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Name: to Harriet on 27 Sep 2004 <n/a>
Date: 2004-09-27
For Harriet
Date: Monday 27 Sep 2004

1. It isn't clear to me what information you are seeking that is not already available to you on the website, or from CWP the senior member of your family branch.

2. HJP is not in my direct line, but I've updated previous work on other branches done by about a dozen others as far back as the 1960's. Most are in nursing homes now or have recently passed away. The total Peck surname family as well as the Thibodeaux and Castille family genealogy is now mostly purified of untruths and is finished, and "First Families of Louisiana" certificates from the State Genealogy Society were obtained by me to verify my direct lineage and a major part of the overall Peck tree. The Thibodeaux line qualifies for "First Family of Canada", and the Castille line qualifies for "First Families of Maryland". This 40 year's of Peck genealogy work, begun in the 1960's was finished in early 2004 by me.

3. If there's supplemental genealogy work to be done by others it is up to the individuals in each tree branch to prove their line only up to where it connects with my proven line, or do their spouse's line, or to lay out their biography and/or proofs for their own descendants to use later. If they wish to do so.

4. I'm following a procedure begun as far back as the 1960's of dealing only with the senior members of the family branches who have done family genealogy work. The present body of work includes old proprietary family photos, deeds, certificates, maps, personal biographies, etc - all family heirloom material. I left it up to the senior members to copy and pass along any heirloom family material to whomever they wish within their own branch lines.

5. In your family branch the current senior member is CWP, who furnished some of the material, and who has since been given final hardcopies of the overall Peck tree, and also a CD of the HJP life story HTML files of about 150 pages. If you have genealogy questions or want additional information on your line the relevant person to query would be CWP.

5. HJP still has two living siblings, and the burials of HJP, Hedwig and Irene are still in the living memories of those left behind. There's already been some emotionalism and assertive statements on who is and who's not within the HJP overall family, and I don't wish to get into this topic further than what has already been reviewed in the HJP biography life story and genealogy.

6. If you want more information on who is interceding for other family tree members, this is stepping into a situation of a living person wanting information on another living person, which is outside of my genealogy scope of dealing with dead ancestors. The intercessor(s) could consider this a very private matter. If heaven is directing a person to intercede for another living person, the relevant query direction, or direction of thanks, I think, should be towards heaven which is controlling the situation.

7. My time, stress and health is already overextended. This note is meant to conclude this topic.


Name: Harriet <>
Date: 2004-09-19
I was so surprised to have you respond to me, and I pray your health is on the mend. Please know that I am deeply touched by your PS, and, of course, greatly desire to know more. I've included my e-mail for a more private communication should you be able or so desire. Much appreciation!


Name: Reply to Harriet 19Sep2004 <n/a>
Date: 2004-09-19
Reply to Harriet

Date: 19 Sep 2004
I usually check the website guestbook here weekly or daily, but some abrupt life-changing medical issues came up that took my attention away. My apology for not responding sooner.

Thank you for your guestbook response.

PS1. I accidentally found out today that you personally Harriet, as well as others in the overall family tree, have been and are getting continual prayers for years now.

PS2. I'd planned to shut down the website last year in 2003, and expect to do so maybe in 2004. If there's info you wish to keep long term, you might want to download off this site to your harddrive by a right mouseclick.


Name: Harriet (Peck) Burda Bellotto <na>
Date: 2004-08-17
John, my brother, Charles W. Peck, told me of your monumental research on Peck genealogy. I had no idea of how incredible it was until I happened upon the web link yesterday. You are certainly to be commended.

Thank you for giving me, the "unacknowledged Harriet child", a biography of my alleged father, Harry John Peck (according to my mother, Hedwig). By the way, mother always spelled her nickname as "Heddie", not Heddy! Your extensive write-up on the 20th Century Oilman/Businessman has helped me understand some of my peculiarities and, perhaps, genetics, as well as clear up some of the mystery surrounding events I've only heard alluded to during the course of my life. I hope you are well and thanks again.


Name: John to L Caillais Sat 10 Jan <n/a>
Date: 2004-01-10
To L Caillais
Sat 10 Jan 2004 4 PM

The info in this message is just an addition or a revision of the info I already gave you earlier as a help in your family's genealogy quest.

1. The original Charles Peck I of Virginia and Louisiana was started by Charles Peck II's g-grandchildren. They and I knew nothing of a Bonne Bernard wife or the Joseph Albert Caillais person. They would not understand today why a non genetic Joseph would ever be in the Peck genetic tree. Since the (unproven) Bonne Bernard marriage had no known Charles II Peck children there are no descendants in the genetic tree to especially care if she's included or not. It's hardly worth reissued 20 hardcopies at $30 ea to family seniors. I'm including below some facts and sources and a few opinions you might consider in focusing your research effort.

2. Joseph - I've concluded [guessed rather] that your Joseph Albert Caillais had a CSA father who arrived back from the 1861-1865 civil war and had the Joseph child in 1866.
In the Booth's CSA rositor from LA were Louisiana soldiers named Callier, Calais, and Collier. 10 year old Joseph may have got the name spelling wrong. See Booth's records at
I feel like Joseph made a strong and clear statement in choosing his last name at marriage that he was neither a genetic Caruthers nor a Peck.
My guess is that Joseph wanted to be identified with a genetic civil war soldier of that [supposed] name.
As a guess, the Charles Peck home after the civil war may have just been a foster home doing Catholic charity work or being paid to take post civil war orphans.
If Chs II & Bonne upped and got a unparented boy, I'm a bit stumped as to why. Charles II already had tons of grandkids who had stayed at the plantation with the Charles daughters and dau-in-laws during the civil war. Charles II's kids were is desperate financial shape after the war.
However, I have an impression that in 1879 they got a boy Joseph of unknown Christianity as to whether he had been baptized or not, so they just had him baptized to be sure about it. In short, he may have been baptized twice. That also suggests that both his parents were dead or not around to ask about baptism.

If there was an 1870 census, the problem might be solved, otherwise maybe insolvable.
When Catholics gets married under Spain, France or U.S. rules, each has to present their baptism record which contains their legal names and their genetic parent's names. If not Catholic in the 1800's they couldn't marry in the church. They then marry under their legal baptism names. In the 1800's there were no birth certificates that I recall, so a person's baptism certificate which contains their DOB was their legal certificate. Joseph was married per your account as "Joseph Albert Caillier (raised by Charles Peck)" at the Grand Coteau church who would know him and Peck best. But his baptism records per your account "(name listed as Joseph Albert Peck) indicates that he was baptized at the age of 10 by Mr. (Mrs.) Charles Peck on 5/26/1879 (Arnaudville Ch., V. 3, pg 243)." It would seem his baptism at Arnaudville should have been Joseph Albert Caillier, with sponsors, guardians or godparents or foster parents Mr.& Mrs. Charles Peck. I don't see how this name difference could be unless the documents are misread. Legal marriage and baptism names should be the same. And if Joseph's children were baptized some Caillier, some Peck, something was haywire in the church, or the church records are being misread. The church needs to get the damaged document straightening out here. All Joseph descendants have a right to have a legitimate ancestry according to official formal church rules. It's a church record problem that needs fixing by the church.

I'm sure that your Joseph was a fine person and an honorable ancestor, but I'm also wondering if some family member in the past tried to research the Joseph genealogical line and dead ended using a misspelled Caillais name, then concluded to connect Joseph instead as an adoptee raised by Charles II Peck and Bonne Bernard to have an acceptable family history story to talk about, then later descendants legally changed their names to Peck thinking they were genetically connected to the Peck line.
If Joseph is son of a civil war soldier, your family members might be eligible for a civil war heredity society.

3. Bonne - I think the (unconfirmed) Borine Bonne Bernard (2 Dec 1822 - 3 OCT 1867) is at
I also have death abt 1883 from and and (now closed down)
Her (unconfirmed) parents at
She is much younger than I had used in an earlier msg to you.
If above true, Bonne Bernard probably was of an age that she could still (barely) bear children with either Caruthers or with Peck.
If she tried for baby and couldn't while with either Caruthers or Peck she might have just adopted a boy like Joseph
If adopted with Caruthers, she brought the child with her to the Peck marriage.
After the plantation purchase from her, I'm having questions on the type of person she was, and her previous marriage history and any children.

4. Eulalie - Marguerite Eulalie PECK was b 10 Feb 1839 per Hebert SWLA p96/SM CT SUCC #1905 (and 3 other prime sources)
She died (per you) 22 Aug 1866
She is now known to be a proven Charles Peck II's genetic daughter.
She married Edgar COMEAUX (per unconfirmed oral family history) Marriage date unknown.
Making some educated assumptions, he was probably born c1837 and married c1858.
There were four "Comeaux, E.," in the CSA (from Booth's records at URL above) and he probably served in CSA by his DOB
For her to have Comeaux as husband and [Callier, Calais, and Collier] as another husband and father of Joseph, requires 3 deaths in a short span and some severe mental gymnastics - which seems improbable to me offhand.

5. Orphanage - A talk with a Peck senior on the New Orleans orphanage family lore and the Bernard/Peck marriage gave this:
The black orphan boys at New Orleans, were probably locally from the N.O. area, not from a ship or train.
On a trip to Grand Coteau with a Cousin (Fred Peck) looking for grave of Charles Peck (didn't find), they saw a "black" Peck's grocery store.
As for Bernard/Peck marriage - knew nothing about it.

6. Benoit - The Pecks have genetic connections to about half the French Acadian of Canada but not the Benoits at all. No Benoit in my genealogy database.

7. Caruthers - I have some fragmented strings of descendant on David Caruthers who married Marguerite Savoie that isn't on the website, but they don't seem needed right now.

8. Your photos - Thank you for your offer of the spreadsheet and old family photos but having spent 3 years identifying my own box of tintypes and old unlabeled photos, and my own 20 foot stack of spreadsheets and data sheets, All to get my two dozen heredity certificates. I don't wish any more.

9. Genealogy - The Charles I Peck of LA genealogy was wrapped up around 5 years ago c1999 at a cost of 40 years people work and my thousands of dollars cost completely reviewing or redoing all the previous family work. I don't have the priority time or funds now to do more research for you. I suspect you are on a 30 year genealogy study that you won't complete in your lifetime and after your death someone else will dig through your paperwork mess to restart it or completely redo it or toss it in the trash, so you need to leave a clear paper trail of where you got all the information and the quality of it, and frankly should get Xerox copies of all the original primary documents (so too valuable as heirloom for others to throw away.) Always ask, "Can I really prove this?"

In dealing with over 100 different families in genealogy, whenever a nasty friction occurred it was always due to stepping out of a person's direct ancestry line into someone else's and not having the correct information or having the right sensitivity about it, or mixing different family cultures or not having family patriarch sanction to do the family genealogy. As one moves up the ancestor trail they are always messing with other people's ancestors and cultures. There's been two previous rankles over adoptees in the Peck family. This Joseph and his line of "Pecks" might cause a knee-jerk reaction, and the information generated on this Joseph/Bonne issue could possibly bring up old antagonisms and could very well cause pain and emotional ripples within the genetic family trees with no corresponding benefit to anyone.

This private Peck genealogy website info was sanctioned, reviewed and approved by at least 5 Peck family elders (ages 85 to 96) all of who already were given heirloom hardcopies. This website is just for ongoing updates to the hardcopies. None of the Peck data here was put on any public database by me. Most Peck data out there is wrong. I do not presently feel that your Joseph belongs in our Peck genetic tree but some other possibly better genetic tree. As to his being adopted by Charles Peck, none of the genetic Pecks seemed to know it, not was he included in the estate list of children of Charles Peck.

We did a search of what we thought was all the Peck legal documents at the Lafayette court house and have a dozen or so copies. None mentioned either Caillias or Bernard, though we weren't looking for those names at the time nor had any reason to.

Good luck with your research.


Name: L Caillais <>
Date: 2004-01-10
Thank you for all of the information and time that you spent on my questions to you. As you recommended, I will continue to search records for a positive date of birth and any additional information that I can locate for Joseph. As indicated in previous posts, feel free to email me at my personal email address if you would like for me to forward to you the information that I have on Charles II and Bonne Bernard, etc. I will be more that happy to share this info. Once again, thank you for your time and information. I will let you know if I discover postive info regarding Josephs relationship to Charles II.

Name: John to L Caillais - 2/2 add <n/a>
Date: 2004-01-07
To L Caillais <>
Added 07 Jan 2004
I took some time, much time, rethinking through your two guestbook correspondence and my responses. I tentatively concluded this:

Charles II Peck m Marie Marguerite Clemence PREJEAN on 26 Sep 1836. They had 5 children from 1838 to 1847. Marie died on 11 Oct 1867, right after the civil war leaving Charles II a widower. His oldest boy Alfred had married in 1859. Another son Charles Garland probably helped at the farm but he married in 1868.

David Caruthers of NJ had married Isabel Dugas in 1793. They had 7 children one of which was David Onezime CARUTHERS b abt 1800. Isabel died. David then married a widow of Charles I Peck, Marguerite Lise (Liege) SAVOIE, on 22 Nov 1813. She brought with her 3 young children, Charles II, Malinda Marie Emilenn, and Mary Matilda PECK. Later David and Marguerite had 4 children of their own. The household had 7+3+4 = 14 children. Marguerite died 15 Oct 1823. But David apparently didn't marry again.

The David Onezime CARUTHERS son of David & Isabel Dugas married Marguerite Emerente MOUTON in 1818, who died a year later. He then married Marie Silisa Cidalise PREJEAN on 9 Jan 1827, who died on 24 Dec 1859.. Onezime then married a 3rd time at age 61 to Borine Bonne BERNARD on 9 JULY 1861.

David Onezime CARUTHERS lived to 8 Nov 1867 and died at age 67 leaving Bonne BERNARD a widow. Note that this David O. Caruthers was the same generation of and half brother to Charles II Peck., and that he died a month after Charles II Peck's wife died.

Peck child ? - Per your records, 2 years after David O.'s death, his widow married the widower Charles II Peck on Jun 17 1869. Charles was now age 62, Borine Bonne BERNARD was probably in the same generation, possibly two years younger than David O. Caruthers, or b 1802, so age 67. She was too old to have more children with Peck at age 67.

If Bonne brought with her a boy child born in the period 1862 to 1868, this would have been the child of David O. Caruthers. Now Charles II Peck lived 33 after this 2nd marriage to 1902.. I don't have info on Bonne's birth or death, but since Mr & Mrs. Peck had a boy baptized in May 26 1879, Bonne must have been the Peck wife. Therefore, Joseph Albert CARUTHERS was living and being raised by the Peck couple in 1879. Per your records, he also shows up in the 1880 census at the Peck house.

Orphan child? - If Bonne did not bring this child to the Peck 1869 marriage, then possibly after a 10 year period (Charles II age 72, Bonne age 77?), they may have elected to raise a white orphan child from an orphanage or somewhere. This could have been the 10 year Joseph Albert [Caillais]. Which could explain why the Callais/Peck name mixup. In this case Joseph would not be a genetic child of either Bonne or Charles II.

1969 Caruthers child? - If Joseph was 10 at the May 26 1879 baptism, he was born c 1869. probably before the Charles II Peck marriage, so not a Peck child, but two years after the David Caruthers death of 8 Nov 1867, so not his child.

1966 Caruthers child? - However, you say Joseph was born in 1866, not 1869, so he must be a David O. Caruther's child. But David O. was age 66 in 1866, rather old to have a child. Years ago, I got some Caruthers info from the Caruthers genforum at and/or from Cindy at

Caillais child? - David O's birth year is a bit critical. There's a possibility that Bonne Bernard had remarried in 1868, then had Joseph child in 1869 from an intermediate marriage to someone named Caillais, then married Charles II Peck the next year. Seems improbable to me.

Unless you have more info, at this point I think you need a provable birth date for Joseph Albert, and a provable birth date for Bonne Bernard to fix a parentage and a research direction for more digging.

I finished our Peck genealogy in 1999, 5 years ago, and am deeply involved in non-genealogy affairs, so there's limits as to how much time I can spare on this matter. I doubt, right now, that your Joseph ancestor properly belongs in a Peck genetic family tree,
Yours, John.


Name: John to L. Callais <n/a>
Date: 2004-01-07
I'm going to spend some time digesting you Jan 4 note - which has caught me cold. I had no idea that Charles II Peck would have remarried after his 1st wife's death. I have some info on the Caruthers which isn't on this website. For one, it does look like your Joseph was probably raised by (or adopted by) Charles II Peck. But your names are slightly off.
I'm guessing that your Ozite Caruthers is David Ozite Caruthers who was raised with Charles II Peck by the senior David Caruthers who married Charles I Peck's widow Margaret Savoie. This David O Caruthers married 3 times.

Here's info:
David Caruthers (b ABT 1766 - d 30 Oct 1825 in Lafayette Parish) had married Isabel (Isabelle Dugat) DUGAS (b ABT 1775 in St. Malo, France - d ABT 1825 St. Martinville,St. Martin Par.,LA?), Married 25 Oct 1793 St. Martinville,St. Martin Par.,LA). They had 7 children. The first boy born was
David Onezime CARUTHERS (b abt 1800 - d 8 Nov 1867 St. Martin Parish).

This David m Marguerite Emerente MOUTON in 12 Oct 1818 at St. Martinville. She apparently died a year later in 1819. In 9 Jan 1827, he m Marie Silisa Cidalise PREJEAN (b 12 Apr 1807 - d 24 Dec 1859). He then married Borine Bonne BERNARD 9 JULY 1861 in Grand Coteau, St. Landry Parish,LA.
I didn't bother looking up Bonne Barnard's kids for my records since they weren't in my direct line.

It's looking like your Joseph came with Bernard and would have been Charles II Peck's stepson if Peck formally adopted him.

I'll finish digesting your note and get with you later as time permits.


Name: Karen <>
Date: 2004-01-05
Thank you for making all this information available!

I have to admit I mispelled genealogy on the web address so
that was why I couldn't get on the site previously. Had an
o rather than an a!

Happy New Year!


Name: L Caillais <>
Date: 2004-01-04
Thank you for the information, this should help me to continue my research - I have been checking my emails often, hoping that you could provide some direction. I do have additional questions that I have listed below, as well as some information that you may be interested in.

-I have developed a timeline/spreadsheet of the Caruthers, Pecks, Bonne Bernard, etc. Timeline and Spreadsheet includes the location of the documents (where located, volume and page number, etc.). I will be more than happy to forward these to you. Feel free to email me at my personal email address so that I may send them to you.

- After reviewing the information that I have gathered so far, I am confident that your Charles Peck II (whose was married to Marie Clemence Prejean) is the same person who raised my GG Grandfather. My records indicate that Marie Clemence Prejean died in 1867 (obtained from the "Peck Family of St Landry" website on Ancestry - I believe this is your website, correct?). At any rate, the Opelousas Court House and Grand Coteau Church records indicate that "Charles Peck (widower of Marie Clement Prejean) married Bonne Bernard (Widower of Onesime Caruthers)" on 6/17/1869. My "Joseph Albert" is listed on the 1880 census with Charles and Bonne Bernard. I have also located other documents regarding Charles II and Bonne. I have considered that my "Joseph" born in 1866 could possibly be related to Bonne, but have been unable to locate any births for Bonne (have found many successions on her former husbands though!!). As a side note, Bonneís widow, Onesime Caruthers, may be related to the David Caruthers that Charles IIís mother (Marguerite Lize Savoy) married after his fathers (Charles 1) death.

- Additionally, while manually looking through the Miscellaneous Records at the Opelousas Courthouse, I located a Userfruct dated 8/15/1873. This document states that Charles Peck II's "children Alfred Peck, Garland Peck and Amelia Peck wife of Theodule N Richard, all of who purchased from Bonne Bernard, wife of Charles Peck, our father, the Plantation on which they reside.....known as the Plantation of Onezime Caruthers, deceased, will allow our said father and his wife to live and remain on the plantation during such time as they or either of them may please to live and remain there".

- As My GG Grandfather is white, would you recommend that I check the New Orleans area now, or wait until I exhaust reviewing all records in the Lafayette/Opelousas area?

- Your email mentions "Work Permit" and "Apprenticeship" - do official documents exist for these arrangements? If so, where should I begin to look?

- Charles Peck II baptized "Joseph Albert Peck" (on 5/26/1879) - was this a common practice for Plantation Owners to have their "workers" baptized? The baptism certificate from the church lists a "Lucius Begnaud" (and Hermine Thibodeaux) as a sponsor. Joseph Albert "Caillais/Peck's" marriage license to Constance Portal on 2/10/1887 lists one of the witnesses as "L Begnaud Benoit" (there is also a "L Guilbeau"). Do you know if "Lucius Begnaud Benoit" is related to Charles Peck II? As this person was close enough to Joseph to be a witness to his marriage as well as his sponsor for Baptism, she must have had ties with Charles II. Am keeping this in mind during my research.

- In the 1900 census Joseph lists his DOB as 8/1866. I have located a birth record in the Hebert books (2/10/1839, Lafayette Church, Vol 5, pg 122) for a Margarite Eulalie Peck (parents listed as Charles Peck & Marie Clemence Prejean). I have also located a death record in the Hebert books (8/22/1866, Lafayette Church, Vol 4, pg 125) for a Eulalie Peck (parent listed only as "Charles", also states "died at age 26", this must be the same Margarite Eulalie Peck born on 2/10/1839). As Joseph's DOB according to the 1900 census is 8/1866, I am wondering if this could possibly be Joseph's mother who died during or immediately following his birth. I have seen Eulalie on several of the "Peck Websites". One of these sites contains a note indicating that it is now doubtful that Eulalie is Charles II's daughter. I would appreciate any information that you can share on Eulalie so that I can research further. Do you happen to know her cause of death? I plan to research to determine if she died while giving birth.

As you can see, in addition to the suggestions, that you have provided, I have many theories to investigate. The circumstances as well as not having a definite DOB on Joseph (documents that I have so far indicate a DOB somewhere from 1866 - 1869), is making the progress very slow. I am down to methodically working through each theory and corresponding documents - all the while developing new theories. Some of the information that I have found makes it seem as if Joseph possibly could have been more than just a worker to Charles Peck (not necessarily his child, but perhaps that of a family member). Luckily, I am not far from the Opelousas/Lafayette area. I am planning to visit the Opelousas and Lafayette Courthouses as well as the Grand Coteau Church to pull copies of the documents that I have located in Father Hebert's books, etc. - will be looking for my GG Grandfathers names, but plan to add all info on anyone that I find to my spreadsheet, in case there is a link to my GG Grandfather later on. Again, I have much more information in my timeline/spreadsheet that I will be more than happy to share with you. I have many old pictures, most of which have been identified by family members. I also have some that no one has been able to identify - these may include some of your relatives. Feel free to email me if you are interested in reviewing. I will be glad to make copies and send them to you.

Also, I have been able to get to some but not all of the Peck pages containing your research information on "freepages genealogy rootsweb". I am only able to get to some of the information/links by entering a specific name into a search engine, but have not been able to locate a "Peck home page" where I can review all of your information and search on specific names. Please advise how this can be done.

Once again, any information and insight that you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated. Your wealth of information is impressive to say the least!!!


Name: John to L Caillais <n/a>
Date: 2004-01-04
To L Caillais <>

Re: your guestbook comment Charles Peck of 2003-12-28

I admire the research work you've done so far.

In doing our Peck family research, I had multiple Peck family trees done by various branches of the family in Louisiana (from the 1960's thru 1980's) and/or their spouses and spouse family trees. Many of these had serious errors but from records of Baptisms, marriages, deaths, wills, property deed, and from Fr. Hebert's volumes and from social security records and from's genetic records, etc. , I trimmed the tree down to the provable genetic tree lines. A big problem is there were two Charles Peck's that got mixed up in lore. The original Charles I migrated from Virginia (per oral family history). He married Margaret Savoie and had a boy Charles II Peck, b 1807 in Opelousas, St. Landry Parish (It may have been Attakapas Parish back then).. Charles I lived to abt 1813 then died. His son Charles II would have then been age 6, somewhat orphaned. Margaret Savoie immediately remarried to widower David Caruthers, so Charles II was adopted, but she died in 1823 when Charles II was age 16.

Charles II married Marie Marguerite Clemence PREJEAN on 26 Sep 1836 in Lafayette parish. He and she began accumulating much land-grant land. They settled in the Carencro-Grand Coteau area in Lafayette Parish, just north of the city of Lafayette, as one of the pioneer settler families of Carencro, LA. They had 5 genetic children: Alfred b1838, Marguerite Eulalie PECK b 1838, Amelie (Emelie) Molinda PECK b 1840, Louis PECK b 1942, and Charles Garland PECK b 1847. Charles II owned black slaves as did all cotton farmers in the region. Once he borrowed bank money using for collateral his land and some female black (household?) slaves. His two sons served in the Civil War. After the war Charles Ii and all southerners were financially devastated.

I have no info at all on your Joseph Albert Caillier or "Charles' wife Bonne." The answer may have to do whether your Joseph Albert was white or black,

An unconfirmed family rumor from my grandfather Charles Ruhl Peck (b 1876) was that his own grandfather Charles II Peck (1807-1902) would travel down to New Orleans and adopt "black boys" from the orphanage there, and bring them back to live and work on the Grand Coteau farm. The only children Charles II & wife listed in their estate will was the 5 already mentioned, so if the "adoption" story is true, any adoptees weren't considered his children. My guess is there may have been a "work permit" or "apprenticeship" arrangement rather than an adoption directly into the family circle. The census records I have from pre-civil war does not list slave's name on a plantation. Given that Charles II Peck had both his parents die before he was 16 and he was adopted, he may have had a special fondness for orphans of dead parents and a desire to see no child remain an orphan without a family home life. In other words, he might have been running a "boy's town" charity-like situation as a Christian act.

Your Joseph was apparently born in 1869 right after the civil war. It might be he was orphaned, then "adopted" or apprenticed to learn a trade around age 10 in May 1979, then immediately baptized. At this age he could be working on a farm for food & shelter or for wages or to learn a trade or just to fill a lonely couple's home or just to have a good home life.

Another variation is that after the civil war when slaves were freed, they had no legal last names, so many took on the name of their plantation as their last name. e.g. "Peck Plantation." I did find in a post-civil war census two women living together near the Peck farm who had the unexplained last name Peck but weren't in our genetic tree. Hypothetically, suppose Joseph's parents were slaves on the Peck farm. Suddenly they are freed, but now work for wages or sharecrop on the Peck place. They immediately marry and have a son Joseph in 1869, who they logically name Joseph Peck raised on the Charles II Peck plantation. The distorted family story gets handed down the generations, etc.

Another possibility is that your folklore Charles Peck is not my family's Charles II Peck but an unrelated Peck tree group, of which there were some in LA around the civil war period and afterwards, especially near New Orleans.

I have no facts to help you here. Just off the top of my head possibilities.
Good luck.


Name: L Caillais <>
Date: 2003-12-28
I am researching my Gr Gr Grandfather who was raised by Charles Peck and have been unable to locate any record of him prior to the 1880 census - he is listed as "Joseph Abert" in the 1880 census living with Charles Peck and Charles' wife Bonne (incorrectly indexed on as "born") Bernard (Occupation "work on farm", Relationship "other"). The spelling of his last name should be "Albert" - when reviewing the 1880 census it is obvious that the census taker did not know how to spell Albert, all persons with first name Albert are spelled as Abert. His baptismal record (name listed as Joseph Albert Peck) indicates that he was baptised at the age of 10 by Mr (Mrs.) Charles Peck on 5/26/1879 (Arnaudville Ch., V. 3, pg 243). He married Constance Portal on 2/10/1887 - his name is listed as "Joseph Albert Caillier (raised by Charles Peck)" on the church record (Grand Coteau Ch.,v 4, pg 106) and Joseph Albert on the courthouse record (Opelousas Ct House, Mar # 14362)- the "Southwest Louisiana Records" books, Authored by Rev. Donald J Hebert list the marriage under "Joseph Albert Caillier" and include a note on the courthouse records stating "Courthouse record has groom's name as Joseph Albert". When Joseph and Constance began having children, the children are baptised at Grand Coteau Church, some as Caillier and some as Peck (changes back and forth). Records that I have found lists Josephs last name as "Albert", "Peck", or "Caillier". Do you happen to have any information on Joseph or can you direct me in locating records on how he came to reside with and be raised by Charles Peck? Are there any records involving Charles Peck and "guardianship", "indentured servant", etc. I do not know who his parents are, but am assuming that his middle name is Albert and his last name was originally Caillier. Family members remember hearing that "Charles Peck got him from New Orleans off of a boat" or "Charles Peck got him from an Orphan Train that came to Louisiana from New York". Additionally family memebers have said that all of Joseph and Constances children who were not already officially "Peck", changed their name to "Peck" after being told that they were really "Pecks". My grandfather is the only one who did not change his name (which is spelled Caillais).

Name: John to Dave Allen <> <n/a>
Date: 2003-07-07
I don't have any info on the folk you asked about.


Name: Dave Allen <>
Date: 2003-07-06
Im looking for a Green(Greenberry?)Allen, married to a Lora/Laura Eliz.Richardson. They had at least one child
Marshall Edward Allen born 1900, in McCains,Maury County,TN.
Marshall is my grandfather. I have located him. Green may have died in 1907 and Lora in 1912. That is all I know. If anyone knows anything about these folks Id appreciate a
Dave Allen


Name: John to Charlotte <n/a>
Date: 2003-06-25
Sorry Charlotte, your Peck line isn't related to the Pecks here.


Name: Charlotte <>
Date: 2003-06-23
My G.Grandmother was a Roba (Rhoba) Peck she married James Morrison from N.Y. and I thought I could trace through the Peck side. Roba is the daughter of Lewis Peck from Wellington Conn. I have the Peck line back to Joseph Peck
of Beccles, Sufalk, England. Just wondering if by chance you had Rhoba Peck and James Morrison? Charlotte


Name: John to Jane on 17 Jun 2003 <n/a>
Date: 2003-06-17
Response to Jane: 17 Jun 2003
Regarding your guestbook message, William Garrison "Doc" Jackson
My mother obtained from Mrs. Corilla Jackson Pierce, a handwritten copy of her 1875 Doc Jackson Bible and genealogy notes, which could be used to prove Doc was a child of Aaron Jackson and Elizabeth Parilee Allen. Elizabeth Allen has been proven to be a descendant of Emperor Charlemagne and most of the great royal houses of the Old World and has been traced back to Adam & Eve. Doc Jackson is an unproven pioneer of Texas at Texas State Genealogical Society by migrating with Aaron & Elizabeth from MS to TX.

I suggest you gear up to first prove your line to Doc Jackson then get a TSGS certificate of proof. To that end I have the 1850 MS census showing Doc was there and his father & mother were rron & Elizabeth. I also have the 1860 TX census showing Doc migrated to TX w/' family and thus qualifies for TSGS Pioneer "Gone to Texas." I also have the marriage certificate of Doc Jackson & Hattie Elizabeth Champion KIRK. All that's needed for this generation is a Texas death certificate which I don't have. This would come from Texas State.

If you are interested in lineage certificates, you would need Doc's death certificate, plus the b, m and d certificates of each generation from you to Doc. Then next get a TSGS certificate at $25 to link to Aaron & Elizabeth, then simply hook your line to my Charlemagne line at Aaron Elizabeth to get a Charlemagne certificate at $50.

I'm not especially interested outside my direct line (Thomas Graves Jackson), which Doc Jackson is, and I don't wish to clutter up my website with too much unproven sidelines as it diminishes the proven lines. But if you get a TSGS certificate, I might add your proven lineage to the website along with a copy of your TSGS proof certificate. I'm retired from Genealogy and don't wish to get bogged down in other people's research.
Up to you if you want to do all this.
John .
From Jane Minnick <>
Date: 2003-06-16
Comments at Website Guestbook:

I am descended from William Garrison "Doc" Jackson, son of Aaron
Carson. I have information on some of his descendents if you are
Enjoyed reading your site.

Thanks, Jane


Name: Jane Minnick <>
Date: 2003-06-16

I am descended from William Garrison "Doc" Jackson, son of Aaron Carson. I have information on some of his descendents if you are interested.
Enjoyed reading your site.

Thanks, Jane


Name: John to Neil Six <n/a>
Date: 2003-05-29
Thanks Neil for the info. I'll take a peek as I get the time. I've an interest in the topic.


Name: Neil Six <>
Date: 2003-05-29
Just wondered if you were aware of Bill Cooper's book "After the Flood." Discusses ancient pagan European genealogies which echo Genesis 11 for the 1st couple generations. Most scholars say they were "pious forgeries" but Cooper claims evidence suggests otherwise. Also, this has recently been released on the same topic:

Neil Six


Name: John to Helen Currie Davis <n/a>
Date: 2003-05-17
Date 17 May 2003
Response to Helen Currie Davis:

Thank you for your family information input.

My (and your) direct ancestor John Rhodam ("Rhoda") ALLEN, Rev,Pvt. is proven by "First Families of Tennessee", and his son Nathan N. G. ALLEN, Rev. is proven by "First Families of Texas."

Your Rev. Hardy Allen, a son of N.N.G. Allen above, who isn't in my direct line, has a birth that can be proven by the website source "1796/1832 Bible of Family - Nathan Nelson Graves Allen & Celia Bloodworth,"
a copy of which is on the website.

Celie Bloodworth is a proven descendant of Charlemagne and 390 other royal folk, and thus you probably are too, but few would believe you about it unless you have real proof like a heredity certificate in your own name.

On your Nelson Graves Allen ancestor, son of Rev. Hardy Allen, and then his son Dr. William Alexander ALLEN, I don't have proof documents, but for non-critical
family purpose the [Q2] listings here might be good enough to get a rough idea.

But a "[Q2]" source data (like oral family history), from experience, is often 5% to 20% dead wrong. If someone passes on to their family unreliable information, after the researcher passes away and the next family genealogist
takes over, they will likely find errors and lose confidence in all the data and possibly throw all the previous work in the trash and start over getting
real proof documents.

If you have proof documents of dates and places for your direct line and wish a heredity certificate in your name for your family branch, you can build up a proof sequence up to my proven line then contact the heredity society on how to splice into my already proven line in your application. I don't mind adding an Allen subbranch here if the line is 3rd party proven by a Society certificate.
For your family subbranch, it's a question of whether a society certificate is worth the cost of getting all the proof documents for the application.

Thanks. John.


Name: Helen Currie Davis <>
Date: 2003-05-13

I'm a descendant of William Alexander Allen (1842-1926), son of Nelson Graves Allen and Sara jane Young. William was married four times.
#1-Ann Thompson
#2-Emma Boudinot *My ancestor
Children:Sarah Almedia Allen *My ancestor
Nina Watie Allen
#3-Elizabeth H. " Lizzie " McDowell Smith Davis
Children:Dee Witt Allen
William Arthur Allen
#4-Mary Louise Andrews
Children:Henry Lee Allen
Gallatin Kearby Allen
William Bryan Allen

Helen Currie Davis


Name: John to Roy W Stiegler, Jr <> <n/a>
Date: 2003-04-28
Mon 28 Apr 2003 7AM EST
I saw your note on the Stieglers.
In regards to proof references, they are on the website by following the superscripts, which most have URLs if on the Internet.
I have no info on your direct line, only Christian and his dad. I didn't know Chirstian had an Uncle.
I have photos of Rosalie Henry Stiegler and one of their daughter Eugenia Christian, and Julie Stiegler spent time in 1870 with the Alice Henry Mannix family in Caldwell County.
From memory, the 4 emigrant Henry girls visited quite a bit back and forth and Rosalie Henry (Christian's wife) was very close to the Folk family. She raised Frederick Folk, Jr and took in the widow Mrs. Folk in her old age.

I dimly recall Christian Stiegler, from family folklore and research, was a soldier in San Antonio (1850?) and might have been a Mason along with Hannah Henry's husband Capt. Willis Chamberlin there.
Christian & Rosalie Stiegler had children Julie b 1862, Rosina 1874, and Eugenia 1880 all brn in Medina County.In Sep 1859 Chistain was accused along with 240 other men of card gambling in Medina County.

I suggest you follow the superscript links on the website and return if you have more questions.

- John.


Name: Roy W Stiegler, Jr <>
Date: 2003-04-24
I found a number of your pages by searching on Google.
I was searching for Christian Stiegler and added the word Medina for Medina County.

Christian has a connection to my line. He is the son of Johan Jacob Stiegler who was the brother of Gottfried Friedrich Stiegler, my direct line. I know a lot about the Stieglers from Wuerttemberg.

There is an entry that says he married a Rosalie Henry and I read about the "Volks" and "Henrys".

It says he was buried at St John Cemetery in New Fountain. I have been searching for his burial site (as well as that of Johan Jacob), but I don't find one in St John Lutheran. However, Gottfried is there, his son Gottlieb is there etc. I have a layout of the plats, and none is mentioned. Doesn't mean he wasn't buried there however.

Do you have sources for this info? I certainly would like to know more about the "Henrys" and any info you have on Christian.

Christian, Johan Jacob, Gottfried, Gottlieb and the whole crew appears in the census and the tax records from Medina County over the 1800-1900s.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Regards, Roy W Stiegler Jr


Name: john to Jo Mynott <> <n/a>
Date: 2003-03-18
I don't have any Joseph Peck like you mentioned. He appear to be a different line than the Pecks here.


Name: mugu <>
Date: 2003-03-16
i don land ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Name: Jo Mynott <>
Date: 2003-03-16
I am searching for a Joseph Peck born c 1769/70. I was told the family had come from suffolk where their roots were. The first I know of Joseph is his marriage to Susan Rosier in Troston ( near Bury St. Edmunds). He died in may 1807 age 37 years. Who were his parents and from where did he originate? His children were called Lydia, Mary, Josph ( my great grandfather) and Hannah.

Name: John to Viv <n/a>
Date: 2003-02-23
I replied to you with 3 long emails on William Mannix info and research notes today Sunday 23 Feb 2003

Name: viv callaghan <>
Date: 2003-02-22
Would like to make e-mail contact in regard to William MANNIX b.1824 Mitchelstown County Cork Ireland. Believe he may be the son of James Mannix and Margaret Mannix nee Drake who emigrated to NSW Australia in 1855 with three children (Thomas, Ellen & John). William is stated 36yrs on father James's death cert. dated 1858. No William Mannix in Aust. at that time.


Name: Linda McGraw <no>
Date: 2003-01-30
Wow. Impressive site!!

Name: John -> Diane Peters <n/a>
Date: 2003-01-20
Thanks. Hope you voted.

Name: Diane Peters <>
Date: 2003-01-18
Very interesting website!

Name: John to Esther Comeaux Howard <n/a>
Date: 2002-12-21
21 Dec 2002
Glad you found some ancestors.


Name: Esther Comeaux Howard <>
Date: 2002-12-20
I see some of your Acadians that are in my line.


Name: John to Bertha <n/a>
Date: 2002-06-15
Sat 15 Jun 2002
Hi Bertha:

No, I don't have a death certificate on NNG Allen. I'd appreciate a Xerox copy if you wish to share it. My mail address is the same as before. I hope you and your family are doing well.

I managed to get a First Family of Texas and a Sons or Republic of Texas Certificate on him though. I also got a First Family of Tennessee on Rhoda Allen.


Name: Bertha <>
Date: 2002-06-14
John, Did anyone send you the death date for NNG Allen that Lesa's mom found? The email I sent you bounced back, but if you need his death date, just email me at and I'll send it to you (or snail-mail it to you.) This was a most unexpected 'treasure.' Hope your health is improving! Bertha

Name: John to Douglas <n/a>
Date: 2002-04-22
Monday April 22, 2002
I read your guestbook note and thank you for your invite.

I've worked privately with the two you mentioned and was blessed by both, especially so by Jerry who obtained almost all the documents to prove about 200-500 Castille genealogy references but he also helped do the same with other of my Acadian ancestors.

As an insight to your MyFamily question:
Years ago when MyFamily was just starting I opened a website there for my own family. I decided at the onset that there are some people who create such a dissension or so far out of the family customs that it would be better if they weren't with the more homogeneous family group.

1, I found out quickly that I couldn't invite my own family members direct but had to have MyFamily do the inviting. I was frankly puzzled and a bit disturbed by them nosing in a personal family matter.

2. But I had some extra email sites of my own, so I created fictitious family names and email addresses for MyFamily to invite. Later I planned to give these log on account names to my family members myself.

3. I created about a dozen phone family members then logged on myself through accounts to get the MyFamily memberships. I'd do my own inviting.

4. I got busy on other matters for awhile but then found that MyFamily was sending notices to all those phony family people that they hadn't logged on lately (if memory serves me MyFamily knew how long since their last log on). I was a bit disturbed that on this supposedly secure site, MyFamily was watching all the members as to how long they'd not logged on. I felt if this was my family, then if anyone should jar them around about not participating, it should be me, not MyFamily. Also I knew who was sick or out of town, etc. and was more knowledgeable about each person's situation than MyFamily.

5. Then I found MyFamily was sending birthday greetings to all those phony
people on their fictitious birthdays. This jarred me. Who are these audacious MyFamily people sending birthday greetings to MY family members! That birthday information was supposed to be secret information on a secure site.

6. I then invited some real people using the earlier fictitious name log on. They could change the fictitious names to their real "handle" once inside. I also warned them not to put any personal information there such as hobbies, home addresses, phone numbers, or birthdays, etc. Some did it anyway though.

7. I found that some family members had been already Emailing others on a routine basis,
and these folk showed no interest in joining MyFamily just to Email other members there who they had already been emailing. Other family members who weren't emailing others, I found, weren't too interested in joining MyFamily to Email other folk, since they had already decided not to email them outside of MyFamily. Soon the membership dipped to just one enthusiastic person, who quit coming after a month of little activity there.

8. Finally I realized that nobody was really interested, and I then tried to shut the MyFamily account down. I had already placed about 4 dozen photos there and to shut the site down I had to manually delete each individual photo and each individual mail or notice. I spent half a day or a full day doing the MyFamily complicated delete procedures - kicking myself for placing so much material there.

9. A few years later, a person invited me to a MyFamily site on a different surname. To my horror, the person used my real name instead of my handle. When I logged in I found I couldn't change the name to a different handle.

10. Next I found I had to turn on "cookies" just to log on and had to keep them on while I was there. At almost every mouse click a pile of cookie notices flew up in my face. I was being "cookied" to death by MyFamily.

11. Then I saw the words "Doubleclick" fly across my browser screen. Everybody knows that Doubleclick has been caught trying to grab users info and tying that to credit card and other commercial mailing list databanks to create a dossier on up to 80 million American unsuspecting web users.

12. This was supposed to be a secure site for intimate and open family chats, not a Doubleclick fishing ground to create dossiers on people. I then jumped to MyFamily's "Privacy Statement" and found that two dozen or so Companies now owned MyFamily and MyFamily now owned I then found that Ancestor.Com was subsidizing the Rootsweb group which in turn rules over every County Genealogy site throughout the U.S. I also found that Rootsweb and were now requiring Doubleclick cookies at their sites.

13. Soon after I logged on to MyFamily, I started getting U.S. mail brochures and unrequested catalogs from a slew of Computer or Internet-oriented companies, which I believe had to come through the Doubclick getting my information then combining it with any other sites I visited - they could now track me all over the Internet - then combing my dossier info with the 80million + set, and probable credit card info and Postal codes and telephone number data banks, plus they could connect my real Email address with all of these. I was electronically stripped naked to the world.

14. I had no idea that I came so close to doing secret harm to my own family by starting a MyFamily site for them.

15. Later I looked at another alternative for secure family communications but found they too had been bought out and now required Doubleclick cookies.
16. The "Trust" emblem on sites means nothing. There is no penalty for violating a user's trusts and several Companies, (Quiken I recall) have been selling oitright personal information. In addition, most companies share information with their "affiliates." It turns out that an affiliate can be anybody they choose to sell your personal information to.

16. Overall, I think a probable better device is to use regular email w/ copies sort of like a mailing list.

No I do not want to join your or anyone else's MyFamily private group. In addition I'm not actively doing genealogy anymore due to more pressing situations. I don't give out my (library computer) email address in public anymore either. Most of the Castille infomation I have, Jerry also has at his disposal.

PS. If you left your browser cookies on, the Doubleclick Company and all its affiliates know you were here and exactly how much time you spent on this page. It will be in your dossier.


Name: Douglas Castille <>
Date: 2002-04-18
I believe you were in contact with both Jerry and Maurice Castille in the past. We have a Castille private site on and would love your insight and membership. Please e-mail at with your e-mail address and I can send you an invitation. We have about 30 or so members and adding more daily.

Douglas Castille


Name: John to Renee <n/a>
Date: 2002-03-24
Sunday 24 Mar 2002
Renee, I left a note at your website. - John.


Name: John to Larry Morton <n/a>
Date: 2002-03-24
Sunday Mar 24, 2002
Hi Larry:

I had info on the original Captain WIlliam Powell who arrived in Jamestown in 1607,09,10 and was killed in the Indian uprising around 1622 or so. I also has snippets of info on his children. For descendants further generations down the line I have nothing.

There are at least two dozen or more William Powells in Virginia in the early days, so you would really have to have a clear idea of the birth and death and parents, siblings etc. to wade through the maze of Williams. A lot of folk find a William Powell in their lineage and assume it is THE Captain WIlliam Powell but usually they are many generations away. I'm not active in genealogy these days. - John.


Name: Larry Morton <>
Date: 2002-03-16
Looking for William Powell line in Jamestown, Va.

Name: Renee Smelley <>
Date: 2002-03-10
John, I was wondering if you were back online again? I was looking for my Eichhorn family and found where I had signed your guestbook before. My web pages have since moved from homestead to rootsweb. You are welcome to drop by and email me.


Name: John to Dave Krueger <n/a>
Date: 2001-11-28
I don't have details on Sarah & Tuler - that's not my direct line - but I do show she married a Tuley as below. This is all I can offer. - John.

3. Edmund NEW (Richard (1) ) was born 1 about 1655 in near Richmond, Henrico Co, VA. He died 2 about 1727 in near
Richmond, Henrico Co, VA.


Edmund married 1 Mary (Edmund wife) UNKNOWN about 1684 in VA. Mary was born 2 about 1666 in VA {est age 18
at marriage}. She died 3 about 1750 in VA.


They had the following children:

Elizabeth NEW

Elizabeth married UNKNOWN PATTERSON.

Rebecker NEW was born 1 about 1684.[Notes]

Rebecker married 1 Thomas (1) CHRISTIAN about 1704. Thomas was born 2 about 1681.
Edward (1) NEW

Ann (2) NEW

William NEW

Mary (1) NEW

Mary married UNKNOWN PRIER.

Priscilla NEW

Henry (1) NEW

Edmund NEW II

Sarah (1) NEW

Sarah married John TULLY.


Name: Dave Krueger <>
Date: 2001-11-27
I am a desdecdent of Richard New, through his son Edmund and his daughter, Sarah who married James Tuley(later turned into Tooley in some parts of the family tree)

I don't seem to see where you go to look at your research on Richard New. I guess I am missing something?

The work and dedication you have put into this site is quite impressing and you are to be commended.


Name: John to deric douthitt <n/a>
Date: 2001-11-13
To deric douthitt <>
Date 11/13/01

Hi Deric:
I only have the first two generations from Capt. WIlliam Powell around the 1607-1622 period. I don't have your Powell in my database. Sorry.


Name: deric douthitt <>
Date: 2001-11-12
i'm looking for malissa (michael)powell married william c.powell in ross co ohio
thanks deric


Name: John to Cheryl Musick <n/a>
Date: 2001-11-01
for Cheryl Musick <>
Date 1 Nov 2001

We think William Peck arrived in Boston c1765?, We also think his 4 sons were in Virgina in Prince Edward County around 1780-1790. One son, Charles left in this period for today's Louisiana. I can't find more info on the 3 brothers or William. The son Charles was interested in race horses according to folklore passed down.


Name: Cheryl Musick <>
Date: 2001-10-31
Hi, and thanks for the interesting information. I am especially interested in the William Peck from Ireland that you mention. Do you have information on his other three sons? Did they ever live in Maryland?

Thanks a lot,



Name: john to Jeanette <n/a>
Date: 2001-10-25
0. To Jeanette Campbell on Oct 24, 2001
Thank you for your website interest on our Guestbook, Jeanette.

1. Did you miss the lineages?
The lineages are intentionally no longer available to the general public or to commercial Internet search engines due to family privacy reasons, also I am no longer doing genealogy research on our family since I've nailed down enough so far, and the cost and my health.

2. Is it possible to find genealogy lineage back to Adam?
Yes, I traced back through one of my ancestors, Sir Warren Thomas of VA -> Ada of Huntington, to a line of kings of Scotland, then further to the kings of Ireland (in BC years), then through legends of Ireland back to Spain and to Portugal, then further to Athens Grece in c1200 BC then to Egypt c1250, then to Calcol in the OT Bible at 1 Chronicals 2:6 to Abraham, then in the OT Bible back to Noah and to Adam. I recently found a copy of the Book of Jubilees on the Internet and in it I found all the wive's names of the OT biblical figures, so I now have a credible complete direct lineage from myself all the way back to Adam.

3. c1250.
If you can find any lineage before 0 AD, only the important people's lines (from legends) were (later) recorded and then only if they were royalty (eg. Kings) or Saints. I used extensively a list of royalty lines at I also found info w/ a search on "Wales|Gwynedd|Deheubarth|Powys|Arwystli" at, I think, this same Internet website. You didn't specify who you had traced back to c1250 BC (roughly the time of Ramases II and/or Moses), but my guess is this had to be royalty. From there I'd guess you would need an Egyptian connection and get deep into the Pharoah's lines or a Jewish connection and link to the OT Patriachs. Royalty typically married into other royalty throughout history and the gene pool of kings at any one time was probably around 4 dozen, so all royal family members were genetically connected sooner or later.

4. Powis
I did not trace to Adam from my Captain William Powell line.(His 1619 plantation is now a VA state park. See The Powell name was originally derived from the Howell ancestor, Hywel Dda (Hywel the Good. The Welch term "ap" means "Son of", so "ap Howell" means son of Howell, which if said quickly sounds like "Powell", which is what the Howell name changed to over time. See the hardcover book, "Early Families of Virginia," sub-article by Helen Reed Powell also Howell History: One Direct Line ~ By Opal D. Howell & Daisy S. Howell, Page 26-38 .The surname Howell is derived from the Welch King Hywel Dda (Hywel the Good), the grandson of King Rhodri Mawr the Great, who was the first real king of Wales. The Howells (Powells) held kingships in Wales from 878-980. See http://www. & the Encyclopedia Britanica Internet Website & Welsh Royal Families in an encylopedia. This Captain William Powell, King Howell descendant relation is accepted in surname heraldry research, but I do not have the list of names or generations between Captain William Powell and King Hywel. I know of no relation between the name Powell and your "Powis." From some flakey rumors and isolated info pieces, the Powell family was usually historically close to the English throne in positions, and were an important migrating family in the English Colonization of America, such as the Powells in the Lost Roanok colony, and Barbadoes Gov't and are associated with Bermuda w/ the Sea Venture ship sinking. The Powells in Wales are associated (in legends) with owning the "Holy Grail" (nanteo cup -> and are somehow connected with King Arthur and the Round Table at Glastonbury (see and the existing Howell castle of Madoc in Wales (try a search on Wales: history and culture.) I think a photo is at the Castles of Wales website ( & Select).
Yours, John..


Name: Jeanette Campbell <>
Date: 2001-10-23
I kept reading and I am amazed at what you have put together. I agree with you 100%.
I do not see actual lineage. Did I miss a way to access it? I have tried to go back as far as I can and the Powis line can go back to 1230 BC. I was trying to get to Adam! Is that possible? Thanks Jeanette


Name: Jeanette Campbell <>
Date: 2001-10-23
Great Overview. I am related to many old English/Welsh/Irish/German families. Powell,Prater, Mars,..

Name: John - Bertha <n/a>
Date: 2001-09-25
Hi Bertha. Nice to hear from you.
Thanks for all your help and comments.


Name: Bertha <>
Date: 2001-09-24
John, Thanks for updating the website--it is very interesting. I really appreciate your taking the time to document the data! Bertha

Name: john - Eric <n/a>
Date: 2001-06-26
Dear Eric
My computer is down.
Sorry. I don't have any info on the Peck you are looking for.

I do recall seeing a Jacob Peck in the 1700's or 1800's at at, I think, Virginia. But my memory may be incorrect. Matter of fact I've run across the name Jacob Peck a lot in genealogy searches but not sure where now.
yours, John


Name: john - Eric <n/a>
Date: 2001-06-26
Dear Eric
My computer is down.
Sorry. I don't have any info on the Peck you are looking for.

I do recall seeing a Jacob Peck in the 1700's or 1800's at at, I think, Virginia. But my memory may be incorrect. Matter of fact I've run across the name Jacob Peck a lot in genealogy searches but not sure where now.
yours, John


Name: Eric Dill <>
Date: 2001-06-20
My grandmother and I are doing research on the Peck family lines. Her name is Louise Peck from the line of Jacob and Lydia Borden Peck. Could you give us any more info on these Pecks?

Name: Margaret Powell <>
Date: 2001-05-19
Your site is such a wonderful place! I heard about it from a genealogy newsgroup. Your website was getting rave reviews there. This was one of the best family sites I've seen on the internet. What a terrible shame you shut it down. I hope you will start it up again sometimes in the future. You really helped me understand my own family and fill in so many blanks!! Thank you for sharing your valuable work!!
Yours, Marg.


Name: Steve Peck (Harry John's grandson) <>
Date: 2001-05-11
Fascinating! I'm quickly downloading/printing all of this information before the Web site is closed. Thank you for doing such a great job.

I'm been traveling to San Antonio on business for the past several months, and have made a point to go down to Corpus to see Wilfred Peck (my great uncle)whevever possible.
We've had a grand time together--he's full of great
stories, including his trip to the 1933 World's Fair ("What did you see?" I asked. "I don't remember, but they were wonderful things!" he replied) and the first time he heard a radio broadcast (Rudy Vallee was singing "The Maine Song"- a woman passerby like it so much she bought the radio from him, and his career as an applicance salesman was born).
He's a family treasure.


Name: john for Noel <n/a>
Date: 2001-05-06
To: Noel Adair <>
My computer is crashing bad so I may have to respond to queries here and not often.

I'm a descendant of John H. Mitchell through his son John Mannix Mitchell (bro to Minnie). Almost all the info I have on John H. is on this site. Go to the Mitchell section, then surnames and click the first MITCHELL, you'll find under IMAGE his picture and under NOTES the info I have on him. Minnie is also here and her pictures under IMAGE. Also your mother. I'm in desperate need of John H.'s father and/or mother's names and where they lived, so if you have info would appreciate a note here. - John.


Name: Noel Adair <>
Date: 2001-05-05
John Hosea Mitchell was my Ggrandfather on my mother side her name was Sadie Leah Jackson daughter of John W Jackson and Minnie Louise Mitchell. need any information on John Hosea Mitchell
Thanks Noel


Name: John for Renee <1846 Leo schooner>
Date: 2001-04-07
For Renee Smelley
I inherited a boxfull of old family tintypes from my great-grandmother, all unlabeled. They had been handled a lot before I got them, and since no one knew who all the people were, they were sort of dismissed as worthless and tossed about not taken care of. It has taken years of research to identify when, who and where on the old old photos of 150 years ago.

When I read the two German emigrant stories on Indianola and re-looked at the 1848 group photo a clear sense emerged on what Indianola was really like in its early days. I hope any German emigrant to Texas to this website can better appreciate their ancestors trials and sacrifices in their journey to a new and hostile land.


Name: Renee Smelley <>
Date: 2001-04-07
I have really enjoyed reading all of the information that you have on the Henry/Folk Family page. On the 1850 Medina County census there is a David Yarbrough and Alfred Yarbrough, brothers, stationed in the county in the Texas Ranger Forces. Alfred some years later lived in Medina County. My major research is on the Yarbrough Family, but my main connections to Medina County is Peter Eichhorn and his descendants that sailed the Schooner Leo in 1846 with your Henrich family. Peter Eichhorn and his four children plus a child from a marriage after arrival is living in Medina County in the town of Castroville in 1850. By the way, the Eichhorn and Yarbrough family were never related, but coincedence places them in Medina County at the same time in 1850. Anyone interested in the Eichhorn family can visit my genealogy web pages at

Name: Debbie Jackson Stacey <>
Date: 2001-03-24
John: Thanks for the information! I will let you know what I find out!!

Name: John for Debbie Jackson Stacey <n/a>
Date: 2001-03-24
There were 3 different Jackson families in Caldwell Co. that intermingled together.
I have some John Wesley Jackson info & photo here at

One of his daughters was Orpha Lillian JACKSON Gips and is shown here at

Erma Hilpold a year ago was in bad physical health and only moved around with a walker in her Austin apartment. She stopped genealogy work due to health and turned her material over to a Niece w/ 3 children. The Niece is inactive in genealogy. Erma had a phone number in the Austin phone book and lived in an apartment complex (if she is still with us.)
Her sister Orpha Gips, widow, did some work in their family genealogy but I think has stopped. She also has a phone number in the Austin book I think.
There used to be a Mitchell/New/Jackson/Sullivan (?) annual reunion in Caldwell County but don't know if it continues
The Gabriel Jackson line is off my direct line so I didn't trace it down and can't help. If interested, you might call Orpha Gips in Austin to better procede further.
Good luck.


Name: Debbie Jackson Stacey <>
Date: 2001-03-23
Hi! I've just spotted the name Mrs. Erma Hiltpold on your guestbook. I have a letter written from her several years ago regarding the Jackson's. I have been searching for her for over three years. I pray she is well....

Name: Debbie Jackson Stacey <>
Date: 2001-03-23
This is a great site! I am seeking news on Gabriel Johnson Jackson, grandfather of John Wesley Jackson (b. February 15, 1873) husband of Minnie Mitchell. Can anyone help??

Name: john <n/a>
Date: 2001-03-21
Question entered in the guestbook, if answered, will be placed in this questbook. So please return for an answer.

Name: John -> Chris Christain 1/2 <n/a>
Date: 2001-03-16
After I lft the note below, it occured you might not have checked all the website notes on Edward & Edmund New here. The biography notes here came mostly from the 1981 Allgood Book or the 1994 James R. New Book or from Mr. Wells in Midland, Texas. For the Texas News, much came from our own family through Mrs. Erma Hiltpold, a founder of the Caldwell County, TX Gen. Society, and Miss Exie Mitchell. I tried to share all our info in the "Note"'s here. Just click on them. - John.

Name: john ->for Chris Christian <n/a>
Date: 2001-03-16
My prime interest was our line to Edward, not the whole New line. But I have a research note on Rebecka. Apparently there is a family book on her Christain husband. This note should have gotten uploaded to our website but somehow didn't. Beyond this I can't help. Below is the note.


*RESEARCHNOTES - From resh0133.txt by John Peck
Re: Rebecca New

From Nelda C Stevenson - 7 JUL l 2000
Re: Rebecca New

Hi John, thanks for getting back to me so soon. The info that I have came
from Eunie V. Stacy. She wrote the book on Christian of Charles City on
her line, but as she gathered info for herself and found info on other
Christian's she put that together. and she passed 7 generations of
Christians on to me.

Her documention on Rebecca New came from
1. Henrico co. Va deeds & Wills, Pt. 1 1723-37, p. 50. (Will of Ed. New)
2. Will Bk. 3p.32, Goochland Co. Va. 7. Index to Abstracts of Land Patents. VA. St.

I have found so many different articles on who was Thomas
Christian Jr.'s spouse, some say Rebecca Sith. But I think I will trust
what I have rather than FTM.



Name: P. L. "Chris" Christian Jr. <>
Date: 2001-03-14
I am looking for information on Rebecca New, Her parents Edmund/Edward & ??. Rebecca married my 5th grt-grandfather
Thomas Christan. I have copies of Edmund's two wills, he must have been losing it at the end. Which causes his decendants problems down the line.


Name: John -> for Millard New <n/a>
Date: 2001-03-12
Date: 11 Mar 2001 For Millard New <>
In response to 2001-03-10 New Family Comments
1. Our website hasn't been updated yet to changes and new data. In the next update the John New you mentioned will be dropped from the website tree. Further details are in the webpage below.
2. Three years ago I concluded the 1981 Allgood book's William New b1757 was by deduction the same person as the DAR's William New b1759. There's been a note to that effect for sometime here in his biography [Notes]. The reasoning for a date change back then are itemized in the webpage below.
3. To save space, I attempted to summarize your sequence of arguments, and offered comments on them. Since it isn't the mode here to make changes to our referenced material on someone's else's verbal assertions or innuendoes without proof documents in hand, it's not possible to deal fully with your issues. Overall, the issues you seem to be implicitly driving at are more within the domain of the Allgood New Family reference Book group to deal with, rather than I. My focus is only on our direct New line, not the larger New family tree that Allgood deals with. My lineage certificate was based on the lineage of the b1757 William New with an adjusted 1759 birth, as noted in his bio here, not his birth date or wife, so none of your topics, that I can see, impacts our already proven family descendancy from 1637 emigrant Richard New, even if I were convinced the arguments could be proven true. Your post seems to lead to now 3 different William New people around the same period. My offhand comments are in the webpage below
4. People have offered corrections to both the 1981 Allgood book author and the 1994+ J. R. New reference book authors, and found them reasonable folk to deal with if convincing proofs can be furnished with the suggested changes. However, there also seem to be a camp of a New Family branch who may believe they've been disenfranchised from the New Family Tree by the Allgood reference book, and seem to respond by publicly portraying the book as being wrong and their corresponding victimized position right. Their actions even can extend to challenging or harassing anyone using the Allgood or J. R. New book data. This site isn't meant to be a political pulpit, nor a place to bring quarrels. I'm not part of any contentious New family camps, nor wish to, nor desire rancor to come to this website. I've already booted harassing personal emails from members of a disgruntled camp, and won't hesitate to delete guest book entries of a like gender here. Additional details are in the webpage below,
5. A note was added to the New entry page. My New family genealogy was finished and packed away in boxes 3 years ago. I don't have a lot of priority time for posts or genealogy, but I wish all my Cousins success in their genealogy efforts.. This guest book post ends my participation in this matter. Fin.


Name: john ->Millard New <n/a>
Date: 2001-03-11
Date: Sunday 11 Mar 2001 7:15 PM
For Millard New <>
In response to the 2001-03-10 New Family Comments on our Website Guestbook:

I think my response is too large for this small guestbook window. I'll try to upload it to a downloadable text file on this website, but on Monday 12 Mar 2001, not today.


Name: Millard New <>
Date: 2001-03-10
Your data shows William New born 1759 near Richmond, VA. and marrying Mary White about 1784. Original copies of this marriage shows the marriage date to be Feb 26, 1785 in Henrico Co, VA. This William was the son of William New and Edith Harwood (the same as in your tree). After William the father died in 1885 (death date ref: Virginia Gazette)Edith and his son William, b 1759, moved to Greensville Co, VA. There in 1794 Edith died. William, 1759, was the executor of her estate (ref: inventory and sales of Edith's estate signed by William New). William then moved to Halifax Co, VA where he lived until his death in 1847 (date and place as per his Revolutionary War Pension file). He reared 12 and maybe 13 children there. All the children can be found in land, marriage, War of 1812, census , and DAR files for Halifax Co, VA. His children were: Catherine, William W., Sarah Jane, John Robert, Tabitha, Benjamin, Martha, Frances, Mary, Lucinda, James, Rebecca, and a strong possibility of a Robert (this listing of children also listed in "The Family of New" of which you have numerous references). Your list of children for this William is incorrect. If your list is correct, you should have documentation for them existing in Halifax Co where they would have grown up, not in New Hanover Co, NC. I would be interested in knowing your references for your listed children of this 1759 William for Halifax Co.

Name: Millard New <>
Date: 2001-03-10
Your tree shows that a John New married a Fanny Blakey. This same John, according to your records died about 1782. My records show that the marriage of John New and Fanney Blakey took place on Feb 5, 1790. Clearly, one of the dates is incorrect. I suggest that the John New who married Fanny Blakey was John New the son of William New and Edith. This same John New was the brother to my William New born 1759.

Name: john <n/a>
Date: 2001-02-15
For Scott Thibodeaux

I can't tell you more of the St. Martinville Thibodeaux clan than what's here now under the Thibodeaux section. The Thibodeaux descendant line here ended up around Breaux Bridge.


Name: Scott L. Thibodeaux <>
Date: 2001-02-15
Would like to know about the Thibodeaux's from St.Martinville, LA. "Chook" clan.

Name: john <n/a>
Date: 2001-01-31
For Jeanine: 31 Jan 2001

Thanks for the nice words. Our family has been doing family tree research for about 40 years now (since the 1950's), and the work here is the (proven) results of many people, some passed away now.

I assume you found Avery Castille here. If not he's at

I dimly recall someone else was looking for Eugenie Thibodeaux from an ancient query, but I don't have her here.
I'm reasonably sure, Cousin, you and I are double times double related because of the Castilles marrying Castilles and the Thibodeauxs marry Thibodeauxs.

There's other Castille guestbook posts here.

If you have proof certificates of your Castille lineage and will share them (up to the proven branch here), I could add your branch here. Its a low cost way (versus hardcopies) to distribute the info to your relatives if they have access to Internet. I've been told for the surnames that have photos here, that whole families have gathered around the computer, some in tears, on seeing pictures of their distant relatives or their ancestors. ... How the family resemblances have been passed down... like looking in a mirror and seeing yourself..., etc.
Good luck. John.
Good luck


Name: Jeanine Renfro Carlson <>
Date: 2001-01-30
I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wonderful web site with the world. This is amazing work!

In my recent email to your now inactive address I
shared that I descended from Willis Castille & Eugenie
Thibodeaux. Willis was the older son of Avery Bernard Castille & Cecile DeGeytere. Willis had a brother named Avon and another brother named Laurent (sp) He also had a sister named Maria Castille OLIVIER who died in April 1995.
Sadly I did not know her or any of them very well. I did not have the pleasure of growing up around any extended family.

I posted on Cajun Clickers long ago and happened to see your web site through a link that was shared. It was so
unbelieveable I am sure it overwhelmed me since I was just a beginning genealogist at the time. Strange situation now that I visit it and it is a treasure to find my g-grandparent's names listed there...

Thanks again and maybe someday we will find the Castille
Thibodeaux lines that may link us.

Jeanine Renfro Carlson


Name: john <n/a>
Date: 2001-01-26
For Dejan Peck

The Peck origin is shown in the Peck section here. William Peck emigrated from Ireland in the 1700's. The Peck family may have been in England further back as suggested by the Peck surname scroll here.


Name: Dejan Peck <>
Date: 2001-01-24
Please send me information about origin of the Peck's.
Im from Yugoslavia and i don't know from where my family is .
Thank you


Name: Jerry Castille <Dolls@acadian.Net>
Date: 2001-01-13
please Send Mail Address So I Can Pictures Of Benjamin
Thibodeaux & The Graves Sights Of Joseph Castille and Son
My Address Jerry F. Castille 1134 Hebert Lane hwy
St Martinville, La. 70582 Ph 337-845-4294 fax 337-845- 5059
If You Need More Letters from Spain on Castell Family I
HaveFrom Joseph, Miguel,Juan, Juan,Leonardo,Antonio.

Have a Nice Day


Name: john <n/a>
Date: 2001-01-05
Hi Elisa:
There are about 10,000+ Pecks in the U.S., so you need a lot of detailed info to find your family.

The Pecks I have were from Ireland, father William Peck and 4 sons in circa 1765. Believd arrived at Boston circa 1765, then traveled to Virginia, then the family split and son Charles Peck migrated to Spanish territory in (now) Louisiana and married into an Acadian family there. I don't see any tie-in with your Lithiania roots. Sorry, but good luck in your search - John.


Name: Elisa Borgatti <>
Date: 2001-01-04
Hello! I believe that I was born to a Peck on 4/11/72 in Columbia, SC. I have been told that she was originally from New York, of Lithuanian heritage, blonde, blue eyes, high school grad. I have been searching for ten years, to no avail. I would truly appreciate any responses I receive regarding the above information. Thanks and Happy New Year!

Name: john <n/a>
Date: 2000-12-27
Hi Jerry:
I contacted you by E-mail. Yes to your offers.

I have a bio of Dr. Benjamin Hur Thibodeaux at this website but may have lost the link on the Thibodeaux page. He is said to have almost single-handdly managed the WW II Marshall plan and was Minister to Japan and other countries. It is here at:



Name: Jerry Castille <>
Date: 2000-12-19
I have a picture of Benjamin Thibodeaux if
you would like to have one E mail me. I will
Send it to you I Am fixing to Photo the
graves where Joseph is buried and his son
Joseph Ignace
Jerry Castille


Name: John <n/a>
Date: 2000-12-16
To Jerry:
Thanks for complements and your help on documents.
I have the info you mentioned.
I'm still in need of Zenon Castille's documents on either birth, baptism, marriage, burial or probate.
Thanks. John


Name: Jerry Castille <>
Date: 2000-12-14
Nice web sight was given by Maurice Castille
I gave Him more Castell elders idont Know if he
Gave them to you Ozite Landry was married to Joseph Broussard they had 2 chldren paul,&Marguerite
Broussard .Then she married Joseph Castell
You Have done a wonderful web sight
Jerry Castille


Name: John <n/a>
Date: 2000-11-09
To Angel:
No, there's no way to search for a name on this site.

The total master gedcom is not on the site, what's here are slices from specific surname ancestors downward. This approach doesn't catch all the other ancestors that feed into the lineage steam (like spouses ancestors), so not all the names in the master gedcom (not displayed) don't get pulled in.

If you know the surname you can click on the front menu surname items. Generally all the direct lines downward are proven. The indirect family members generally are not proven unless otherwise indicated in the superscript references. You can also click on the front page pedigree chart to see if a surname shows up there and in what line.

The LDS website page producer can't handle BC (before Christ), so handmade pages are done for them.

The intention here is to here only show provable lines that could stand up in a Society Membership application, not to grab every person in a surname based on folklore or opinion dats and locations. The emphasis is on quality not quantity. We don't prove every branch because it can cost $30 to $100 per married couple, so we only prove lines that lead to an ancestor who could qualify for a lineage society certificate. If we included family lines which aren't validly proven (as most family websites do), it tends to pollute the proven family tree.


Name: Angel Murphy <>
Date: 2000-11-08
This is a very impressive site. Is there anyway to seach for names on this site. Thank you. Angel

Name: Charlotte Plakiotis <>
Date: 2000-10-27
I came across your site in researching my Powell family line.

Name: John <n/a>
Date: 2000-10-27
To Maurice Castille:
The Castille line is under the Gov. Thibodeaux meny item.


Name: John <n/a>
Date: 2000-10-26
Thursday 26 Oct
To W.M.P.
Yes the white haired man is Will McShane. Somehow his name got inadvertantly left off the caption. I'm glad to hear
WJP finally looked over the website - saves me cost of proof hardcopies. I've been rushing everything while several of the elderly people are still with us.

I was invited to a private Mirando City website and finally found a picture of the 2-story outhouse there and also I'll be adding a couple of old photos to the WJP photo bio shortly as well as correcting a multitude of spelling and syntax errors there.


Name: W.M.Peck <>
Date: 2000-10-23
JPP: I just took WJP through several hours of reading this webpage. He had a great time and was impressed, as we all are, at the vast amount of work involved in this. FYI, in the wj peck bio, the unidentified man with the white hair in the pic of the Chapperall St. Store is (uncle)Will McShane, with whom WJP lived on the Rio Grande, in his teenage years. Will was working for WJP at the time.

Name: john <n/a>
Date: 2000-10-07
Sat 7 Oct 2000 11:30 PM
Comment for Winston:

It may not be bad manners to ask for documentation but when I do, sometimes there's a long pause as if I'm questioning what they just told me on the phone. They probably are silently thinking, "Why everybody in town know's I'm Matha's oldest daughter. I was home coming queen. Don't you believe me?"

Also a person can be sitting on a whole trunk full of birth, marriage and death certificates of all family members but have no idea that it relates to family genealogy or that it could be important to other family members. To them a family tree is Uncle Teddy, and Aunt Prissy, and Randy and Meme and Cousin Bee, etc. Just a list of names that came to a Thanksgiving dinner. They never thought about "proving" relationships for a Lineage Certificate.

Our family was starting genealogy back in 1965, 35 years ago, but I had to redo most of it because it was just opinions, which were often very wrong.

I have scratch sheets at my computer as I surf around on stuff to remember on a next URL search in 5 minutes. I've learned to date these and save them, because three weeks later I'll usually want to recall something that I scribbled earlier. Mostly it involves birth years and adding and subtracting ages to know what birth year to look for next. Usually I can't read my own hen-scratching though.

Thanks for the good words. Out of 3000+ visitor folks here I've never really received any bad comments.


Name: Winston Boudreaux <>
Date: 2000-10-07
I enjoyed browsing through your web pages. I particulary liked the notes about folklore vs. documentation. I began researching in 1977. I was not always faithful in keeping good notes and documenting my work. I find myself having to back tract over my files (not an easy task). I have begun telling my genealogy friends that it is not considered bad manners to request documentation for information shared,and likewise when I share a piece of data I am making every effort to "cite my sources." Keep up the good work. Winston Boudreaux, Pointe de l'Eglise Historical & Genealogical Society.

Name: Michael Peck <>
Date: 2000-10-05
Pat:An amazing amount of work, to be sure. To think that I am related to pagan emperors of Eygypt, simply unbelievable! I guess the only way you could go further back would be to consult the ancient cuniform texts in the clay tablets of Akkadia/Sumeria, eh? mike

Name: Katherine Southard Reece <>
Date: 2000-10-01
I searched for, but could not find an email link to contact y'all. I am descended from Barnetts and was hoping that our lines might tie in together.

Information on my last known Barnett ancestor can be found at this url:

I hope we do tie in .... this is an incredible family lineage!

Katherine Southard Reece


Name: John <n/a>
Date: 2000-10-01
FYI, these comments are not farwarded to any email address but just sit here. I and others can and do read them periodically by the "View Guestbook" button. You have to click the "Sign the Guestbook" button to save yur comment.

Name: A.S. DuPree <>
Date: 2000-09-29
Thanks so much! I connect to the Powells by way Ann Powell--Parker--Easley--Dupree. You have given me two generations more that I knew nothing about!

Please feel free to peruse that connection on my website at



Name: John or Mary P. Jones <n/a>
Date: 2000-09-29
This guestbook is also a way to contact me or the webmaster to reply to you if I change email addresses - which I'm about to do, or use a computer at a public library.
- John.