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Name: katherine <>
Date: 2015-04-17
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Name: Mr Jarrid Wilson <>
Date: 2015-04-08
Comments and suggestions, please. USA
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Name: Mary Owen <>
Date: 2015-03-29
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Name: Hazel <>
Date: 2015-03-14
Comments and suggestions, please. Finding relatives
My maidan name was wiseman . My grandfather William wiseman was from Elgin his regiment joined with the newcastle regiment and he and my grandmother ended up living in Newcastle upon Tyne . I know I still have family in androssen Scotland and that my family have a street named after them in Elgin they were crofters . They also ran a garden nursery . I would love to find some family .

Name: Rahela Begum <>
Date: 2015-03-03

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Name: Galen Wiseman <>
Date: 2015-02-14
I'm making a website about all of my family

Name: Betty Ferguson <>
Date: 2015-01-12
Comments and suggestions, please. Wiseman connection
My father was Ernest Baxter Wiseman from North Carolina. His father I think came from NC mountains at a very young age(no info), possibly Tenn area. Name William Wiseman, married Mary E Ward 1896. They had 13 children. All deceased now. Would like to know more history on their early years and the Ward/Wiseman connection.

Name: Grant Nash <>
Date: 2014-10-31
descended from the Wiseman family, but don't have a whole lot of information.

Grant Nash - Son of Rhoda Ann Wiseman/Albert Lee Nash
Rhoda Wiseman - daughter of Dixie Duckworth/Ryder Wiseman from Lake Jackson, Louisiana.

After that its gets fuzzy. My sister keeps most of the genealogy records for our family.


Name: Robert Graham <>
Date: 2014-09-03
Comments and suggestions, please. Moving
This was a very moving story particularly your fathers story. I enjoyed it quite a lot. My Great Grandfather William Duff Wiseman whose father was Humble Wiseman born in 1819 Macduff, Scotland.


Name: Peter wiseman <>
Date: 2014-08-09
I am wondering if you can help me out. My son is to be best man at a friend's wedding next year and he is required to be dressed in a kilt. I am trying to find out what the Wiseman tartan looks like.
My grand father came to canada around the tens or twenties, and was originally from Aberdeen. He married an Irish girl, Beatrice, and they moved to Toronto, where they had 2 boys, James- my dad- and Jack, both deceased. I don't really know much else, but when I look on websites I see there are a number of different tartans so I thought you might have a suggestion.
Peter Wiseman


Name: Brenda Wiseman <>
Date: 2013-11-11
Hi my name is Brenda and my family comes from the Gaspe Coast. My father was Bertchwell ( Bert ) Wiseman, and my Grand Father was Stanly Havlock Wiseman ( The brother of Stillman Corneus Wiseman ) . Would love to find some relatives and maby some pictures as well.

Name: Brenda Wiseman <>
Date: 2013-11-11
Hi my name is Brenda and my family comes from the Gaspe Coast. My father was Bertchwell ( Bert # Wiseman, and my Grand Father was Stanly Havlock Wiseman # The brother of Stillman Corneus Wiseman ) . Would love to find some relatives and maby some pictures as well.

Name: Pamela Wiseman <>
Date: 2013-06-23
Comments and suggestions, please. Wiseman's from Arkansas
I am from the family of Wiseman's who settled in Wiseman Arkansas in the 1800's. Yes, there is a family of them who cleared forests there in NE corner. And along with other families, drew name from hat and called it Wiseman. Jim L Wiseman my grandfather, married to Amanda Roberts. They had about 13 children. You may also read an out of print book called the Ark and the Dove- true story about the early settlers arriving in two ships and aboard them was one Sir Thomas Wiseman and his son, Henry. Sir Thomas Wiseman went back to England, Henry stayed. My website is

Name: Robert Wiseman <>
Date: 2013-05-17
Comments and suggestions, please. great site
Looking for Canadian Wisemans. GGGGF William WISEMAN, born at sea abt.1781. Married Lucy MCMILLAN, born in Lochaber, Inverness, Scotland abt 1782/84. They lived in the Finch, Stromont, Ontario area. Had three children: Catherine, born abt 1805; GGGF Robert, born abt 1809; and Mary, born abt1811.

Name: David Wiseman <>
Date: 2013-02-12
Comments and suggestions, please. Great insight into Wiseman origins
Have traced my family line back to Strathaven Lanarkshire in the 1600's but would like to go further back and learn more about my family.

Name: Gordon Johnson <>
Date: 2012-04-13
Comments and suggestions, please. Scottish heraldry
There is no such thing as a family coat of arms, or a coat of arms for a surname. A coat of arms is granted to an individual, can only be used by him, and can only be inherited without alteration by the eldest son. Any other person connected to that individual has to apply for a separate coat of arms which is differenced - i.e. will have small alterations to indicate the relationship to the original holder.
Check the web site for the Lyon King of Arms for more information.


Name: Hannah <>
Date: 2012-04-09
Looking for information on Isaac Wiseman born abt 1796, who married Agnes Well in Urwisck, Lancashire on 4 Mar 1826.

Date: 2012-02-21
my great grandfather was john or james baxter wiseman,my grandfather was john jay wiseman. was wanting to learn more about my ancestors. if you could help me i would love to here about them. all i know is that my great grandfathere came to america and married a full blooded cherokee woman. am waiting to hear from you. sincerely tony.

Name: Mike Winn <>
Date: 2011-09-15
I discovered the WYSEMAN surname, as a colletral surname while discovering genie info on the GEDGE surname in Essex, UK vicinity. I wish to discover more pedigree WYSEMAN info via the WWB. Thank you. Mike Winn

Name: Jeanie Nelson <>
Date: 2011-07-11
Comments and suggestions, please. Great information
My Great G randmother was a Wiseman

Name: Richard Perkins <>
Date: 2011-04-30
My great great Thomas Wiseman was born around 1807 in Kent UK, he travelled on the Midas I and II 1825 and 1827 to Tasmania and became a ship builder at Mt Direction northern Tasmania between 1830-50. He then moved to Burnie with his wife and family became a publican, and built the first Anglican church their. His extended family where publicans ,mail carriers, and coach owners.

Name: Norlan Biller <>
Date: 2011-03-21
My Great-great-great Grandfather, Pvt. George W. Wiseman, 5th VA Infantry, won the Confederate (CSA) Medal of Honor on 27 November, 1863 when he was killed at the Battle of Payne's Farm, Virginia. He was from Augusta County, Virginia. he was approximately 39 yrs old at his death.

Name: Wayman Bell Jr <>
Date: 2011-01-11
Comments and suggestions, please. Wiseman connection
Informative website, 2nd Great Grandmother is Amanda Hall Wiseman, wife of Thomas J Moore, and dau. of Abner Wiseman.

Name: Rebecca Braddock-Steinhauer <>
Date: 2010-11-21
Rebecca Braddock-Steinhauer
1509 Slayton Avenue
Grand Haven, MI 49417

I'd be interested to hear from other relatives. My father was James Norcross Braddock who served in WWII in Germany and Italy. He had English, Scottish and Bavarian ancestors I believe.


Name: Beryl Bauld <>
Date: 2010-10-02
I am researching the Wiseman family of Norwich. David James Wiseman b 1809 to Samuel Wiseman and Mary Fox. married Ann Bayley 1830. He was a weaver and moved to Pelham St(Woodseer St), Whitechapel. He had 4 children, David, Ann, Amelia and James. My great grandmother Amelia married David Harris and after he died William Shorter.
they lived on Dunk St, a very poor area of Whitechapel.


Name: Bob Wilson Jr <>
Date: 2010-09-29
Comments and suggestions, please. Wisemans from Ballywatermoy/Craigs in Cty. Antrim
My paternal grandmother's grandfather was ARCHIBALD WISEMAN (born in 1813) from the Ballywatermoy Townland in what is now the area of Glarryford in Central Antrim. The Ordnance Survey of 1833 has him leaving home, 'bound for America', at that time, but it wasn't until 1836 that he booked passage on the Bark "Lanark" out of Liverpool and came to America. Once there, he went to the town of Newburgh, in Orange Couny, New York state, where his older brother James (b. 1808) had settled a few years before. I believe that Archibald and James's mother's name before marriage was Maragaret Dunlap or Dunlop, but I don't have a Christian name for their father. If anyone who reads this
has a connection to these folks, either by family or geography, please post a reply to this here. Thanks.
Bob Wilson Jr
Beaufort SC, USA


Name: Bob Wilson Jr <>
Date: 2010-09-29
Comments and suggestions, please. Wisemans from Ballywatermoy/Craigs in Cty. Antrim
My paternal grandmother's grandfather was ARCHIBALD WISEMAN (born in 1813) from the Ballywatermoy Townland in what is now the area of Glarryford in Cenrtral Antrim. The Ordnance Survey of 1833 has him leaving home, 'bound for America', at that time, but it wasn't until 1836 that he booked passage on the Bark "Lanark" out of Liverpool and came to America. Once there, he went to the town of Newburgh, in Orange Couny, New York state, where his older brother James (b. 1808) had settled a few years before. I believe that Archibald and James's mother's name before marriage was Maragaret Dunlap or Dunlop, but I don't have a Christian name for their father. If anyone who reads this
has a connection to these folks, either by family or geography, please post a reply to this here. Thanks.
Bob Wilson Jr
Beaufort SC, USA


Name: Crystal Jones (Wiseman) <>
Date: 2010-06-27
I would love to know which line are ancestors! My father is Steven Wiseman, mothe Cynthia Wiseman...and Granfathers Earl and Aubrey Wiseman! Any help would be appreciated!

Name: Joan <>
Date: 2010-04-05
Comments and suggestions, please. Interesting Site
Where does one start to find out ones heritage. My great grandfather was John Wiseman born Geelong around 1860, died Adelaide 1926. He married Elizabeth Redfern who died in 1921. They also lived in Queenscliff Victoria.They had eight children. George(my maternal grandfather)Arthur, Alice, James, Elsie, William/Albert, Mabel, Maud. Can anyone assist me prior to John Wisemans heritage?

Name: David Wiseman <>
Date: 2010-03-11
Greetings fellow wiseman's my name is david wiseman .My father Charles Joe Wiseman son of Glen and Rosie {stewart} wiseman in gallia county ohio,town of flagspring,walnut township. somehow we are linked to a Thomas Wiseman who had a son Isaac born on a ship ? coming to the colonies tuis family lived in berks co PA. Can you give me any direction as to how they are connected to any of these wiseman. Thank you David Wiseman 920-540-5279

Name: Robert Graham <>
Date: 2010-02-14
Comments and suggestions, please. Wiseman's from McDuff to QUE to SK
Hi there just thought I would say thanks for all you efforts. My Grandmother a Wiseman wrote and excellent article on her family coming from McDuff, Scotland and ending in Yorkton, SK, Canada by way of Que and Ont. Here is the link. It follows the descendants of Humble Wiseman who fought in the Battle of Waterloo. Here is the link

Thanks again
Robert Graham


Name: James Donald Wiseman <>
Date: 2010-02-13
Comments and suggestions, please. looking for some info
This is what I know about my family; back in the 1500's three brothers left Scotland or Ireland and came to Newfoundland. My grandfather was a boat builder, my grandfather came from Little Harbor Newfoundland (William John Jr. Wiseman) married Geraldine Cooper, my great grandparents are William John Sr. and Rachel Louise Pippy from Popes Harbor Newfoundland. I know nothing beyond that so anything you could tell me would be great.

Name: James Wiseman <>
Date: 2010-02-13
loved the site, lots of info

Name: Richard K. Wiseman <>
Date: 2010-02-05
Interesting site.My family are originally fishermen from gardenstown/Fraserburgh and relocated to the west coast of Scotland early last century.Im now residing in Holland.

Name: Marianne Wagner <>
Date: 2010-01-30
Comments and suggestions, please. Catherine Wiseman B. -5-1824
Is it possible that my Catherine Wiseman is part of your family? She married Charles Henry Grim, a ship carpeter on the Ohio River (B. 1-4-1822) and lived in Freedom, Beaver County, PA. The 1860 census shows them living in August, GA where he was building boats for the South! They were back in Beaver County by the start of the Civil War and one son, Francis Marion Grim, fought for the North. Any ideas?? I can't seem to find anything on Catherine Wiseman at all. Thank you. Marianne

Name: Bob Schaefer <>
Date: 2010-01-13
Seeking information on Elizabeth McKay, born in 1891 at Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. Her father was Phillip McKay and her mother Elizabeth. The family immigrated to Turner, Oregon USA shortly after my mother's birth.

Thanks for any help that's fortcoming!


Name: Patricia Draper <>
Date: 2010-01-08
Comments and suggestions, please. Web site interesting
I am descended from the Wyseman/Wiseman Family of Essex. My earliest known Wyseman ancestor is John WYSEMAN bc1320 Canfield, Essex.

Name: Janice Thomas <>
Date: 2009-11-06
Comments and suggestions, please. not sure of usa connections
ok here is my info, all I know, charlie wiseman (gr grandfather) married Mrytle ford, she was b.1885 so I am guessing his abt 1880, they lived in henry co tn , they had children: ruby, margeret, flossie, darris, Imadeane, and (mildred b. nov.1915 my grandma) in henry co, Paris tenn. thats all I know ! thanks for any help.

Name: edmund wiseman <>
Date: 2009-09-19
Comments and suggestions, please. great start i hope!
I have just started looking at finding out about my family tree and found your site. It looks like a great start! i have only just started to read through, but much of what i have seen ties in with where my family are from, Aberdeen in Scotland. Most are still there, i was born there but now live in London, England. i would love to get something started, but am alittle overwheled and feel that much has already been done on what may be the Wiseman "branches" on the tree and i guess i need to figure out how to tie those in. I then also need to look at the other branches... but hopefully this could be a great start!
i'm going to dig around and see where to start... this really is day 1!
Hopefully you can give me some guidance which would be most appreciated!
Wow...lots to look through so i'll get started.


Name: Donna Enloe <>
Date: 2009-09-10
Comments and suggestions, please. A nice site to find lost people

I was born Donna Jean Wiseman, My mother was Gloria
Dean Terrell Wiseman an dad was Donald wisman.

She died when I was three so I was Adopted by a family
of the name of Enloe.

I would like to know my frist set of family and their
history. Because I don't know it.

Thank you for your time.


Name: Sam Wiseman <>
Date: 2009-06-10
I am from Adelaide, S.A. My family origins are in Cowell on the west coast of S.A. I am trying to find out the history before coming to Australia...

Name: Julie Wiseman <>
Date: 2009-04-25
We have been able to trace back to 1770's to a Issac Newton Wiseman (which happened to be my great-grandfathers name as well). Wasn't able to go any further than that though. My grandfather said his family orignally came from Ireland.

I really enojoyed reading the information on this site. Thankyou!


Name: Kathryn Wiseman <>
Date: 2009-02-23
Comments and suggestions, please. Howdy! from West Texas
Father: Nathan Wiseman, b.1920, d.1993 No surviving siblings
Father: Clarence Wiseman b.1897, d.1952
Mother: Myrtle Adams Wiseman
Clarence's parents: Joseph Wiseman and Viney Hosapple


Name: Kathryn Wiseman <>
Date: 2009-02-23
Comments and suggestions, please. Howdy! from West Texas
Father: Nathan Wiseman, b.1920, d.1993
Father: Clarence Wiseman b.1897, d.1952


Name: Joyce Jagoe <>
Date: 2009-02-16
My mother-in-law was Katherine( Wiseman )Jagoe of Clifton, New Bandon Parish, Gloucester County, New Brunswick. She was the daughter of Ed and Annie Wiseman of the same general area in New Brunswick. She had 3 brothers-Bill, Austin and Irwin.Katherine married Ivan Jagoe and they had one adopted son, Austin Clifford Jagoe. Does anyone know where they fit into the Wisemans?

Date: 2009-01-18
Comments and suggestions, please. JOHN WISEMAN FROM PA

Name: Elizabeth Wiseman <>
Date: 2008-03-31
I've never known much about my ancestry, so I went searching for it and ended up on this website. I really appreciate all of the information given here

Name: Mats Wiseman - SWEDEN <>
Date: 2008-03-08
Comments and suggestions, please. William 1729 - Kirkby Hill - Yorkshire
William Wiseman 1729 married 1753 with Esther Pick in Kirkby Hill by Boroughbridge in YORKSHIRE, are that anybody who knows more ! !

Name: Thomas Wiseman <>
Date: 2008-03-05
Very interesting site thanks

Name: Marjorie G. French <>
Date: 2008-02-03
I stopped by because my great grandfather and great grandmother were Andrew Walker Wyse and Flora Elizabeth McKay. I was curious when I saw both names together.

Name: Brett Wiseman <>
Date: 2008-02-02
Just wanted to know some info about the origins of the Wisemans of Estill County, KY. My fathers name is Eugene Wiseman and his fathers name was Charlie Wiseman

Name: dennis Wiseman <>
Date: 2008-01-02
very help full

Name: Joyce Reevie (Budge) Mckay) <>
Date: 2007-10-22
I was on your site the day and left the wrong email address.Iam lookingfor any information for my great grandfather John Mckay born around 1927-1829.also his son Donald P. Mckay b.1864 don,t know when they came to Canada.Dont know any thing about about a wife and mother.Donald died 1935 any information would be appreciated thanks J OYCE

Name: Joyce Reevie <>
Date: 2007-10-19
Comments and suggestions, please. very interesting
I am looking for informationon my ggrandfather john Mckay born 1827to 1829 from Aberdeen scotland.dont know when he came to canada ,found him on a 1906 census .his son donald p.was my grandfather .he died befor i was born.john went back to scotland to die i am told.any info wiuld be welcome.thank you joyce

Name: Bob Wilson <>
Date: 2007-09-08
My Wisemans first appear (to ME) circa 1800 in County Antrim NI in the Townland of Ballywatermoy in the old Ahoghill Civil Parish. Various orgins of the family name have been proposed, along with traditional Lowland Scots Plantation settlement ca. 1700. Other theories include a Dutch mercenary with King William's forces at Boyne in 1690 who liked the land and settled there. My direct ancestor, Archibald, left B'moy in 1833 and arrived in New York State USA, settling with his older brother James, in Newburgh, New York. He was my paternal grandmother's maternal grandfather. Known present US descendant/researchers are now living in Beaufort SC (surname Wilson) and in Bridgewater NJ (surname Mergott).
There are also later generation descendants with the surname Flemming and Pagano.


Name: Harry Douglas Allen, Jr. <>
Date: 2007-07-19
Comments and suggestions, please. Terrific web site!
I would appreciate any suggestions re finding the ancestry of my gg grandmother, Esther Wiseman b. 1817 in Philadelphia (?), d.Jan. 13, 1869 in Columbus, GA. Daughter of Joseph Wiseman. She married Frederick George Wilhelm. I have always heard that she was a Quaker. Thank you.

Name: Jacqueline Wiseman <>
Date: 2007-07-18
Ran into another Wiseman whose origins were from Scotland just as mine were supposedly. Probably a cousin 16 times removed!!! It's a small world!!

Name: Benjamin Wiseman <>
Date: 2007-06-21
Great site Thanks

Name: Doug Fulenwider <>
Date: 2007-05-01
Comments and suggestions, please. from Wiseman descent
My mother was Mary Helen Wiseman Fulenwider. Her father was Harvey Washington Wiseman. I have a good bit of family tree info, if you'd like to contact me.

Name: Edward Wiseman <>
Date: 2007-04-12
My Grandfathers name was John William Wiseman and was from the Virg. Wiseman's. His father was John Wiseman and settled in the Midwest in the late 1800's. The Wiseman's are still around the Midwest area. If anyone and connect to their family tree I would be interested in finding out more about my family. I have a family Bible with alot written in it.



Name: Gary L. Wiseman <>
Date: 2007-04-12
Wife:Patricia O'Brien Wiseman

Name: Paula Tetreault <>
Date: 2007-04-08
My grandmother is a Wyse and i always told the name was completely scottish as im learning there is more to to it
I just wish i knew more about it and what country of origin it all began.

Thank you for your time and information.

Paula Tetreault


Name: Elaine Miller <>
Date: 2007-02-21
Comments and suggestions, please. re: Margaret Ruth Wiseman (Wallis)
I had previously asked information on the Wiseman family of Margaret Ruth Wiseman of Yorkton Sask. Canada. Her father was William Wiseman who married Julianna Learyom and who's father was Humble Wiseman as was his father before him.

Name: paul hopper <>
Date: 2007-02-19
I am an Australian currently living in USA. I am a descendant of Sir Nicolas Wyseman Circa 1400's.
Wiseman has been a family name for 600 years


Name: Elaine miller <>
Date: 2007-02-10
Comments and suggestions, please. this is exciting to finally find the missing parts of my family
My grandmother was Margaret Ruth Wiseman born Dec 1 1901 or 02 in or around Yorkton Saskatchewan, Canada. She was one of 10 children (I do have the sibbling names if needed). I can't find my great grandfathers first name but he was married to Juliana Learyom. He was one of the Scottish settlers that came into Canada via the Hudsons Bay. He helped build a stone church and school in this community.

Name: Jamie Wiseman <>
Date: 2007-02-09
Comments and suggestions, please. Very interesting, eye opening
Love your site. I currently live in Alberta. Originally from Central Newfoundland, but my father is from Bonavista Bay, specifically, Bloomfield. I believe the family moved there from Bonavista.

Name: Sharon <>
Date: 2007-02-01
Looking for information regarding the Wisemans who wound up on the Gaspe Coast of Quebec, Canada. My ggrandfather was George Alfred Wiseman of Port Daniel, Quebec, His father was Cornelius Wiseman, eveidently born in Bathurst, New Brunswick. His father was apparently, a John Wiseman, but this is where the story gets muddled. John was supposedly also from the Gaspe area, so how was it his son was born in New Brunswick? the other children were born in bonaventure County of the Gaspe. Where did John come from? New Bandon, New Brunswick was apparently created when immigrants from Bandon , Ireland arrived. The only Wiseman I've discovered through that story is a Joseph Wiseman who married a women with last name of Hornibrook ( or something like that.) Don't know how to proceed from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Name: P.Montrose (nee Wiseman) <>
Date: 2007-01-24
Looking for a John WISEMAN bn 1780-1800 prob Norfolk. Had a dau bn 1827c Marianne / Mary Anne ; she married 1846 St Pancras, London to John Nicholson, they sailed almost immediately for N.Z. John was a Chemist/ Surgeon. Marianne's Mother could have been Elizabeth, no surname known.
Can you help please. Pearl.


Name: John Kaven Wyseman McKay <>
Date: 2007-01-04
Comments and suggestions, please. HAPPY NEW YEAR

I would like to record my appreciation to all of you who have contributed to the web site.

Have a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

January 1 2007

John Kaven Wyseman McKay

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


Name: Jim w.Childre <>
Date: 2006-12-31
wifes maiden name is Linda Wyse. We are searching for Her roots.let us know if you got this e mail.

Name: Rosemary Wiseman Seal <>
Date: 2006-12-31
Comments and suggestions, please. Great Information
I am a daughter of Wing Commander James Arnold Wiseman AFC
pilot during WW2 Born in Winnepeg 1910 - died in Florida 1969. His father was William James Wiseman born in Violet Ontario, Canada - his father William James Wiseman born in Violet, Ontario, Canada - his father Joseph Wiseman Irish emmigrated to Canada mid 1800's.


Name: Jack <>
Date: 2006-11-23
Please contact me with any details about the wiseman family tree i would be extremely grateful if you could send information to


Name: Mike C.Jones <cmike>
Date: 2006-10-27
Comments and suggestions, please. Very intresting,i learned much
My wife was Ann Juanita Wiseman, Daughter of Paul Davenport Wiseman of N.C. Thanks for shareing.

Name: william j wiseman jr <>
Date: 2006-10-23
Comments and suggestions, please. see below
my grandmas name was goyea on my moms side and my mom said that the qween mum who has sense passed away was my great ant..other then this i dont know who im related to my dad who has my same name got smart and left me when i was a year old i never did get to ask him why as he would be about 70 right now i understand that he robed a bank and gas station and his sister told me he is nothing but trobel but i felt we all make mistakes in life mabey he changed and became a good person...but to this day i have never met him but i do have the name wiseman and i was born in ironton missouri on new years day why i dont know either i never met my dads mom and dad unless i was so young i just dont remember and i was raised in group homes where the court felt that my mom was not beaten me enough and put me into a home where a beaten was a everyday life for us kids..anyway i like to be called billy it was nice meeting you...billy

Date: 2006-09-28
Wow John!
What a ton of information. You must have spent years and years researching. Wonderful!


Name: Peter Wyse Wightman <>
Date: 2006-09-20
interesting the wyse,s of our family spent the last 200 years in and around fife scotland

Name: Julie <>
Date: 2006-09-15
Comments and suggestions, please. This is great!
My ggg or gg Grandmother on my mothers side was originally from County Cork. Her mother was Erinnish but her father was a Scotsman with the name Wise (was changed from Wyse upon arrival to America). I don't have the resources to discover any more, because my Grandmother and Grandfather have passed away, and no one was really interested in the family history, which is a shame, and I seem to be the only one left that is proud about it. I am at a loss though.
Talk about being at the base of a rather huge wall...
So I don't know where to begin trying to find more with the verry limited amount of information I have/don't have.



Name: Greg Wiseman <>
Date: 2006-09-05
I would like to find out more about my dad's family history his name was Donald Eugene Wiseman from Amery,Wisconsin. I have two uncles i'm not in contact with Wesley and Axl. I have no more info than that.

Name: Roma Chatt <>
Date: 2006-09-03
Whilst researching my husbands family history I have been told by two seperate family members that a family member married "Lord Wiseman". I have discovered information from the Times obitories that Lord William George Eden Wiseman married for a third time to Joan Mary Leseur, daughter of Arthur PHELPS of Harrow. Arthur Phelps was my husbands Gt Grandfather
. Information suggests that Lady Joan Wiseman is the mother of the current Lord John William Wiseman.
I would be interested to know if anyone has further details of this third marriage, I am particulary keen on knowing how old Joan was when she married Lord Wiseman as I have been unable to find her birth in the UK.


Name: Bob Wilson <>
Date: 2006-05-06
Visited my Wiseman ancestor's one-time homesites in Ballywatermoy Townland, near the village of Cullybackey in County Antrim, NI, with my son two weeks ago. My direct ancestor is Archibald Wiseman, who left Ballywatermoy in 1833 and was in Newburgh, NY, USA along with his older brother James, by 1838. Took photos of a ruined homestead once belonging to a Patrick Wiseman (d. 1917), a probable nephew or cousin to Archibald and James. I have a photo of the ruined cottage.

Name: Jill <>
Date: 2006-03-30
Reading your biography Bryan I think I may be able to shed a little light on the origin of the talent for your play writing (even if it may be a bit of a side step to your direct line). I have found the late ERNIE WISE (of MORCOMBE & WISE fame) in the outer branches of the WISEMAN tree. I distinctly remember sketches where Ernie would announce ' and now for a little play what I wrote'!
His line (if I am correct) tumbles down from JOHN WISEMAN & REBECCA CARTER who married in 1778 and lived in HICKLING, NORFOLK.
I am pretty sure that they also link in somehow with my BRIGHTON WISEMANS. They had links to PENGE and BROMLEY (MIDDLESEX) which is where ERNIE'S family were.

Regards to all,


Name: Gary Wise <>
Date: 2006-03-22
Trying to find family before 1700s in Fife, Scotland! Found back to James Wise b1709. Online records not available before that.

Thanks for the info!

Gary Wise b1960


Name: Richard Rogers <>
Date: 2006-03-14
Comments and suggestions, please. Wiseman Family Genealogy
I would like to see if you may have the history and genealogy on the Wiseman Family including from an ancestor to Catherine Wiseman who married to Charles Griffin (Grissin) in Connecticut in the mid-18th Century.

Name: Geoff Mac Gregor <>
Date: 2006-02-17
Comments and suggestions, please. Great work / keep going
Im trying to find out as much as possible on the Mac Gregor side. I live in Johannesburg South Africa and it is darn difficult finding The Mac Gregor clan here.Trying to find more on ancestory etc. <br>Keep up your great work

Name: Judith Wiseman Farkas <>
Date: 2006-01-25
I am the only child of Osborne Beeman Wiseman. I was born 6 weeks after he did. He was from Zainesville, Ohio. I know he was related to a Caleb Wiseman from Lancaster Co. PA who fought in the American Revolution, was captured by the British was freed and went back to fight again. He left the service on $8 month pension. Does anyone have any information about this?

Name: Daneta <>
Date: 2006-01-09
Comments and suggestions, please. I am not sure where to start
My name is Daneta Wiseman I am trying to find out where my family fits into the Wiseman generations and I am having a very hard time on how to start. I look up my father's, grandfather's and great grandfather's name and find nothing.

Name: Joe Wyse <>
Date: 2005-12-28
Wyse family emigrated from County Cork, Ireland and settled in Wisconsin about 1850. The name was changed to Wise but later some of the family changed back to Wyse.

Name: Janette Cavanagh <>
Date: 2005-12-04
I have read and enjoyed all the comments in the guestbook. Here are my connections.
My ggg grandmother was Isabella Wiseman b in Athlone Ireland in about 1817. She married William Jackson in Hull Yorkshire in 1838 and died in Leeds on 1897.
Her father was William Wiseman, soldier.
Has anyone got any information that might be relevant?


Name: Margaret Shand <>
Date: 2005-12-04
A very interesting web site. My Wisemans come from Gardenstown, Gamrie Parish where the name was sometimes spelled Weathman or Weithman in the early 1700s. Interestingly, there is also a link by marriage to an Ogilvie family also in Gamrie and possibly Boyndie. I would be very interested in hearing from any others who have similar interest in those areas.

Name: S.Reid <>
Date: 2005-12-02
Hello everyone, from Victoria, BC (western Canada). I'm researching my family history and I have Wiseman ancestors from northeastern Scotland. I am wondering if anyone might have any info on the following people:

Starting with the distant past and working forward:

William Wiseman (no dates), married to Jane ___ (born about 1795)

they had 3 children - James (born 29 October 1818, Portsoy), Henry (born Jan 25, 1825) and Alex (born 1831)

James (born 1818) went on to marry a Margaret Patterson (born 1820 Macduff), and they had many children (Henry, Margaret, Jane, Helen, William, Thomas, Mary, Agnes, James).

James and Margaret's oldest son Henry (born March 8, 1855, Macduff, died in 1934, Fyvie), married a Christina Ironside (born 1854).
Henry and Christina had a number of children (Jeannie, John, Harry, Wallace, Eric...).

It was Henry's daughter Jeannie, who married George Reid in 1902. Jeannie and George Reid are my great grandparents. They went on to have a son Henry George Reid (born near Lumsden, 1905), who emigrated to western Canada with his young family in 1939. Henry's son was John, my father.

Most of my family research thus far has been in the Lumsden area (Cook, Reid and Smith families), with some peripheral folks from the Rhynie, Gartly, and Strathdon areas.

I would really appreciate it if you had any information or leads to share. I would be happy to share anything I have with you.

with kind regards,

Shelley Reid
Victoria, BC Canada.


Name: Peggy Wiseman-Holland <>
Date: 2005-10-07
Comments and suggestions, please. Wiseman
My grandfather, Mark Jarrett Wiseman is related to Mac Wiseman, cousins I think, He was a only child, His fathers name was Ed or I would assume Edward,who was married to Grace Levina, in the Charleston, West Virginia area, USA. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Dawn Tonneman <>
Date: 2005-09-19
Have you ever come across any information that shows the migration of the Wyseman/Wiseman family to Germany. My Wiseman (Weisman) family came from Germany to the United States in the middle 1700's. We are trying to find a link between the English Wiseman family and the German Weisman/Weissman/Wiseman family. Thanks

Dawn Tonneman


Name: Sharon <>
Date: 2005-08-11
I am trying to find information about Wisemans, from Shustoke, Warwick, particularly Anne Wiseman, born Nov. 20, 1736. I know she married Benjamen Toon. Her parents were John and Sarah Wiseman. After that, I'm not sure. Appreciate any help.

Name: Karen Wissman Boblit <>
Date: 2005-07-29
I am a Wissman with ancestors from Germany and France I found your site interesting

Name: Darin E. Wiseman <>
Date: 2005-07-25
Comments and suggestions, please. Very nice site! Lots of info!
Mansfield, Ohio. I'm just wondering if I can find out if my 7th great-grandfather came over on a boat in early 18th Century, and if He was related to these clans you mention. I would love to trace my blood back to Scotland or wherever it may be, but I am stuck at the boatdocks in the 18th C. :)

Name: Jimmy R. Wiseman <>
Date: 2005-07-04
Comments and suggestions, please. Good Site!
I was impressed with the research & data on the history and European lure associated with the Wiseman name. My own reseach is centered on the Wiseman Family in Missouri and Arkansas, USA.

Thanks for sharing the Family Name information.


Name: DR Arathoon <>
Date: 2005-06-24
Comments and suggestions, please. a most informative site
Looking for Wyse of Devon, my 6th great grandfather Thomas Wyse. His 6th and youngest daugther Jemima Wyse married Irish born Acheson Johnston Crozier, closely related to the 3 families his full name represents and raised by his uncle Sir Richard Johnston of Gillford Castle. There seems to be another family member also Thomas Wyse Esq marrying Maria Juliana Carkeet, in Cornwall in 1789...any new Wyse information would be great,


Name: Mark Wiseman <>
Date: 2005-06-14
Looking up information on my family and stumbled across this site. I`m 37 and live in Texas,US. very interesting!!

Name: Mark Bradley Wiseman <>
Date: 2005-05-24

Name: Brenda Meehan <>
Date: 2005-04-30
This is a great site.
I am researching my Wiseman family roots. My Grandfather - James Wiseman (catholic)- From England (I belive) then later lived in Comrie Scotland, Married Janet (Jessie) Henry From Aberdeen (I believe) then Comrie.
James Wiseman was in an elite branch of the British Royal Service and Died in India in the 1940's.
Any information would be appreciated.
thank you


Name: Sarah Wiseman <>
Date: 2005-04-02
Comments and suggestions, please. Good website.
I'm 17 years old and I live in Australia, New South Wales. I am related to the earliest documented Wiseman, who was an auditor for King Henry the 8th in 1622. It would be interesting to find out a bit about my ancestors and distant relatives, who are all over the world now. Captain Charles Wiseman came to Australia in the 18th century, and since then, the Wiseman name has spread widely throughout this country. It has been interesting reading this site.


Name: Karla <>
Date: 2005-03-17
Comments and suggestions, please. wiseman? I NEED HELP!!!
Iam a Wiseman,as far back to Archbishops of England, but do not know more than that, I know I'm of Irish, English, Germany decent. BUT HOW AND WHERE AND WHO DO I TALK TO OR CONTACT TO LAY CLAIM TO THE COAT OF ARMS???? PLEASE EMAIL ME TAHNK YOU. MOM SAID SOMETHING ABOUT ARCHIVES, AND EMBASSY OF ENGLAND??

Name: Paul Wiseman <>
Date: 2005-02-26
Thanks for your insight into the family. Some work has been done here in Australia by Graham Wiseman of Brisbane. If you're interested, I can arrange contact.


Name: gary wiseman <>
Date: 2005-02-20
Family located in Murton Co.Durham.Possibly arrived mid 1800's as Murton's population increased from less than 100 to over 1,000 coinciding with the sinking of the pit.My father believes family migrated from Scotland other than that we have not traced any other information yet

Name: Alistair Wiseman <>
Date: 2005-01-19
I was born in Crewe, Cheshire in England, but my father was from Inverness
in Scotland. Im honestly not sure if he was born there, or in Nairn a few
miles down the road from there... way back in July 1929. His name is Ian
MacDonald Wiseman, and he has 4 sons, Andrew Robert, Hamish Stuart, Iain
William, and myself, Alistair Angus... along with 2 daughters, Anne-Marie
and Susan Josephine


Name: A.M. Barnes <>
Date: 2005-01-17
Looking for a William Wiseman married to Mary Sweet 1801 at St. Lukes, Finsbury, Middlesex, Looking for his birth. Is this just a Scottish Wiseman Site?

Name: patrick mckenzie <>
Date: 2004-12-25
Thanks,I reached your site researching my grandfather by marriage,Lewis Alfred Wiseman,born 1878,Flegg[now Martham]


Name: Glenis Wise <>
Date: 2004-11-15
Very interested to see Coat of Arms ...Thank-you

Name: Margaret Ogilvie McCash <>
Date: 2004-11-11
Hello John: May I commend you on excellent work in compiling your website. My ggrandmother was Margaret Mowbray Ogilvie. She married Charles Wilson who was with the Blackwatch. They lived in Perth Perthshire,Scotland. Once again thank you for the wonderful knowledge from your website. Regards Margaret

Name: Sarah Walker <>
Date: 2004-10-26
Comments and suggestions, please. WISEMAN - Banffshire, Scotland
Jeannie Anderson WISEMAN b. 1884 in Findochty, Banffshire, Scotland married Alfred Turton DONALDSON in 1913 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Jeannie's parents were:
Robert WISEMAN b. 1853 in Buckie, Banffshire, Scotland and Jane ANDERSON b. 1854 in Deskford, Banffshire, Scotland. They were married in 1877 in Deskford, Banffshire, Scotland.

Robert's parents were:
Robert WISEMAN b. ? and Janet MILNE b. ? They were married in 1852 in Rathven, Banffshire, Scotland.

I would love to learn more about this branch of my husband's tree. The WISEMANs are my mother-in-law's ancestors.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sarah Walker


Name: Angela Wiseman <>
Date: 2004-10-12
I am a Wiseman by marriage and have been researching my husband's family name for about a year. The earliest Wiseman I can find for him is William Wiseman, planter (which is like saying a gentleman farmer) in Old Bonaventure, Newfoundland. circa 1823. His wife's name was Honor (Unknown). If anyone could make a connection to us through this William I would love to hear from you!

Name: Scott McIntire <>
Date: 2004-09-17
Comments and suggestions, please. Very interesting site, esp. guestbook entries.
Re WISEMAN family of Garmouth, Elgin, Scotland

Looking for info related to GEORGE WISEMAN who married Jayne Boyne. He ran a livery business in Garmouth, where they had five children between 1893 and 1902: George, Alexander, Elizabeth, Isabella and Boyne (my father-in-law, who emigrated to Canada in the early 1900s). Isabella also emigrated, but to the U.S. (Boston).

If this means anything to anyone else, we'd love to hear from you.


Name: Suzy Angus <>
Date: 2004-08-28
Hi to Michelle from Inverness. As your Wisemans come from the north east of Scotland, it could be that there's a common link with some of the others from around there. Mine all came from the Rathven area. For some reason there was a strong group of Wisemans in the NE coastal region - Elgin, Banff and so on. Good luck with your search - there's lots out there for you to find!

Name: Michelle Wiseman <>
Date: 2004-08-26
was wanting to find out about the wisemans so this has made me want to research my family tree . i live in Inverness and my father is Alan wiseman and his father was george Wiseman and i know my Great Gran lived in Aberdeen so i think i will start tonight thanks alot will visit again

Name: Lawrence Thomas Bush <>
Date: 2004-08-07
Comments and suggestions, please. Great site
I am the grandson of Henry Wyse who lived in Penascola, Fl. Looking for any info. on my grandfather. I think he died in 1954, but not sure. He was married to Bertha Mc bride and she passed away in May of 1974. So far I have found nothing on my grandfather, so anyone knowing anything would be of great help.

Name: Chris Wise <>
Date: 2004-07-30
Comments and suggestions, please. I take my hat off to your dedication
I have details of my WISE family back via Charles WISE (1859 ~ 1941 Lincolnshire and Yorkshire), Daniel WISE (1816 ~ 1880 in Lincolnshire), Daniel Wise (1776 ~ 1835 in Lincolnshire) to Joseph Wise who married Elizabeth Bowring 10 January 1776 in Horsington, Lincolnshire, England. I would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in the above family.

Name: jason wiseman <>
Date: 2004-07-10
Comments and suggestions, please. nice site
im from southeast missouri

Name: Charles Randall Riddle <>
Date: 2004-06-06
I am descended from Thomas Wiseman who emigrated to America about 1716 , his son Isaac, grandson Samuel b 15 February 1771, gr.grandson Lorenzo Dow b 3 February 1812, Benjamin Winfield Scott b 24 June 1852, gr. Charles Sumner b 22 March 1879, granddaughter Mary Isabel b 23 January 1916 m Grant E. Riddle. I was born 8 February 1943.

Name: Randall Riddle <>
Date: 2004-06-06
I heartily agree with your father's comment concerning porridge.

Name: helen <>
Date: 2004-05-13
Comments and suggestions, please. nice site!
I have some connections with Wisemans in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and found some Wiseman memorials in Lossiemouth Moray, so i figured they had travelled over the years with the fishing trade (as many of them are found on coastal regions). How wrong I was, when i read your site and discovered the name was of Scottish ancestry!
Thanks for educating me, and if I can help anyone with the Moray bit i'd be glad to help.


Name: Robin Brooks <>
Date: 2004-05-09
I'm looking for information on Robert Wyse (abt. 1865 Markinch, Fifeshire)
Son, William Brand Wyse, Sons (Robert, William, Henry)
My connection is actually through the "Brand" part of the family.
Do you have a GED file on RootsWeb that would should your family tree?


Name: beverly a. bryson <>
Date: 2004-05-01
my maiden name is wiseman, my father arthur leo wiseman, mother lora janrose barnes wiseman, my father's father is james floyd wiseman and his wife beaola(olabea) larson came from estill county ky. not sure from there how far back we go any info would be of help please. my father was born june 21, 1948.

Name: mary miles <>
Date: 2004-04-29
Hi, You could be family.. My mother name was Maryjoann Oudersluys Her mother name was Frances Wiseman.. Frances fother was Frank Wiseman and mother was Nellie Grady lived Grand Rapids Michigan . frances had 2 brothers Donald, Jim. Sister Marion Wiseman. I dont know much more all have pass, Only one left other than my children, looking for history on my family to allow my children to know where they came from thank you for any info Mary

Name: Nicola Bramwell <>
Date: 2004-04-12
I found your site very interesting. My maiden name was Wiseman. I have traced my family back to Norwich, norfolk - William Wiseman was born about 1803, in Norwich, but I cannot find his birth record. He moved to Manchester and married there in 1829.

Name: Jenny Holman <>
Date: 2004-03-26
Comments and suggestions, please. nice site!
My 3rd great grandfather, John Wiseman, was born in either Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland or possibly glassford or Paisley.

Name: Frederick Joseph Wiseman <>
Date: 2004-02-28
Comments and suggestions, please. I did not know I had a Scottish origin.
My father's name was Leo Patrick Wiseman from St.John's Newfoundland. Mother maden name was Jessie Francis Whitten, also of St.John's Newfoundland. Would love to hear from anyone that have information on either.
Thank you and have a nice day.


Name: Sue Wiseman <>
Date: 2004-02-20
Comments and suggestions, please. Great info!!!!
I am a Wiseman by marriage. I am researching the Wiseman clan for my husband and our three boys.

My husband is John William Wiseman, son of Edgar Hadley Wiseman and Shirley Henrietta Glendenning.

Edgar is the son of Perley Ernest Wiseman and Christine Estelle (Devlin) Wiseman.

Perley is the Son of William Ernest and Mary Agnes (Beers) Wiseman

William is the son of William and Esther (Hinton) Wiseman.

This is a far back as I have traced the family so far. The family story is that three brothers left County Cork Ire. and arrived in Canada during the 1840's around the time of the famine. I first found William and Esther and three children....William E. Mary Jane, and Artemus on the 1880 Canadian Census, Bathurst, Glouster, New Brunswick.

Common first names in this branch are:John, William, Paul, Bessie, Daisy, Hazel, Mary, Edgar, Edwin, Carl, Walter,

other surnames related I know of:Glendenning, Devlin, Flora, Einboden, Fink, Hinton, Beers, Reed, Wright.

If this might be a link to anyone please e-mail me at

Terrific site I learned alot...Well Done


Name: Pauline <>
Date: 2004-01-22
Thank you for visiting my website John and leaving a message in my guestbook so that folks wishing to pursue the surnames of WYSEMAN, WISEMAN, WYSE, WISE can do so via your website. Particularly as these surnames are not listed amongst my Surnames Listing (2400 names) here:-

Keep up the good work. Slainte


Name: Kathy McKay <>
Date: 2004-01-18
Interesting site - obviously the author has put a lot of work into it!

Name: Karen Wise Ellis <karen wise ellis>
Date: 2004-01-18
I(with the help of many others) have traced our Wise/Wyse family to Arbuthnot, Kincardnshire, Scotland.
Alexander Wise b 1622, m. Martha Low b.1622
George Wise b. 1648, m. Katheren Dollace married 5-14-1680
David Wise b. 1681, m. Jean Young
John Wise b. 7-25-1721 came to South Carolina...
I have the info from there, do you have any family ties to this Wise family in Scotland?

Thank you for any help at all. As you know this can be exhausting.
Karen Wise Ellis


Name: Suzy Angus <>
Date: 2004-01-13
My Wiseman family comes from Banffshire area in NE Scotland, particularly around Rathven. The earliest I've got is Alexander Wiseman b.1766, who married Margaret Cuy , and they had Isabella 1788. Isabella married Alexander Woodman, or Wood, in Rathven 1817. Isabella is buried in Portsoy. Can anyone help me with this Wiseman family?

I also have Norfolk connections with Wiseman, but through marriage. A number of Wisemans married into the Pratt family from Smallburgh. Any help through this connection would also be great.

Hope to hear from some of my Wiseman branches soon. By the way, does anyone know why the Scottish Wisemans seem to come from mainly NE coastal parts of Scotland? There's a tiny pocket of them along the Morayshire coast in the 18th and 19th centuries, but it's rare to find them just a few miles east.

Good luck everybody!


Name: Donald McKay <>
Date: 2004-01-12
I was impressed by the number of people that have visited your site dad. Lots of variations of the Family name but that would be expected over the years especially with the immigration , etc.

Grandad would be proud!!!!!!


Name: Lucy Wyse <>
Date: 2004-01-06
I am researching my husband's family. His grandfather was David Keddie Wyse of Fife Scotland, son of James Mowbray Wyse and Margaret Keddie. I am guessing by his name that James's mother was a Mowbray. Can you suggest web sites. I have tried,, No help on James Mowbray Wyse and Margaret Keddie.

Name: Fredrick Wiseman <>
Date: 2004-01-04
stuck at gggrandfather - Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Wiseman of Illinois. Cannot find link to supposed father Benjamin Wiseman of Indiana, Estill County, KY and Bucks County, Pa.

Name: glad wiseman <>
Date: 2003-12-13

Born gladys wiseman Dundee Scotland have 4 brothers
John Wiseman, Wallace, David, Jimmy all still in Dundee Our dad Jim originally from Macduff died a few years ago so did his brother Alex and their sister Bonnie Mary . my dads other sister is still alive Pearl Wiseman and still in Dundee nice to see loads of Wisemans where did it all start???? dont know where my dads brother has gone Billy??
there is loads in Dundee thanks to my brothers passing on the good name.


Name: Wendy Wiseman <>
Date: 2003-11-30
Hello to everyone, I just finished viewing the questbook and i must say..."wow". I had no idea. I am 28 yrs old, i live in Texas and i am a Wiseman by birth. My fathers name is Carl Dean Wiseman, he has 4 brothers, James Williams Wiseman, Don Wiseman, Jimmy Wiseman, Daniel Wiseman. The names of their parents are Johnny Wiseman and Letha(Brown) Wiseman. Its really neat to see just how far back things go, and im very impressed with all the information here.
Hello to all, and thanks for the awesome information.

Wendy Wiseman


Name: Linda Hoare <>
Date: 2003-10-17
Comments and suggestions, please. Wisemans interest me.
Been researching my husband's great grandmother (Ann WISEMAN) who married in Scarborough, York in l859 at 24 years, ( Father -William Mother - Elizabeth. Her husband was Henry JONES, and together they migrated to New Zealand in l863 to settle in the south island, and raise 5 children.

The l861 census states she was born in Northwalsham, about 1835, but I don't seem to be able to locate a birth record for her at all. She is a mystery.


Name: Brian Newman <>
Date: 2003-09-30
I have a complete brick wall on my Wiseman line.

My GGFather was Ambrose Wiseman born C 1836. I have his marriage certificate to Mary Ellis dated 24 May 1874 in St Pauls church Tongham Surrey. This gives his fathers name but it is almost illegible, it looks like Harvey or Harry or Henry and shows him living in Tongham at this time. Shortly after the marriage he was living at Croydon where their children Rosetta Mary b C Aug 1875, Ambrose b 12 Apr 1877 (my GFather) and Elizabeth Maria b C Aug 1879 were born. Mary died during the birth of Elizabeth Maria and my GFather Ambrose was the only child to survive into adulthood. I also have Ambrose in the 1881 census still residing in Croydon with the place of birth not given. I have spent many hours trying to find this family in the 1851 and other censuses without success. Ambrose died between 1881 and 1900.
I have recently discovered a possible indication of a connection with Norfolk by the death record of Alfred Ditcham Wiseman O-D 1890 in Croydon aged 55 (DOB C 1835). This suggests to me that Alfred Ditcham may be linked with my Ambrose.
Alfred Ditcham Wiseman was bap 16 Sep 1835 in Islington son of John Wiseman and Sarah Pratt. He married Martha Hering who was born in Gt Yarmouth C 1835. His elder sister Sarah Ann Ditcham Wiseman was bap 22 Nov 1833 in Gt Yarmouth so the family clearly originated from Norfolk.
John Wiseman was the illegitimate son of Ann Wiseman and was bap 18 Mar 1810 in Palling. Presumably the father's surname was Ditcham.
I'm sorry to go into so much detail but if you know anything of my Ambrose, perhaps from a census, it would be a major breakthrough. Hope to hear from you

Best Regards Brian Newman (Farnborough Hants)


Name: JILL <>
Date: 2003-09-29

I have other entries on this list but thought I should include a sideways link of my BRIGHTON, UK line. I know we are linked with them but as yet I have not estiblished Some of this line emigrated to ILLINOIS whilst others remained in BRIGHTON or St. MARYLEBONE in LONDON.

I have nothing further back than MATHEW WISEMAN (b. about 1746) and SARAH SIMS (born 1753). MATHEW was a SERVINGMAN (8 years prior to marriage and SARAH a MAID. They married in CLAPHAM (WEST SUSSEX). It is quite likely that the couple were IN SERVICE to the SHELLEY family at this time as CLAPHAM is a tiny village with only one or two establishments where they could have been employed. I should love to find some confirmation of this possibility.

MATHEW and SARAH`S first child was christened in CLAPHAM 5/5/1779. They appear then to have moved to BRIGHTON where the following children were baptised:
SARAH 1783

The christian name MATHEW followed down to at least the next three generations and the remaining christian names were also repeated with the inclusion of LUKE,JAMES, GEORGE and HENRY.

GEORGE HENRY WISEMAN was my G.G.G. Grandfather but just to confuse me, two of his children named him as RICHARD HENRY on their marriage certificate. I am at a loss, as to why?

Other linking surnames that tie in are as follows:

Hope somebody may recognise this line,




Name: John F. Wise <>
Date: 2003-07-27
Enjoyed your web site. I'm searching for anything on my WYSE/WISE ancestors from Arbuthnott and Maryculter, Kircardineshire. Thanks for all your effort and info.

Name: William Plumer Wiseman Jr <>
Date: 2003-07-24
I have always hesitated to sign into a Guestbook such as this one because it seemed that one more person flailing around on an ancestor search was the last thing needed. However, here goes: I am the great grandson of one John Wiseman who moved to Danville, Virginia in about 1840. He married a Mary Downs in 1842 and had two children, one of whom was my great grandfather, Henry A. Wiseman. John Wiseman was born in Pennsylvania (at least according to Henry), and his family was British (or so my family has always understood: quite a number of us are classic "Black Scots" in appearance as were both John and Henry). He would have been in his 20's in 1842. He died in the late 1840's while on a business trip back toward Pennsylvania (or so we have always understood). Any leads?

Name: Janet Ariciu <>
Date: 2003-07-24
Comments and suggestions, please. William Wiseman
My Wiseman is William Wiseman born 1725 in Saint James, Clerkenwell, London, England died in North Carolina.
William wife was Mary Davenport their son John Wiseman was my ancestor.
here is my webpage



Name: JILL <>
Date: 2003-06-30

I'm still trying to find someone with links to the line of BRIGHTON (SUSSEX, UK) WISEMAN folk from whom I am descended.
They were in BRIGHTON from the early 1800s but maintained links with LONDON.

My line includes:

Their children:

Next generation:
FLORA b 1865, HERBERT b 1866, ALICE MAUD MARY B 1870 and LILIAN KATE b 1871.



Name: Doug Wyseman <>
Date: 2003-05-29
My grandfather was Robert Gibb Wyseman. ...born in Falkirk, Scotland. He moved to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada in the 20's I believe. He married Marion Lawson, of Walasea England.

Name: Ron Journeau <>
Date: 2003-05-24
Comments and suggestions, please. what a clan!!
My mother is Shirley Maureen Wiseman, daughter of Grace Chedore and Cornelius Stillman Wiseman. Homestead still standing in Port Daniel West, on the beautiful Gaspé peninsula, Québec , Canada... Any info???

Name: Joni Wiseman <>
Date: 2003-04-03
Comments and suggestions, please. lots of information here
Looking for info on ancestors: Perry Wiseman, George Wiseman, Michael Wiseman, Allen Wiseman, Sarah Mauck (was married to Perry) Elizabeth Miller was Perry's step mother.
Also info on ancestors: DeFord and Personnette.


Name: Wigs on the Green Fine Art <>
Date: 2003-03-04
I'm a picture dealer in York, England and have recently bought a portrait miniature of Sophia Wiseman painted by Charles Rodius in Australia in 1833. I found your site whilst trying to trace Sophia and thought someone here may be interested in seeing the painting. I have just listed in on Ebay for sale (item no. 3504577128).

Name: Jill <>
Date: 2003-02-06
Have just found your website and emailed John who recommended I post some infor about my family. My maiden name was Wiseman and was born in York, however the Wisemans originated from Elgin. GG Granparents James Wiseman & Margaret McConnell married 16 Feb 1826 in the parish of Elgin. Also GG Grandparents Alexander MacDonald and Christy (Christian) Barron, married 4 June 1841 at Inverness. Both men were shoemakers. One of Alexanders' daughters, Elizabeth married John Wiseman (James' son) on 8 March 1865, age 19 and 23 respectively. John was an upholster. My parents used to say that he was upholsterer to Queen Victoria. Not sure how accurate this is. He did move around the country a lot, at least 2 of his 13 children were born in London. They finally retired in York, England, where they both died. Their children's names were as follows:
John, David, Alexander, Charles, (my paternal Grandad), Thomas (my maternal Grandad) - my parents Alice Macdonald Wiseman and Ronald Macdonald Wiseman being cousins), James, Elizabeth, Christine, Helen, Margaret, Ann, Dorothy, Jessica.

I understand that John had a brother Francis, christened 1 June 1839, Elgin. He too was an upholsterer. There were at least 2 sisters, Maxwell, & Helen, all from Elgin. At the time of the 1881 Census Francis was in Hammersmith London. Hope this is of some use to anyone wishing to trace family. I would welcome a response from anyone who can shed any further light on my family.

Many thanks


Name: Julie Rodriguez <>
Date: 2003-01-28
I have been looking up my family history the past year. I just ran across this site. I have gotten as far as William Wiseman in england 1740. Things befor that are a little iffy. I just looked up the family creast and it is nothing like the one I am looking at right now. Bit the motto is the same.Does William Edward Wiseman from London England fit into this web site.



Name: Renee <>
Date: 2003-01-19
Great web site! I don't have much about my grandmothers Wiseman family so maybe you can give me some pointers. Her parents were: George Wiseman B-? D-Aug 13 1922 his wife
Liddle F. Metz Wiseman B- April 2 1869 D- Dec 13 1936 Both are buried in Poage Mills Roanoke Co Roanoke Virginia. This I got from my grandmothers sister said her parents came from another country and she has no idea.
So as you can see I don't have much to start with. They always lived in Roanoke Virginia, that's all I have.
If you can direct me somewhere to get started on this I would be most thankful.


Name: Jan Valdez <>
Date: 2003-01-12
Comments and suggestions, please. Very informative
My GGG grandmother was Elizabeth B. Wisemann, b.1789,Cookie's (?) Cove, NFLD and d. 2/20/1861 in BarPoint, Goose Cove, NFLD and married to Joseph Morris b.1785 in Wales and d.12/25/1876 in Coculk's Cove (Cuckold's Cove?), NFLD. They were married in 9/26/1807, Trinity Bay, NFLD.

Name: Wanda Powell <>
Date: 2003-01-01
Comments and suggestions, please. I enjoyed your site and family history.
I am researching Frederick Wyse, father of Patrick Wyse who was a Lutheran minister. I have a bio from the "History of Lutheran Evangelical Synod of South Carolina" Patrick Wyse was born in Newberry County on the 6 October 1830.

Name: angela wiseman <>
Date: 2002-12-11
thank you for the information on the clan as pertains to scotland .

Name: Craig Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-11-24
Comments and suggestions, please. I am finding my ancestors.
I am conducting a family search for my genealogy class at church.

Name: John <>
Date: 2002-10-08
Comments and suggestions, please. Jessie Wiseman's reel
Jessie Wiseman's reel (Scottish)

Can anyone email me the sheet music or a sound file, please.

I would really appreciate it.



Name: Pamela Bolil <>
Date: 2002-10-02
Comments and suggestions, please. Thank you
I'm looking for any Wiseman family member from England that may have information on the Wiseman's from the city of London in St. James Clerkenwell Parish, In the year 1736-1740 My gggg Grandfather was from this area His name was William Wiseman. He had several children but one seems to have a Wiseman name. "Anthony Senter Wiseman" William Wiseman was born Feb. 2, 1736 or 1740 I couldn't make out the year in the family Bible. If any of this information sounds familiar to you please contact me. Thank you, Pam Bolil

Name: Martin Wood <>
Date: 2002-09-21
I have a pedigree of Wiseman of Braddocks.
It begins with John Wiseman of Felstead and Braddocks who died Jan 1568.
The pedigree includes some of the Wisemans of Rivenhall and it goes down to the 1700s.


Name: Phyllis Wiseman Moored <>
Date: 2002-09-05
I just have one question and that is "does this info. about all Wiseman or just a certune group of Wiseman. My father was cecil and my grandfather was Otto so i was just wondering if this info. appiles to me. please let me know thank you Phyllis

Name: William Tyler <>
Date: 2002-08-30
Comments and suggestions, please. Awesome
I have an ancestor named Wallace Wiseman, who married a Louisa Harriett Macguire. Both born around 1870, lived and died in England.
I was wondering if you might have info on Wallace.
I am having a difficult time locating info on these two.



Name: Peggy Wiseman Francis <>
Date: 2002-08-22
Comments and suggestions, please. Great Site for Wiseman, etc., info
Believe I am from the English line although there is some confusion in my father's papers regarding this. He had recorded that his first ancestor in the United States was Joseph, yet everything I am finding indicates that this is not correct -- it appears to be Thomas Wiseman, who was born in 1672 in Norfolk, England, died in 1716 in Lancaster, PA. He was married to Elizabeth Quadling (?).

I have not yet read all of the info on your site but certainly will get started soon. Maybe this will provide some answers. Thanks for all the info.



Name: Philippe Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-08-12
i forgot... JACQUES WISEMAN named his son Philippe (Philip)Wiseman after his own grand-father or father. If this can help anyone :)

Name: Philippe Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-08-12
I'm from montreal,Qc, Canada. My grand-mother did our family tree and in quebec it stops In quebec city in the late 18th century But the first entry is under JACQUES WISEMAN wich is cleary french. Probably was JACK WISEMAN oiginaly and he came from Ringward, England...If this hekp anyone i'd be glad to hear about because to learn more about my lineage I'll have to wait untill i can go to england.starting with Ringward..see ya!

Name: Marilyn Hopton <>
Date: 2002-08-04
Comments and suggestions, please. I really enjoyed your site and info. The guestbook comments and searches are always interesting to read. Hope to hear from NF
I am looking for any Wisemans from the Bay Roberts area of Newfoundland (my maternal grandmother's father's people). My Great-grandfather came up to Toronto, Ont., where he and his wife Bertha Cook (from St. John's, NF) raised their 6 children. Any leads would be appreciated.

Name: James Stuart Airlie <>
Date: 2002-08-03
phenominal amount of research.I am trying to find same information on another drop of the ogilvy family tree. Airlie.Have you stumbled on anything like this ?

Name: Eric C. Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-07-02
My Wiseman line originates from Norfolk, England, arriving in America in 1700,s. Father is Thomas W. Wiseman. His father was Charles P. Wiseman from Lancaster, Ohio. Wiseman's Department Store in Lancaster. I believe my family line went from England to Virginia, then to Pennsylvania and Ohio, but I am not completely sure about that? Any other info please contact me.

Name: Carla Wiseman Ransone <>
Date: 2002-07-02
I am very pleased to finally find some information for 'Wiseman'. Thank you for this wonderful website.

I am searching for information on the Wiseman's of the Bath County, VA area. I am searching for information on James Knox Wiseman (b.08/18/1846 d.between July and September 1934. He was born in Highland County, VA. His mother is listed as Susan Wiseman on the birth certificate. I know this is a long shot but if there is any information I would appreciate it so much. Thank you.

Carla Wiseman Ransone


Name: Carla Wiseman Ransone <>
Date: 2002-07-02
I am very pleased to finally find some information for 'Wiseman'. Thank you.

Name: Roger Stinnett <>
Date: 2002-06-09
My wife's Wiseman ancestors are from Galliopolis,Ohio. I am seeking information about them. Roger Stinnett

Name: carole parker <>
Date: 2002-06-06
Most enjoyable and informative reading. I am searching for details of Mary Morrice born Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire 5/3/1874. Mary, my grandmother was a daughter of Alexander Morrice and Janet (Jessie) Shivas. They were married at Midmill, Cruden 5/12/1861. Are they part of your Morrices? Kind regards, Carole.

Name: Darrell Kent Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-05-29
I've only recently become interested in my family's history. The work here makes for interesting reading... thank you for making it available.

Darrell, son of George Wiseman and Lorraine A. Ligenfelter. Youngest brother to Gary L. Wiseman and George E. Wiseman.


Name: Steffanie Wise <>
Date: 2002-05-19
My father and his family are from Georgia, I live in Vegas. We have family everywhere because many of the men in the family are military.

Name: jennifer coons <>
Date: 2002-05-09
Am trying to find out any information on a female Wiseman who married a Dennis Pennington and resided originally in Mecklinberg, VA. I have been unable to trace back any farther, and I don't even know which ethnic group they belonged to. Also, if anyone has any info on Dennis Pennington, it would be greatly appreciated.

Jennifer Coons


Name: Mandy Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-05-03
Comments and suggestions, please. Great Sight
My name is Mandy Wiseman and I live in Canada now, but I am originally from Manchester England, my dads name is Frank Wiseman. I can't remember his dads name right now since he was killed in an accident during the war....... I know this is vague but if you have any info that would be great.....

Name: Paul Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-04-02
I was wondering if anyone could help with some information regarding my Grandfather Robert Wiseman. The details are sketchy. However he was from Norwich, Norfolk in the UK. His profession was ''Ropemaker''. He moved to London at the turn of the 20th Century. I remember he had a brother called Charles as well as other siblings. I would appreciate it if anyone could help. Good luck to all the Wisemans's out there.

Name: William Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-04-02
I am looking for information on Peter Wiseman who came to Ohio from Germany or Virginia in or before 1837. He was born in about 1810 and settled in Eaton, Ohio in Preble County. His children were Mary Ann-1837, Catherine-1841, Joseph-1845, Caroline-1848, Theodore- 1850, Margaretta-1855,
Peter Joseph-1858, John M.-1853.


Name: William Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-04-02
I am looking for information on Peter Wiseman who came to Ohio from Germany or Virginia in or before 1837. He was born in about 1810.

Name: Lynn Harper <>
Date: 2002-03-28
Comments and suggestions, please. A very knowledgable site.
Just beginning research on my husband's Scottish ancestry.

HARPER, GAIR (have found little on it), McKay,& Ingram.
It would seem I have much to learn ahead of me.

Thank you for such an informative page.
Lynn in CA


Name: Ian MacKaven <>
Date: 2002-03-10
A helpful site. Well done.

Name: Janet Rae nee Wise Senkarik <>
Date: 2002-02-19
Comments and suggestions, please. Outstanding !!!!!!!!!!
I enjoyed your webpage, and will return again. Also enjoyed all the e-mails from around the world.
I'm hunting family of Irvin Wise b:1871 d:1961 m: Anna Hess.
Can't find anything on either of them.
God Bless.
Janet Rae


Name: Mike Timmons <>
Date: 2002-02-08
Browsing the web to find the origin of the Timmons clan. Was led to believe it was Ireland but not sure where yet.
Interested in coat of arms ect.


Name: bettie Wise <>
Date: 2002-02-04
Hello, I'm looking for William George Wise's Family
He married Mary Ann Willis.
His Family orginated from England. William settled in Orillia
and then went out to B.C and had another Family.
Hope someone out there has some info. would be very glad to
receive it. Can email me at the above Email address.


Date: 2002-01-28


Name: Norma Williams <>
Date: 2002-01-24
Hi John, nice to hear from you. I am still trying to locate my Wide relations and now have proof my Grandfather George Wise married Sarah Ann Tully in 1879. Sarah was from Kent too, not Tipperary, her mother Mary was probably from there but can find no trace back. No father appeared on the birth certificate although a Joseph tully was at her wedding. Georges father (my gt grandfather) was John Wise, married to Alice Ann Fordred. they all lived in Dartford. George was born in 1857. I am not doing very well with the Wise or Tully lines.

Name: Evelyn Mitchell <>
Date: 2002-01-22
Comments and suggestions, please. Comment
I am a Wiseman by birth. I am from Western Australia. Our Wisemans originally come from Elgin.

Name: Stefan Petrie <>
Date: 2002-01-21
If it is at all possible could you please point me in the right direction of the origins of the Petrie Clan. I have searched the Web and have found my name linked with the MacGregors but nowhere does it say when or where my clan was born. I would really appreciate it if you could shed any light on this subject as it is of great importance for me

Name: David <>
Date: 2002-01-21
Comments and suggestions, please. Origin of Wise, Wiseman in Scotland
WISE, WYSE. Perhaps from ME. wys(e, learned, sage. William Wys was a canon of Moray in 1358 (Bain, in, 17), Thomas Wyse, canon of Caithness, 1381 (Pap. Pet., I, p. 561-562), and Robertus Wys was canon of the church of Aberdeen in 1386, 1391 (REA., i, p. 172, 189). Johannes Wyss on inquest in Stravelyn, 1411 (Scon, p. 162), John Wis or Wiys, stonecutter to bishop of Dunkeld, 1511(Rent. Dunk.)
William Wyeis was member of council of Stirling in 1522 (SBR., p. 275), and David Wyse and his wife had a charter of a "saline patella in Kirkcaldrie" in 1603 (RD., p. 497). Wysse in the parish of Laurencekirk in the eighteenth century.

WISEMAN. An old surname in Angus and Moray. Andrea Wysman witnessed excambion of the lands of Dolays Mychel in 1232 (REM., p. 88), and in the following year attested a confirmation charter by Andrew, bishop of Moray(Pluscardyn, 203). Thomas Wisman, prepositus of Elgin, was one of an inquest concerning the king's garden there, 1261 (APS.,i, p. 99 red; Elgin, n, p. 475), and he and William Wisman were jurors on inquest concerning the lands of Mefth, 1262 (Bain, i,2323). William Wysman witnessed a charter by the earl of Ross, 1263 (REM., p. 279), designed 'de Fores' in 1266 (ER., i, p. 34), c. 1278 and 1286 attested charters bv Hugh Herock, burgess of Elgin (REM., p. 284, 461). He may be the William Wysman of Elginshire who rendered homage at Elgin, 1295, and was appointed sheriff of Elgin, 1305(Bain,
n, p. 183, 209, 458). Adam dictus Wiseman made a grant of lands to Coldingham Priory, 1285 (Raine, 262). William Wiseman obtained from David n the barony of Don forfeited
by David de Strabolgi (Stodart, a. p. 311), and Willelmus Wyseman, senior, and Willelmus Wyseman, junior, were jurors on an inquest held regarding the episcopal lands of
Aldrochty, 1393 ( REM., p. 205). Patrick Wyisman was admitted burgess of Aberdeen, 1484 (NSCM., i, p. 31), and Marion Wyseman is recorded in Goslingtown, Stanehaven, 1630
(Lanark CR.). Vvseman 1393, Vysman 1601, Wisman 1667.

From Black's book of Scottish Surnames, if you wish to check out your own surnames go to the site below.

Yours Aye,


Name: Joanna Brown Taylor <>
Date: 2002-01-20
Comments and suggestions, please. Exciting url
Will have to go through the complete thing first but am very excited about learning more about the Wiseman family. I am directly descended from Isaac Wiseman and William Washington Wiseman. Very colorful history.

Name: JILL <>
Date: 2002-01-16
Comments and suggestions, please. THANKS FOR THIS ' WELL THOUGHT OUT' SITE.
My interest in the WISEMAN line stems from my late mother who was a WISEMAN prior to marriage.
The family were in BRIGHTON, SUSSEX U.K. right back to the early or middle 1800s.
GEORGE was born in LONDON (possible son of JOHN and MARY).
George married MARY ANN ROBINSON (LEWES, SUSSEX) in 1827.
One of their sons was RICHARD HENRY (married AMELIA HAMMOND).
RICHARD HENRY was a GILDER/CARVER who, on his marriage certificate in 1864 gave an address of TENISON STREET,
His daughter LILLIAN KATE (born 1871) became a BURLESQUE dancer and ACTRESS.
LILLIAN gave birth to my grandfather, CECIL HARRY HOPPER WISEMAN in 1892. Links and tie-ups hoped for.



Name: Ben Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-01-06
An excellent website and source of information.

I have only recently started searching for the origins of my name and family, a task which has proven to be extremely interesting.

I live in London England and am looking to find information on my family roots from East Anglia and beyond.


Name: Ben Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-01-06
An excellent website and source of information.

I have only recently started searching for the origins of my name and family, a task which has proven to be extremely interesting.


Name: Holly Adkins <>
Date: 2002-01-01
Comments and suggestions, please. Wiseman
I am a descendent of Wisemans and am in the beginning stages of developing the linage. The only information I current have is my Grandfather: Joseph Louis Alexander Wiseman b. Dec 7, 1905 in Gapegiradeau, MO and d. August 3, 1986 in Mobile AL. My G. Grandfather was John Thomas Wiseman and his father was Joseph Louis Wisemand of which I have no data.

Name: James Wiseman <>
Date: 2002-01-01
Perhaps our clan travels more than most. My father was born in Fort William, Calcutta in 1892. His mother was born on a troopship sailing form Ireland to India. His father served in the British Army in India for over twenty years, and formed and trained the "Bengal-Nagpur Railway Rifles." I have been unable to go back beyond my grandfather's birth in Liverpool around 1860.

Name: Roy A. Pennel <>
Date: 2001-12-30
Comments and suggestions, please. Related thru the Driskill's
Related thru the Driskill's to the Wiseman's.
My Grandmother was Mary Drikill.
The one's I would be related to would be whose in southern
Rgards, Roy Pennel


Name: William Timothy Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-12-29
Comments and suggestions, please. Interesting Site
I was browsing the internet trying to find a picture of the Wiseman family crest. I believe my family history traces back to England, but perhaps there is some connection.

I am an Army Officer in the United States Army. I am currently stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Sincerely yours,


Name: douglas <>
Date: 2001-12-14
Great site. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Name: Martha Collier <>
Date: 2001-11-25
Looking for any information on Samuel Wiseman, b. 1863 in Newfoundland. His grandfather may have been Stephen Wiseman.

Name: Sarah Wiseman-McKnight <>
Date: 2001-11-22
Comments and suggestions, please. Great web site!
If anyone can help me with info on the Wisemans from Germany I would greatly appreciate it. My son has a school project on his family history

Name: Ken Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-11-11
Hi. I'm a Wiseman from Inverness in Scotland. I'd be happy to hear from anyone researching their ancestry. The little information I have dates back to John Wiseman born 1759 probably in Morayshire, Scotland.

Name: Terri L. Wiseman Smith <>
Date: 2001-11-08
Comments and suggestions, please. Love your web site
I love the history. I come down from Isaac Wiseman who was born on the ship the Canterbury Abt. February 26, 1699 with William Penn. I would love to find more information on the ship the Canterbury and I have looked every where and to no avail. if anyone know anything further on this ship please e-mail me at the above address Thanks.

Name: Marjorie Flora <>
Date: 2001-11-07
Comments and suggestions, please. my mother was a Wiseman
I am interested in learning more about the Wisemans

Name: wendy wise <>
Date: 2001-11-06
Comments and suggestions, please. wise
my name is wendy wise my grandfather is rayburn wise he was born in alabama thats all i know for now if u have anymore please write thanx

Name: carolyn <>
Date: 2001-11-05
My grandmother was a Catherine Wiseman and her father was William Wiseman and mother Catherine Combridge. William's father was Samuel and his wife Jane Campbell(Cameron,McDougall, White). samuel was killed after a mining accident in the Steiglitz area in Victoria, Australia. Any further info. on the family would be great.

Name: Raewyn Wise <>
Date: 2001-11-04
My grandfather was Stephen Norman Wise. His wife was Amelia Maria Wise (nee Herold). They were both Australian but moved to New Zealand in the early 1900's.

Name: Yvonne Murphy <>
Date: 2001-11-02
my husband's mother was a Wise from Bbullit county Kentucky.I have not done much research on this line, but plan to do so.

Name: Laura <>
Date: 2001-10-31
Doing research for the Wise family of Dayton Ohio. Wise is from paternal. The also have a Wiser on the paternal side.The family is black but have evidence of white and indian mixed in. Wise is probably a surname from slave owner.

Name: Frances <>
Date: 2001-10-31
And a good Scot I will be as a Donnachaidh I am. My gggggrandfather was a captain in George Washington's army and on the maternal side I claim the Drummond clan as per John Cargile of revolutionary war fame also. Yes I am proud of my Scottish heritage.

Name: Jan White (nee Wiseman) <>
Date: 2001-10-31
My Wiseman family are from Norfolk England

Name: Jamie Lees <>
Date: 2001-10-31
Looking or family in Dundee Scotland and the "LEES" my gguncle was in the Black Watch.

Name: Lina Wiseman Mayer <>
Date: 2001-10-31
Thanks for the wonderful web page. Such interesting info.
I'm stuck on my Wisemans in Highland/Bath Co VA. Maybe one day I'll find out where they came from.


Name: Nat Young <see web site>
Date: 2001-10-31
Comments and suggestions, please. nice page
Nice page. please feel free to visit mine. God bless.


Name: Teresa Wiseman-Duckett <>
Date: 2001-10-31
Thanks for the many hours that was put into the Wiseman history.

Name: Terri L Smith <>
Date: 2001-10-31
Love your page on Wiseman/Wyseman. Thanks for the history lesson.

Name: wendy young <>
Date: 2001-10-31
From your friend in Scotland



Name: John Wyseman-McKay <>
Date: 2001-10-30
Many guestbook entries are dated October 2001. In fact they have been entered on another website over an earlier period of time. I've copied the original entries to this website since many contain genealogical enquiries and the original site will not be available in the near future.
I hope this assists.



Name: Michael Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-10-28
I'm looking for William Edward Wiseman. Thanks.

Name: cathy <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Looking for William Wiseman in VA/WVA around 1850.
Came to Percy County Ohio about then.


Name: Norma Ruth Wiseman Griggs <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Just found website. I enjoyed

Name: Ronald Brown-Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Comments and suggestions, please. great site!
great site

Name: Peggy Rochford <>
Date: 2001-10-28
If anyone can help with a Rochford/Wysema/Wiseman connection.

Name: Norma Williams <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Trace family. Grandfather was Greg Wise (from Kent). Married Sarah Ann Tully from Tipperary between 1880 to 1890. would like to know origin of Wise name.

Name: Joanna Taylor <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Comments and suggestions, please. Interesting
Trying to research England's Wiseman for a long time.

Name: millie (Winnipeg Mb) <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Husband's mother was a Wiseman. Originally from Norfolk.

Name: Jean Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Comments and suggestions, please. great site
gggrandfather William Wiseman was from Heart's Delight NF
Canada. Born 1830. Originally from New Forest, Southampton UK


Name: Jeff Wise <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Comments and suggestions, please. great site
Trying to find Wise family crest. Can you help me.

Name: Betty Chambers <>
Date: 2001-10-28
I'm related to Wisemans in Augusta County VA. Please contact me if you have information.

Name: Gerald R Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Looking for James Alexander Wiseman, ancestor from Ireland.

Name: kim <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Comments and suggestions, please. my website

Name: Kim <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Comments and suggestions, please. great site John
This represents a lot of work. Interesting reading.
Minnicock Lake, Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.


Name: george <>
Date: 2001-10-28
Comments and suggestions, please. great site
Comments: thought I didn't read your e mails. George
in Sydney, Australia


Name: Faye Jones <>
Date: 2001-10-18
Comments and suggestions, please. a great place for information.
Hi I am looking for any information about Rosetta Wiseman, She married Ray Lester Crowe June of 1906. Her mothers name is Maitha Wiseman. She was born and died in Columbus, Ne.
She would be my husbands grandmother. The only info we have on her is she was probably born out of wedlock and am looking for more information on this line.


Name: Dick & Mavis Anderson <>
Date: 2001-10-18
Comments and suggestions, please. Sophia Wiseman
Dick's ggg-grandmother was Sophia Wiseman (31Dec 1808) who married George McBride 27 Mar 1828. She died 19 Apr 1836 in Fredrick Co., MD. Am trying to determine her parentage and any other relevant information. Any help would be most appreciated.

Name: Loretta Patterson <>
Date: 2001-10-16
I am related to the Hein family of St Mary's PA. One of the Hein daughters Hilda Hein married a Mr Weis of Erie PA. Hilda was born 1876. any information will help.

Name: Jennifer Wylie <>
Date: 2001-10-15
Researching John Wiseman b. abt 1800 Belfast, Ireland, moved to ONtario, Canada. Lived in Adolphustown for a while. Married Mary Anne Cox and lived on HOwe Island, Frontenac County. Had 6 daughters, 1 son. Died 1883.

Name: Megan Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-10-10
Do you have any information on the Wiseman family in the US?
My husband, Gary Wiseman, and his brother G. Curtis Wiseman,
have done some research but only back three or four generations. Therefore I am uncertain as to our connection
to the families/clans you have mentioned. Here in the US, there seems to be a connection between the Wisemans and the Ollis or Hollis family. I would love to hear from you if you have the time. Thanks!


Name: Cris Myers <>
Date: 2001-10-07
The name reminded me of a road not far from where I live.
I believe that Wiseman Rd in Summerhill Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania was named after one of the families that settled the area in the early 19th century.


Name: Mary Atherton Baccus <>
Date: 2001-10-02
Comments and suggestions, please. WEISS (WISE)
It looks to me like mine is a very different family surname, but just thought I'd check it out. My great-grandfather John WEISS came from the central part of Germany (Bavaria) around 1845 to settle briefly in Manchester, Maryland then came west to Woodland Twp., IL in about 1853. He changed the spelling of his name to WISE after leaving Germany.

Name: Jen <>
Date: 2001-10-02
My great great grandmother was Ellen Wiseman in county Wexford, Ireland. At the age of 18 she was convicted of burning down a house in order to be transported to Australia, arriving in 1850 from Dublin on the "Earl Grey".

Name: Don Koontz <>
Date: 2001-09-30
I have a Juliana Wissmann (some records spell this as Wiseman) in my family tree. born July 18, 1800 to Jacob and Elisabeth. She married Henry Koontz in MD, USA.

I would be most interested if anyone has info related to her or her lineage.


Don Koontz


Name: Doris Middleton Liverman <>
Date: 2001-09-29
Comments and suggestions, please. Interesting Web Site
I am interested in information about my 8th great grandfather, Judge John Wise, born in 1617. I have fragmented information left me by a 2nd great aunt but don’t know how much of it is based on fact.. I believe John Wise was from Devonshire, England, and settled on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, probably Accomack County, in 1635. He married Hanna Scarburgh (or Scarborough.) Other family names associated with the Wises are West, Custis, Blackstone, Riley, Robinson, Hodges, and Stansbury.
I’m looking forward to hearing from some Wise men and women.


Name: Doris Harlan <DORLAN_55@YAHOO.COM>
Date: 2001-09-28
lookinf for Rachel wiseman

Name: Caroline Wise <>
Date: 2001-09-28
researching George William Wise B.1850 in UK. Married 1879 in Ontario, Canada Mary Jane Willis.
Any connection would be appreciated.


Name: Jack Murphy <>
Date: 2001-09-28
Hi, All my people come from Ireland in the last half of the 19th century. I am connected to a Daniel Murphy from the Cork City area who was married to an Ellen Wiseman. I found a Thomas Wiseman on a passenger list to Boston in the 1880's. Happy to share what I have , which isn't much.

Name: P. Millard <>
Date: 2001-09-27
My mother spoke of her step-father's Stewart family being intermarried with the Wisemans and Griffiths. They were in Virginia and West Virginia, then far southern Ohio in Sherrits, Lawrence Co. Some of this family also were in Springfield, OH area. Does any of this ring true with data you may have? My grandfather was William Bascom STEWART, son of Manley T. STEWART. His sister was Rusha Stewart SNYDER, believed to have been married to a Tom Snyder, who allegedly died in OH in the mid- to late-1800s.

Name: P. Millard <>
Date: 2001-09-27
My mother spoke of her step-father's Stewart family being intermarried with the Wisemans and Griffiths. They were in Virginia and West Virginia, then far southern Ohio in Sherrits, Lawrence Co. Some of this family also were in Springfield, OH area. Does any of this ring true with data you may have? My grandfather was William Bascom STEWART, son of Manley T. STEWART. His sister was Rusha Stewart SNYDER, believed to have been married to a Tom Snyder, who allegedly died in OH in the mid- to late-1800s.

Name: P. Millard <>
Date: 2001-09-27
My mother spoke of her step-father's Stewart family being intermarried with the Wisemans and Griffiths. They were in Virginia and West Virginia, then far southern Ohio in Sherrits, Lawrence Co. Some of this family also were in Springfield, OH area. Does any of this ring true with data you may have? My grandfather was William Bascom STEWART, son of Manley T. STEWART. His sister was Rusha Stewart SNYDER, believed to have been married to a Tom Snyder, who allegedly died in OH in the mid- to late-1800s.

Name: Robert H. Burns <>
Date: 2001-09-27
I'm a member of the Wiseman line that arrv'd in
Newfoundland abt.1790-1795(Peter),son JamesB.1803,
son Frederick B.1831,son Joseph B1864 in N.J.,dghtr
Cornelia B.1888 at Asbury Park,N.J.(my grndmthr)
Any bros. sistrs.etc in your database?
Happy Hunting! Bob Burns


Name: Christina Mackenzie (nee Wise) <>
Date: 2001-09-27
Comments and suggestions, please. London Wise family
My father, William Frederick Wise (1910-1980) was the third of four children of Alfred Wise, born Bethnal Green, 1870/71. In 1881, he was living with his father, Frederick Wise, 69, and his sister, Elizabeth Wise,4,in Bethnal Green - mother's name unknown. My father's siblings wereReginald, Dorothy and Olive.
'd be interested to hear from anyone familiar with any of these names.


Name: Bob Wilson <>
Date: 2001-09-27
Comments and suggestions, please. Re: ARCHIBALD WISEMAN
Origin: 1812-3, Ballywatermoy Twnlnd, near Culleybackey,
Antrim, North Ireland. Had brothers JAMES and SAMUEL. All 3 migrated to NY State, USA (Orange County/Newburgh) in 1830's. Mother's maiden name believed to have been Margaret Dunlap. Seeking links and ancestry.


Name: Jeanine Grant Lister <>
Date: 2001-09-27
My dad's grandmother was Agnes Weisman (also spelled Weissmann and numerous other ways), who was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1887 or 1888. Her father's name was Christopher; he was born in Germany and listed his occupation on the Federal Census of 1880 as an electrician.

Are these the same Wisemans that you have here? You mentioned Ireland and Scotland, but do you link with the ones from Germany as well?



Name: Andrew Buchanan Loughran <>
Date: 2001-09-27
Looking for relatives of Isabella WISEMAN of Bridlington who came to the UK from Ireland around 1860
She married into the JACKSON family


Name: Warren Kessler <>
Date: 2001-09-27
Comments and suggestions, please. Wise-Weise
Trying to find the father of Mary A. Wise. Her Grandfather was Adam Weise -. Mary was born in 1849, died 1929. Adam was born 12-23-1751 and died 10-5-1838.any info will be appreciated. Can't seem to find him.


Name: Sharon Harrison Mowery <>
Date: 2001-09-27
My Wise ancestors come from the Eastern shore of Maryland, specifically Tilghman's Island, Wittman, St. Michaels. My father's middle name was Wise and he was born on the 4th of July. For many years, I thought he was named so because he was such a wise man. After acquiring the family bible after his death, I learned of our Wise ancestry linked to the Horneys and later the Harrisons.

Name: Rita Offer <>
Date: 2001-09-27
Comments and suggestions, please. Wiseman
My Grandfather was John Wiseman Francis and I am wondering
if his middle name has anything to do with the Wiseman family as it seems like an off second name. He was born in
1870 in Canada, his father was James Francis born 1848 in
Canada, Mother was Annie Mae Stewart (farhte Duncan Stewart and Ann McPhee). James father was William Francis born 1802
in Redruth England, his wife was Isabella White. As you see there is no ancestor with the last name of Wiseman, but there could be other grandparents that I am unaware of.
Do any of these names sound familiar. Thanks


Name: Curtis Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-09-27
I'm an American who came across this site by accident. Ancestor came from England to South Carolina in late 1700s but settled in mountains of west North Carolina. We spell the name with an "i" as you can see.

Name: L. Ann Bowler <>
Date: 2001-09-27
Comments and suggestions, please. William Albert Wiseman
W. A. (William Albert) Wiseman was the Missionary/Pastor who founded Grace United Methodist Church, Des Moines, Iowa. I have researched he and his family for our church's history book. If anyone has an interest in this information, I would be glad to hear from them. Ann Bowler

Name: Charissa Dawn Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-09-20
My maiden name is Wiseman and I was curious as to my heritage, I am in NC and do not know much about my ancestors except that the majority of my family lives in the NC mountains.Does anybody out there have any information that would help me?

Name: Gillian Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-09-20
Just started researching family tree. My grandfather was
David Francis Wiseman who died in 1978, he had brothers -
Leonard, William, James, Joseph, and sister Lillian. All born in Birmingham, England. Parents were James Henry and
Mary Ann Wiseman who married in Aston, Birmingham in 1872.
James Henry was 24 when he married and his father was I believe was also called James and may have come from Scotland.


Name: Kathy benton <>
Date: 2001-09-19
Comments and suggestions, please. none
Do you have Infor on dates from1772-back looking for G-G-G-G
G Grandfather Abner Wiseman I Born 1772 Where ? died ? Married to Irabel Blanton all I have,any Infor you have would be great. Thank you for your time. Kathy Benton


Name: Norma R. Wiseman Driggs <>
Date: 2001-09-19
Comments and suggestions, please. Wise,am
My dad was Paul L Wiseman and he married Alma R. Fred.
His father and grandfather were Lewis Wisemans. Paul was
born in Ingalls, Indiana and his folks around this same area. I have some on the Wiseman family but wasn't sure
if you were related to me.
Ruth Driggs


Name: V.K. Durham <>
Date: 2001-09-10
Comments and suggestions, please. can't make comments until I know what you have however;
Again. I am looking for the Family Coat of Arms back to William the Conquorer.

Name: V.K. DURHAM <>
Date: 2001-09-10
Looking for my Ancestorial Coat's of Arms, back to William the Conquorer.

Name: Roger Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-09-09
Nice site well done. My lot came from Norfolk, Gt Gt Grandfather was landlord at the Green Dragon Litcham i the mid 1800s, most of his 9 children moved to the Somerstown area of London.

Name: wendy <>
Date: 2001-09-09
thanks for the email. God bless,

Name: Susan Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-09-08
Researching two separate lines(unlinked to date!) our name line originates in Drainie and Urquhart, Morayshire,from the early 17thC, through Banffshire in 1829/30 to Peterhead and then Fraserburgh until the 1980s.

The other is from Gamrie in Banffshire then by marriage in 1839 to Pennan in Aberdeenshire
Any others researching the same????
Do get in touch.


Name: Millie King <>
Date: 2001-09-08
Researching Wiseman's from Horsham St. Faith, Norfolk, England in 1800's. Our branch moved to Stepney in late 1800's, and from there some emigrated to Canada.

Name: Frances Dilley <>
Date: 2001-09-08
Comments and suggestions, please. Wise
Am searching for Wise roots ,Family legend says our Wise came from Holland about 1735-45. Have knowledge of James Wise born Jun.11,1781. Marion County, SC.died Oct.14,1858 Claiborne Parish, La. married Permellia Miller ca.1810 in SC. migrated to Copiah County, Ms ca.1824 then to Claiborne Parish La ca,1840. Who were the parents of James Wise and Permelia Miller?

Thank you John, for sending an update of your web,


Name: Elizabeth Beresford (nee Wiseman) <>
Date: 2001-09-07
Oh I forgot- I live in New Zealand, we moved here in 1976

Name: Elizabeth Beresford (nee Wiseman) <>
Date: 2001-09-07
I have some info on my line and am happy to share. My family comes from Gardenstown in Gamrie on the east coast of Scotland.Would like to hear from any others who can trace their roots to that town.

Name: Bryan Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-09-07
Comments and suggestions, please. A good read for any wise man. :-)
Hello John, your page gets better all the time. It's funny, isn't it? There you are right across the other side of the world in Canada, and here I am in Australia, thousands of miles away, yet we have a common bond - our name - 'Wiseman'. Sorry, but that is the way you should spell it. :-)And not only that, our fathers were both in France round about the same time during WW1. Look forward to seeing you soon on ICQ.


Name: William Walter Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-09-06
Comments and suggestions, please. Mention German Wisemans (Weismans)
Peter Wiseman(Weisman) arrived in Ohio (originally from Germany) prior to 1837. He settled in Preble County in 1837 then Moved to Butler County where he received his naturalization papers in 1842. I would like to make contact with anyone familiar with him. There was also a Peter Weisman in Preble County in 1820. I would like more information on him.

Name: Charlotte Hinton <>
Date: 2001-09-01
Comments and suggestions, please. .
My great,great, great, great grandfather was a wiseman. I am also looking for information about the Wiseman Family.

Date: 2001-08-30
Comments and suggestions, please. Great site!



Name: Ruth Wiseman <>
Date: 2001-08-28
I looked up my name today and found my name in full. My family is from the north of England emigrated to Canada in 1959. My father's father name is Joseph Wiseman married Emily Clarke, they had six children, Kevin, Marie, Francis Carl, Bernadette, Paul and Cicely. My father, Francis Carl had eight children all residing in the Province of British Columbia.

Name: a daughter in law <>
Date: 2001-08-27
Comments and suggestions, please. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!
Another fine effort from such a fine gentleman. Happy Birthday. May every new year bring another website ;)