etc.


Name: olive ball <olioil@wave.net>
Date: 2003-12-14
I'll comment after I look at it - Olive #531

Name: Susan Elizabeth Chapman Long <bmcnairy@bellsouth.net>
Date: 2003-12-11
My branch of the Chapman family is from the Charlotte, NC area. Family lore has it that were are decendents of Johnny (Appleseed) Chapman.

Name: Gary VanValkenburgh <Gvanva@aol.com>
Date: 2003-11-01
the nassau history was great didn't know John Street was named after relative. We live in east schodack currently in a house built from lumber off the old trolly line from my wife's grandfathers lumber yard in approx 1926 a fact we did't know til recently

Name: Eric Nassau <eknassau@ericnassau.com>
Date: 2003-10-31

Very enjoyable tour. I passed through Nassau back in August but did not have a chance to explore the town. I did learn of a festival that takes place in Nassau (nassaufest?!?!?) in September. I am interested in being part of that as I am a travelling singer/songwriter and carry the same name. Do you know who I should talk to?

Thanks for your time and your website.

Eric Nassau


Name: Evelyn Lurhuma <elurhuma@hotmail.com>
Date: 2003-10-16
Just was peaking through it to get some ideas. I'm trying to do my family, but am having a hard time as mine comes from Europe and Africa.

This was very beautiful!

Evelyn (Fort Polk, LA)


Name: Margie <king52@comcast.net>
Date: 2003-10-12
Trying to find any Chapman from Saluda County South Carolina.

Name: Betty Bloomfield <KensPal@aol.com>
Date: 2003-10-10
Looking for Chapmans from Indiana Robert A. Chapman Moved to Kansas. Can not find his father James C? Chapman.

Name: jerrie lyn vis <jbarnekow@aol.com>
Date: 2003-09-16
Great site!!!! I have been trying to find the Father of Deborah Chapman b. 1731 from East Haddam Ct. but can't find her parents...She married Elisha Bigelow 10-2-1773. From the town she was from and that Robert b.1675 had a Daughter named the same that died a year earlier, most likely she was named after her Aunt. Only one problem...which Son is her Father?

Love Always ,


Name: Don Ericksen <donalde242@aol.com>
Date: 2003-09-02
I was visiting the Mempham Alumni Forum and saw the map you posted of Merrick and Bellmore in 1906. Very interesting. I copied it and will be posting it on the Delphi Calhoun Forum website (with your permission). I have worked at Republic Airport for the past 20 years and it was very sad to watch history being torn down over the years....Don

Name: Bob Chapman <bob@fordohio.com>
Date: 2003-08-20
Hi--long line of Chapman's from the Worthington, Dublin, Plain City, Ohio area from early 1800's Great Great Grandfather was Dr Albert Chapman--I think his dad was a minister who moved to Worthington Ohio in the early 1800's from the East Coast? Will figure it out someday! Will put our info on ChapmanOhio.com Bob

Name: Mr. Billie H.C. Chapman <milkmaid43@peoplepc.com>
Date: 2003-07-21
I have been searching for my ancestors prior to living in the state of Indiana. John P. Chapman and Ike Benbo, my grandmothers father.
I am new to your web site and plan on spending more time searching. Thanks for all you are doing for others.


Name: Rich and Kelly <chappy@nycap.rr.com>
Date: 2003-07-16
We were just checking for some updates??? We don't seem to be on your list.

Name: June and Ken RiehlIDillmann) <jriehl@webtv.net>
Date: 2003-06-29
I had to change comments.
I am Jay Chapman's cousin.We reside in Newton, NJ


Name: juneand ken riehl <jriehl@webtv.net>
Date: 2003-06-29

so far - so good


Name: AnnaLee <ala4@ix.netcom.com>
Date: 2003-06-21
I got in a hurry. The cat is named CHAPMAN

Name: AnnaLee CHAPMAN ANDERSON <ala4@ix.netcom.com>
Date: 2003-06-21
Just browsing. My son named his cat CAPMAN

Name: David Thompson <dthomp0001@cox.net>
Date: 2003-05-18
Excellent Site. Great Job displaying info.

Name: Karen Castle <sandcasl@adams.net>
Date: 2003-05-14
Here I am Back again.Have you heard of a George Chapman (born 1842 Gallipolis,Gallia,Ohio) who "ran away with the circus"? He was born to David Marcus(b.1808 Jefferson,Scholarie,NY) and Eliza Harris(b.1815 at sea:MA d.1852 Gallipolis,Gallia,OH)Chapman.
George Chapman was a driver for the circus. He would stop in Hannibal,MO. to visit reletives.Sorry, I have no more information about him. There are so many Chapmans and Georges but, my george Chapman had an unique profession that someone is bound to identify.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ask.


Name: keith chapman <rustywheels@btc-skynet.net>
Date: 2003-04-26
I am new to this, i hope that I will find inf. about Chapman family.I`m looking for George & Asa Chapman in
Va. 1770-1779.


Name: keith chapman <rustywheels@btc-skynet.net>
Date: 2003-04-26
I am new to this, i hope that I will find inf. about Chapman family

keith Chapman


Name: Faye Polan Marshall <faemarshall@tds.net>
Date: 2003-03-21
My grandmother was a CHAPMAN. I am researching the lines of CHAPMAN, POLAN, STINNETT, WALLS, all of these are on my fathers side of the family. On my mothers side I am researching the GABBARD, BRODIE, MATHENY. If you know anything about any of these please let me know.

Name: Robert Dillman <rdillman@nc.rr.com>
Date: 2003-03-19
Thanks for the information about Eric Dihlmann.

Name: Hank Flessa <catsnine@worldnet.att.net>
Date: 2003-03-15
My Dad also worked at Republic during world war 2.He was there for the P-47 & on to the F-84.I also worked there from 1949 until 1957.When I started there in 49 they were still making the F-84G model which did not have the swept back wing.It had straight out wings with tip tanks on the ends so they could carry extra fuel so they could travel longer distances.They were used all through the Korean War.Thanks for the trip down memory lane,Ireally enjoyed it.

Name: Louise Reid <loureid2001@yahoo.com>
Date: 2003-03-06

I don't know if any Chapmans are trying the DNA testing out but I have Hoopers and Chapmans in my family. Marion Hooper has been tested and has proof positive that he and we are in the Absolom Hooper line. My great great grandmother was Colline or Collene Chapman from Germany. If
you ever come across her in your searches, please let me know. I have my great grandmother, Mary Massey Hooper Cheek's death certificate, she was 57 in 1927 and died, who ever was the informant on the certificate said that her father was Ben Massey of SC and her mother was Colline Chapman of Germany. I don't know when she was born but she would have had to be at least 12 or 13 or older when gr.grandmother Mary was born. That may give you a clue as to the year of her birth. Thanks a lot


Name: Timmothy A. Chapman <chapman49@yahoo.com>
Date: 2003-03-05
I'm a Chapman living in upstate NY. I have family in Iowa.

Name: naomi chapman <c-h-a-p-m-a-n>
Date: 2003-03-04
hi im back agian do you now my nan and grandad val and michel chapman . coz us chapmans may be ralated,i never new there were so many chapmans,im from england are you?
:} any way best go im in school say hi to your cool cat,
n-a-o-m-i c-h-a-p-m-a-n


Name: naomi chapman <c-h-a-p-m-a-n>
Date: 2003-03-04
hi im back agian do you now my nan and grandad val and michel chapman . coz us chapmans may be ralated,i never new there were so many chapmans,im from england are you?
:} any way best go im in school say hi to your cool cat,
n-a-o-m-i c-h-a-p-m-a-n


Name: naomi chapman <c-h-a-p-m-a-n>
Date: 2003-03-04
hi chapmans its a good site well done i like the cat hes sweet

Name: T Evans <lilbuckaroo500@aol.com>
Date: 2003-02-14
I am looking for information on Josephene Chapman from Martin County Kentucky, the daughter of Melvin and Nancy (Newsome) Chapman. Her brothers and sisther were Marion, Jim, Rush, Julius, Meride, Bush, Margaret, Anna and Jallie.

Name: Don Chapman <putidda@aol.com>
Date: 2003-02-08
Good Site

Name: Gerald L (Jerry) Spore <gspore@juno.com>
Date: 2003-02-07
When I was in H. S. in the 40's, it seemed like they tested all of the P-47s over our farm, even though we were 25 miles north of Evansville. I was raised at Owensville IN, with most of my ancestors from Gibson, Posey and Vanderburgh counties of IN.

Name: David <david.chapman@myactv.net>
Date: 2003-01-25

My line is descended from Robert of (England) Saybrook with my branch settling (eventually) in Iowa and Wisconsin. I have a specific interest in the Chapmans that married Indians, probably due to the fact I was raised with Oneidans as neighbors in Wisconsin (and was married to a Choctaw from Buna TX who passed away.) Appreciate any feed back on Amer-indians in the family branches. I am presently researching the French-Indian war years to build a background on the battles that New England Chapmans participated in.

Great site. Hope mine will be as interesting.


Sharpsburg, MD


Name: Loretta Moon Forrester <jimloret@bscn.com>
Date: 2003-01-21
Your question about CT Chapmans - there were lots in CT. Before we had our computer on line I went to LDS library and copied lots of microfiche and Chapmans were the largest stack of papers. Do you have a name and poss. date - will look at my copies, you can let me know. Loretta

Name: Jim Dillman <kacyjim@aol.com>
Date: 2002-12-19
Thanks for letting me visit your web site.

Name: Barbara Chapman Arndt <bjcarndt@hotmail.com>
Date: 2002-12-12
Greetings from one Chapman to another,and Seasons Greetings!I'm happy to find your website and probably some cousins/ family I never knew. My Grandfather, Jackman Stockdale Chapman b. abt. 1860, New Cumberland, WV and Colorado;Son of George Washington Chapman, New Cumberland,WV.

Name: Barbara Chapman Arndt <bjcarndt@hotmail.com>
Date: 2002-12-12
Greetings from one Chapman to another,and Seasons Greetings!I'm happy to find your website and probably some cousins/ family I never knew.

Name: Carrie White (Chapmanz0 <wildfungirl33@yahoo.com>
Date: 2002-12-04
I'm looking for James A Chapman,Mariaon Chapman,Melvin Chapman,nancy J Chapman(newsome) Sarah J Chapman, Mary B Chapman, Marion Jr Chapman, Mary Polly Chapman (Kirk) John Chapman Benjmin R chapman, they all tie into my family tree. i can't find anything on them. i have been working on this family tree for over a year now and all my family comes from Ky. James A cahpman comes from Wv. plz i hope ypu can help me.

Name: Mari <Ha! you know it!! :)>
Date: 2002-12-02
Duncan looks great! Typical male.....winks at all he sees!!



Name: Trudy Lundy <ltlundy@attbi.com>
Date: 2002-11-23
Thanks, John for your kind comments when I missent an email to the wrong mailing list. I've just visited your nice web pages and am wondering what is the answer to the riddle? Some really good spiritual thoughts and things. As an old military wife, do you mind if I copy the story about military wives? Nice job here..... Trudy

Name: Lucille J. Bartlett <GrandmaB9120@yahoo.com>
Date: 2002-10-26
I see you have a Chapman with your tree so do our Dunbar's

Name: Karen(Chapman)Castle <sandcasl@adams.net>
Date: 2002-10-22
I was just curious about the Chapman name since my fore fathers came from England and New York.Have you any reletives in Illinois and Iowa? Some went over to California and their families still reside there.thanks for listening to me ramble on..Karen(Chapman)Castle

Name: Marsha Faulk <hhinsulation@g-net.net>
Date: 2002-10-03
My maternal grandfather was a Chapman, Leonard Marshal
Chapman. He descended from a long line of "Henry Chapman"
that we have tracked back to South Carolina in the 1700's.


Name: Erin Chapman <Christian_Girl329@yahoo.com>
Date: 2002-09-29
Hey. I'm also a Chapman, just not related to u. I live in Florida. Do you know how I could find my family tree? Just asking.

Name: Molly Stoddard <Ballm370@aol.com>
Date: 2002-09-22
WOW!!!! What a job!!!!!

Name: Annette(chapman) Lopez <lopez221@msn.com>
Date: 2002-09-13
My line of chapmans gose like this:
John Johnson Chapman
Jason Lee Chapman
Warren D
Carson Wolfred
Warren E
Carson Warren
Annette, Brenda, Cevin (yes spelled with a C) and Douglas
Dougllas Jr,
Every where I have looked on the net I find people that decended from William and his son William But not from John and Bethia Chapman. Im not real heavy in to geneaolgy I got start by puting messages on the Gen forum not expecting to hear any thing. Then I found a lady on the genform that was related to me from my great grand mothers side she had sent me a paper full of Chapmans. MY father thought his family origenated in Wisconsin now we found out thats not true. I just happend to come across your site. I got a Excerpet that said Jason Lee Chapman was a Attorney ( Well KNown) In New york Possably Clinton NY dose any body know what kind of Atterney he was? On the paper I have I just Have John and Samuel as sons of William the others are not mentioned


Name: Annette(chapman) Lopez <lopez221@msn.com>
Date: 2002-09-12
I beleave that My father and I are decendants of William Chapman My father is Carson Chapman we Just found out that His great x 4 grand father was John Johnson Chapman b December 22 1776 His father was Jason Chapman his mother was Mary lee. My father was told he was the last of that line. we just recently found out about his family which my dad never knew. we were wondering if there were any living chapmans
from John Johnson Chapmans side. we found out that Williams fathers name was Alexander Chapman and his father was Dudley Chapman Born in England and his father Was Alexander Chapman Born in England.


Name: Darrel Chapman <Chapychapman@msn.com>
Date: 2002-09-08
Trying to find a Chapman line. Henry and wife Lavina Just now starting

Name: Mac McOmber <bjmcomber@prodigy.net>
Date: 2002-09-07
Good morning, Am researching Chapmans. Lois Chapman, born about 1789, married Abial Cook (1782- ), prob in NY? Her father was Amassa Chapman. Her mother was Ann Daby [Darby?]. Lois and Abial had children: Eliza Cook, Hiram Cook, etc.



Name: Lamont Stanley <lstan@attglobal.net>
Date: 2002-08-23
Descendant of Rhoda Cukver Chapman that shows up in your Sauk Co., Wis. census. Thanks for the info. Rhoda's husband, William, is a descendant of Robert Chapman of Saybrook, Ct.. She and her husband are buried in the Walnut Hill Cemetery in Baraboo in the David Munson Family (Rhoda;s Daughter) plot. Their stones only say "Father" and "Mother"

Name: Lora Chapman England <loraengland@earthlink.net>
Date: 2002-07-15
I am new at the genealogy stuff and very anxious to find how my family all fits together. My husband has gotten me interested! Hopefully, I will be able to find things out about my father's side of my family! Don't have much to go on!

Name: Tammy Gill <TammyGill69@hotmail.com>
Date: 2002-07-14
This is a wonderful site, I will be coming back real soon

Name: chatman <RIGHTEOUS@AOL.COM>
Date: 2002-06-23

Name: William Chapman Mannear <Bilman6@cs.com>
Date: 2002-06-18
Decendent of Benjamin Chapman b1824 NY stat and Elizabeth ? b1826 NY state. 1860 census lived 7th ward Detroit, MI Had William b1850, Edward Benjamin b1853 (my grand)Anna b1853, Charles b1856 George b1860, all Detroit. Looking for family connections.

Name: Mike Morse <morse13732@yahoo.com>
Date: 2002-06-07
Hi, John. I very much like your web site. Sounds as if you have a wonderful family, too.

I came across your site as I was surfing for info on the Nassau area. My family and I have to relocate from the Southern Tier to the Albany area, and my wife has an initial interest in a home on Morey Road. Apparently, the home has a view of Nassau Lake, if not frontage. I'll know more later, but thought you might be able to give a Nassau-ers perspective on the lake contamination. I have 4 children, ages 4-months through 9 years, and wouldn't want to jeopardize their health. Any info you might be willing to share will be greatly appreciated.


Name: mary-catherine suloman <msulman@nycap.rr.com>
Date: 2002-05-31
Thank you for posting such a wealth of info on Nassau. We are moving to East Nassau in July from North Greenbush, which I really look forward to. I happened upon your site as I was searching the web in hopes of finding a good Internet Service Provider for Nassau. Any suggestions??

Thanks Again, Mary-Catherine


Name: Tina Porter <sclubgirl13@hotmail.com>
Date: 2002-05-26
I love cats and i dislike seeing what happend on September 11,2001 I was very very very haret broken when I saw fire and every thing I can not belive that happend the people in New York did nothing whats so ever why oh why.

Name: sharon chapman cordell <chapcor@aol.com>
Date: 2002-05-01
Trying to find a connection with Chapman and Charbonneau. Please contact me at chapcor@aol.com with any info. Thanks! May God be in your heart and your life!

Name: John C Chapman <johnchapman1@juno.com>
Date: 2002-05-01
I find your webpage quite interesting. I am a descendent of Robert Chapman of Saybrook, CT. Have you been able to trace Robert back to England??

John Chapman


Name: Inez Petersen <GEPETERSEN@attbi.COM>
Date: 2002-04-30
I found sources for several of my Chapman dates in your vital records and cemetery records. Thanks! My husband is a descendant of William Chapman of New London.

Name: Inez Petersen <GEPETERSEN@attbi.COM>
Date: 2002-04-30
I found sources for several of my Chapman dates in your vital records and cemetery records. Thanks!

Name: Roberta O'Rourke <Gramma7007@aol.com>
Date: 2002-04-28
My maternal G.G. Grandfather was a Chapman, originally from Ohio then moved to Oregon. Am in the process of trying to tie all the family together. His full name, Henry Isadore Chapman. I am in Camden, NY near Syracuse.

Name: Clara Kivett Gladden <cgladden2@aol.com>
Date: 2002-04-25
I am a descendant of Nichalos Chapman,a supporter of the
Revolutionary War. He is buried in an unmarked grave in the
Chapman cemetary in Burke Co. N.C.


Name: Stu Hotchkiss <stuh@localnet.com>
Date: 2002-04-25
Hi again, John -

After I sent you the email about the HOTCHKISS' I came here to your web site and found we have a common link to Long Island! I lived there (Huntington) until 1944 when we moved to NJ, and well remember Republic Aviation in Farmingdale and Grumman in Bethpage during the war years. Airplanes were my big thing when I was a kid! My friend's father was a test pilot at Grumman - I was only 10 in 1940.



Date: 2002-04-23

Name: Margrie Morrow <mlmorrow@molalla.net>
Date: 2002-04-22
Have not yet gone thru your book, am just beginning and hope I may find a few leads to my own CHAPMANs. Thanks for inviting me to sign up. Margrie

Name: Jacques Chapman <jmchap1@yahoo.com>
Date: 2002-04-20
I do not think our trees are related but I am still looking
for chapmans from Washington County PA.,Licking County, OH., and Vonton County OH. Hiram Chapman b 1811 in Sparta, PA married Mary Sparks - These are my ggggrandparents.


Name: Peggy Chapman <mnpacrat@aol.com>
Date: 2002-04-19
Very, very nice. I have enjoyed my visit to your site!You did a great job putting it all together. We (my husband)are descendants of Thomas, William, Capt.George, George Jr., James, James, George, Jimmy (my husband). I enjoy being part of this LARGE Chapman clan and the research part is just a bonus! This is my second visit to your site, but I am sure not the last. Keep up the good work. Peggy

Name: Ted De Luca <ted_deluca@hotmail.com>
Date: 2002-04-09

The site is great! ANd you made fun of me when I was programming for Ed Fink<S>>.

I think you need to add some pictures though.. for my own selfish reasons<S>



Name: Diana Eisenhuth <mickey83@aol.com>
Date: 2002-04-04
My mother was Ruth Chapman, her mother Frieda Hale and her father was Charles Clifford Chapman. All from Johnstown, PA

Name: diane chapman taylor <dtlpd@hotmail.com>
Date: 2002-03-28
I am researching my family history. My Grandfather is Alva Joe Chapman born in Ohio County Kentucky. He died in 1967.
Grandpa had several brothers and sisters but I have just begun my Journey. Wish me luck and if you have any info. or pointers please let me know. Thank You, Diane


Name: dot Taylor <dtaylor1533@jam.rr.com>
Date: 2002-03-26

Name: Kay Boylan <kboylan@aol.com>
Date: 2002-03-24
My great grandmother was a Dillmann from Nussdorf. She would be a decendant of Johann Andreas b. 1713, son of Michael Dillman and Catharina Beck.

We were in Nussdorf last summer. I do have pictures of the church if you are interested. Also stayed in Maulbronn one night, also have pictures from there.

I am interested in the early history of this family. Is everything you have on the website?

Thank you,


Name: Mary Burrus Hassler <HASSR2288@webtv.net>
Date: 2002-03-06
Medora Chapman was my grandmother - her father was William Chapman and mother was Mary Jane Johnston.

Name: Ronald Walton <ronaldwalt@msn.com>
Date: 2002-01-26
Very impressive site. I didn't know there was a covered bridge in Nassau very interesting. Really enjoyed my visit.

Name: Gary Chapman <gary.chapman@att.net>
Date: 2002-01-26

Your tribute to America was very moving! It has special meaning to me, since my son was called to active duty an MP at Ft. Benning, GA. immediately after 9/11.

Thanks for taking the time to put it together.



Name: frank dillman <frank@frankdillman.com>
Date: 2002-01-19
enjoyed your site. we have several similarities: I grew up in Levittown and graduated from Island Trees HS in 1966. I know of republic aviation. My mother worked for an aviation company during the war - I don't remember if it was gruman or republic. I used to train with the Plainedge track team in N.Massapequa in 1964-1966. Spent some time at the US Marine Corps reserve center next to the old Newsday plant in Garden City in mid 70's. Delivered Newsday for a few years while in high school. My last name Dillman led me to your genealogy data. Unfortunately, so far haven't found any connection with your Dillmans and mine. Most of mine seemed to live in and around Queens.
My father presently lives in Utica and I have a brother living in Fort Plain, NY. And we have several cats but the dogs are the ones receiving all of the notarity on my web page: frankdillman.com Frank


Name: sharon chapman cordell <sharcor2001@yahoo.com>
Date: 2002-01-17
Saw your webpage regarding CHAPMANS! My father's line was from Henry Edgar Chapman - LaFollette, TN. My brother has extensive research on them back to the 1600's. Do you have anything on the Henry Edgar or James Alvis Chapman? My grandfather, Henry Edgar Chapman, passed away 1957 - Campbell County, TN. Please email me at sharcor2001@yahoo.com with any info you may have. Thanks so much! Great to be a CHAPMAN!


Date: 2002-01-09


Name: Catherine Shortis <Fluffy_Cat@msn.com>
Date: 2002-01-01
Searching for Chapman family info and decided to check here so here is wishing me sucess!!

Name: Marjorie Cogar Morrow <mlmorrow@molalla.net>
Date: 2002-01-01

Your kittycat very nicely took me thru your program. Don't know if I went thru the whole site or not. My grandmother, Columbia Myrtle, was a CHAPMAN. Her parents were William Francis Marion Chapman and Nancy Hamrick GREGORY. Grandparents William C. Chapman and Elizabeth KINGARY. Grandfather was John Wesley COGAR All out of VA and WV with two more generations of Chapmans from VA.

Do hope you are thru with your treatments. They really can wear you out. May the New Year see you safely thru with good health. Good luck, Margrie


Name: Donna Davis <djd_etc@manti.com>
Date: 2001-12-21
My maiden name is Chapman. My ggrandfather, Frederick Obadiah Chapman, was born 6 Jun 1855 in Vienna, Oneida, New York. His father, Henry Charles Chapman, was born 11 Jan 1825 in Upham, Cambridgeshire, England. His mother, Mary Ann Salmon, was born 5 May 1827 in ,,Cambridgeshire, England. Anyone out there from this line.

Name: Harold Chapman <haroldandjean@worldnet.att.net>
Date: 2001-12-18
I tried to use the email link but could not connect as this link is using freeweb server. I don't know why. But I have a line coming through Beaver Co., PA. Does any of your line go west through that location and then to Ohio and Indiana?
Harold Chapman


Name: Lorna (Chapman) Burke <lburke@nbnet.nb.ca>
Date: 2001-12-03
I am a descendent of William Chapman who landed in Saint John, N.B. Canada in the early 1800's. I understand he was from Plymouth, England.

Name: Dr. Arthur E. Chapman <achapman@sfu.ca>
Date: 2001-12-02
This looks like a good start from one who is just begining his search into his family history. I would like to talk to anyone with the Chapman surname who came from the North-East of England.

Name: Dr. Arthur E. Chapman <achapman@sfu.ca>
Date: 2001-12-02
This looks like a good start from one who is just begining his search into his family history. I would like to talk to anyone with the Chapman surname who came from the North-East of England.

Name: Peggy Chapman <mnpacrat@aol.com>
Date: 2001-11-22
very nice!

Name: ADRIAN CHAPMAN <as_chapman@bigpond.com>
Date: 2001-11-22
Hello from Australia i live in duncan drv so good name for the cat it also looks like mine.
I am 34 married with three children.
i am starting to look at my family tree .
Thank you for shareing yours. good luck and thank you


Name: Julana Mashae Chapman <Ka_neice@yahoo.com>
Date: 2001-11-20
I am a 16 year old female from Mt.Sterling ky looking to track my family tree. My mothers name is Doneeda Carol Burns(maidan name) My fathers name is Steven Ray Chapman. Please respond soon! 1823 foxway dr.
Mt.Sterling Ky 40353

That email address doesn't work, i think.


Name: Marsha Faulk <hhinsulation@g-net.net>
Date: 2001-11-19
Hi! I'm a Chapman descendant too. But the furtherest north
I've been able to track them is S.C. So I guess we are
the southern branch of the family. Great site!


Name: Gail "Clem" Carter <gcart@poncacity.net>
Date: 2001-11-17
Hi John Jay,

Just dropped in for a minute to look at your absolutely
stunning tribute page to America and our dearly, departed
lost souls and their families. Could feel your spirit rise
and it made me feel terrific. I hope you have, in spite of
our great tragedy, the loveliest and healthiest Holidays
ever. Catch you later.



Name: Rich & Gerri Witzig <rgwitzig@erols.com>
Date: 2001-11-03
I guessed right!! I couldn't think of anyone but you when I saw the pictures you sent with the letter. And yes, Gerri and I will be celebrating our 29th anniversary in June 2002. Not that may of us in for the long haul anymore. It appears that we are the lucky ones. It's so great to hear from you. Two weeks ago I was in Pittsburgh for a Automation Users Conference and got to spend some time with Mary Elizabeth, a recent honors graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and now working there in her field of Health Pyschology. This past week I was doing disaster recovery testing in Sterling Forest, NY. If I had known, I would have made a detour to come see you. Our son Matthew is a freshman at Old Dominion University majoring in Criminal Justice (I see a pattern here) and a Midshipman in Naval ROTC. He hopes to become a fighter pilot. I am still with GEICO as a Automation Programmer for our mainframes. Gerri cares for a child during the day and tutors several students at night.
After reading the letter, you have no idea how much I was hoping it would be you. Gerri and I will be keeping you and Jean in our prayers. I hope we can get together in the near future, and at least stay in touch via email or a call. God Bless You and May He Watch Over You Both.

Rich and Gerri


Date: 2001-10-20

Name: Brenda Chapman Villarreal <tex@tycom.net>
Date: 2001-10-01
My Chapman family has lived in Houlka, Mississippi for the last 100 years, so I doubt we are related, but enjoyed your site all the same.

Name: Colleen M. Stafford <cmariesweeney@hotmail.com>
Date: 2001-09-23
Hi...just a friendly hello from Kelly's mom. Enjoyed your family update. Hope you are feeling well. Colleen

Name: Mindy Lynn Chapman <Bovungh@hotmail.com>
Date: 2001-09-14
Just Stopped in take a look.My grandfather was a William Chapman and my mother is a chapman from Morristown NJ. so i figured i would poke around a bit. thanks

Name: Ron Chapman <rchap@hereintown.net>
Date: 2001-08-30

I am looking for Scottish Chapmans. Can you help? Roots go to Larnark Co, Scot. Some other names: WALKER, REID, JAAP,
Ron Chapman
Cumberland, MD


Name: Gayle Small <gaylejean@juno.com>
Date: 2001-08-16
Searching for information on George W. Chapman, and trying to find out whom his parents are. Was told my G-Great Grandfather George W. Chapman was born abt. 1816 in Jasper, Steuben County, New York. He married Ruth Wentworth abt. 1840. They had the following children: Esther, Stephen W. (my Great Grandfather), Bertha, Charles, Delmar, George G., Olive, Loretta, William and Edmund. Appreciate any leads or help I can get. George and Ruth moved to Michigan and lived in Branch County. This is where Ruth died and was buried. George W. Chapman remarried Mary Manning in Michigan and later years moved to Kansas/Missouri area.

Name: edmundsmith <edmund@wg.sssnet.com>
Date: 2001-08-07
The Kierans branch of my family came Co Meath christopherKieran b cira 1813 d. july 13 1869 m. Anna Keys b. 1832 d. 1-12-1911 they had 7children 2 boys Thomas and John john didnt marry Thomas m. Elizabeth Mclaren they had a daughter named Kathryn Kieran my mothemother who m. Edmund B. Smith My father Cheers Edmund

Name: Mari <You know.......>
Date: 2001-08-06
Duncan still doesn't wink?? <g>

Just checking in......


Name: Alan Johnson <alanjohnson2@msn.com>
Date: 2001-08-03
My Chapman line came from Kentucky. The farthest back we've been able to go is George Washington Chapman b. about 1820. He was a jockey and later married and moved to Missouri and later Fremont County, Iowa. His son G W Chapman Jr was my gg grandfather. We don't know much about him except that he married Mary Greedy and "disappeared" from the Riverton, Iowa area around 1900.

Name: Brian Chapman <BLChapman1@aol.com>
Date: 2001-08-01
My Chapmans have been resident in Eastern Iowa since 1870s (est.); before that, perhaps Pennsylvania. One of these days, I must do some research.

Name: John Bliven <dbliven@yahoo.com>
Date: 2001-07-27
Came by your "Nassau" pages quite by accident. I spent a few of my formative years in and around Nassau - first living in a house on Lyon's Lake Road then moving into the village. There, at one time, was a building that originally housed the Nassau Pharmacy. The structure was converted to a Grand Union supermarket and apartments. My mother, sister and I lived in one of the apartments. The building no longer exists, but was situated directly across Church St (I think) from the Post Office, and the on the corner of Rt. 20. Miss the small town feel of Nassau, but most likely won't be making it back that way any time soon. Thanks for allowing me to reminisce a bit . . .

Name: Mari <you know.....>
Date: 2001-07-11
Just checking the wink! <g>

Name: Chuck Chapman <hammock@boo.net>
Date: 2001-07-07
Looking for family of William Chapman, he was born in Framingham, MA around 1918

Name: Ruth Cheney Ryan <cheneyryan@msn.com>
Date: 2001-07-01
I went back to read your brief bio. I will keep you in my prayers. My gr great grandmother was Ruth Chapman of Tolland CT and Charlotte VT, d/o Elijah, Samuel, Simon, Edward of Windsor CT

Name: Audra Price <apwp@earthlink.net>
Date: 2001-06-26
Stephen Chapman was my ggg grandfather. First known where abouts Robertson Co. Tn. He moved to Mo. where he married Nancy Wood.Then moved here to Il. where he died. You have a great web site.

Name: Jean Chapman <lovebug@nycap.rr.com>
Date: 2001-06-06
I enjoyed reading those letters

Name: Dr. Arthur E. Chapman <aagroup@worldnet.att.net>
Date: 2001-06-06
Greetings from another "Chappy" aka "Chappie." I am from Robert Chapman one of the founders of Saybrook, Conn. in 1635. I understand that three Chapmans removed themselves from England to begin most of us that are here today. Are we close kin or just "cousins."

Sorry to read of your illness and delight in your recovery.



Name: Maxine C. Scheffler <schefflerm@nsu.law.nova.edu>
Date: 2001-06-06
Jay that was such a wonderful letter and so touching I was crying I reading it. Isn't wonderful to have someone like Jean and Jean to have you. I will save this for our next newsletter. Glad you are feeling better. Love Maxine

Name: Jerry & Clare Worthing <jworthing@hoflink.com>
Date: 2001-06-06
Great job, Jay. I tear-up easily.

Name: Tracey Bohley <tbohley@msn.com>
Date: 2001-05-30
Jay, I don't know you or your family, but I am from Nassau.
I went to Columbia High School with your kids. I would of graduated in 1995. I really loved your web site. Thank for putting your story out there for all the world to see. It touched my heart, and reminded me why is important in my life. Good luck in whatever your future holds.


Name: Katheryn Chapman McMillion <kathycmac@hotmail.com>
Date: 2001-05-29
I found your site very interesting and enjoyable. Your Chapmans may be mine, too. My sister and I have been desperately trying to find our ancesters for several years and have found that our early Chapman 'kin' are very elusive. However, we have traced back to CT and are now attempting to learn details. Wish us luck and eons of stamina!!

Name: Louise Reid <louisereid@msn.com>
Date: 2001-05-28
You are very lucky to have such a wonderful companion throughout these 30 years and the tribute you paid her was
just beautiful. If more men and women took their vows to
heart like that this world would be so much more beautiful
and love would abound as Christ wanted it to. God Bless you all.

Louise Reid


Name: Stephanie Irene Forbes <ladyhawk_flies@hotmail.com>
Date: 2001-05-08
I am looking for any information on William Theodore Chapman born sep 1879 married to Mary Frances odom. daughter willie lorraine chapman. if u have any information on any of these ppl i would be greatful for your help

Name: Clyde L Chapman <kb6qvo@earthlink.net>
Date: 2001-04-28
Very nice site...One of the best I have seen... Enjoyed the trip here...I am looking for VT and CT Chapman's too...You sure have some close names...Wish the dates matched...hi...
I have bookmarked your site...I will be back...73


Name: Betty Sparks <bsparks@unm.edu>
Date: 2001-04-25
My grandnmother, Aletha Belle Chapman was married to a Charles Chapman that lived in Chicago in 1940s on Halstead Street.
He was in Hot Springs Arkansas (I think) and also lived in Dallas and had a jewlery store there while married to Dovey but he never divorced Aletha Belle. My mother Nellie Beatrice Chapman was about 16 at the time. He also had a patent for making the first battery operated wall clock (I think) also made enameled articles for the goverment during the war. If this might be one of your Chapmans let me know and I will look up s little info that I have.

Betty Sparks


Name: Brenda (Burkhalter)Buckner <lbc@ktsnet.com>
Date: 2001-04-24
my grandmother was Nonie Chapman

Name: Tina Ordone <tinaordone@tinasmail.com>
Date: 2001-04-24
I spent some of my childhood in East Nassau, and though your name doesn't ring a bell with me, I wanted to write and tell you that the tribute to your wife was so touching and sweet. You and my husband would get along beautifully, because after 21 years of being married, he and I are still best friends and treasure the day we met.
Just wanted to let you know that you are quite a guy for not taking for granted the love you have for your lovely wife.


Name: Hayley Solomon <solomon@post.harvard.edu>
Date: 2001-04-19
Hi -
I spent a lot of time next door to you guys when you lived in Massapequa - I was good friends with Jen Ambrosio, and went to school with Rich - I also knew John and Carl from hanging around with Jen so much. I always wondered what had become of the Chapman family! I enjoyed reading the update. Congratulations on everyone's engagements and successes, and I'm glad to hear that your myeloma is in remission. Please say hi to Rich for me (if he remembers me!)
Take Care,


Name: Joan D'Alessio <joanie145@juno.com>
Date: 2001-04-16
I just want to let you know I enjoyed reading about you and your family. You are a very fortunate man and your wife is also very fortunate to have a husband who loves her so dearly. It brought tears to my eyes.

Glad to hear you are in remission and you will be in my prayers that it is permanent.



Name: Eileen Arnold <eibhlin10@aol.com>
Date: 2001-04-15
Great web site. Am doing some research on my ggraandmother's sister who married an Eldridge from North Stonington,Ct. Her mother-in-law was a Chapman. Didn't find a link but enjoyed browsing the site. Got some information on Area.

Name: Don Kersch <AustinDon@yahoo.com>
Date: 2001-04-13
This is my latest email address.

Name: Barbara Green <genbooks@earthlink.net>
Date: 2001-04-05

Just a note to let you know I'm thinking of you, and missing
your emails on the Chapman mailing list. I understand you've had your share of heartaches recently, and have added
you and your family to my prayers.

Barbara Green


Name: Arlene Amodei <amodei@psln.com>
Date: 2001-03-31
Glad to find this site. I am a descendent of Joshua Mecham and Permelia Chapman, through their son Joshua. I'm looking forward to being able to find documentation for the genealogy that is published for both of them.


Name: sarah kelly (christine chapman) <sswk32@aol.com>
Date: 2001-03-27
i am related to the chapmans from vermont

Name: Richard Chapman <richard.chapman@verizon.net>
Date: 2001-03-27
I am in the process of tracing my ancestry and I believe that I have traced it back to the Stonington, Ct/Westerly, RI area and to a John Chapman.

Name: Jeanne <jfrance@pe.net>
Date: 2001-03-26
My ancestor is Mary Chapman b Aug. 30, 1700 Saybrook, CT. d Dec. 27, 1743 Saybrook, CT. m John Parker, Ensign b March 11, 1695 Saybrook, CT. d May 17, 1746 Louisburg, Cape Breton Is., Nova Scotia, Canada.

Name: Frances Clark <cathen@zianet.com>
Date: 2001-03-25
Thank you very much for your site! I'm related to the Stonington John Chapman, and your information is very helpful to me. It's an excellent site. Also, "time spent with cats is never wasted."

Name: Jerry L. Chapman <jlchapman45@hotmail.com>
Date: 2001-03-24

I am looking for information regarding John Lee Chapman born in Tennessee in 1818 to William M. Chapman and Molly Keith Chapman.


Name: Jerry Werner <gwerner1@optonline.net>
Date: 2001-03-24
Hello John-I Fell on to your website by coincidence. I am the chaiman for Mepham HS 1962 reunion.You forwarded Donnie Alberts address to Jerry Wothington and he sent it to me with your web address on it. Being curious, I went to your site. I recently started a new position at work and the fellow that I report to is not a happy person and can be identified in one of your passages. However after reading them all, including your battle with cancer, I feel my life is back on track where it belongs. I am sure it was God answering to my prayers. He always has been watching over me throughout my life. I too have a great family. My wife Lorraine and our three grown, very succesful boys. I don't know the connection between Donnie Albert and yourself but if you can get his e-mail to me it would be greatly appreciated. May the peace of the Lord be with you and your faimily.

Name: Jerry Werner <gwerner1@optonline.net>
Date: 2001-03-24
Hello John-I Fell on to your website by coincidence. I am the chaiman for Mepham HS 1962 reunion.You forwarded Donnie Alberts address to Jerry Wothington and he sent it to me with your web address on it. Being curious, I went to your site. I recently started a new position at work and the fellow that I report to is not a happy person and can be identified in on of your passages. However after reading them all, including your battle with cancer, I feel my life is back on track where it belongs. I am sure it was God answering to my prayers. He always has been watching over me throughout my life. I too have a great family. My wife Lorraine and our three grown, very succesful boys. I don't know the connection between Donnie Albert and yourself but if you can get his e-mail to me it would be greatly appreciated. May the peace of the Lord be with you and your faimily.

Name: Donna Goodwin <VanGood@aol.com>
Date: 2001-03-24
I really enjoyed your website! My husband is descended from Robert Chapman of Say-Brook, CT, and I have been updating his family history for my children. I saw your site while browsing for a Chapman Coat of Arms. My mother is also suffering with Multiple Myeloma, which she was first diagnoised with in 1993 (although they think she had it a year before the diagnoises. You seem to have had some aggressive treatments, and I wish you the best.

Name: Don Worthley <dbwp47@techline.com>
Date: 2001-03-23
Hi Jay & Jean,
What an interesting story. I hope, jean has no more problems with her knee and that you, Jay, stay in remission.
My love life was not as interesting as yours. I was in commercial fishing for several years, fishing on the west coast of Wash. and up in Alaska, when fishing got real bad, I gave my part of the fishing boat to my Brother and I bought a truck and was in the trucking business for almost thirty years. I had never married because I was always gone either fishing or trucking.
I had gone to several of our class reunions during that time, (class of 43). After I retired, I went to one of our class reunions and my later to be wife was there. It was her first reunion as her husband didn't want her to go to them but he passed away and this was her first. We knew each other because we were in the same class, through Jr. & Sr. High School, but I don't think I ever talked to her.
We had a good time, we danced together and after the reunion we went out for a night cap with another couple, we were married in 1985, from then on it is history.
I am a computer dummy, I just know enough to write letters and read mail but not enough to send pictures. I have several pictures that I took during the war in Europe and if you would like to have a copy of some of them, I would be happy to send them to you. If you do, send me your address on the E-mail and I will send them off to you.
Very nice talking to you, I am glad, there are some young people interested in our old Jug.
Hope this finds you both in the best of health for many years to come.

Don Worthley


Name: Brian & Rosemarie <brainro@aol.com>
Date: 2001-03-20
What a beautiful tribute, we cried and can relate to it since I have been ill. Loved the whole website! Hope you bothe enjoy Las Vegas...we will pray you stay in remission Jay, Love, Brian & Rosemarie

Name: christopher chapman <greightbaboo@aol.com>
Date: 2001-03-12
well i enjoyed your website but i don't think we are directly related but i am sure some where down the bloodline we are. i just find it odd that your father worked on airplanes and i am a flight attendant for Continetal Airlines , maybe a family trait.

Name: Nicolle <Nicolle61@home.com>
Date: 2001-03-08
HI, my husbands family is related to the Virginia/Ohio Chapmans. We are looking for the parents of John Chapman born in 1768-1771 in Virginia (West Virginia). His wife Millie or Mollie born between 1778-1784. Was able to get their children and grand-children. If you run acrossed any info let me know, vis sersa.

Name: Ina <ollieina@aol.com>
Date: 2001-03-01
Just got on this site tonight and it is awesome. I can't wait to explore it more.
Looking for Hulda Chapman's parents name. She was b. Sept2, 1792 in Gilmantin, NH.


Name: Bruce Cleave <Fonddulac2@aol.com>
Date: 2001-02-27
Hi, Genie!
You told me about this site a long time ago, but somehow I never stopped by. The e-mail you sent to me today (2/27/2001) with the URL reminded me that I needed ot visit.

I truly value our friendship and ohpe we will stay in touch for many, many more years to come.



Name: Allen Chapman <Allen32483@tomgreen.com>
Date: 2001-02-27
Just stoped in to say hi!

Name: Margie Storz <M_keys62@hotmail.com>
Date: 2001-02-13
I am trying to help my friend fine out more information on his side of Chapman family. His mother was a Chapman.

Name: John McManus <mcmacspeedy@netscapeonline.co.uk>
Date: 2001-02-06

Name: Louise Reid <louisereid@msn.com>
Date: 2001-02-05
I am searching for a Chapman family with a daughter, Colline. According to my great grandmother's death certificate in 1927, her mother was Colline Chapman from Germany and her father was Ben Massey from SC. I have no idea of dates of birth or death, but my great grandmother died in 1927 at the age of 57.

Name: Arthur Cyril Chapman <acchap@hotmail.com>
Date: 2001-02-03
Just dropped in to say 'Hi'

Name: Marty Cavenagh <Mrteezmem@aol.com>
Date: 2001-02-02
Am enjoying your Chapman website. Have just begun research on a gr-grandmother and her father...Sarah Elizabeth Chapman b. 1856 in Colburn, IN, John Brue Chapman b. 1828 in Richmond, VA. Do you know anything about them? Particulary who John's parents are.



Name: Erich Dihlmann <edihlmann@t-online.de>
Date: 2001-01-22
Some Interesting Genealogy Links:
BADDEN-Württemberg = Baden-Württemberg
bitte berichtigen.
Freundliche Grüsse
Erich Dihlmann


Date: 2001-01-17

Name: Howard E. Chapman <H-S-Chapman@webzne.net>
Date: 2001-01-13
I am 74 years old and reside in Tulsa, Ok. My grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather and great great great grandfather were born and raised in North Carolina. My great grandfather moved from Georgia to Missouri in 1890 and from Missouri to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) in 1901.
I am a novice at genealogy and the internet but am making prgress. It is my pleasure to sign your guest book.


Name: John Chapman <john@baitonthelake.com>
Date: 2001-01-09
Greetings from Port Carling , Ontario, Canada. So glad to see another John, I was just wondering if you had a Canadian connection, perhaps a Dr. H Chapman? It maybe Herbert or Howard.
Happy new year, John too!


Name: Arthur Cyril Chapman <acchap@hotmail.com>
Date: 2000-12-20
I guess I've been here before....oops!

Do you know of any links with the Chapmans of Liverpool, England,19th century?


Name: Jack Chapman <jchapman@neo.lrun.com>
Date: 2000-12-05
Our family lives in Ohio descended from William Chapman of New London CT (died 1699). I'm an air traffic control supervisor nearing retirement.

Name: Susan Kay Hoogland Brecht <sbrecht@transylvania.k12.nc.us>
Date: 2000-12-01
Enjoyed the tour. I was hoping to see some more personal pictures. Your tribute to Jean brought tears to my eyes--because of what you went through as much as from memories of the years we've all known each other.

Happy Holidays!


Name: marvin dellinger <marvindellinger@semo.net>
Date: 2000-11-12
my chapman are from simpson co .,ky

Name: Marsha S. Faulk <hhinsulation@g-net.net>
Date: 2000-11-11
Just checking. I'm searching for my great great grandfather,
Irvin/Ervin Chapman. He was supposedly born in S.C., moved
to Georgia and married Susie White. Their son, Henry W.
Chapman, was born in Ga. in 1853. They later migrated to
Alabama where Henry stayed and raised his family but - Irvin
(or Ervin) seems to have fallen out of a tree then vanished
after Henry was grown.


Name: Margrie Morrow <dmorrow@molalla.net>
Date: 2000-10-18
Very nice even though you do not have my Chapman families
Someday, somewhere, someone is going to have my bunch also.


Name: Gary Stewart <gstewart@burgoyne.com>
Date: 2000-10-16
We have a Phoebe Chapman (b. 9 Sep 1736) in our family. Is she one of your relatives also?



Name: Barbara Sikora <babsy@neo.rr.com>
Date: 2000-09-25
Enjoyed your family stories and also the genealogy.
I have a James Chapman b. 1842 in Carter Co., Ky.
His father was William and mother was Nancy Ruggles.
I was hoping to link somewhere to yours.
I also see you have a beautiful cat at your house.
She is pretty.
I do machine embroidery and I have a cat design that looks
like yours. I do t-shirts for $28, nice heavy ones, with
pet pictures and names. Yours would make a nice shirt.
If interesed, let me know. I do genealogy shirts with various tree designs and family names around it. I attend
genealogy fairs and get orders and dog competition and do
pets with their names. People like them alot.
Glad to know you.
Stay healthy, you have had a tough go of it.