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Name: angie <>
Date: 2016-04-14
How I found this page websearch
I would love to provide more information regarding the current generations, as I know we have lots more babies than are listed. please contact me at the email address listed if you would like that info.
Thank you !


Name: C.A. Smith, M.D. <>
Date: 2015-05-17
My grandmother Catharine Mariah (630), Smith nee Halstead, the daughter of Alpheus Halstead and Mary Frances Halstead, nee Mundun. I was researching the family on both sides and came across the "The Virginia Halsteads, a great piece of research. I would like to have the Halstead number assi1gned
to me and my children, eg., Claude A. jr.; Mark Dashiell and Catharine Mariah Holly; and grandchildren Mariah Virginia Dudley and Jopseph Martin Smith and great grandchild Thomas Armistead Smith. Many thanks


Name: Anne Halstead Paugh <>
Date: 2014-08-27
How I found this page looked up John Halstead
Met John at my Uncle Les Halstead's funeral in 2006. He gave me a card and I am trying to look up the Ferebees who are related to the Halsteads in Virginia.

Name: Claude A.Smith,M.D. <>
Date: 2014-07-21
How I found this page Accident
My great Grandfather was Alpheus Halstead who married Mary Frances Munden. Their daughter, my grandmother, was Catharine Mariah Smith, nee Halstead. He nickname was Cattie not Cassie or Callie. I have a hand drawn surveyor's plat of Alpheus's farm near the NALF near Mt. Pleasant Road in Chesapeake. I will be glad to send to you a copy of the plat if you give me your mailing adress. Claude

Name: Debbi morris <>
Date: 2014-03-23
How I found this page Search
my children are buying the house on Pond lane next to the Halstead cemetery in Chesapeake. would like to know more about the property and the history of the area and the land.

photos would be appreciated.




Name: John Burnham Holstead <>
Date: 2013-10-03
How I found this page Google Search
Excellent Holstead Family resource.

Name: John D. Halstead <>
Date: 2012-07-30
How I found this page google seach
Hello from a Georgia Halstead but now i live in South Carolina. Just trying to look up the Halstead Family Tree.

Name: meredith halstead <>
Date: 2012-03-14
How I found this page chasing family burials
I live in pasquotank county n.c.(bareau area)also known as weeksville n.c./elizabeth city n.c.///Knotts island is about 30 miles from here Thats where Henry Halstead was the first to buy land at although he came over with the Bay Colony group in 1620.I have traced back to 1130 in a town named of all things Halstead England.Its still there as is fort Halsteads hill dismantled when they dicovered how powerful the atom bomb was

Name: Michael R. Sawyer <>
Date: 2010-12-04
How I found this page knew about it
Just wanted to check out your webpages and see if any new stuff or changes. Hope all is well, Cuz.

Merry Christmas


Name: Rebecca White Martinette <>
Date: 2009-10-20
How I found this page search for Sarah Jolliff Hodges
My ggrandmother was Sarah Jolliff Hodges.I have been researching many of the names in your list... Thank you so much for such great information.
Becky Martinette


Name: Pat Williams <>
Date: 2009-04-06

Name: Amie Halstead <>
Date: 2008-03-31
How I found this page google Web search
I have found you information interesting, we know that we have family from Virginia, as my great-grandfather George Washington Halstead(not the same as the others referenced) moved West with his brother at the end of the Civil War, he settled in NV, and we have always been told that his brother settled in MT. It was interesting also to know what part of England we were orginally from, as my great grandfather never talked much about his family or where they came from, and was very bitter about the loses that his family suffered in the Civil War.

Name: Jackie Darrell Halstead Sr. <>
Date: 2008-03-13
How I found this page looking up halstead name on Google

Hello from a Georgia Halstead.


Name: John Halstead <>
Date: 2007-11-03
How I found this page Google
Hello from the Halsteads in Texas

Name: Jean Vanater-Greco <>
Date: 2007-09-18
How I found this page researching the Halstead name
I am a descendant of Granville Halstead, who lived in Bland County, Virginia and married Ona Clark, of the same area, but I do not know when. They had at least one child, whose name was Harriett, (Hattie) about 1865. Bland only became a county in 1861, so chances are the records exist in one of the three neighboring counties that formed Bland. Hattie married Charles Jefferson Darlington, in Kimberly, West Virginia.

I reviewed your exhaustive work and want to say congratulations!!!! How impressive, but alas, I find no mention of Granville Halstead.


Date: 2007-04-01
I found a Family Tree on the World Family Tree which I think gives me the missing link to our Great Grandfather Josaih Benjamin Halstead who originated from the USA and settled in Sunday Island ex a whaling ship married Mary Foster had fourteen children one of which was my Grandfather George Washington Halstead who eventually settled in Fiji Islands and seven children one of which is my mother Isabelle Mary Halstead.

Name: Kendralynn Hodson <>
Date: 2006-08-23
How I found this page google search for Halstead
I was pretty excited when I found this site, although my name as you have it listed as well as my mothers isnt quite right but close. My mother Christina Collinge married Dennis Brothers Halstead and I Kendralynn Halstead (Kendy for short) was born in Ventura California in 1977. I have never met my father but have always wondered.... Well I atleast wanted to let you know about the name errors I believe you have my name as Kendie Lynn and my mothers as Christine Callings or something. Thanks

Name: Ted Halstead <>
Date: 2006-08-16
How I found this page email
I am in West Virginia doing Halstead and Taylor families. I have visited the graves and a farm of James Halstead in Monroe County in WV. Have you ever communicated with Rev. Dwight Halstead in NY or Gary Halstead?

Name: Anne Halstead Paugh <>
Date: 2006-07-08
I met you at my Uncle Les Halstead's funeral in May. Would love to add more family information under William Gilmer Halstead's family( my father).
Thanks for your hard work in compiling this document!
Very Interesting!!
Anne Halstead Paugh


Name: Barbara Bible <>
Date: 2006-06-06
How I found this page looking for my Halstead ancestors
Hello from Texas,

I found your site while researching my family tree. I have been very lucky in my searches and have many lines going back 7-11 generations. My paternal great grandmother was Melinda Ellen Halstead (Born 28 May 1866 in Portsmouth Scioto Co., Ohio). Her father was Amos Halstead (born 1814 in Monroe, Virginia) and mother was Rebecca D. Howard (born 16 Nov 1844? in Kentucky). The only information I have on Amos is that his father and grandfather were born in Virginia. I am hoping that you can help me further my information.

I enjoyed reading your website and all the care/work that you have invested. I hope that you can help me and my family.


Barbara Bible


Name: James D. Gray <>
Date: 2005-08-21
How I found this page websearch genealogy
Hello, We may have a distant connection, my Grays came from the Pasqutank NC area in the 1780s 1788 the Grays and Koens moved to Davidson Co. Tenn. My GGGGGrandfather Deliverence Gray married Tamer Halsted in 1791, I do believe she was a Koen girl but married into the Halsteds first. either divorce or Widowed. Would love to know her first husband. any Info would be great. thankyou. James D. Gray

Name: Angela Wuest <>
Date: 2005-03-11
How I found this page surfing
found this page through yahoo when i was browsing for geneaolgy information about my moms side of the family, thought it would be nice to contact you and say thanks for such an indepth view of my maternal family lineage!

Name: Debra Halstead <>
Date: 2005-02-02
How I found this page Surfing
I have been searching for my paternal great-grandfather David Halstead. His son, my grandfather, was Murat Halstead
who died around 1940. Murat his brother Frank and their sister were raised by another family in Stony Point, NY. My grandfather Murat enlisted in the army in Butler County, Ohio. The only other Murat Halstead I have found is the journalist from Ohio who had the town of Halstead, Kansas named for him. My father, Robert, is the spitting image of the journalist Murat Halstead. This is what began our search into the Virgina Halstead's. There is no trace of my paternal great-grandfather David or his wife Eldora, except for a late 1800's census from NY. Can anyone help in the search of these people? I know that we are part of the great Virgina Halstead line but we haven't found the connection yet. HELP!!


Name: cheryl halstead <>
Date: 2004-12-11
How I found this page web
Great site!! My grandfather was Simon Holstead.I have refered back to this site many times instead of looking back through my multitude of papers. Thanks!

Name: Jerry Hale <>
Date: 2004-11-25
How I found this page Rootsweb Worldconnect
Hi John,

I've been in contact with Scott Starke for several years as I worked on "my" Yohe family for the benefit of my grand daughters (my daughter married Wm. Yohe III.) When I acquired membership to Godfrey Library and the online census of Heritage Quest I found the Yohe line and remembered what Scott had told me about his James and Milton Yohe. I was able to tie in to Scott's line through Eugene Yohe, father of James who married your Sarah Eliz. Halstead.

I would like permission to use your information as it ties to my Yohes (with proper attribution and credit to you of course,) in the "book" I am preparing on the Yohe line which I have back to 1813. I am prepared to send you what I have in return. I have not yet published, have just made major inroads, and am waiting for info and photos that Scott's family will be sharing with me.

Gerald L. "Jerry" Hale
Deltona, FL


Name: jack stump <>
Date: 2004-05-18
How I found this page word search
I am a descendent of lemuel hostead. I was only 7 when he passed away in 1950 but I was there the night he died and remember the stories of how he received the burn scars on his leg when the jay hawkers shot his dad in the head while crossing a fence and burned the house. They threw him into the fire and my great great grandmother pulled him out. Jesse Holstead his youngest son is still alive and lives in Vivian Louisana. I have copies of pictures of the family but they are very old.

Name: Anthony J. Holsted <>
Date: 2003-11-25
How I found this page Searching the name Halstead
I'm also a descendant of Lemuel Holsted. I would love to see a link to one of the Halstead lines one of these days. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on a website that just pop up.


Name: Lindsay Halstead <>
Date: 2003-10-26
How I found this page i looked up halstead genealogy and this was one of the sites
I just checked out this particular site because well for one my last name is Halstead but also because i as well as my family are from a town in eastern north carolina. Also because my dad's name is John so your name caught my eye.

P.S. I just wanted to add that I was reading everyone else's comments and noticed that my first cousin Michael Halstead signed your guestbook. I haven't talked to him in over 10 years. So if you have sent him any info on the family I would like the same if you don't mind.


Name: Bob Shirley <>
Date: 2003-09-27
How I found this page search for civil war Halstead ancestors
My mothers maiden name was Halstead. Her father, Ernest Halstead was raised in Hickory Va., on St. Brides Rd. His father was Pet Lamb Halstead. There are Halsteads listed on the Civil War Monument to the 61st Va Infantry on St.Brides Rd. I have been trying to make a connection between my Halsteads and any that may have served in the Confederacy.

Name: Kevan Halstead <>
Date: 2003-08-07
How I found this page surfing
I have a family tree back to 1300 I live 5 miles from Middleton lancashire The fammily originates fromm Burnley Lancashire Contact me or my wife Janice for more info.

Name: Michael Halstead <>
Date: 2003-08-02
How I found this page yahoo search
My father, William Sidney Halstead, grew up in Camden County, NC in the small town of South Mills. My grandfather's name was John Wiley Halstead and his father's name was William Ira Halstead. Don't know the names past that point. But my grandfather did have a brother named Hubert that lived in Virginia Beach. I think his real name was Lemuel. I saw the link to Lemuel Holstead and thought that was strange. If you have any other information about the Halstead genealogy, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Name: Daniel George Moak <>
Date: 2003-05-14
How I found this page
My grandfather George Washington Moak married Johnnie Louise Halstead in Norfolk, Va right after WWI. He met her when the Halstead's entertained some sevicemen on Sunday, attending Church and then dinner at the house. My great grandfather was John Henry Monroe Halstead, son of Samuel J. Halstead. (I have a photo of them on my web site)
http:/ .
My father was George Alexander Moak (named after my grandmother's (Johnnie Louise Halstead) maternal grandfather - Captain Quinton Alexander O'Hare of the Union Navy during the Civil War). Nanny (my grandmother moak, daugher of John H. M. Halstead) was the daughter of Virginia Anne O'Hare - one of the first nurses in America - we still have her nurse watch). Virginia Anne O'Hare was the daughter of Virginia Anne Batten (of the First Families of Virginia) and Quinton Alexander O'Hare. Marrying a Union navyman was how their family continued to be fairly wealthy after the civil war. The Halsteads owned plantations in Currituck NC, Elizbeth City, NC, and Pricess Anne County VA.
The last of our part of the family estate was sold in 1952 when my great grandmother passed away. I have a letter written by Samuel J. Halstead when he was closing up the NC plantation to move in with his son in Pr. Anne Va. He mentions my great-grandfather ('our dear John') in the letter. It was given to me by my cousing Madeline in 1989 while visiting her palatial home in Virginia Beach with my Aunt Zita Moak Godley. We also stayed with my cousin "Little
Evelyn' at her home (she is married to Chesney Butler). Hope you can add the Moak lineage to your tree. Please see my websites. I am the son of George Alexander Moak I and Marguerite Keller Moak, my sister is unmarried and lives in Augusta, Ga - Julie Moak, LPN . I am married to the former Joanna Williams, born in Maryland, and we have one son - George Alexander Moak II, born May 24, 1996. He will be turning 7 soon, and will carry the name into the 21st century.
Hope to hear from you!

hope to hear from you...