Monroe County, Arkansas

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Name: Sarah Jones <>
Date: 2015-07-06
Earliest known ancestor Walter William Driver
They were from Mississippi, Arkansas
Earliest Monroe County ancestor James Driver
My Driver side is very illusive. I'm not certain that Walter's name was William Walter as he was sometimes called "Bill" and some called him "Walter." He said he was born in 1881, White, mother was Sarah. He is buried in Jackson, Alabama. He said he had a sister named Ruthie and brother name William and that William was in military and last lived in Florida or Georgia.

Name: Yvonne <>
Date: 2014-02-26
Earliest known ancestor Nelson Travis
They were from N C and TN
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Nelson Traiv
I was looking for an obit for Willie J Travis who was son of Nelson Travis and Marta Phillips. He is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery in Clarendon and died Oct 1, 1886.

Is there anyone who looks up obit for persons and if so, would they be willing to do this for me? I would appreciate it very much because I am wondering how the person who posted Willie's info on findagrave would know who his parents were if there isn't an obit.


Name: Judy Sowell <>
Date: 2013-08-06
Earliest known ancestor James Grimes
They were from Monroe County,Arkansas
Earliest Monroe County ancestor James and Kate Grimes
They were my great grandparents. Grandma Kate delivered me and named me. I was separated from my birth parents in 1945 because of adoption with my five ther siblings. Would love any information about my family. I know Grandma Kate lived to be 93 years old and is buried in Upper Cemetery near Brinkley.

Name: veda jefferies <>
Date: 2013-04-05
Earliest Monroe County ancestor E rick Burton
As children we lived in Monroe Ar. in Monroe Co.My sister Peiel is writing about that time.It would be late 30s and 40s we would love to see pictures of Monroe now and then Thankyou Veda Burton Jefferies

Name: Gloria Marie Lawson Schleicher <>
Date: 2012-10-13
Earliest known ancestor James Riley Dunavan
They were from Blackton, ar
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Thomas Lawson
These two men are my grandfather. My parents Jessie Mae Dunavan and Pee Wee Lawson.

Name: Tony l. Brown <>
Date: 2012-08-07
Earliest known ancestor Lissie williams
They were from Monroe county (cypress creek)
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Dorris & Estine Brown
Dorris & Estine Brown were my grandparents & you had a picture of their headstones. Lissie was Estines mother & I'm not sure of the spelling

I am so greatful for this site


Name: Judy McMichael <>
Date: 2012-03-01
They were from Illinois
Earliest Monroe County ancestor John S. Douglas
John S. Douglas married Mable Taylor 16 Jul 1919 in Monroe County, AR and 2 or their 3 children were born in AR. Mary E Douglas born 1921 in AR, Harry E Douglas born 1925 in AR, and Fern E Douglas born 1927 in MO. On the 1930 census they were in Nodaway county, Missouri, with John's mother, Amanda Allen, who died in Nodaway county, MO April 13, 1930. I believe John's family might have come back to AR after that time. I am trying to find any descendants who might know more about this family. Contact Judy McMichael at Thanks for any help.

Name: Judy McMichael <>
Date: 2012-02-24
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Mable Taylor m. John S. Douglas
1919 John Douglas m. Mable Taylor in Monroe county, AR. 1930 census they were in Nodaway county, MO where John's mother died. After her death they returned to Montroe county where daughter Mary (1921 AR# m. Elmer Faron in 1937 and daughter Fern #1927 MO# m. Louis Collins in 1947. Son Harry Edgar Douglas #1925 AR) went on from Arkansas to Texas where died. I'm most interest in the Fern Collins buried in Frank's Cemetery. Does she fit this scenerio?

Name: cindy herndon <>
Date: 2011-07-25
Earliest known ancestor emmett elliott lee
They were from clarendon ark.
Earliest Monroe County ancestor george and laura lee
looking for info on my grandfathers birthrecord he was born in clarendon ark.Feb.17 1896. his father was george lee mother was laura(copper)lee. that isall we no of them could have died in clarendon. if anyone could help to fill in the blanks. please help

Name: Dennis Lamb <>
Date: 2011-03-23
Earliest Monroe County ancestor David E. Poynter
My wife's family includes a Harper line. William W. Harper married David Poynter (Surveyor for Monroe County in 1852) daughter, Mary Eliza Poynter Banks in 1858. They had at least one child, appear in the 1860 Census with the widow of David and then William disappears. We are searching for what happened...Civil War, ???? Mary Eliza remarried in 1870 perhaps in Arkansas Co.

Any information on the Willaim Harper would be most welcome.

David Poynter's wife, Judith Bell Moseley Poynter is descended from Revolutionary War Patriot, Thomas Moseley.


Name: X Teri <>
Date: 2011-01-25
Earliest known ancestor Willie A. Cook
They were from Brinkley Arkansas by way of MS
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Willie A. Cook
Thanks, X

Name: Travis Brann <>
Date: 2011-01-09
Earliest known ancestor Vincent Brann
They were from Tennessee
Earliest Monroe County ancestor James Grover Brann
Interesting and informative site.

Name: Carl Green <>
Date: 2010-09-20
Earliest known ancestor John B Green
They were from Alabama or Tennessee
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Henry Newton Green
My Great Grandfather Henry was aka Newt. (Henry Newton Green). It has been said that he was killed at a dance most likley after 1872.He was married to Martha A.Stovall 12 Jan. 1865 in Mississippi. Their Children were Amanda Lee born in 1868 monroe Co. Ark.and Anthony Andrew born 1872 in Monroe Co.I have no info about Henry after the 1870 Monroe County Census. Any Information will help. Thanks,
Carl Green


Name: Audrey <>
Date: 2010-08-08
Earliest known ancestor Admiral Dewey Story
They were from Arkansas
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Almon Herman Story
Is there anything left of the town of Blackton? I have been told it is a ghost town and the only thing left is the cemetery. My grandfather, Almon Herman Story was born to Admiral Dewey Story and Saide (Hudson) Story in Blackton, Arkansas on October 29, 1929. Most of my relatives come from Woodruff county, Arkansas county, Monroe county and St. Francis county. I mean I have relatives/ancestors in other counties, but these are the four most common ones that I have ran across. I have never visited Blackton. I was told if I blinked, I would miss it. Just wondering if there is anything to visit.

Name: loretta miles <>
Date: 2010-08-07
Earliest known ancestor rosezella johnson
They were from marvell ar.
Earliest Monroe County ancestor general johnson
trying to find out where general johnson came from or who his parents were. was born 1884 died around 1950-52. also looking for a charley Mccoy Sr. and charley Mccoy Jr. from Miss. died in marvell ar. around 1928-30. don't know who the folks were but they were my mothers father and grandfather and she was an only child.

Name: tommy wooten <>
Date: 2009-08-15
Earliest known ancestor press vance
They were from kentucky
Earliest Monroe County ancestor preston and bennie vance
Preston and bennie Vance were my great grand parents. moved to clarendon ar from ky with one son named sam,later in clarendo ar they had a daughter named ruby vance who later had a little boy by a man named wooten .Looking for info on the Vance family or the wooten family in monroe co arkansas.Preston Vance born in 1872,Ruby vance born 1900,my dad was born november 1921 under the wooten great grand parents are buried in shilo cemetery.

Name: john crisp <none45601us@yahoo,com>
Date: 2009-05-24
Earliest known ancestor abel crisp
They were from kentucky
just looking

Name: cleveland smith <>
Date: 2009-01-29
Earliest known ancestor james sample
They were from mississippi
Earliest Monroe County ancestor james sample
james sample move to monroe around 1910 or 1920 with one of his son Robert sample. I am the great great great grandson of james sample by Georgiana his doughter and Harriet Georgianna doughter Kinnie Harriet son who my father.

Name: Lonnie McCoy <>
Date: 2008-03-01
Earliest known ancestor Will and Josie McKoy
They were from Blackton, AR
Looking for information on Will and Josie Mckoy (McCoy). Children Tim, Mal, Newt, Mellie and Lawrence (all deceased) Lawrence was the baby birn in 1923 in Blackton, Ar. I am 2nd son of Lawrence. Will came to Arkansas from North Carolina. Josie maiden name was Carpenter from Monroe County. I would appreciate any information.

Lonnie McCoy


Name: Lonnie McCoy <>
Date: 2008-03-01
Earliest known ancestor Will and Josie McKoy
They were from Blackton, AR
Looking for information on Will and Josie Mckoy (McCoy). Children Tim, Mal, Newt, Mellie and Lawrence (all deceased) Lawrence was the baby birn in 1923 in Blackton, Ar. I am 2nd son of Lawrence. Will came to Arkansas from North Carolina. Josie maiden name was Carpenter from Monroe County. I would appreciate any information.

Lonnie McCoy


Name: cleveland smith <>
Date: 2008-02-13
Earliest known ancestor james sample
They were from edgefield, south carolina
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Isaac & Georgia A, Crawford
I have spented some time working my family tree and I can

use some help thank you. I was born and raised in Brinkley, Arkansas.


Name: Paula Peek <>
Date: 2007-12-10
Earliest known ancestor Grey Williams
They were from Mississippi
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Dr. Lewis G. & Mrs. Tempy Evans
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis were married in Monroe County in 1875. Sadly, their love was short lived. Dr. Evans died of pnuemonia before their 5th wedding anniversary. This couple is my great-great grandparents and I would like very much to learn more about them and would appreciate any help you can provide.

Name: Samuel Yang <>
Date: 2007-06-06
Earliest known ancestor Cole Griffith
They were from Silvia Myers
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Flora Middleton
<a href= >here</a> <a href= >here</a> <a href= >here</a> <a href= >here</a> <a href= >here</a> <a href= >here</a> <a href= >here</a> <a href= >here</a> <a href= >here</a> <a href= >here</a>

Name: wanda wright <>
Date: 2007-04-27
Earliest known ancestor Joseph M. & Sarah F. Heagwood
They were from Oklahoma
Earliest Monroe County ancestor 1949 Till DeathLooking For
Looking for information on Sarah Heagwood Death Date,Suppose to be burried next to husband Jim Heagwood,In Cypert Cem.

Name: Delilah Gatson <>
Date: 2007-04-15
Earliest known ancestor Lee Phillips
They were from TN
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Lee and Mariah Phillips
I'm looking for a great grandmother. I believe she was a daughter of Lee and Mariah Phillips. They lived in Holly Grove.

Name: Sharon Fox Nichols <>
Date: 2006-09-24
Earliest known ancestor James Madison Simmons
They were from Forks of Pigeon, Haywood Co., NC
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Houston Davis Simmons
James "Jim" E. Simmons migrated ('removed') to Monroe Co. with his son and his family, James Madison Simmons and wife Nicie Elizabeth Jones. They bought land near Clarendon, which was known as "the James Madison Simmons' old place. James and Nicie's son Houston Davis Simmons married Naomi Frances Poe and they lived just down the road from Pledger's sawmill, just outside of Monroe (the town). Houston and Naomi raised 5 children there: Nicie, "Buddy" (Houston, Jr.), Della, Matt, & Fern. Houston and Naomi's old homeplace passed out of the family after Naomi's death and Houston's subsequent move to Des Arc, to live with his sister Hattie Simmons Sanner.

Name: Joan Schleicher <>
Date: 2006-09-03
Earliest known ancestor Thomas M & Lilly Lawson
They were from Monroe & Holly Grove
My father TJ (Peewee) Lawson son of Thomas M & Lillian A (Norwood) Lawson. My mother Jessie M. (Dunavan)Lawson daughter of James R & Ivory P (Hall) Dunavan. All of them are deceased and I would like to hear from people who knew them and their famlies. I see a person who inquired about my father and his family so i e-mailed, I hope I hear from them.
Joan Schleicher (Lawson)


Name: Carol Fryer Griesenbeck <>
Date: 2006-08-22
Earliest known ancestor John Shortridge Fryer
They were from Tennessee
Earliest Monroe County ancestor John Shortridge Fryer
I am hoping to hear from Terri McClure or anyone else with information on the Fryer/Collins/Parks/Sandriford/Honeycutt famalies.

I am the great-great granddaughter of John Shortridge Fryer!



Name: Myrna Wilson Lantier <>
Date: 2006-07-22
Earliest known ancestor Lula Sorrells Fortenberry
They were from Brinkley
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Lula Sorrells Fortenberry
Just browsing my home town. Browsing from Houston.


Name: Donnie Pickard <>
Date: 2006-07-22
Earliest known ancestor Isaac Neely/Neeley
They were from Maury Co., TN
Earliest Monroe County ancestor John I. Neely
John I Neely was the grandson of Isaac Neely. He never married from what I've been told. He died November 18,1921 and if some kind soul has access to old newspapers I'd love to have his obituary, His mother, Minsey Liceny (Cornelison) Neely-Travis died September 8, 1929 in Monroe Co., AR. Why they left Johnson Co., IL and move to Arkasas is a mystery to all.

Name: Sprouse <>
Date: 2006-07-21
Earliest known ancestor william francis dolan
trying to find last name dolan, tweety, capps

Name: Pat <Sprouse>
Date: 2006-07-21
Earliest known ancestor william francis dolan
trying to find last name capps, dolan, tweety

Name: Elizabeth King Hansen <>
Date: 2006-05-26
Just browsing. Enjoyed seeing names I have long forgotten. I am the daughter (Elizabeth)of Ellis and Katie King of Holly Grove, my sister was Martha Dearing who died March 4, 1999. I graduated from HG in 1952. Contact me if I may be of help on Monroe or Phillips counties. E-mail is Telephone is 1-870-268-8627 in Jonesboro. Thanks to those who made this site possible.

Name: RONNIE DANCER sr. <>
Date: 2006-03-23
Earliest known ancestor ANDREW JACKSON FERGUSON
Earliest Monroe County ancestor G.D.PLEDGER
GREAT WEB SITE. pledger,ferguson,murtishaw,mccormack,mcbride all my family right here from monroe county arkansas.

Name: Susan Norris <>
Date: 2006-02-26
Earliest known ancestor Marion Norris
They were from Crocketts Bluff
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Marion and Berdie Norris
My father was Claude Willian Norris, born to Marion and Berdie Norris. He had a sister Marcella, and six or seven brothers,Clifford Charles and twins known as Cubby and Snook. Clifford was the last brother to die. Marcella is the only sibling living and in her late 80's Any info I could find on the family would be a great help. Thank you

Name: william moses <>
Date: 2006-02-18
Earliest known ancestor david L moses
They were from ?
Earliest Monroe County ancestor judy ann ragsdale
my ggggrandfather and ggggrandmother were married in Monroe co.Ark. 10 march 1852,they were David lafayette Moses And Judith Ann Ragsdale.this is my brick wall.

Name: Linda C. Brown <>
Date: 2006-02-01
Earliest known ancestor Francis Marion(F.M.) Crow
They were from Kentucky
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Rosanna Matilda Crow Harrison
Matilda, aka Tilly, came to Monroe County, Ar. with an uncle, James Kerr. She had my ggrandfather, Lorenzo Dow Crow, and Susan Elizabeth Crow. Susan, b.1869 and died the next year. It has been told that she was buried in the Holly Grove cemetery. I haven't found her yet. Tilly married William H. Harrison. They ended up in White County.
I hope to find info on your site.


Name: Dorothy Fridell Adams <>
Date: 2006-01-29
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Joseph Frainklin Fridell
Looking for Fridells

Name: Billy Bishop <>
Date: 2006-01-13
Earliest known ancestor Reuben Bishop
They were from GA
Earliest Monroe County ancestor James Kerr
John Kerr& Susan Frances (Sutton) Kerr was my GGgrandparents.Have info. on the Kerr side allthe way down to me, but nothing on the Suttons at all. Do not know Susan's mothers nameor her fathers name.

Name: reanne west <>
Date: 2005-10-21
Earliest known ancestor joann mixon
They were from moro
i am joann mixons daughter and would love to have some more history of the mixons and wootens from the moro/brinkley area. i have checked the records from lee county and monroe and haven't found much on these families. joann gave me up for adoption and i found her through the internet, however she only lived for 1 year and could not collaberate with me much. if you have anything you could share with me about my past i would surely apperciate it. thank you.

Name: x teri <>
Date: 2005-09-13
Earliest known ancestor willie a. cook
They were from last resided in Monroe County
interesting site

Name: Barbara Richardson Simons <>
Date: 2005-09-05
Earliest known ancestor Jack Richardson
They were from North carolina
Earliest Monroe County ancestor William Felston Richardson I
He was born May 21,1857 in Georgia but moved to 1882 when he married Annie Coleman. Later he married Mary Macedonia Anderson March 31,1892 who was the mother of my grandfather William Felston Richardson II born July 22,1896.

Name: mary <england>
Date: 2005-08-29
Earliest known ancestor mack daniel johnson
They were from wheatly
i am looking for mack daniel johnson and sadie kyle that I was told were married at brinkley court house in 1923, they were my grand parents

Date: 2005-07-04
Earliest known ancestor WILLIAM LAMBERT
Earliest Monroe County ancestor REV. JORDAN BENNETT LAMBERT
Rev. Jordan Bennett Lambert, (born, May 9, 1798-died, Jan. 11, 1860) and his wife, Judith W. Key (1799-1866/68) left their home in Tennessee in 1839 and led a large wagon train to settle at Valley Grove, south of Holly Grove-near Lawrenceville and Maddox Bay. There they set up a farming operation and built the Valley Grove Church. Rev. Lambert was a minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church AND a farmer. In addition, Rev. Lambert served as judge of Monroe County and of the Probate Court, and was a representative in the Arkansas State Legislature 1844-46.
He and Judith had eight sons and two daughters. Among them was Beverly Joel Lambert (1838-1890), who married Fannie Ann Beasley (1843-1921), Mar. 20, 1861. She was the daughter of John F. and Evelina Avent Beasley from Lawrenceville. Fannie Ann and Beverly Joel Lambert had the following children: Robert Thomas Lambert, born August 10, 1862; Fannie Joel Lambert, born Sept. 1, 1864; Evelyn May Lambert, born April 17, 1867; unnamed son, born Feb. 12, 1869; Jordan Beasley Lambert, born Mar. 24, 1870; Samuel Black Lambert, born June 10, 1872; Georgie and Jimmie Lambert, born August 28, 1874; John Phillips Lambert, born August 17, 1876; Rosa Black Lambert, born Nov. 21, 1878; Beverly Joel Lambert, born Nov. 16, 1880.
Robert Thomas Lambert and Ella Walker Winston Lambert (born Nov. 9, 1864 in Gainesville, Alabama) were married Feb. 10, 1885. He purchased 1,500 acres of land, operated a plantation store and was appointed postmaster for Lamberton in 1883. They had seven sons: Henry Green Lambert, born Sept. 29, 1887; (He died when he was accidently electrocuted at the light plant in Batesville, Arkansas, March 21, 1913); Robert Winston Lambert, born June 10, 1889; and died Oct. 6, 1895; Joel Lambert, born March 10, 1891; Lawrence Mayo Lambert, born Jan. 2, 1893; Jordan Beasley Lambert, born Jan. 7, 1895; Robert Thomas Lambert, bornNov. 26, 1898; Elmo Avent Lambert, born April 10, 1900.


Name: cara rena hurst gulley <>
Date: 2005-07-02
Earliest known ancestor sam hurst
They were from clarington
Earliest Monroe County ancestor sam hurst
Just wondering where Sam came from.

Name: Carolyn McLaren <>
Date: 2005-05-16
Earliest known ancestor James Breeding & Minnie Neal
They were from Clarendon
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Minnie Myrtle Breeding
My Grandmother was born in Clarendon December 1900. She had three other sisters born there as well. Mary, Sarah and Bessie. Little Bessie and James H. Breeding died in Clarendon during an epidemic. They came to Baytown, Texas and are in the 1920 Census for Harris County. So are her half brother James Franklin Breeding and her Uncle James Neal. I am trying to find anything about the two families when they were living in Clarendon.

Name: Corky <>
Date: 2005-02-06
Earliest known ancestor Abraham Harmon
They were from S. Carolina?
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Abraham Harmon
I find Abraham with his family in Jackson Twnshp in 1850 Census with wife Susannah and children.
In 1860 I find her with children and no husband. After census in 1860 she marries William Waters In Jackson Co.
What happened to Abraham?


Name: Cindy DeVall <>
Date: 2005-01-30
Earliest known ancestor Michael DeVall
They were from France
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Jacob Maclin DeVall
Seeking info about Chappel DeVall, son of Jacob Maclin DeVall and Mary Rogers DeVall. I seek the burial place of Chappel and his parents. I have read that DeVall's Bluff was named after Chappel. Chappel's sister, Imole DeVall Clark, married Richard Pyburn and I do not know where she is buried.

Name: Jean Hogue <>
Date: 2005-01-22
Earliest known ancestor John Chandler
They were from England
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Prentice E. Chandler
I was born in Clarendon, on the White River, in a house boat in 1940. My grandfather waw Prentice Chandler and my grandmother was Bessie Gertrude Clanton. My parents are Margaret E. Chandler and Ray Spradling. My parents moved to California in 1946 and my grandparents soon followed. Any info would be appreciated.

Name: Eddie Suggett <>
Date: 2005-01-05
Earliest known ancestor John Suggett
They were from England
Earliest Monroe County ancestor B.B.Suggett (Shiloh Cemetery)
I have many relatives in Monroe Co.(alive and deceased).My grandparents and great grandparents are all burried in Shiloh.My father is Grover Suggett son of Robert suggett and Katie Taylor.We are trying to find the name of Katie's mother.Father's name(Katie's) was Jessie Robert Taylor Jr. After my grandfathers murder SEPT.30 1930 Katie married John Kelly,she in burried in Shiloh as Katie Kelly .I would appreciate any info

Name: Sharon Borders <>
Date: 2004-12-26
Earliest known ancestor Issack Skinner
They were from Georgia
Earliest Monroe County ancestor August C. Skinner
Both my mom & dads family are From Monroe County Arkansas, and surrounding counties. I am particularly interested in the Skinners. Agusta C. Skinner, my ggrandmother was Elizabeth Skinner. She married 4 times 1. Timms, 2. Arrington, 3. Holland, 4. Rogers. my grandfather was a Holland. They married in Monroe Co. I have marriage Certficate, but we can not find any information on him. He signed his name as Ed. E. Holland. Could he be E.E. Holland who was a minister from Phillips Co. Any information on the Hollands would be great.

Name: Edward R. FitzGerald <>
Date: 2004-10-20
Earliest known ancestor Walter Bartlett Sorrells
They were from Virginia Ca. 1740's
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Walter Bartlett Sorrells
Great site and over the years the folks have been a great help in my quest for information. Walter Bartlett Sorrells home place is the site known as LOOKOUT, near Roe.

Name: Judy Sowell <>
Date: 2004-10-18
Earliest known ancestor 1890's
They were from Cypress Ridge, AR
Earliest Monroe County ancestor same as above

I have several connections to Monroe County. My father was born in Monroe and his father as well. Their last name was Grimes. My father was Alber Ross, Jr. His grandfather was James T and his wife was Catherine or Katy as she was known. They had several children. Miss Kate died in 1968 and was 93 years old. She had just gone to live at the nursing home in Brinkley shortly before her death. My great grandmother and grandfather ( as well as his brother) are buried in Upper Cemetery outside of Brinkley. My father's mother was Nettie Wallace. She was the daughter of Maude Fryar Wallace. Any information I can find would be greatly appriciated. I was adopted at the age of 3 so I would really appreciate any help in putting missing links to my birth family.


Name: A. TABB <>
Date: 2004-10-07
Earliest known ancestor robert conly
They were from arkansas
Earliest Monroe County ancestor nannie conly- grandmother
My grandmother was born in brinkley ark. 1894 passed away 2002 at 107. Her mothers name was katie, not sure of her maiden name. she married robert conly. I think she was born around 1865?? They were of cherokee and african decent.My grandmother became nannie tabb, she married josh tabb. He was born in webb mississippi in 1894 served in us army,ww1. He was a bugler. They lived in osceola ark, before moving to southern california in the early sixties.

Name: Frances Hickman Mizell <>
Date: 2004-08-03
Earliest known ancestor Thomas C. Hickman
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Holly Hickman
Holly Hickman was my grandfather. They lived on the Hickman Plantation at Pine Ridge. He had a farm and a small country store. Actually the farm land was owed by Abe Davidson of Marvell. He was married to Elvia Ferguson. His father was Thomas C. Hickman and Sallie E. Johnson.

Name: kevin Coleman <>
Date: 2004-07-14
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Thomas Coleman
Thomas Coleman is my great Grandfather. His family lived in Holly Grove and many of them still do. One of his sons was named Lawrence Coleman and he worked and lived on the Bateman farm until he died. My cousins live in the main house today. My uncle Runs the Liquor store and two of my aunts ran the little ice cream stand close by....I think it was xalled the Razor Back (Dickie Coleman, Norma-Ann and Arlene Coleman). One of the things I most remember about my visits there was going to see Dr. Stone. Talk about country medicine.

Name: catrina sullivan <>
Date: 2004-06-30
Earliest known ancestor faye gerlach
They were from blackton
Earliest Monroe County ancestor faye gerlach
wondering who i came from

Name: rebecca jenkins gilley <>
Date: 2004-06-23
Earliest known ancestor emma and enoch(jim) givens
They were from monroe or phillips co.arkansas
Earliest Monroe County ancestor givens

Name: Will McCurley <>
Date: 2004-06-04
Earliest known ancestor William McCurley
They were from Holly Grove
Earliest Monroe County ancestor William McCurley
My father was Earnest L. McCurley and he is buried in the McCurley cementery in Holly Grove. Mymothers maiden name was Fannie Lee Johnson and she still lives in Holly Grove at age 87

Name: karen mulherin <>
Date: 2004-05-23
Earliest known ancestor mavity
They were from clarendon,arkansas
Earliest Monroe County ancestor mavity
I'm the grandaughter of Wylie William and Nellie Mae Mavity;and the daughter of Donald Gene and Gracie Allene Mavity.

Name: Donald W. Martin <>
Date: 2004-05-19
Earliest known ancestor John Martin
They were from Clarendon
Earliest Monroe County ancestor John Martin
Learned more from this site in 30 minutes than I have acquired in my 59 years. Excellent.

Name: Ken Helms/Black <>
Date: 2004-04-26
Earliest known ancestor William Jasper Helms
They were from TN/NC.
Earliest Monroe County ancestor William Jasper Helms
Thank you so much for your time and caring of putting this site together for the rest of us.

Name: Sean Tyler <>
Date: 2004-03-21
Earliest known ancestor Willie E. Coleman
They were from Hollyn Grove
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Willie E. Coleman
Great Site!!!

Name: Tommye Henderson, M.T.T. <>
Date: 2004-02-18
The above requested info will be provided at another time.
I have been a member of Tri-County Genealogy Society for
several years and enjoy browsing thru the journals. Eventually I will get back into researching information on Parks, Franks, King, Henderson, Campbell, Grisham, Moore, Sebastian and other families.

I am delighted that I have finally focused on checking out the Tri-County web site. Thank you for the information provided here plus the time and effort which made this possible.

Tommye Ann Henderson
daughter of Dorothy Mae Campbell Henderson Church
daughter of Francis Fletcher (Frank) Henderson
granddaughter of Ninna Ann King Henderson
granddaughter of Thomas Washington Henderson
granddaughter of Lillian Beatrice Franks Burke Campbell
granddaughter of Willis Earl Campbell


Name: Donna Catlett-Aker <>
Date: 2004-02-12
Earliest known ancestor Toka Tokesome (Catlett)
They were from England
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Henry Hector Catlett
I have been working on the Catlett genealogy for 20 years. Even though I have compiled much data there is still much more out there. I look forward to continuing my quest and welcome any and all inquires.

Name: EfitzGerald <>
Date: 2004-01-12
Earliest known ancestor Howar
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Howard
My lines are: Sorrells, Howard, Dawason, Marks. Sorrels came to Monroe Co. Ca. 1859. Their farm was at lookout! Still on the map were all three countied join. Marks is of the MArks Mill battle of the Civil War. Sorrells go back to VA 1740 near Staunton, VA

Name: John Merritt <>
Date: 2003-12-04
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Ernest W. Merritt
Ernest W. Merritt was my grandfather. My dad John W. Merritt, grew up in Holly Grove. He passed away in 1979. I am doing some background on his military history and it brought me back to Monroe County (Holly Grove).


Name: Jennifer Drennan <>
Date: 2003-11-02
Earliest known ancestor George Washington Carter
They were from North Carolina
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Alice Catherine Neely
your website has been of great help to me!!!

Name: SB <>
Date: 2003-10-16
Earliest known ancestor Issac Perry Bivens
Grand-daughter of Grady Bivens and Eunice (Turner) Bivens.

Great site. Lots of information.


Name: Terri McClure <>
Date: 2003-10-10
New email address

Name: Angela (Lamb) Louden <>
Date: 2003-09-17
Earliest known ancestor Issac Monroe Brimer and May Belle (Parrish) Brimer
They were from Clarendon, monroe co
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Arthur Eugene Lamb and Nancy Jane (Evans)Lamb
My parents are Willie Eugene Lamb and Annie Belle (Brimer) I am looking for anyone who may have info on my fathers side relatives, I remember a Richard Lamb and Kenneth, Bobbie, approx ages 50-70 not sure, looking for anyone who can tell me more about my grandparents ancesters on either side Lambs or Brimers. Ecspecially my grandmother Nancy Jane Evans. My parents are still alive if anyone wants to make contact such as kenneth or bobbie, well email me at call 870 449 4121 All help appreciated. Also looking for old classmates I graduated in 1984. again all help appreciated.

Name: Angela (Lamb)Louden <>
Date: 2003-09-17
Earliest known ancestor Issac Monroe Brimer and Maybelle(Parrish) Brimer
They were from Clarendon
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Issac Monroe Brimer
I myself was born in Holly Grove but live in Yellville Arkansas in the ozarks now,,sometimes miss the old days.

Name: Audrey Williams Stanaland <>
Date: 2003-09-11
Earliest known ancestor Michael Andrews, b 1797
They were from Georgia (Wilkes)
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Michael ANDREWS and Parthenia PULLIN ANDREWS/ANDERS
My great-great-great grandparents Michael ANDREWS, b1797 and Parthenia PULLIN, born 1805/06 in Georgia, migrated in covered wagon with their children to St.Francis/Monroe County about 1856. I found them on the 1860 census as ADAMS, with son Charles still in the household. I have not found their graves/cemetery. The family, parents and children, were living in the Richland and Plainland townships, Cotton Plant Post Office. The parents were listed in Eve Township on the 1860 census. I did not find them on the 1870 census and assume they died.

Once in Arkansas their name was most often recorded ANDERS and indeed that is the name by which I have known my great-great grandmother (a daughter of above) Parthenia, b 1834, GA.

Parthenia ANDERS first husband (the daughter b 1834) was George HOUSE. He was the overseer in the ANDREWS household in Georgia. They married in 1851. She was the only married child that traveled with them. On the 1860 census in Ark. I found a family of blacks named ANDERS who were very likely former slaves who had helped work the crops for the ANDREWS/ANDERS family in Georgia.

Other children in the ANDREWS/ANDERS family were: Mary CAtherine, Julia Ann and Henrietta Elizabeth---all married MUNNS /MUNSE, along with above Charles all fought in the Civil War. Parthenia's (the daughter husband, George HOUSE also fought--and I think died as a result of being captured twice and injuries.

Julia Ann ANDREWS MUNNS (married to James Riley MUNNS) died in 1861 (death recorded in our bible) and her sister, Mary Catherine MUNNS (married to Andrew J. MUNNS) had Julia Ann's only child in her household on the 1870 census.

After the death of HOUSE, Parthenia married Edward HOLLOMAN from Virginia. I found them on the 1870 census with several children, some from George HOUSE I think.

Our family bible indicates Edward "HOLMUN" died in 1873. I have a photo of an Ed HOLMAN who I think was their son, but possibly the father.

In 1876, Mrs. "Parmelia HOLMAN" (Parthenia ANDREWS/HOUSE/HOLLOMAN) married her last husband, Dillard L. COOPER, b 1834, Spartenburg, SC. (His family came earlier, were on 1850 census in household of parents Benson G. COOPER and Delphia LINDSAY)

The Monroe County marriage record showed "B.L.COOPER to Mrs. Parmelia HOLMAN." (A previous wife was I think Martha HELMS, marriage records.) Dillard died in 1884 from complications of pneumonia after fighting a wildfire that was destroying his split-rail fence. I found Dillard and Parthenia on the 1880 census with several children including two nephews, surnames of DICKERSON and MALOY. I think that the nephew DICKERSON may have been a son of Dillard's sister, Cornelia, who later married a FRUEN/FRUIN.

Family lore says Parthenia had 5 husbands. I have found only 3. HOUSE, HOLLEMAN/HOLMAN, COOPER.

When Clara COOPER, b 1878, Brinkley (Cooper and Parthenia's only child from their marriage) married William David McLAIN (b 1859 in Walnut Ridge, Lawrence,AR) in 1898, the mother Parthenia lived with them. McLAIN, a sawmill owner/manager and County Judge, built her a small house behind the main house he built on Hazel Street. I found them on the 1910 census. She died according to her daughter's bible July 21,1913, but on LDS records her death has been submitted as 1915 which I think is incorrect. She died in Newport, Jackson, ARkansas, but I can not find her grave in the cemetery where many other McLAINs are buried---Walnut Grove in Newport.

Another child in the COOPER household, Annie, perhaps a daughter of HOLMAN, was I think the Annie COOPER listed in marriage records that married a Henry HUNNICUTT in 1891. We know their are HUNNICUTTs connected somehow to our McLAIN family. And my mother remembers "Aunt Annie," but she was Clara's half-sister.

William David McLAIN and Clara COOPER raised their family in Newport, Jackson Co, Union township. They also raised W.D.'s 3 children by his first wife, Cordelia MOSIER (born Indianna) whom he married in 1878 in Lawrence County. Besides lumbering/sawmill operations, W.D. once owned the old Hazel Hotel that burned in later years. I have found a color postcard with "McLAIN" clearly shown on the lintel over the door. He was also County Judge, and was somehow instrumental in the building of the first school in Newport and the first hospital. He was a landowner, so may have given the land and perhaps the lumber. There is a McLAIN Street in Newport, but that may possibly be named for his uncle, William California McLAIN (Lawrence Co) or W.D. father and W.C's brother, John Henry McLAIN, b 1837,TN, who along with his wife Sarah Catherine AGEE (b1842,TN) raised their family in Lawrence County around Walnut Ridge.

W.D. and Clara's daughter, Audrey McLAIN, b 1900 in Newport married Robert E.L. WASHBURN, b 1897,St. Louis. They married in 1919 in Newport. Their only child, Frances Clotine WASHBURN, b 1920, Newport is my mother.

"Clotine" who married Iowa born Arthur Joseph WILLIAMS in 1941 in Arkadelphia, is 83 years old in 2003 and will be attending her 65th reunion at Little Rock High School in late Sept, 2003. Following the reunion, my husband and I and Mother will be staying a few days in the Newport / Walnut Ridge area and hopefully in Brinkley. Maybe we will have time to discover library and court records and discover burial information on some of our family.

Audrey Williams Stanaland
Loudon, TN


Name: Terry W. Timms <>
Date: 2003-08-27
Earliest known ancestor Robert Leftwich 15th great-grandfather
They were from England
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Moses Williams
Seeking information on the families of Moses Wiliams and Westley Walker

Name: Lisbeth Doak Sherman <>
Date: 2003-08-16
Earliest known ancestor Walter B. Williams
They were from Brinkley
Walter B. and Maggie Williams were my grandparents. They owned the Monroe County Citizen weekly newspaper. I would love to know if anyone has any of the old newspapers.I am the only child of their daughter Marguerite, who married Horace Moore Doak (he owned a drug store there in Brinkley).

Name: Frances Hickman Mizell <>
Date: 2003-07-27
Earliest known ancestor Thomas C. Hikman
They were from Blackton, AR Monroe County
Thomas C. Hickman married Sally Johnson. They had Holly Hickman(my grandfather)married Evia Ferguson. Holly Hickman was born August 14, 1894 and died February 16, 1956. He lived in Blackton or Pine Ridge area farming the Abe Davidson farm. Elvia was born July 23, 1897 and died March, 1975. Elvia was the daughter of Pink Ferguson and Winnie Taylor. Thomas and Sally had Pearl and Carl Hickman.
I am searching for birth date, death date, place of birth for Thomas and Sally. This is a wonderful site for all of who has moved from our native roots. Thanks for the wonderful work. Frances Hickman Mizell


Name: Jerry <Smith>
Date: 2003-07-26
Earliest known ancestor Elizabeth Carter Davis
They were from Monroe Co.
My name is Jerry Smith, but was born at Cottonplant, my Mother Elizabeth she ws with child, brother Bobby Dean, sister Betty Sue died in a fire just outside Cotton Plant in September of 48. Any of you know this family back them. I was the youngest boy in the Davis family. Mother was a carter and grew up some where ther in Monroe County and Mother and brother and sister are buried in White Church Cementary.

Name: Joy Gregory <>
Date: 2003-07-16
Earliest known ancestor Felix and Isabella Hall
They were from Blackton, Arkansas
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Felix and Isabella Hall
This is a very good website.

Name: Anna Malham Pfeil <>
Date: 2003-07-01
Earliest known ancestor Joseph Malham
They were from Lebanon
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Joseph Malham
I am trying to locate the birth records of the children of Joseph and Sadia Malham.

Name: Judith Rice <>
Date: 2003-05-29
Earliest known ancestor Jack and Ida Richardson
They were from Jack from TN - Ida AR
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Richardsons
My great grandmother is buried in White Church, Monroe. I live in New Jersey - my Dad joined the Merchant Marines and met my Mom up here in New York. My great-grandmother was born Ida Southworth-Richardson-Taylor-Fortinberry. She out lived 3 husbands. Ilove to communicate with someone down in Monroe-Clarendon-Brinkley - places I loved visiting as a child.

Name: Johnnie Fletcher <>
Date: 2003-05-15
Earliest known ancestor Luvinea Simmons Johnson Cofield
They were from GA
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Luvinea Simmons
Trying to find where in MO my great grandfather Jim Johnson died. Family history says,after his death, his wife Lu sold the farm for a mule and rode it back to AR while pregnate with my Grandfather's sister Annie James Johnson. Although known only to my grandfather as Jim, I believe his name must have been James by Lu naming her daugher that.Sometime after returning to AR Lu married Selby Cofield. Any info will be most appreciated. My Grandfather was Thomas Berry Johnson born in Jefferson Co. AR. 1887. Johnnie Fletcher

Name: Audrey Williams Stanaland <>
Date: 2003-05-13
Earliest known ancestor William COOPER &Elizabeth Lau
They were from born in England, before 1700
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Benson G. COOPER family
Benson G. COOPER's family arrived in Arkansas from South Carolina. Benson COOPER, age 37, Farmer, and wife listed as Delphy COOPER, age 38, (both from SC) on the 1850 Census in Arkansas, St. Francis Co., Richland Dist. 2. Children were: Cordelia, 17, SC; Julie E., 14, SC; Dillard Cooper, 11, SC; John C.W., 8, SC; Emelita, 4, AR; Benson H., 1, AR.

My great-grandfather was the son, Dillard L. COOPER, born 1838, SC., died April 9, 1884, Brinkley, ARK. from pneumonia complications suffered fighting a wildfire on his farm, trying to save his split-rail fence.

He was the last husband of Parthenia ANDREWS/ANDERS, born 1834/35 in Lincoln (Wilkes) Georgia. Previous husbands of Parthenia were: 1st (I think) was George HOUSE who migrated with Parthenia's whole family about 1855/56. They settled in Monroe County area not far from the COOPER family. Other husbands prior to COOPER were apparently Edward HOLLEMAN/HOLMAN, a man named MOLLOY/MALOY, etc, and possibly a HUNNICUT/HONEYCUT. Each husband died. Her marriage to COOPER is listed in Monroe records as: B.L. COOPER to Mrs. Parnelia HOLMAN, book D, pg. 52, by S. J. Lentz JP, Aug. 18, 1876.

Parthenia's parents--Michael ANDREWS and wife Parthenia (Berthena, etc) PULLIN migrated from Georgia about 1855 and by 1856/57 were in Monroe County with their children,and some PULLEN children also. Records show their sons and daughters married in Monroe Co and farmed the land.

Though there are exceptions on some records, they generally dropped the ANDREWS name and used ANDERS in Arkansas. In one case, I found Mich ADAMS for ANDERS.

Three daughters--sisters of Parthenia--Mary Catherine, Julia Ann and Henrietta Elizabeth married MUNNS men. William married Frances N. (no surname)Charles Lalhuse appears to have had 3 wives, Mary, Elizabeth and last found, Maggie Hicks from Lonoke. Cornelius married I'm sure, but I've yet to find the marriage. With that exception, they all had several children.

All 3 ANDERS sons and their father Michael, though in his 60s, fought in the Civil War, as did some of the husbands and many of the COOPER men.

After Dillard L. COOPER's death in 1884, Parthenia and her daughter by that marriage CLARA COOPER (b July 21, 1878, d Mar.1979) kept house and took care of the children of widower William David McLAIN, who married Clara in Brinkley, July 21, 1898. They made their home in Newport, Jackson, ARK and built a house for Parthenia COOPER behind their home on Hazel Street. She died there July 21, in either 1913 or 1915. Bible records and online records disagree about the year.

The family of Clara COOPER and William David McLAIN grew and continues on today through descendants. Though some McLAINs moved on to Texas, (as did some COOPERs),there are still McLAINs living in Arkansas, most in or near Little Rock.

I am Audrey Williams Stanaland. My siblings are: Clara Clotine WILLIAMS McELROY, Cecilia Ann WILLIAMS BORDERS, and Robert Walter WILLIAMS. My mother is Frances Clotine WASHBURN WILLIAMS only child and daughter of Audrey McLAIN and Robert E.L.WASHBURN. Though W.D.McLAIN had 3 living children from his first wife, Cordelia MOSIER, Audrey McLAIN was the only daughter among sons born to William David McLAIN and Clara COOPER.


Name: Carolyn P. Meredith <>
Date: 2003-04-08
Earliest known ancestor Albert B. Meredith
They were from England
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Clabron B. Meredith
Clabron B. and his son Ervin Newton both died in Clarendon.

Name: Inez Amos Mayo <>
Date: 2003-03-28
Earliest known ancestor Carrie Mayo Stone
They were from Pine City, Ark

Just browsing


Name: Shanda Singleton <>
Date: 2003-03-09
Earliest known ancestor Virgil Winkle
They were from Clarendon
This is a wonderful page but i would like to know how to get more information online about my familt and ancestors who have apssed away.

Date: 2003-02-27
Earliest known ancestor WILLIAM HOMER STEPHENSON
They were from BRINKLEY, ARK.
Earliest Monroe County ancestor BILL STEPHENSON

Date: 2003-02-16
ooops...made mistake


Name: Hank JOHNS <>
Date: 2003-01-24
Earliest known ancestor JOHNS / BAKER / WRIGHT
They were from TN / TN / ?
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Emanuel BAKER
Searching for all families of JOHNS / BAKER / WRIGHT / LANE

Name: Brent Brinkley <>
Date: 2003-01-17
Earliest known ancestor Ardell Brinkley
They were from Arkansas
I was just wondering if anyone had any more information about the Brinkley's for me. I was just tracing back my family tree. My Great Grandfather came from Arkansas. I believe some where in the blood line that we are related to the founder of Brinkley, Arkansas. I would appreciate any information anyone has regarding this. Thank you.

Name: Jerry Smith <>
Date: 2003-01-06
Earliest known ancestor Everet Williams Davis
They were from Elisabeth Carter Davis
My mother, sister betty Sue, brother Bobby Dean Davis died in a house fire at cotton Plant in about Oct. 48. They were buried at the White Church Cementary. My mother's madin name was Carter. Any one that migh have knew of us please write me.
Jerry Smith


Name: Joyce Malone <>
Date: 2002-11-21
Earliest known ancestor Malone
I would like to know about the Malone's in Monroe County

Name: Bruce Logan <>
Date: 2002-10-24
Earliest known ancestor Michael Delabar
They were from Wheelersburg, Porter Twp., Scioto Co., OH
Earliest Monroe County ancestor John Delabar
I am seeking information on the family of John Delabar, b. abt 1849 in Wheelersburg, Porter Twp., Scioto Co., OH. He was married to Laura Unknown, b. abt 1857. Laura was first married to Unknown Wilkes who had Fred Wilkes, b. abt 1857 and Susie, b. abt 1878.

This family lived in Montgomery, Monroe Co,. AR and it is known that John Delabar lived in Indian Bay, AR in 1900.

Any help will be appreciated.


Name: Audrey Williams Stanaland <>
Date: 2002-10-22
Earliest known ancestor Michael S. Anders, April 9, 1798
They were from ?Georgia
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Dillard L. Cooper, 1838 and daughter, Clara, July 21, 1878
I am amazed and fortunate at the amount of hard work that has produced all the information available on Monroe County! Thank you, thank you to the many devoted volunteers who produced this information.

My ancestors, the Anders, were supposed to have come from Georgia to Arkansas by wagon train about 1833. I notice in your info that Brinkley was not yet a town, but was called Lick Skillet. Michael and Parthenia (the mother) had a large family, some of whom may have been born in the area of present day Brinkley. I have no background information on my great-great grandfather, Dillard L. Cooper, other than what was provided in an old family bible.

Dillard L.Cooper who lived in Brinkley, Ark. married Parthenia (Parnelia?)Anders Holman/Holmun Aug. 18, 1876/ Marriage Records for Monroe County, list what must be the couple on page 52 of Book D as: "Cooper, B.L. 36, to Mrs. Parnelia Holman, 27 Aug. 1876, by S. J. Lentz JP."

I believe that Mrs. Parnelia Holman, is Mrs. Parthenia Holmun, my great-great grandmother. Also, I believe that B. L. Cooper should D. L. Cooper, or Dillard L. Cooper, my great-great grandfather. The age of 36 corresponds to D. L. Cooper's age as he was born in 1838, thus he was 36 in 1876.

Parthenia had been married before to a man named Holmun. Perhaps Dillard Cooper had also been married before as I found another marriage record in Bood D, page 19 that reads: "Cooper, Dilliard to Martha Jane Helmes, (no day and month) in 1868, by Braxton M. Lamar, JP, filed 6 March 1868."

I notice that in this case that Dillard is spelled Dilliard. All very valuable information. Thank you.


Name: Terry Timms <>
Date: 2002-10-14
Earliest known ancestor Moses Williams
They were from McNairy County. TN.
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Margaret Walker(Williams)
I am attempting to locate the names, birthplace, and date of birth of Moses Williams and Margaret Walker.

Moses Williams was born May 15, 1840 in McNairy County, TN. He moved to Monroe County, AR. before 1860. He was a Confederate soldier and was wounded in the side in the Battle of Cane Hill, AR.
Margaret Walker was born in Monroe County, AR. on Oct. 1, 1845. She married Isaac W. Downs in 1860. They has one child,born Oct. 31, 1861. Isaac Downs was killed in the Civil War.
Moses Williams and Margaret Walker were married in Monroe County July 17, 1866 by J.G. Rodgers, JP


Name: Tina Markell <>
Date: 2002-09-04
Earliest known ancestor Thomas and Lillie Lawson
They were from ? Buried in McCurley Cemetary
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Same
These are the parents of my adopted father, whom I only new for a very short time. My adopted mother had never met his parents so she wasn't very helpful. If anyone knows of any information about Thomas Marion, Lillie or their children: Thomas Jessie, John Wesley, Monroe, Isabelle, Tommy Jr. or Esther, please let contact me.

Name: cynthia williams <>
Date: 2002-08-11
Earliest known ancestor benjamin franklin critendon
They were from brinkley
Earliest Monroe County ancestor same
We know he was from Arkansas and was told from Brinkley. Benjamin and his brother, John came to Texas with the Jerrell's(sp) sometimes after the mid 1870's. We keep hitting dead ends. Hope to get some help
Cynthia from Texas


Name: angela pledger <>
Date: 2002-07-23
Earliest known ancestor George D. Pledger
They were from Monroe county, Arkansas
Earliest Monroe County ancestor George D. Pledger
I am just trying to fill in the holes of my family tree.

Name: Ann P. Hicks <>
Date: 2002-07-19
They were from S. C.
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Eliza Atkins Cocke Smith
Thanks for a great site. Am researching the Smith and Cocke family of Holly Grove.

Name: elizabeth anne ingram <>
Date: 2002-06-21
Earliest known ancestor mary eliz. millneder ingram
They were from blackton, monroe co. ark
Earliest Monroe County ancestor mary eliz.millneder ingram
my father is old I am doing this for him this research. He is 77 and only knew his mother. She was welthie ann davis ingram b. 1885-1964, his father was james jackson ingram, we take that with a grain of salt the story was he got in trouble either in blackton or little rock, and wound up as a farm hand in ala. where my grandmother was the cook and stepdaughter of the farmer, mr. bell. They ran off together she was 14 he over 30. They settled in colquitt ga. and are buried together in the gordon cemetary with some children, isaac ww11, and ruebon tabb ,lois tabb, also some of the cantrell's are married to daughters of james ingram. james jackson is mary millneder and ingrams son. I know one or two of the brothers went off to civil war...father told me about a sally mckoy, and a george... his father james jackson ingram died of the swine flu epidemic when he was about 14. Daddy said he used to run behind the plow and mule. Said when his daddy went to town he took a double bladed axe over his shoulder. He was a fighter.Daddy ask me about a uncle who Im sure is gone now, carrington??I wish I knew more to share. Daddys mother welthie ann davis, said her mother was sara or sally and her father jefferson davis. Who knows ? jefferson davis was on the rolls. She was born 1885 baker co. ga. A good baptist woman who wouldnt even ride on the back of a bike on sunday. As per daddy.

Name: terri fryer mcclure <>
Date: 2002-06-13
Earliest known ancestor John Shortridge Fryer bn:1810/Sarah Honeycut bn:1826
They were from tennessee/alabama
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Abraham H.Fryer bn:4/6/1849 in alabama
Abraham H.Fryer is buried in White Church Cemetery.

Name: Melanie Townsend Jacobs <>
Date: 2002-04-25
Earliest known ancestor Great Grandparents
Earliest Monroe County ancestor "Big Daddy & Big Mama "Lynch
I'm looking for names. I've just started this family tree thing. All I ever knew them by was "Big Daddy & Big Mama". I don't remember ever hearing their given names. They had five children: Sarah Lillian,Bob,Alvin,Jeff,& ?. Anyone out there know their names. Please email me at Thanks, Mel

Name: jim theriac <>
Date: 2002-04-18
Earliest known ancestor unknown
Earliest Monroe County ancestor james sidney theriac
my grandfather, james sidney theriac, married Betty Cobb. Their only son, James Sidney Theriac was born in Clarendon in 1912. Grandfather died in the mid-1920's and Betty ran a general store in Clarendon to sustain her and James Jr. He moved away in his late teens, married Hazel Marie Longenecker of Elaine and eventually settled in Florida. He died in 1992.

Name: Jack E. Ott <>
Date: 2002-03-17
Earliest known ancestor Peter C. (Cisero ?) Crow
They were from Georgia via Mississippi
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Peter C. Crow
Peter was my paternal grandmother's (Lelia Jane Crow Ott) grandfather. Peter and family moved to Monroe County about 1878. Peter's ministers credentials from Itawamba County,Miss.,Missionary Baptist Church of Christ at Shiloh 1 Nov 1863, Recorded Monroe County 31 Mar 1879. He is buried in the Philadelphia Cemetery in Monroe County. Born 17 Mar 1826, died 21 Aug 1899, along with wife Susan F. Crow. Feb 1843-29 Apr 1901.

Date: 2002-03-11
Earliest known ancestor JIM PLANT
They were from KENSETT, ARKANSAS
Earliest Monroe County ancestor JIM PLANT

Name: steve peterson <>
Date: 2002-03-09
Earliest Monroe County ancestor william bibb key
william bibb key and his wife (unknown died in clarendon, arkansas in 1882. lived there a least 5 years.

Name: linda Kneipp <nip295@aol>
Date: 2002-02-12
Earliest known ancestor Parker C. Ewan
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Parker C. Ewan
looking up Parker C. Ewan he was my Great Great Gradfather
brother he came to Arkansas when he was very young


Name: Jesse Andrew Hurst <>
Date: 2002-01-24
Earliest known ancestor William Henry Hurst
They were from Bethlehem, AR.
Hello, I would like to know the history of my family name. My father was James E. Hurst. He died in 1998 in Brinkley.

Name: Danyelle McNeill Fletcher <>
Date: 2002-01-23
Earliest Monroe County ancestor D.B. Renfro
I am researching the following names - RENFRO, McNEILL. I'd love to talk with any descendents.

Name: Gail Jefferies Barbre <>
Date: 2002-01-21
Earliest known ancestor Nathaniel Jefferies
They were from South Carolina
Earliest Monroe County ancestor William G. Jefferies
I am looking for when William G. Jefferies died and his will and probate. There is nothing at the Monroe County office. I have already checked. I haven't checked on the name of Mary Ellen Wilkins Jefferies, his wife.

If you could direct me to where I could find an obituary, I would appreciate it.



Name: Michelle Simmons Patterson <>
Date: 2002-01-14
Earliest known ancestor Angus and Eula Kelly
They were from Holly Grove
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Kelly, Gibbs, Livingston
I am intersted in trying to find out about my mothers family they were kellys from Holly Grove her name was Jeanette and she had 3 brothers named lloyd and James which are decesed and the other one is named Angus "Butch" Kelly and had 3 sisters named Cora Lee,Mary Ann, and Marty if anyone can help me with finding anything out about this family please contact me at 870-946-2704 or email me at I know about the sisters and brothers but I would like to know more about my grandfaters family or my grandmothers family and I also know the she was a Petty from Holly grove. Thank you

Name: Ruth Powell Johnson <>
Date: 2002-01-12
Earliest known ancestor Powell (blacks and native americans)
They were from Holly Grove Arkansas
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Joe Powell and Joe Holland
I was borned in Holly Grove Arkansas. Both my grandfathers were also borned in Holly Grove. Their names were Joe Powell and Joe Holland, respectively. They were borned in the late 1800 century. I would guess around 1885-1890. My parents were borned in 1916 and 1920. My maiden name is Powell.

Name: Michelle (Simmons) Patterson <>
Date: 2001-12-23
Earliest known ancestor Angus Lee Kelly and Eula Leona Pettie
They were from Holly Grove, Ar in Monroe county
Earliest Monroe County ancestor The Kelly Family and The Pettie Family
My name is Michelle Patterson and I live in DeWitt Arkansas and I am interested in finding out about my mothers side of the family they all are from Holly Grove she was the daughter of Angus and Eula Kelly and I would like to have some information of them because I did not know them long before they passed away and if anyone can help me trace my family I would really appricatie it.

Thank you for your time,
Michelle Simmons Patterson

If anyone needs to contact me give me a call at (840) 946-2704 if no one is home please leave a message and I will return your phone call.


Name: Brian Wall <>
Date: 2001-12-10
Earliest known ancestor William Dooley
They were from Mississsippi?
Earliest Monroe County ancestor James Frank(lin) Dooley
Anyone who's come across any DOOLEYs in Clarendon, Arkansas please e-mail me.
B Wall


Name: Megan Fuchs <>
Date: 2001-12-09
I found lots of information on Monroe county trhanks to this.

Name: Zela Mae Pearrow <>
Date: 2001-11-08
Earliest known ancestor Mother
They were from Clarendon, Ar.
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Mother: Opal Crosswhite
Looking for any thing on my Mother Opal Crosswhite & her sisters, Nellie & Myrtle. Myrtle married Findley Wade.

Name: Joe King <>
Date: 2001-11-03
Earliest known ancestor Ira W King
They were from Monroe County Ark
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Ira W King
Ira W King married Mary Ann Barbee Herndon in 10/10/1861, township of Rockroe. They had one son Andrew Marshall King b 7/1862 possibly in Phillips County Ark

Name: Pamela Chastain Berry <>
Date: 2001-11-01
Earliest Monroe County ancestor JAMES CHASTIAN & WILLIAM ALBERT GREEN
It's a nice web site. Although I haven't gotten far in my research. Hopefully, I will rectfy that soon. Reseaching the surnames, CHASTAIN, GARNER, GRIFFIN, GREEN, HOLMS, JENNINGS, ROSWELL

Name: Joyce Warwick,Mitchusson <>
Date: 2001-10-12
Earliest known ancestor parents
They were from MS
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Warwick
My parents,Emma Vandergriff,B:12/15/1915,Greenville,Ms
D: 4/6/1981, Little Rock,Ar
married Wm.Jones Warwick,B:1/09/1907,Leake Co,Ms
D:4/22/1975, Forrest City,Ar


Name: Wayne Barker <>
Date: 2001-09-22
Earliest known ancestor Robert Barker
They were from England
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Lucinda Barker
1880 Monroe County Census shows Lucinda as 65 years old and head of household. Living with her is her son Benjamim M. age 26. I need land records, cemetery records etc. Thanks

Name: Ottis G Moore <>
Date: 2001-09-20
Earliest known ancestor Thomas Moore
They were from North Carolina
Earliest Monroe County ancestor JRB Moore
Thanks for making this website available with so much information

Name: sharon parsons <>
Date: 2001-08-13
Earliest known ancestor Rue Rushing
They were from Tenn.
Earliest Monroe County ancestor 1841
My Great Grandfather Hiram Moss Rushing was born in Arkansas Territory. I have been told his father is Rue Rushing and his mother Eleanor Wiliams, married Nov. 26,1861 in Monroe County, Arkansas. I believe that Eleanor was his mother but Rue to be his stepfather. Haven't proved it yet tho. But if that is true then his father ( a Williams) was in Arkansas possibly before 1841.
Sharon Parsons


Name: Sandra Kornegay Rhodes <>
Date: 2001-07-10
Earliest known ancestor John George Kornegay
They were from Palatinate (Rhine River area)
Earliest Monroe County ancestor Miller Kornegay
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