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Name: Robert Alan Nicholson <>
Date: 2015-05-05
My Location Pensacola, FL
My Nicholsons are from Michigan 7 Minnesota
Listed at,

Name: peggy nicholson <>
Date: 2015-04-28
My Location california
My Nicholsons are from missouri, and i don't know where else
i just arrived here on a spontaneous search. i am just about to check it out. i rarely hold out much hope on finding my father's family but....

thank you and kind regards,


Name: Bethany Nicholson <>
Date: 2014-03-29
My Location nashville tn
Im not sure where my nicholsons are from so i am trying to find.out.

Name: Margaretta Nicholson <>
Date: 2014-03-09
My Location Philadelphia Pennsylvania
My Nicholsons are from Mississippi to Oklahoma
have traced back to Grant nicholson born 1861 my grt. grnd.father. Kemper Ms. in 1900.

Name: Monica Pickering <>
Date: 2013-09-06
My Location Wappingers Falls, NY USA
My Nicholsons are from New York and New Jersey
My GGrandfather is Christopher Oliver Nicholson B: June 1864 in NY D: Nov 04, 1900 in New Jersey USA. Married to a Mary McMahon Jun 19, 1887. The USA census says that his father was born in England. I do not have any other information. I would love to find out my English relatives.


Name: Monica Pickering <>
Date: 2013-09-06
My Location Wappingers Falls, NY USA
My Nicholsons are from New York and New Jersey
My GGrandfather is Christopher Oliver Nicholson B: June 1864 in NY D: Nov 04, 1900 in New Jersey USA. Married to a Mary McMahon Jun 19, 1887. The USA census says that his father was born in England. I do not have any other information. I would love to find out my English relatives.


Name: Barbara Roberts <>
Date: 2013-09-06
My Location Cheshire
My Nicholsons are from London
My grandmother Elizabeth Nicholson married into the Jerono family about 1907/8

Name: Barron Peeples <>
Date: 2013-07-27
My Location Chatsworth Georgia
My Nicholsons are from South Carolina
Isaac Nicholson

Name: Norma Jean Nicholson <>
Date: 2013-06-07
My Location Palestine Texas
My Nicholsons are from Childersburg Alabama
I know that my fathers name is Bennie, his parents were Noah and Evie (both deceased ). His siblings were George B., Geneva,Evater,Billy, and Howard. He had two children by his first wife (Mary), Bonnie, and James Bennett.My mother , Barbara Jean Catchings was his second wife.I have only met him once that I can rememberand that was in 1956 or 57. I would like to know
if anyone knows anyone in this family. I know James Bennett died in the late 1990s but I think maby Bonnie Lue is still living.


Name: Russell Nicholson <>
Date: 2013-03-28
My Location Afghanistan
My Nicholsons are from Patrick County, Virginia
Please let me know if you have any additional information available about my family name.


Name: samuel Edward Campbell jr. <>
Date: 2013-01-04
My Location stanley virginia 22851
My Nicholsons are from Whitehaven england


Name: Cathy <>
Date: 2012-10-31
Surfed to this site while looking for e-mail addresses for cousins who still live near.

Just interested in finding my ancestors


Name: Grey <>
Date: 2012-10-31
This is an interesting site. I'll bookmark it and return when I have more time

This is an interesting site. I'll bookmark it and return when I have more time


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Name: George <>
Date: 2012-10-31
Large Nicholson relation in Missouri. We have a Charles W (Wesley)
Nicholson, b. 3/31/1873 d. abt. 1947, in Macon Co. Illinois.
He lived in Missouri and was buried next to wife Fanny Garrison Nicholson in
Kearney, MO.
He was my husband's paternal great granduncle. Kearney isn't too far from
Lamar, MO.

Leann Carlson McClain


Name: Allan <>
Date: 2012-10-31
Very interesting. Thank you for the information. I have filled it away in my notes. Good luck on your research.

Name: connie <>
Date: 2012-10-31
My Location Shoerview
Hi Just checking out your site to see if any of my ancestors appears on it.

Name: Sonny <>
Date: 2012-10-31
My Location Albany
My Nicholsons are from Mullingar
I don't have my records here in Albany, but when I get a chance I will drop a note as to what my grandfather ( told me of the family history. His hometown was Engelsbrunn, now in Romania, near Arad.

Name: wally <>
Date: 2012-10-31
My Location Alliance
My Nicholsons are from Dublin
Enjoyed your website. My maiden name is Timm. I grew up in Eastern Nebraska; thought it was a weird name then, as I didn't know any other. If you ever find a connectionplease let me know. Believe they would have arrived in the mid-1800's. Thanks!

Name: Jess <>
Date: 2012-10-31
My Location London
My Nicholsons are from London
Very interesting! Uncle Bill still living. Just turned 85, always like to hear he and Dad talk about when they were kids. Noticed a few mispelled names and little discrepancies, let me know if you want to hear about them. We would love to sit and visit with you, also with Mary (Veronica).

Name: Wizard of Azz <>
Date: 2012-10-31
My Location Very nice location
My Nicholsons are from My Ass
Hi, hate all you fucking Nicholson cocksuckers cheap bastards. Sucking other people life to make you own big butt even bigger. Hope you all your ancestry past present and future will rot in hell DNA wiped out of the map of history and forgot to oblivion.

Have a nice day.


Name: Susan y. Nicholson <>
Date: 2012-10-11
My Location Greene va.
My grandfather john william nicholson on
ly said his people came across
to canada and down the mountains to va.


Name: Kevin Nicholson <>
Date: 2012-10-10
My Location Salem, VA
My Nicholsons are from Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky
Looking for links to my geneology. Father: William A Nicholson, Grandfather: Everette L Nicholson

Name: Daniel Nicholson <>
Date: 2012-07-30
My Location Queensland, Australia
My Nicholsons are from Wales
Hi there.. Thanks for taking the time to put this together

Name: Jennifer Cox <>
Date: 2012-07-19
My Location MI, OR, USA
My Nicholsons are from Tynemouth, Ashington, Bedlington, Northumberland
I apologize for not including who I'm related to in my previous post. My great grandmother is Elizabeth Nicholson(b. 1892 Bedlington, North. She immigrated illegally to the Detroit area through Canada. She was the "oldest" of 13 children. Her siblings were: George Cavanagh, William Nicholson, John Nicholson, Richard Nicholson, Henry Nicholson, Mary Nicholson, Robert Nicholson, Thomas Nicholson, George, Margaret (Nicholson) Parker Robson, Dorothy Nicholson, Eliza Nicholson. Her parents were Eliza Cavanagh & Henry Nicholson. William, John, Henry, and Margaret all spent at least some time in Shelburn & Terre Haute, Indiana. They also spent time in KY & IL. They seemed to go & come from Liverpool. William, John, Henry, and Richard, also spent time as minder in Hokonui & Denniston, New Zealand. Please feel free to email me if you think you are related or would like additional information.

Name: Jennifer Cox <>
Date: 2012-07-19
My Location MI, OR, USA
My Nicholsons are from Tynemouth, Ashington, Bedlington, Northumberland
We just had a reunion with our Nicholson relations last August(2011) at the Woodburn Mining Museum & Archives in Ashington, Northumberland. We would love to touch base with some of the other Nicholson's on this site as we have been piecing together an extensive family tree and genealogy both in UK and stateside. We are even tracing some of our relations to Australia and New Zealand.



Name: Betty Bobbitt Willis <>
Date: 2012-07-16
My Location Warren County, North Carolina
My Nicholsons are from North Carolina/Surry, Va
Looking for info on Mary Ella Nicholson - Warren County, NC
b. 1858?
My Grandmother was a Nicholson.
Any help would be appreciated.


Name: Daniel Francis Nicholson <>
Date: 2012-07-06
My Location Chicago
My Nicholsons are from PEI to Judique, Cape Breton
Father John Alexander Nicholson born in 1917 in Dorchester, Massachusetts then moved with family back to Judique, Cape Breton. His father from PEI; his mother a Katerine O'Brien of River Denys Mountain on Cape Breton.

Name: ola murphy <>
Date: 2012-07-01
My Location Venus tx
My Nicholsons are from san francisco ca and arkansas
been dong alot of research on the nicholson side of my family and it has came to a stop. so far i have my mother colleen nicholson b. jan 4 1951 d. dec 25 1995 both in san francisco. her sister pamela ann nicholson b. apr 2 1949 in san francisco (can't find her). their father/my grandfather dexter earl nicholson b. sep 25 1927 in san francisco d. sep 3 2000 in santa rosa ca. his brother wayne arthur nicholson b. nov 12 1934 in san francisco ca. d. mar 8 1978 in san francisco ca. then their father/my great grandfather dexter arthur nicholson b. sept 3 1901 in arkansas d. jan 8 1969 in san joaquin ca. and that's where it stops. all i know that dexter arthur's mother's maiden name is lindsey and she was born in georgia. HELP ME! i would love to know more genealogy after that on the nicholson side.

Name: Rose Nicholson Abbott <>
Date: 2012-06-21
My Location San Antonio TX
My Nicholsons are from my father
My grandfather was Walter Lee Nicholson and was station in Laredo TX with the Army in the early 30.

Name: Kay Miller <>
Date: 2012-03-18
My Location Rockwell. North Carolina
My Nicholsons are from NC&????
MY mother was a Nicholson her father Charley Ross Nicholson 1888-1974 his father William Wesley Nicholson 1863-1908. his father James Jackson Nicholson 1829-1909 all born and died in Iredell County. North Carolina have hit a road block with James J'S father Wesley McKenzie Nicholsonhere born early 1800's died qbt 1850 died in Iredell co. NC Do not know where he was born nor where he lived before comming to NC. If any ome has any information on this family I would love to hear from you.

Date: 2012-02-11
My Location Durban South Africa
My Nicholsons are from scotland .hertfordshire .RSA


Name: cheyenne Nickolson <>
Date: 2012-01-26
My Location fremont in
My Nicholsons are from clumbin city and angola
I want to know who my great grandma is

Name: Maria Nicholson <>
Date: 2012-01-03
My Location Liverpool
My Nicholsons are from Glasgow
My dad was James Adam Nicholson, born in Glasgow on 19th June 1916 and died 7th December 1988 in Liverpool. He married Mary Barr and there are four children, Jim, Maria (Mavis), Lawrie and Elaine.

My dad was one of ten children;
John who never married
Freddie who married Marion and lived in America with their three children, Brian, Freddie and I dont know the other Charlie who married Helen and had twins, Joyce and Irene
Celia who married Ronnie and have 2 children, Zoe and Ronnie
Mary (May) who married and lived in Norwich
William who married Grace - had no children

If anyone knows anything else about my family please post as I would love to find out more.


Name: LeDora Nicholson Calvert <>
Date: 2011-11-16
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from Geogia, Magnolia Springs/Foley,Baldwin Alabama,Union Georgia
My Nicholson family: my dad, Lawrence Albert Nicholson b.2/7/1934 in Gas City Indiana, d.2/18/1981 in Indianapolis,Indiana... Grandfather-Edward Hezekiah Nicholson b.1/26/1904 in ?,Alabama d.6/26/1964 in Indianapolis,Indiana...Great-Grandfather-Louis L. Nicholson b.6/30/1855 in Georgia d.6/2/1919 in ?? That's as much as I know for sure. I hope I can keep finding more about my Nicholson family. I love this adventure!

Name: Elinor <>
Date: 2011-11-16
My Location Aberdeen
My Nicholsons are from Spittle/Berwick-upon-Tweed
My grandmother has been researching our family tree. If you see a Thomas Nicholson he is my ancestor.

Name: Billy Wayne Nicholson <>
Date: 2011-09-03
My Location mckinney, texas
My Nicholsons are from Houston, Moscow,Tx
I believe that the Smith's and Nicholsons married in the Moscow area in yhee early 1900s i think my grand mother was a smith

Name: bruce hurst nicholson <>
Date: 2011-09-03
My Location south africa (durban)
My Nicholsons are from all over
hi to all the nicholson

Name: Alan Eyles <>
Date: 2011-06-27
My Location Alabama
My Nicholsons are from Pike County, AL.
Jane Nicholson - born 1823 - Pike County , AL. She is my GGGGrandmother . Does anyone have any information on her ? God bless

Name: D. Shunamon <>
Date: 2011-06-08
My Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Alberta, Canada, originally from somewhere in Scotland
Investigating the origin of an 18 yr old Loyalist, Nicholson (with an "H") ancestor who immigrated to Vermont in 1774. I know nothing about his life before he arrived. Hmmm, a lowlander or a highlander?

Name: Genius <>
Date: 2011-05-29
My Location India
My Nicholsons are from Brig Dr SMS NICHOLSON
My everlasting beloved dad sorab munchershaw nicholson was a dental surgeon in the indian army. any connection? are we related?

Name: Malcolm Nicholson <malc.nicholson&quot;>
Date: 2011-05-10
My Location Isle of Wight. England
My Nicholsons are from Hampshire England

Hi, I'm trying to find out how William Nicholson came to be living in Alverstoke, Hampshire, England in 1758 and where his ancestors came from. Can anybody help?


Name: Chip Behre <>
Date: 2011-04-17
My Location California
My Nicholsons are from White Creek, New York
As far as I know my Nicholson ancestor was from County Galway, Ireland and arrived in 1774.

My branch stayed in New York for over a century. Another branch went to Illinois in the mid 1800s.


Name: Eldon Albertson <>
Date: 2011-04-10
My Location Halsey, Oregon
My Nicholsons are from Edmund Nicholson
I have worked on my Nicholson line for many years and have a fair amount of information about the family in Massachusetts in the mid-1600s. I will be in Boston in October 2011 and want to do a bit of research, if time allows.

Name: Bill Nicholson <>
Date: 2011-03-22
My Location Ontario,Canada
My Nicholsons are from Kilkeel ,Down, Ireland
Have a Wee Bush

Name: Jessica Nicholson <>
Date: 2011-02-07
My Location Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
Hello! My name is Jessica Nicholson and I don't know much about my family history. My grandfather's name is Robert, and he has 2 siblings (Wayne and Judy). Their mother and father died in a boating accident when they were young. Their names were Harold and Jane I believe. If anyone has any information please contact me. Thanks!

Name: Ola Greene-Murphy <>
Date: 2011-02-05
My Location Texas
My Nicholsons are from San Francisco California
mother's name is colleen nicholson (maiden# born jan 4 1951- died dec 25 1995
her sister pamela ann nicholson#maiden) born apr 2 1947-?
their dad was dexter "red" nicholson ?-?
i do not know much about my family on the nicholson side. i just know my mom and her dad had red hair not too sure about the sister. any info on them besides my mother please email me THANKS =)


Name: Martha Healy <>
Date: 2011-02-05
My Location Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, Canada
My Nicholsons are from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
My father (Donald Keith Nicholson) was born in New Glasgow in 1921. His father's people come from Port Hastings, Cape Breton, N.S. My paternal grandfather's name was George Alexander Nicholson.

Name: Donna Rae (Nicholson) Lukachinsky <>
Date: 2011-01-23
My Location Ohio
My Nicholsons are from Fayette County, PA, USA
Looking for gtaves of several ancestors. I have information that Lacy Hibbs Nicholson and Sarah Nicholson Baker are buried in Hopewell Cemetery but I am unable to come up with an exact location of the cemetery. Found one in Greene County, PA but unable to get in contact with the cemetery. Any info would be appreciated.

Name: Connie Taylor Cason <>
Date: 2011-01-21
My Location Georgia, USA
My Nicholsons are from Greene Co. GA USA
I am a descendant of:
Cuthbert Nicholson
b. 1712 Scotland
d. 1789 North Carolina, USA
He was married to:
Jannet Candor
b. abt 1712 Scotland
d. 1790 North Carolina, USA


Name: L. Nicholson <>
Date: 2011-01-18
My Location Michigan
My Nicholsons are from England
Proud to be a Nicholson.....
Have very little information tho on my family tree..
My Great Grandfather was Parker Nicholson, his son Kenneth Nicholson, my dad Kenneth Nicholson, lived in and around the Detroit area, in Michigan.. any information, please contact me..


Name: Janet McKenzie <>
Date: 2010-10-30
My Location Mandurah Western Australia
My Nicholsons are from Sunderland/Bishop-Wearmouth Durham UK
Any info greatly accepted,G,G,Gfather John Cuthbert Nicholson B.1827 Sunderland, son of Obadiah Nicholson.Married Isabella Allan dau of Thomas & Barbara Allan on 28-06-1852 at Bishop-Wearmouth Durham. Came to Aust, ship?? 1852/53. They lived Talbot/Maryborough area of Victoria. 2nd son Thomas is my G,Grandfather, mothers side. John & Isabella had 11 children I have only found 8 as yet, all born 1853 to 1870.Any history would be great,willing to share what I have. Great site.

Name: Joanne Pring (nee Nicholson) <>
Date: 2010-09-04
My Location Ontario, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Springhill, Nova Scotia
Hi my father is Douglas Edward Nicholson born to Frederick Amel Nicholson and Beatrice Blenkhorn (married one time prior with two children) they resided in Springhill and my grandfather (Frederick, was killed in the Springhill Mine Disaster in the 50's). Looking for any family information.
Sincerely Joanne


Name: Leah Nicholson <>
Date: 2010-08-10
My Location Stamford, Texas
My Nicholsons are from Knox City, Texas/Paris, Texas
My great grandfather was Henry Harrison Nicholson. My grandfather was Clifford Harrison Nicholson. My father was Clifford Ray Nicholson.

Name: micaela cregger <>
Date: 2010-07-01
My Location Marion, Virginia
My Nicholsons are from Northern GA and North Carolina
I descend from the famous John Nicholson born Bute or Butte County, North Carolina on May 1 1763 was a private in the Revoluntionary War. My line cames from John Nicholson's son, Alfred Nicholson. If anyone has any information on who John Nicholson's parents are and where they are from please contact me.

Name: Rosanne Nicholson Mascarenhas <>
Date: 2010-05-13
My Location Nashville, NC
My Nicholsons are from Yazoo County, MS
I would like to learn more about my roots. Thanks so much for this website

Name: Pauline Hoover <>
Date: 2010-04-11
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from Va. to NC to SC to KY
Wonderful website; I am looking for Bolin / Boling Nicholson. Bolin was born 1759 in Va. went to North C. where he was drafted into the Rev Army...Honorably discharged, went to South C. where he married and was drafted for a second tour of duty. He was honorably discharged a second time...He moved to Pulaski Co., Ky. Then to Spencer Co., Ky. I am descended through Bolins son Alexander b. 1792 SC - married in Shelby Co., Ky 1817. Would very much like to hear from anyone who has Bolin in their line. I don't know who Bolin's father and mother were or where they came from before Va..I know Bolin died after Feb 1836. Please email me if you know anything. Thank You


Name: Pauline Hoover <>
Date: 2010-04-11
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from Va. to NC to SC to KY
Wonderful website; I am looking for Bolin / Boling Nicholson. Bolin was born 1759 in Va. went to North C. where he was drafted into the Rev Army...Honorably discharged, went to South C. where he married and was drafted for a second tour of duty. He was honorably discharged a second time...He moved to Pulaski Co., Ky. Then to Spencer Co., Ky. I am descended through Bolins son Alexander b. 1792 SC - married in Shelby Co., Ky 1817. Would very much like to hear from anyone who has Bolin in their line. I don't know who Bolin's father and mother were or where they came from before Va..I know Bolin died after Feb 1836. Please email me if you know anything. Thank You


Name: Pauline Hoover <>
Date: 2010-04-11
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from Va. to NC to SC to KY
Wonderful website; I am looking for Bolin / Boling Nicholson.
Bolin was born in Va. went to North C. where he was drafted into the Rev Army...Honorably discharged, wet to South C. and was drafted for a second...He moved to Pulaski Co., Ky. Then to Spencer Co., Ky. I am descended through Bolins son Alexander. Would very much like to hear from anyone who has Bolin in their line. I don't know who Bolin's father was..Pleaqse email me if you know anything. Thank You


Name: Eileen McGee <>
Date: 2010-03-17
My Location Boston
My Nicholsons are from Lynn, MA
I'm looking for information on Nicholson's from Lynn, MA
My grandmother was a Nicholson, her father Joseph Nicholson.


Name: Jose Nicholson <>
Date: 2010-03-14
My Location France
My Nicholsons are from Carlisle, Cumberland, UK
My father, Donald Howard Beattie Nicholson was one of three children: Herbert (1901-1903) and Doreen (1905 - 1977).
His Parents were Robert Beattie Nicholson (1864 - 1937) and Jeannie Isabel Johnston (b 1876 in Langholm, Scotland).
Robert's parents were John Nicholson (b 1840 Carlisle)and May (b 1838 Beaumont, Cumberland#. He had four siblings: Ada #b 1871#, John Edward #b1973# Louisa #b 1875# and Ella Beatrice #b 1877#.
John had an uncle, Christoper #and that's not a typo but how his name is recorded in the 1881 census) who was a Greenwich pensioner and lived with John and his family in Carlisle in the 1881 census.
Any connections out there?


Name: phillip, nichelson <>
Date: 2010-03-08
My Location Billings Mt.
My Nicholsons are from Northern Irelan, PA, Ohio, kansas, colo. mt
My family originates from thomas nicholson and mary mahon. Their son andrew is one of my great grandfathers ---married Mcwilliams --their son phillip nichelson(Sarrahville Ohio) is my great grandfather byway of his son John and my father Loren b

Name: carolyn nicholson <>
Date: 2010-02-01
My Location stamford tx
My Nicholsons are from paris tx

Name: Karen Nicholson <>
Date: 2010-01-02
My Location Norlane, Victoria, Australia
My Nicholsons are from Portree, Isle of Skye
OMG so many of us... but trying to find which ancestor is which when they all had the names of Peter, John, Mary, Malcom etc.

I have been searching both on here and also the w/site: Scotlands people.

We originally came from Portree, my Great Great Grandfather John Nicolson YOB 1820, died 1917 and married (about 1851/2) Mary McLEOD YOB 1832,died 1904. Married Isle of Skyee. The only people that suit these names that migrated to Australia via Liverpool UK changed their surnames to NICHOLSON.. arrived in Victoria 1853 aboard the ALLISON (and the ages match). Now my Father - Robert Nicholson found this info, but as he does not have a PC (so hence no internet), I have taken over the project.

Before I go any further.. I would like to see if there are any Nicholson who have the family tree for us in Australia.

John Nicholson (born 1855 - Newtown, Vic) but must have changed his name to Peter* somewhere along the line (his parents were John and Mary). Peter Nicholson married Fanny Marshall - they had many children (6 or 7) - one being my Grandfather Ernest Nicholson(YOB 1899 died 1984). The eldest son John Murdock Nicholson was killed in WWI. The youngest son was named Henry (I think about 1907) and married a lady by the name of Girlie. This tree resided near Cobar, NSW.

Hope to hear from anyone who may have some info so that we can compare.

To all the NICHOLSON's/NICOLSON's around the world... what a great mob we are....

(oh and yes I have been to Portree- what a beautiful place it is...)


Name: Wm.Nicholson <>
Date: 2009-12-11
My Location Norland ,Ontario ,Canada
My Nicholsons are from Northern Ireland
Are we related

Name: Darren Kyme Nicholson <>
Date: 2009-10-03
My Location Vernon BC, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Peace River, AB, Canada
With God's Blessings to you all, I hope to hear from some of you!

Name: Peter Angus Nicholson <>
Date: 2009-09-04
My Location Halifax Nova Scotia
My Nicholsons are from Cape Breton
My father was John,brothers,Angus,Peter,Danny,Malcom,one sister Josey

Name: Nancy Nicholson Yeager <>
Date: 2009-08-21
My Location DEPUE, iL
My Nicholsons are from VIRGINA

Name: Rosemary Lawson <>
Date: 2009-08-17
My Location Victoria, Australia
My Nicholsons are from Orkney Isles
Great site

Name: Michael Nicholson <>
Date: 2009-06-02
My Location North Carolina,USA
My Nicholsons are from Clarksville, Georgia USA
My father Henry Harold Nicholson,Grandfather Ernest Brian Nicholson, there was a Henry Pledger Nicholson that died the same day my father was born. Great site, I will keep looking

Name: Peter Nicholson <>
Date: 2009-05-22
My Location Somerset, UK
My Nicholsons are from Somerset, UK
Just stumbled across your site in my travels and wondered if any of you here may have any links to "my" Nicholsons from Somerset (Keinton Mandeville/Barton St. David/Butleigh/Street, etc.). The furthest I can get back is to a Joseph Nicholson who married Mary Gregory in 1792 (don't know where). In return, I'd be glad to help any of you looking for your own roots here in Somerset.


Name: mark mulcahy <>
Date: 2009-05-21
My Location hooksett, n.h.
My Nicholsons are from lynn, ma.
george nicholson was my great grandfather, his daughter dorothy was my grandmother i maintain their graves at pine grove cemetary in lynn, ma. and am proud to do so.

Name: Matías Nicholson <>
Date: 2009-05-04
My Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
My Nicholsons are from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Great site.

Date: 2009-04-24
My Location Virginia Beach, VA
My Nicholsons are from Baltimore, Maryland
I am trying to make a comprehnsive family tree, though I have little idea were to start.

Name: Lesley Casey <>
Date: 2009-04-18
My Location Buffalo, NY
My Nicholsons are from Buffalo, NY
James and Mary Nicholson
daughters: Marion, Loretta, Kate


Name: Byron John Nicholson <>
Date: 2009-04-02
My Location United Kingdom
My Nicholsons are from cumbria
Quite nice to use this site, maybe a long lost cousin may find me, last of my line of Nicholson.

Name: Rick Nicholson <>
Date: 2009-02-19
My Location Garden Valley, CA.
My Nicholsons are from Michigan
I understand my Grandfather came to America from Scotland in the early 1900s and settled in I think Calumet Michigan and worked as a Miner. The family later moved to Flint and worked in the Auto industry. After the war my father came home with a bride from England [ my mother ]and had 5 children there and later moved to Maryland.Is there anyone out there that can help me with getting any imfo on the family "Roots" in Scotland.

Name: Charles Nicholson <>
Date: 2009-02-11
My Location Hillsboro Oregon
My Nicholsons are from Tennessee
Great page, thanks for the links.

Name: Richard Leonard Stuart Bourchier Nicholson MBE <BrenN 71>
Date: 2009-01-03
My Location Trowbridge UK
My Nicholsons are from Yorkshire UK
I have traced my ancestors back to 1705 and some who I think are my accestors back to the 1600s when they served with the East India Company. Most of them were Sailors, Soldiers, Doctors or Vicars. My grandmother's name was McNielish and she came from Campbelltown on the Kintire peninsular in Scotland.

Name: Tom Biggs <>
Date: 2008-12-12
My Location Ohio
My Nicholsons are from England
Trying to find the spouse of William Nicholson born 1552 in Scratgate, Whitehaven,, ENGLAND - died 1592 in St Bees, Cumberland,, ENGLAND (son of Thomas Nicholson 1522 - 1548.)

Name: marion sweet <>
Date: 2008-03-21
My Location Blyth. Northumberland.England
My Nicholsons are from Easington.Durham. England
My great grandfather was John Nicholson who was born 1884, he had an older brother who moved to the USA in the early 1900`s. I am sure they were living in Auburn illinois. My great grandfather was killed in action 1917 aged 34yrs, this happened in arras France. John was married in 1907 he married Laura Cresswell they then had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Anyway hope someone is interested. Thanks!

Name: Christine Harrod <>
Date: 2008-03-17
My Location Palmerston North, New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from Victoria, British Columbia
Hi there, have enjoyed going through this site. I am looking for any information on John Nicholson a ship builder who lived in Victoria, British Columbia. He is listed as the builder of a sailing yacht called 'Bendora' a 35ft cedar planked yacht. The yacht was registered in 1948 Victoria, B.C. Hope someone can help me.

Name: Harry G. Woodworth <>
Date: 2008-03-01
My Location NJ, USA
My Nicholsons are from Malcolm Nicholson, b c1750, Flodigarry, Trotternish, Isle of Skye, Scotland
You have a great site. Keep up the good work.

Malcolm was a soldier in the 76th Foot. After the Rev War, he went to Nova Scotia and was disbanded.

I have put what I know up to now on, Woodworth Family Tree.



Name: Josephine Elia <>
Date: 2008-02-11
My Location Melbourne Australia
My Nicholsons are from ???
Don't know if anyone out there can help me, but sure would appreciate any info I could get regarding my biological dad. I don't have much to go on other than the possible surname Nicholson and maybe a Danny or Peter. He would have been born around 1945 to 1950 & met my mother Linda Mason, in Ballarat Victoria in September of 1969 - I was born in may of 1970. One tale goes that he was "sent away" (Tasmania?) when the news of my imminent birth reached his mother. I'm told he was a polite and well spoken gentleman tall with dark features - very handsome. I only have fragments. I'm relying on the kindness of a stranger to hopefully give me something that could help piece together this enormous void in my life. I have two beautiful children who also deserve to understand thier biological heritage. I don't want or need anything from anyone other than to know where I came from. Thankyou for any help you can give...

Name: Jacqueline M Nicholson-Conley <>
Date: 2008-02-05
My Location Maine
My Nicholsons are from new Castle, Pa - Wumpum, Pa- Ireland
I am still looking for information on my Nicholson side, which is my biological father's side. If any one know's anthing about my Nicholson roots, stories, pictures, anything. please let me know. thank-you.

Name: Steve Nicholson <>
Date: 2008-02-03
My Location Chicago
My Nicholsons are from Alabama- Kentucky
I descend from the Nicholson's of Lawrence Co Alabama and before then (1820) the Nicholson's of Garrard Co Kentucky. William and Penelope Nicholson are my GGGG Grandparents. Robert Moore Nicholson is my GGG Grandfather, he married Jane Landers. William James Nicholson is my GG Grandfather, he married Mary Robertson. William Joseph Nicholson is my G Grandfather, he married Zora Parker. Charles Ernest Nicholson is my Grandfather, he married Nancy Ellen Parker. All were born and died in Alabama except Robert who was born in KY.

Name: Rosemary Sidle Teghtmeyer <>
Date: 2008-02-03
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from CT/PA/IN
My maternal Great Grandmother was Mary Ann Nicholson. She married William Henry Cole 26 Mar 1876 Celina, Mercer County, Ohio. D/O Zenas Nicholson b. PA


Name: carl j. leonard,sr. <>
Date: 2008-01-24
My Location bensalem,pa.
My Nicholsons are from east lothian and midlothian,edinburgh
i did not know you were here.great site.maybe i can found out things here or help someone else!
my great grandfather was wm.currie a landscape painter in the liegh,north and south also n.berwick.i have four orginal paintings signed by him.willim was married to ann nicholson. ann was b.1830-- d.1905.william was b.1820---d.1894.they had 8 children.william,sarah,elizabeth,norman,mary who married a 1st cousin james nicholson,isabella,helen, my grandmother.


Name: Ken Nicholson <>
Date: 2008-01-12
My Location Victoria, Australia
My Nicholsons are from West Sussex, England
A great website, giving me lots of valuable sites to visit and study, thank you

Name: Fran Moritz-Booth <>
Date: 2008-01-10
My Location Denver, Colorado
My Nicholsons are from Michigan
My Email has changed if anyone is interested in my Nicholson information they can contact me at the new one I just listed.



Name: Frank Nicholson <>
Date: 2007-12-23
My Nicholsons are from IRELAND
Any Nichols from Ireland out there

Name: Dudley Nicholson <>
Date: 2007-12-04
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye
always looking for information

Name: Kenneth RoyNicholson <>
Date: 2007-11-09
My Location Locks Heath Hampshire England
My Nicholsons are from East Meon hampshire England
My father was born in East Meon Hampshire England, one of a family of 13 children. I was born in Swanmore Hampshire England.

Name: Kenneth RoyNicholson <>
Date: 2007-11-09
My Location Locks Heath Hampshire England
My Nicholsons are from East Meon hampshire England
My father was born in East Meon Hampshire England, one of a family of 13 children. I was born in Swanmore Hampshire England.

Name: Janet Griffiths nee nicoll <>
Date: 2007-09-26
My Location St helens England
My Nicholsons are from Dalserf lanarkshire
Hi, lovely site, i am trying to find any information on my ancester Adam nicoll. last mentioned in the 1841 cencus as a 14yr old ag lab in Dalserf Lankarkshire, family history says that the original nicoll of our line came over from France to fight for bonnie prince charlie. anyone any similar family histories? we also are a sept of McCleod of Lewis and worn a yellow tartan, many thanks

Name: Dee Kermode <>
Date: 2007-09-12
My Location Palmetto FL
My Nicholsons are from CT/NY/WI/MN
John Nicholson was born 1789 in CT, died 9 Apr 1861 in Blue Earth Co, MN. Married Lucinda ?; daughters: Olive b. 1829, either Cooperstown or Westmoreland, NY; John B. b.1831 and Sarah b. 1833 all of NY.

Olive married John Crozier Thompson b. 1824, Wash Co NY. d 1908 in Blue Earth Co MN.
Have nothing more about John's origins.


Name: M. Elizabeth Thomason <>
Date: 2007-07-30
My Location Tennessee
My Nicholsons are from George W. Roane Co. Tn.
GeorgeW. Nicholson a steamboat engineer and farmer of Roane Co. Tn. He was born in Ky. and parents of Va. I'm at a dead-end. His son from Margaret MacConnell, John Thomas, my father Robert Bruce Nicholson. Thanks, Liz Thomason

Name: Louise Boivin Janelle <>
Date: 2007-07-25
My Location NC
My Nicholsons are from NH
My maternal great-great grandmother was Cecelia Nicholson. She married John McDermott; they lived in Manchester, NH.
Their daughter (my great-grandmother) was Mary Ann McDermott who married John Gillis in Manchester, NH. Their daughter, (my maternal grandmother) was Mary Agnes Gillis; she married Lionel Cleveland Gelly.


Name: frank nicholson <>
Date: 2007-07-10
My Location ayr / scotland
My Nicholsons are from glasgow / scotland
on doing my research i have just found out they came from ireland and where nichols name changed to nicholson when they came to scotland here are just some of the names henry nichols spouse margaret redmond, thomas nicholson spouse mary jane hughs,robert henry nichols,and a lot more

Name: frank nicholson <>
Date: 2007-07-10
My Location ayr / scotland
My Nicholsons are from glasgow / scotland
on doing my research i have just found out they came from ireland and where nichols name change when they came to scotland

Name: Sheila Thomas <>
Date: 2007-06-21
My Nicholsons are from CUMBRIA ENGLAND
My mother was Sarah Nicholson born 6/7/08 Workington Cumbria. Her father Matthew and mother Jane[Owen] also born Cumbria

Date: 2007-05-29
My Nicholsons are from NORTH CAROLINA

Name: Denn is A. Nicholson <>
Date: 2007-05-28
My Location Washington State
My Nicholsons are from Prince Edward Island, CA
I'm third generation in WA state. My father visits PEI every year to meet with living cousines. We believe the family came from the Isles of Skye.

Name: chris chamoun <>
Date: 2007-05-26
My Location melbourne
My Nicholsons are from not sure
great site lots of help only started looking to do family tree.grand father is thomas nicholson born about 1910 nsw just wanted to see if anyone came across him in thier search, i think his brothers name was charles william nicholson ii . hi to all nicholsons!

Name: Kim (Nicholson) Simpson <>
Date: 2007-05-13
My Location Ontario, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
What a great website!

Name: Lorraine Walker nee Nicholson <>
Date: 2007-05-01
My Location newzealand
My Nicholsons are from Isle of skye
Came across this sight by accident and have found it greatI am struggling to get imformation on my family of Nicholsons pree 1844 Alexander Nicholson was born in the Isle of skye his parents were Alexander and Mary I think he was born around 1816 other children were John Donald Catherine Mary and Angus the youngest child was Jane

Name: Lorraine Walker <>
Date: 2007-04-29
My Location Newzealand
My Nicholsons are from Isle of skye
I am trying to find Alexander Nicholson married Mary Nicholson and had Alexander John Donald Mary Catherine norman angus and Jane Alexander and Mary came to nz after leaving scotland to go to Geelong Aust on the Georgiana in 1852

Name: Madeline Shore <>
Date: 2007-04-20
My Location Somerset, England
My Nicholsons are from Winnipeg, Canada
Been searching for James Nicholson, lived in Winnipeg before coming to England during WW2 He went back to Canada in 1946 and we lost contact. He was my father and I would dearly love to find his family. If anyone knows of the Nicholsons that lived in Winnipeg in the 1940's I would love to hear from you. The name Benollah might be connected with the family.
Interesting site, I look forward to hearing from somebody.
Thank you


Name: Ken M Nicholson <>
Date: 2007-04-19
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Sussex, England
great links and a lot of helpful advice

Name: Patricia Layer <>
Date: 2007-04-10
My Location Plano, TX
My Nicholsons are from Northumbria/Cumberland/Shenandoah National Park, VA
Looking for descendants of the Nicholson/Corbin clan from Old Ragged Mountain (now part of the Shenandoah National Park) in Madison County, VA. Some were re-settled in Madison County; others to Rappahannock County, VA; and Warren County, VA back in the 1930's.

Name: catherine nicholson <>
Date: 2007-03-18
My Location Ocala Florida
My Nicholsons are from Camillus New York
Birth mom janet e nicholson...adopted and still searching

Name: Marvin Nicholson <>
Date: 2007-03-01
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from Georgia
This is my line would like to hear from others from this line. Thank You

Descendants of Cuthbert Nicholson

Generation No. 1

1. CUTHBERT1 NICHOLSON was born 1712, and died January 02, 1789 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He married JENNET CANDOR Abt. July 01, 1736 in First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born 1712, and died March 13, 1790 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.


2. i. GEORGE2 NICHOLSON, b. Abt. 1737; d. Aft. 1790.
3. ii. JOHN NICHOLSON, b. Abt. 1738; d. Bet. November 1817 - March 02, 1818, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
4. iii. JOSEPH NICHOLSON, SR., b. Aft. 1739; d. Bef. May 20, 1826, Greene County, Georgia.

Generation No. 2

2. GEORGE2 NICHOLSON (CUTHBERT1) was born Abt. 1737, and died Aft. 1790.

Administrator of father Cuthbert's estate 1790 along with James Taggart

Generation No. 3

5. JOSEPH3 NICHOLSON (GEORGE2, CUTHBERT1) was born Abt. 1770. He married UNKNOWN NAME Abt. 1801. She was born Abt. 1775.

Census: 1790, Family not located in 1790 Census
Census 2: 1820, Mecklenburg, North Carolin with wife and 3 children

i. FEMALE4 NICHOLSON, b. Bet. 1802 - 1804.
ii. MALE NICHOLSON, b. Bet. 1804 - 1810.
iii. JOSEPH C. NICHOLSON, b. 1812.
v. ANN NICHOLSON, b. 1829.

Generation No. 4

20. WILLIAM4 NICKELSON (JOSEPH3, JOSEPH2 NICHOLSON, SR., CUTHBERT1) was born 1797 in North Carolina, and died June 03, 1877 in Greensboro, Georgia. He married (1) MARTHA MOORE October 10, 1816 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, daughter of SARAH. She was born Bet. 1794 - 1800, and died Bef. 1828. He married (2) SUSAN WILLIAMS November 02, 1828 in Greene County, Georgia. She was born 1803 in Virginia, and died Bef. 1860. He married (3) ELIZABETH (BETSY) ATKINSON August 24, 1862 in Greene County, Georgia, daughter of NATHAN ATKINSON and POLLY PARKER. She was born 1816, and died Bef. August 1881.

i. FEMALE5 NICKELSON, b. 1817.
ii. FEMALE NICKELSON, b. 1818.
39. iii. ARCHIBALD NICKELSON, b. 1820; d. July 20, 1864, Killed at Peachtree Creek, Georgia.
iv. FEMALE NICKELSON, b. 1821.
40. v. DAVID MONROE NICHOLSON, b. September 23, 1823, Franklin County, Georgia; d. January 18, 1884, Carnesville, Franklin County, Georgia.

vi. MALE5 NICKELSON, b. Bet. 1830 - 1835.

Census: 1870 Greene County Census shows Elizabeth Nickelson keeping house for Luther 16, Mary 14, Victoria 10, Edgar 4, and Carolyn 1.

41. viii. SAMUEL S. NICHOLSON, b. 1836, Green County, Georgia; d. July 03, 1914, Winder, Jackson/Barrow County, Georgia.
42. ix. WILLIAM BONER NICKELSON, b. 1838, Georgia.
43. x. OSCAR E. NICKELSON, b. 1844, Georgia; d. 1872, Atlanta, Georgia.
xi. LUTHER NICKELSON, b. 1853.

Census 2: 1870, Greene County, Georgia listed in Father's Household
Census 3: 1880, Greene County, Georgia listed in Widowed Mother's Household


Name: Timothy Vernon Nicholson <>
Date: 2007-02-27
My Location Annapolis, Md (Anne Arundel, Md)
My Nicholsons are from Mostly Springfield, Mo. area
Hello, I just saw the list of Nicholson's, and I have heard about a Thomas and William Nicholson who settled around Central Va. area. But I have never heard about a William Nicholson in Anne Arundel, Md. around mid-17th Century. My Father's name is Thomas Pate, and his brother is William too. Their father, raised around the Northern Arkansas and So. Misourri area was named Vernon. That is the extent I know about my history.

Name: April Dawn Nicholson-Grauso <>
Date: 2007-02-07
My Location Las Vegas
My Nicholsons are from Pittsburg Pa
My father is James Edward Nicholson born to George F. Nicholson and Barbara Horn-Nicholson on 4/5/55. George Nicholson's dob 09/13/31 dod 03/15/92, born in philadelphia pa i believe to edward and salome nicholson. that is all the information i have . i really want to connect to my paternal grandfathers family. please if anyone can help email me at or even call me at 702-458-6989. thank you
april dawn


Name: Chad Nicholson <>
Date: 2007-01-25
My Location Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Huron County, Ontario. Cumberland, England
Looking for more information on Thomas Nicholson, born in Cumberland, England and married to Margaret Wylie. His son Isaac Nicholson was born September 16th, 1828. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Chad Nicholson


Name: Matina Hobson <>
Date: 2007-01-25
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from Whitehaven, England
I have traced my ancestors to Thomas Nicholson, born 1522 in England and then his son was William born 1552 and then John born 1580 and his son John born 1609 and then his son John born in 1648 and then Thomas born 1698 and his son John born in in 1718 and then his son Benjamin born in 1748 in Orange County, Va and then his son William born in 1781 in Washington County, Va and then his son Thomas Moore Nicholson born in 1816 in Indiana and then his son Warren Ward Nicholson born in 1873 in Washington County, In and his son (and my grandfather) Otis Oliver Nicholson born in 1899 in Lawrence County, Bedford. I am also trying to locate my cousin who's father was Melvin Nicholson and his mother's name is Sue. If you have any info on any of these Nicholson's please write me. Thank You!!!!!

Name: Eileen Nicolson <>
Date: 2007-01-25
My Location Glasgow, Scotland
My Nicholsons are from Glasgow, originally Skye
I am keen to learn more about the Nicolson's!
I didn't realise there were so many - thought they were all Nicholson's!!


Name: David Lamont Nicholson Jr. <>
Date: 2007-01-13
My Location Tibbie, Al
My Nicholsons are from Lucedale, Ms, George County
I never knew many of my dad's family. I am very interested in tracing my Nicholson roots. I don't know anything before my grandfather which died I believe in 1969. His wife, Retha Verne Nicholson, which died Dec. 06, never spoke of our heritage. I would like to know the lineage of Carl Lee Nicholson of Lucedale, Ms.

Name: Bruce Nicholson <>
Date: 2007-01-01
My Location Birmingham,Al
My Nicholsons are from Merrickville,Ontario,Canada
Seeking relatives of Rose Nicholson, Merrickville,Ont.

Name: Kimberley Nicholson <>
Date: 2006-12-21
My Location Red Deer, Alberta
My Nicholsons are from Canada
family: John c Nicholson grandfather, david C Nicholson father, david w Nicholson brother, Adam c Nicholson brother, Kiel Nicholson nephew, Justice Nicholson neice.

Name: mark andrew nicholson <>
Date: 2006-12-14
My Location sandia,texas
My Nicholsons are from corpus christi,texas
my dads name was Roy Flanklin Nicholson JR can you help me find family tree I'll be very GREATFUL. THANK YOU SIR

Name: Mary <>
Date: 2006-12-03
My Location Lorain, Ohio
My Nicholsons are from Edinburgh, Scotland
Hi, lovely site. My mother is Evelyn Nicol Donovan, daughter of David Nicol, Son of David Nicol, etc. I have been researching my relatives somewhat and have discovered some more cousins. Proudly wear the Loud McLeod. Am a McLeod, Nicol and Campbell on mum's side. Dad's side is from Belfast with Donovan, McCormick, Lyons, etc.

Name: Judy Michaels <>
Date: 2006-11-29
My Location Encinitas, California
My Nicholsons are from South Carolina
I am descended from Isaac Nicholson and Rebecca Penry/Pendry of South Carolina, late 1700s and from their son, Isaac Nicholson, of McMinn/Polk counties, TN.

Great website!. Thank you.


Name: Connie Nicholson <>
Date: 2006-11-18
My Location El Paso, Texas
My Nicholsons are from East Texas/Oklahoma
Looking for relatives of John Henry Nicholson/Nichleson

Name: Harry Nicholson <>
Date: 2006-11-13
My Location Armstrong, BC, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Vancouver via Kamloops & St. Catherines
Great resource! My father will enjoy this as he's been trying to track the family roots.

Name: Matthew Nicholson <>
Date: 2006-11-06
My Location California
My Nicholsons are from Denver, CO
grandfathers name was James Oliver Nicholson, Father is jr. he was born in denver, I don't know much more, thanks-Matt

Name: Tracie Huet <>
Date: 2006-10-06
My Location Sydney Australia
My Nicholsons are from England
Have just stumbled across this site. My ancestor is Captain John Nicholson so will speak to my grandmother Laura Bosworth (nee Nicholson) and post more information soon.

Name: Leo Lamar Nicholson <>
Date: 2006-10-02
My Location Sugar Land, Texas
My Nicholsons are from Mississippi
Grandfather John Alexander Nicholson, Green County, Mississippi

Name: John Nicholson <>
Date: 2006-09-28
My Location Aylesbury
My Nicholsons are from Durham
looking for Nicholsons around 1797 in Evenwood Co durham to extend my family tree

Name: John Bradshaw <>
Date: 2006-08-25
My Location Roanoke
My Nicholsons are from Eastern Va or NC, Norfolk, Co, VA
Looking for Maria Nicholson B abt 1802, D abt 1830/36, M 11 Jan 1827 Norfolk Co, VA to Grimes Halstead

Name: george a nicholson <>
Date: 2006-08-16
My Location lake charles,la. 70601
My Nicholsons are from shreveport ,la.
I am instrested in my names history.

Name: margaretta L. Nicholson <nikki.70@>
Date: 2006-07-12
My Location philadelphia, Pa.
My Nicholsons are from oklahoma
I'm just getting really started in this endeavor, I have a couple of relatives who are now doing research so I thought I'd give them some help.

Name: Mary Ellen Cornett Glassmeyer <>
Date: 2006-07-09
My Location Tualatin, Oregon
My Nicholsons are from Clay County and Laurel County Kentucky
My mother's maiden name was Nicholson, descendant of Francis Nicholson.

Name: Marie Guthrie <>
Date: 2006-07-04
My Location Oamaru New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from Australia, & London
My ancester was Captain John Nicholson who arrived Austraila 1817 and married Eliza Streeter.
John had a brother Renton Nicholson born 1809 and had two daughters Eliza and Betsy Murray Nicholson his wife died 1849. Betsy first Married John Denning in England and then came to Australia and Married Henry Edwin Bridges in Oueensland Aus, still looking for this family.
Great site. one day we may all be related?
thanks Marie


Name: Karen Spann <>
Date: 2006-06-23
My Location Bunker Mo.
My Nicholsons are from Shannon County Mo.
Hi, I'm looking for any info about my great great grandmother,Sarah Lucretia Nicholson,daughter of John Nicholson & Matilda J Roberts. I am the daughter of Ruby Jean Thomas of Blairs Creek Mo.My grandmother was Clela J. Phillips of Shannon County Mo.

Name: Ben Nicholson <>
Date: 2006-05-29
My Location Adelaide South Australia
My Nicholsons are from ?
My family live in Adelaide. I would like to know more. :-)

Name: Virginia Severns <>
Date: 2006-05-04
My Location Champaign, IL
My Nicholsons are from Garrard Co., KY > Macon Co., IL
My Line from my mother, Mary E. Nicholson,(IL) Samuel SCOTT m. Jennie G. Brodrick,MLA live IL) John Rice m. Samantha E. Wallace, (IL)Jeremiah J, m. Lucinda Logan (KY)
James m. Polly Proctor (KU, James, m. Polly UNK, (VA), John m. UNK (VA), Thomas M. UNK b. Eng d. VA
Jeremiah and some of his siblings and their famalies came to Macon/Moultrie Cos near Decatur, IL about 1850. It is said that they left KY because they didn't like slavery, and some of the siblings stayed in KY. There were black Nicholsons in the Decatur Area about the same time, so maybe they brought these people with them. Havn't done much research on this line recently, have been finding connection with the Boone family Through the Logan line and have been following that recently as well as my huspands line, (Severns) and x (For the children, Drennan, Pufahl.


Date: 2006-04-28
My Location panama, panama
My Nicholsons are from England or Jamaica
I would like informartion about my Grant Grandfather was named Gorge Joseph Nicholson, born in England and moved to Panama from Jamaica last yaers of 1800 to worked in Panama Canal. He was a member of Royal Navy.

Thank you

Glad to be a Nicholson


Name: Peter Nicholson <>
Date: 2006-04-02
My Location Adelaide Australia
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
Hello, I am trying to trace my GGF John Nicholson who arrived here as an assisted immigrant in 1862 with wife Janet and children Alex 4 and Brigette 1

Name: Liz <>
Date: 2006-03-16
My Location Melbourne
My Nicholsons are from and ELLWOODS - Cumberland ENGLAND to Canada & Australia
Please the photos of the ancestral areas and old wills and marriage certificates we have put up on the internet for all relations who are from Canada and Australia and some in USA too. Also some very old records of those from the same area and names connected are also HODGESON ELLWOOD , HEWITSON, HODGSON , JACKSON, GOODBURN, CRAGHILL, GILHOOLEY, GOHEEN, LATIMER, LANG, MCKEEGAN, ISLES, COUSINS,McERVALE more at
Thank you for this great guestbook!


Name: Linda R Romero <>
Date: 2006-03-09
My Location Wisconsin/Arizona
My Nicholsons are from Nichols from Ontario/Scotland
What a great site. I'm hoping I can find information on my Scottish family through it. My ggggrandfather, Peter Nichols was born in Scotland. He first appears in Ontario married to Lois Anne Moore. They then moved to Illinois and Wisconsin. When Peter Nichol/Nichols came to Ontario is still a mystery. He also disappeared from my known records after Lois Anne and several children died in Wisconsin.

Name: Karla Nicholson <>
Date: 2006-01-08
My Location Nashville, TN
My Nicholsons are from SE Tennessee and SW North Carolina
Thanks for putting this page together. KNicholson

Name: Steve J. Canton <>
Date: 2005-12-08
My Location Arlington, Texas, USA
My Nicholsons are from Currituck County, North Carolina
My 8-great grandfather, William Nicholson (1669-1723), was born and died in Currituck. My 8-great grandmother, Sophia Taylor (1691-1721), was his wife. I'm descended from their daughter, Sarah Nicholson. Hello to all Nicholsons, and may God bless you all!



Name: John Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-11-08
My Location York
My Nicholsons are from York
Currently the last of my line of Nicholsons.

Name: James Nicol <>
Date: 2005-10-25
My Location Newhall, CA 91321
My Nicholsons are from Forgue, Aberdeenshire
My great grandfather, William, immigrated to the US with his wife, sons and one daughter in the 1880s and settled in central Illinois.

Name: Brian Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-10-14
My Location Adelaide South Australia
My Nicholsons are from Wigan ENGLAND
Hi to all the Nicholsons world wide what a great family to be born into my grandfather Richard Nicholson grandmother Mary Grady lived in Wigan moved to Australia Newcastle NSW lived in town called Boolaroo i am trying to find all my relatives in England and Scotland any family members with information i would like to hear from i forgot to say my grandfather was a blacksmith farrier coach builder his brother moved to Canada after a short time in australia so relatives there also
may the keeper of the Nicholson Clan be Blessed
best regards to Nicholsons every where Brian


Name: thomas <nicholson>
Date: 2005-09-24
My Location michigan
My Nicholsons are from Father - Chicago
Father Frank O. mothers name Nellie O'Connor. was from county Kerry Ireland Father Joseph from ?
father born 1895 May 7th. Chicago.Ill.
Wiliam was his son.,
Hope i can find something on this web site
tom h. nicholson


Name: john michael nicholson <>
Date: 2005-09-22
My Location Consett Co Durham
My Nicholsons are from Consett/blackhill CoDurham
I came across this site by accident will look again when i have more time.

Name: Jamie Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-09-19
My Location Auckland
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
Just trying to find out where my Great, great grandfather was. He was a man on the run from Australia and came to NZ

Name: Traci Nichols <>
Date: 2005-09-06
My Location Fort Collins Colorado
My Nicholsons are from I wish I knew
I am interested in any information about Nichols, Nicholls immigration to New Jersey US. Early, 1700's or before. :)

Name: Danielle <>
Date: 2005-09-04
My Location Utica, NY
My Nicholsons are from Ireland/Kingston, ONT
Still searching for the county in Ireland....

Name: Nancy Nicholson Yeager <>
Date: 2005-09-02
My Location DePue,IL
My Nicholsons are from Madison county Virginia
My father is Ernest His father Alphus His father John W. Nicholson And Jemmina Weakley Nicholson

Name: jeff nicholson <>
Date: 2005-09-01
My Location hyannis ma cape cod
My Nicholsons are from prince edward island
I would like to know about the Nicholson name and maybe some posible relatives and other stuff like that

Name: George Heritage Nicholson III <popghn3@verizon .net>
Date: 2005-08-27
My Location jessup md.
My Nicholsons are from Graham, North Carolina
My middle name " Heritage " was given to my grandfather, as it was his mothers maiden last name. He was born in Graham N.C. in 1898 and I was born and raised in Deale, Maryland. I have a son George, Daughter Erica, and three grandsons, Blake, Noah and Kayden.

Name: Callum Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-08-26
My Location Nr Worcester
My Nicholsons are from Scotland/Skye/Rassay
I have been told that my great uncle is Alastair Nicholson, Laird of Rassay. Does anyone have any information on west highland nicholsons?

Name: Leanne Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-08-22
My Location Gateshead, UK.
My Nicholsons are from Gateshead
Hi there, I'm a Nicholson too obviously, and I'm very interested in my heritage and have found some very interesting information, although I'm having difficulty with the family tree as I'm very limited on information - I only know back to my Grandparents and I don't know when they were born!

Name: Brian Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-08-12
My Location Durham
My Nicholsons are from ?
Just started searching and the only clue's are hearsay from family members, that possibly the family came down from the West Coast of Scotland for the work in the mines.

Name: Megan Nicholson Welborn <>
Date: 2005-08-03
My Location Perry, Gerogia
My Nicholsons are from Ohio, u.s.a.???
Hi. i'm trying to find my father Michael Eugene Nicholson's father, Roy Nicholson. my dad was born in Akron, Ohio in 1961. he recently died and i do not know anything about Roy or where he lives now. Roy had 3 kids, Candy, michael, and michelle. But my dad, his siblings and mother(Carol Hand) moved to georgia when my dad was around 15 or so??? ROy i'm sure remarried and supposidly still lives in ohio maybe??? please if anybody out there knows of a roy nicholson. He'd be at least 62. If anybody has any information please email me!

Name: Scott & Katrina Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-07-30
My Location Toowoomba, QLD, Australia
My Nicholsons are from Portree, Isle of Skye
You've done a top job mate... Our Chief and his family are some of our closet and dearest freinds. Luke Nicolson, elder of Scorrybreac, is our son Luke's godfather. We spend a good bit of time in Ballina with them, "enjoying the good life". Luke and myself are both very keen and dedicated surfers, and will introduce my son to the ocean very soon. Cheers mate, Scott Nicholson. Australia.

Name: Eric Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-06-07
My Location Littleton, Co.
My Nicholsons are from Kansas
My Grandfather, Clarence Earl passed away April 7, 2005 at the age of 94. I am curious if anyone out there knew him, or his father. His father's name was Claude. Claude was adopted. Claude's wife was named Amelia. They had six children.
I am 32 and would like to know where I came from. Any help is appreciated.


Name: Malcolm Charles Nicolson <>
Date: 2005-05-14
My Location Bay of Islands New Zaland
My Nicholsons are from Kiltarlity & Rosemarkie
I would be most interested to make contact to any desendants of Patrick Nicolson, son of Rev Donald Nicolson 12th Chief.

Name: cathie palendat <>
Date: 2005-05-10
My Location Surrey bc, canada
When I was looking on the internet looking up my Mom's dads family the Ellwoods I found that a Nicholson had married a Ellwood from England. That is where my great Grandparents are from. My great grand Father was Edward Ellwood. Would some one happen to know if this is part of the same Ellwood Family that married a Nicholson. My moms dad Died when she was 5 years old and doesn't know anything about that side of her family and I would like to learn more. If some one out there can help me please send me an e-mail. My grandpa and great grand parents were laid to rest in New Westminster B.C. Canada. Thanks to any one who can help me out. By the way my mom is in her sixties now.


Name: Margaret Jean* Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-05-10
My Location Canada (west coast)
My Nicholsons are from Dumfries and Lochmaben
Wow, impressive web site. I haven't read it all yet and want to see if our real tartan is still available as I can't seem to get anything except a black and red plaid.

Excellent work.



Name: Janice Layte <>
Date: 2005-05-02
My Location Canada
My Nicholsons are from Skye --> York Co., NB, Canada
Wow! Have I ever hit a huge roadblock! Please let me know if any of you have any of the following names in your research....

JOHN NICHOLSON III b.1792 in Skye?
m. MARGARET MOODY MORRIS b.Oct 31, 1805 Scotland and came to York Co. NB, Canada about 1823

Their son:
m. HANNAH KELLEY (Irish) b.abt 1840
They lived in York Co., Carleton Co. NB, Canada

MARGARET b.1868 (possibly Hannah's daughter from a previous marriage)
EUNICE b.1870 .... never married
BERTHA b.1872 .... never married
DAVID b.1874 .... never married
JOHN FRANKLIN b.1876 .... moved to Saskatoon,SK,Canada 1901
GEORGE ALFRED b.1878 .. my ggrandfather
HIRAM DOW b.1881 ... lived in USA (MD,DE areas)
EDITH .. no info.

Looking to find out ANYTHING!
Would love to know more abuot JOHN AND MARGARET MOODY MORRIS.
What ship did they sail to Canada on?
Were there any siblings for either of them?

I do know:
John Nicholson III was given a land grant in Lake George, York Co.,NB, Canada

Margaret was probably married to a Mr. Morris who likely died. Have not been able to find any info for him.

Anxiously awaiting your replies!!!!



Date: 2005-04-20
My Nicholsons are from ROCHESTER, N.Y.

Name: Barbara Walters <>
Date: 2005-04-09
My Location Pittsburgh,PA
My Nicholsons are from Northern Ireland-Lurgan
My grandfather,my great grandfather and my great great grandfather were all named Thomas Nicholson. My grandfather lived 1860-1923,my greatgf c1835 and my great greatgf c1803-1891. My gf was born near Philadelphia in Jenkintown,PA. The Mormons spell Nicholson-Nickelson and in Waringston,Craigavon,NI in the Parish of Donaghcloney it is spelled NICKALSON in the records there.

Date: 2005-03-13
My Nicholsons are from LEURBOST, ISLES
Kenneth Nicolson m. Kirsty MacAulay. 4 Children, Catherine b.1826 died 1923 married Alexander MacKinnon.
Margaret b.1831 died 1865 married Norman MacSween.
Donald b. 1834 died 1883 married Mary MacIver.
Norman b. 1835 died 1897 never maarried
Donald and Mary had 7 children.
Norman 1861 - 1923 married Ann Nicolson
Mary 1864 died at birth
Donald 1865-1887 never married
Kirsty 1868-1924 married Angus Morrison
Kenneth 1873-1952 married Mary MacIver
Malcolm 1879-1946 my Grandfather died in South Africa
Any relations left in Scotland I would love to hear from them. I am doing this on behalf of my husband Graeme Harold Nicholson.


Name: Peter, Barry, Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-03-08
My Location Abbotsford, BC , Canada
My Nicholsons are from Bury, England
i wanna know more about joseph Nicholson and further back

Name: Jeanine Wall <>
Date: 2005-03-08
My Location Winnipeg, MB
My Nicholsons are from Skye, Portree
This is great! I hope to be able to find information about my grandfather, Archibald Duncan Nicholson.

Name: Beverly Nicholson-Conde <>
Date: 2005-03-06
My Location East Greenwich, RI
My Nicholsons are from Dundee, Scotland AND Hyde, England
Hello from the smallest state, Rhode Island!
My paternal grandmother was Beatrice Maude Nicholson. I am looking for her grandfather's line, JOSEPH NICHOLSON (b 1832 in Bath, Somerset- I think- and m Bridget Derig in 1854 in Kent, England) This is also actor Jack Nicholson's line.
My paternal grandfather was Fred Nicholson. I am looking for the ancestors of ROBERT KEITH NICHOLSON (b Aug 17, 1843 in Dundee, Scotland- m Aug 25, 1864 in Dundee to Alice Crammond. Robert K. Nicholson d in Fall River, MA)
Any help is certainly appreciated. I am willing to share research with anyone.


Name: Jennifer Martino <>
Date: 2005-02-06
t h x
jenn martino


Name: Roger Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-01-29
My Location Glencoe, Oklahoma
My Nicholsons are from North Carolina
I have been searching for information on Murdoch Nicholson born around 1820 in North Carolina.

Name: Johnathan noel Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-01-19
My Location South Africa
My Nicholsons are from South Africa
Hi am search for family history and i came along this website, must say probably the best or only one about NICHOLSONS that i have found. I am in search fo any information at all about Nicholsons that are in South Africa, or have family here, etc. I would also appreciate any Nicholson history going back to were we came from right from the start, so if you have info send it along


Name: Joyce Nicholson Schofield <>
Date: 2005-01-16
My Location Guelph, On. Canada
My Nicholsons are from Orwell, P.E.I. via Skye
My family originated from Skye , and emigrated to Orwell on the Polly in 1803. My father is Charles Morrison Nicholson son of Angus M. Nicholson of Orwell,PEI , and Annie Murphy of Sheet Harbour N.S. Angus is s/o Roderick Nicholson and Jessie Morrison , Roderick s/o John Jr. & Mary MacLeod, John Jr. s/o John and Jane Martin, John s/o Donald & Catherine MacArthur. My basic research shows that we are descendents of Donald 12 Clan Chief. I am looking for information on Murdo Nicholson of Skye. I saw a picture of Murdo taken in 1997 in Skye with a Sarah Gillis a distant cousin from Canada on the Links-Descendents of the Chief on the web site. The resemblance of Murdo to my late father, Charles and my late brother Ronnie is remarkable. If Dad ever had a twin , Murdo Nicholson of Skye would be him. My husband and I are going to Scotland later this year and if possible I would like to connect with a relative of Murdo's If anyone can help please e-mail me at the above address.

Name: Julie Nicholson <>
Date: 2005-01-15
My Location Napier, New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from Dunblane, Scotland
An interesting site. I am looking for Thomas Patterson Knox Nicholson. He was born in New Zealand and then traveled to Fiji where he was a partner in the Fiji Ship-building Compnay around 1892. Also looking for Charles Nicholson born 1808 to Alexander and Janet (nee Meiklejohn) he moved to Jamaica and that is all that is known. His siblings were Janet, William,Mary, Alexander, Allison, John (my gg grandfather) and Grizel (Grace).
When John left Scotland he arrived in Melbourne at some stage and married Ann Begg in 1854, they then sailed to New Zealand and had their first child William Begg Nicholson in 1855 in Auckland. Seven children later and they moved to Gumtown, Whitianga, where they became publicans or bushmen.
Ann died in child birth, we asume along with the child.
Any info would be helpful in putting the pieces together.


Name: patricia <>
Date: 2005-01-14
My Location England
My Nicholsons are from Monkwearmouth Sunderland
yoohoo I'm one too, just starting with my family tree,and by the looks of it, I think it is going to be very interesting?
Thanks to all of you


Date: 2005-01-14
My Nicholsons are from STORNOWAY


Name: Eileen McGee <>
Date: 2004-12-15
My Location Boston
My Nicholsons are from Lynn, Mass
My great-grandfather was Joseph L. Nicholson of Lynn, Mass his wife was Margaret Murphy-Nicholson. His father was Joseph W. Nicholson, married to Ellen, both originally from Ireland and both died in Lynn. All are buried at Pine Grove Cemetary. I'm interested in learning more about the Lynn Nicholsons.

Name: Murray Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-12-07
My Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Prince Edward Island
Would like to contact Nicholsons who hail from Mt Hope or Wood Island, Prince Edward Island.

Name: James Thomas Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-11-29
My Location Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
My Nicholsons are from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ireland, Scotland, and England
Awesome sight. I would like to know more about the Japeth connection.

Name: Brendy Martinez <>
Date: 2004-11-07
My Location San Diego, California
My Nicholsons are from Berwick,Scotland,NY,Illinois,California
I belong to the Nicholson's of Robert and James Nicholson coming across the sea from Scotland to New York. Robert lived on the border between New York and Canada. James wife died in New York and then they settled off to Illinois, Lived there till James sr. Died and his son James Alexander Nicholson left to California marrying Mary ann See, having many kids named Stonewall jackson, william, francis ann, sarah,david see, john shelby,george washington, leah, james, and then my grandfather peter henry nicholson... I am searching for the root of these kids. they resided in between San bernadino and Kern co, bakersfield California thank you brendy

Name: Kelly Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-10-31
My Location England
My Nicholsons are from England
Hi everyone. I live in Lancashire, England. I believe my grandad, William Nicholson was from Yorkshire, England. Anything before this - I have no idea!

Name: Brenda Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-10-08
My Location Pennsylvania
My Nicholsons are from Newbie to Genalogy
Newbie to Genalogy..stumbled across your site while doing searches on googles so thought I would take time to say hello to all. Am awaiting a birth certificate of my grandfather, Charles W Nicholson so I can get started on the branches of my tree lolol...

Name: Micah Sherrard Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-09-30
My Location Natchitoches, Louisiana
My Nicholsons are from Jena, Louisiana
I have been searching for information about my family name and this is the first time I have found anything to point me in the right direction. Please let me know how I can find out more about the nicholson name and where my ancestry began.

Name: Benjamin Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-08-26
My Location Adelaide, Australia
My Nicholsons are from NSW, Australia
Gday Im just curoius as to where we all come from my grandfather Eric Nicholson was from Argenton NSW and his folks from England I believe so any help would be good

Name: JohnNicholson <>
Date: 2004-08-14
My Location Shaniko, OR, USA
My Nicholsons are from Dunmore, CO Galway.

My Grandmother Lived in Dunmore CO Galway, she died

around 1937. My fathers first name was Andrew, he had a
\brother named Thomas, who i believe was a tram
conductor in Boston USA in the early thirties.


Name: Gladys Johnson <>
Date: 2004-07-23
My Location Saskatchewan
My Nicholsons are from no kin
I enjoyed browsing this site. I am not related but my neice married a Nickelson in Alberta

Name: Patricia Lawrence <>
Date: 2004-07-01
My Location Perth, Western Australia
My Nicholsons are from Pittenweem, Fife - Banchory-Devenish
Hi, my mother is Janet Andrew Nicolson/Clarke b1918 Edinburgh and still alive. Her family move back into Pittenweem [confirmed]to Dvid Nicolson and Margaret Wilson, David is thought to be the son of James Nicolson & Margaret Pearson mc1778, who is believed to be the son of James Nicolson & Janet Haliburton, m 1741 Banchory Devenish. There are now suspicions the older James was one of the 23 children of the Revd Donald Nicolson 12th Clan Chief of Scorrybreac dc1698/1702, Minister of Kilmuir. Trying to confirm, - any help would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Linda Reed <>
Date: 2004-06-03
My Location Grant County, Wisconsin
My Nicholsons are from Crawford County, Wisconsin
I am trying to fill in the family info for Layton Nicholson son of John Wesley Nicholson and Laura Richards. We called him Uncle Wes, he was married more than once. Trying to find info on Layton, his marriages and his children. Does anyone know if he had a son named Carol Vear Nicholson, adopted name is Carol Vear Nickels? Any info would be great, Linda

Name: H. P. Nicholson IV <>
Date: 2004-05-17
My Location Texas
My Nicholsons are from Eng>MA>NY>PA>IA++
Didn't know there were so many of us!

Name: Dan Nickell <>
Date: 2004-05-08
My Location Virginia

As soon as I get back home, I will update the Clan website to correct the relationship between you and the Canadian web site.

You have a great site!



Name: Terry Nicholson <terry.nicho@bigpond.comm>
Date: 2004-05-06
My Location Melbourne Australia
My Nicholsons are from Newcastle on Tyne
looking for anything on Nicholson family prior to1787 I am a decendant of Captain John Nicholson (Master RN)who arrived New South Wales on the "Lord Melville 24.2.1817

Name: Danielle Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-04-29
My Location Martha's Vineyard, MA
My Nicholsons are from Utica, NY
Searching for relatives...

Name: James A. Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-04-19
My Location Voorheesville, NY
My Nicholsons are from Jackson Co. Georgia
I am looking for information regarding my gg grandfather Samuel S. Nickelson and my gg grandmother Sara A. Williams

Name: murdo nicolson <>
Date: 2004-04-04
My Location portree isle of skye
My Nicholsons are from penifeiler and braes isle of sklye
looking for chat from any nicolsons out there ,my family are from portree,breas and penifeiler on the isle of skye also have family that are in london and austraila, please feel free to add me to msn or email

Name: Don Crynes <>
Date: 2004-04-03
My Location Texas
My Nicholsons are from Kansas and Indiana
Grandfather James L Nicholson Married Grace McClelland at Girard Kansas and moved to Greene County Indiana. Date unknown for movement to Indiana.

Name: Sonya Piekaar <>
Date: 2004-04-02
My Location Hythe Southampton
My Nicholsons are from Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland
I am trying to trace my family tree my great grandfather was David Alexaunder Gillespie Nicholson (died 6th june 1974)Who was born in the parish of Errol in Perth may 5th 1882 married to Janet Graham Duncan Nicholson Nee Dickson born 27th december 1882(died 15th april 1952) married 24th Jan 1908 in Kirkcaldy his father was John Nicholson (Farm servent) Married to May Nicholson Nee Ross 11 dec 1875 in Coupur Angus My Great grandfather had children Janet Elizabeth Crichton Nicholson(deceased)Who Married David Hutchison (deceased) in the parish of Pathhead on 19th december 1930 once resided at 63 Roundstone Drive,East Preston nr Littlehampton Sussex
John Nicholson Born 8th aug 1909 who sadly died at a very young age after a tragic accident George Nicholson Deceased The last known address for my great grand father was 42 Harriet Street Kirkcaldy His brother resided at 111 westwood ave Kirkcaldy (George)


Name: Jennifer Dawn Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-03-27
My Location Romsey hampshire england
My Nicholsons are from hampshire, england
My father, Anthony John (jack) nicholson, married my mother Margaret (nee Ayres) in 1971, I was born in 1972. My grandparents Stanley and Nancy Nicholson, were also from Hampshire, both from farming backgrounds and both born in 1915.

Name: Robert Edward Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-03-22
My Location B.C. canada
My Nicholsons are from Skye to P.E.I 1803
My fathers name is Edward Ian Nicholson one of his brothers was John Nicholson b1922 d1985 he was alawyer and a supreme court justice there father my grand father Robert Hodgson Nicholson b1883 d1974 his wife Beatrice Gertrude Paton b1891 d1938 there grand father my ggreat grand father Donald Nicholson b1850 d1932 his wife Martha Florence Macphee b1856 d1951 they had daughters as well Elsie Sara b1886 d1893, Emma Louise b1889 d1986 ,Gladys Mmarguerite. b1892 d1997 and ther brother I beleave Donald Edward B&D Dates not known to me Donald Nicholson was in parlement as well was a tabacconist Hicky & Nicholson was the name of the company .looking for Donald Nicholsons (1850-1932)parents information they as I

Name: tracey nicholson <>
Date: 2004-03-11
My Location new zealand
My Nicholsons are from Kincardin
just getting concreted information about ancestry and of course i am very interested in my family history.

Name: Robert Thomas Beveridge Nicholson <no email>
Date: 2004-03-09
My Location Sydney Australia
My Nicholsons are from Leith Edinburgh
My Grandfather, Robert Nicholson was in the British army during the Boer War, learned to speak German as a ships chandler servicing German merchanmen and was blown up in WWI. He survived and went on to be a hrd hat salvage diver even though he could not swim. I probably have relatives in Canada but have no idea where.

Name: rosemary Lawson <>
Date: 2004-03-03
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Have been told Skye
Found your site interesting. I am only just starting to research the Nicholson family (my mothers maiden name was Nicholson), but don't have enough information to do any proper search, but will continue once I have found out my Grandfathers fathers name etc.

Name: Terry Christman <>
Date: 2004-02-24
My Location Leavenworth, Kansas, USA
My Nicholsons are from Nova Scotia
My greatgrandfather is Malcolm Nicholson, b.1841, Scotland.
That is all I know and I'm looking for more information about Malcolm Nicholson. My grandfather was from Nova Scotia, Peter Angus Nicholson, b1884, d 1961., the son of Malcolm Nicholson.


Name: Donald Nicolson <>
Date: 2004-02-23
My Location Thornbury, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Skye
I am 4th generation Canadian. Ancestors first came to Cape Breton in 1830.

Name: Robrt Edward Nicholson <bobert2002@HOTMAIL.COM>
Date: 2004-02-21
My Location British columbia
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye
My great great great Gandfather Donald Nicholson imagrated from scotland on the polly it is documented..I am hopping to get some clan plaques or other I'm of the oppinion the clan motto was (sghorra breac) or am I wrong and it is (sgorra bhearc) woul you happen to know....
with regards R.E.Nicholson


Name: lyndsey <>
Date: 2004-02-18
My Location highlands
My Nicholsons are from invergordon
I hope you are proud to be a nicholson coz i am!

Name: John Tibbals Nichols <>
Date: 2004-01-22
My Location Georgetown Delaware USA
My Nicholsons are from Not sure
I am fairly sure that I have a connection to descendants from Scotland; but I have not been able to trace my family back before Robert Nichols, Born abt 1764 and a resident of Brooklyn, Queens County, New York until his death in 1817. It is my hope that I may find a indication that Robert emigrated from Scotland to the American colonies.

Name: Maureen Carnes <>
Date: 2004-01-13
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Scorrybreck, near Portree
My father,Roy Nicolson can trace his roots back to Rev.Donald Nicolson, who was chief of the Scorrybreck family at the end of the 17th century.I hope I can find someone with similar connections.Enjoyed reading the Guestbook.

Name: Dominique <>
Date: 2004-01-06
My Location Toronto
My Nicholsons are from calgary
Hi nicholson people (relatives)! just saying hi thats all!

Name: David Nicholson <>
Date: 2004-01-05
My Location Stoke-on-Trent , England
My Nicholsons are from Ireland
any information on the black statue outside belfast would be welcome

Name: George Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-12-26
My Location Norfolk nr24 2rb
My Nicholsons are from Hull
I would like to find out more about the Nicholson family tree

Name: Andrew Nicoll <>
Date: 2003-12-02
My Location Annan, Scotland.
My Nicholsons are from I am from MacLeod of Lewis
Love your site

Name: Dale I. Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-11-25
My Location Lawrenceville, GA
My Nicholsons are from MS via GA via SC via Scotland
Always looking for a clue on immigrant ancestor, Peter Nicholson, who arrived 1785-1790 from Scotland.

Name: Duncan Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-11-21
My Location Muskoka,Ont.Canada
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
Only Nicholson family to emigrate to Canada from my family.


Name: Richard L. Nicoll <>
Date: 2003-11-21
My Location North Port, Florida
My Mother and Father are from Port Clyde and Clyde River Nova Scotia, ie, my mother a Strang and my father a Nicoll. I spent a lot of summers in those two villages and had some good times.

Name: donna <>
Date: 2003-11-14
My Location tulsa, oklahoma
My Nicholsons are from oklahoma
We seem to have dropped the "on" and have been Nichols for some time.

Name: Hubert H. Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-10-27
My Location Dalton, Ga. USA
My Nicholsons are from Georgia
looking for information on George W. Nicholson

Name: Donald Mac Nicol <>
Date: 2003-10-23
My Location São Paulo Brazil
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
I would like to look for my ancestors. Just now I am home but I will get some information about my ancestrors I have in my office.

Name: melissa nicholson <>
Date: 2003-10-10
My Location washington d.c
My Nicholsons are from rockingham n.c, miss,ten

Name: Helen McGrath <>
Date: 2003-09-19
My Location Melbourne Australia
More on previous entry.
JCW Nicholson started Nicholson & Ascherberg (music store - importers) at 45-47 Collins St E 1875. Opened stores in Sydney Brisbane and Perth and in 1894 closed Perth and Brisbane and made his headquarters in Sydney. there is much more but I urgently need further information. Please help. Any info appreciated. I think he was born in either South Australia or the UK.


Name: Helen McGrath <>
Date: 2003-09-18
My Location Melbourne Australia
I am researching the life of James Charles Wilson Bicholson B;1837 where? died 1907 Randwick, Sydney Australia and would apreciate any information that is available.
Glad this site exists. Here's hoping!!


Name: Carol Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-09-14
My Location Ontario Canada
My Nicholsons are from Bristol England
looking for info regarding my Grandfather Edward Nicholson. Regimental Seargent Major, British Army, Served in the Boer War. Emigrated to Canada around 1907. Returned to Bristol area in the 1930's died there around 1937. Married to Emma Jane Huish of Somerset. Address in Bristol at the end of the Boer War, 3 Lower Ashley Rd. Family affiliated with St Nicholas church.

Date: 2003-08-17
My Location ISLE OF SKYE
My Nicholsons are from ISLE OF SKYE
Hello every one i would be greatfull for any help.
Hector Nicolson 1874-1959 m Christina Beaton
Donald Nicolson 1841-1908 m Ann Mackinnon
Donald Nicolson 1801-1888 m Catherine Macpherson
John Nicolson m Mary?


Name: Eunice Bradshaw Herron <>
Date: 2003-08-08
My Nicholsons are from Florence Ms
I am looking for Hope N. Nicholson who co authored "Big Red" with Willie Mae Bradshaw. Please email me. Thank you.


Name: John B. Nicholson III <>
Date: 2003-07-31
My Location Welland, ON
My Nicholsons are from Blantyre
Hi there,

Thanks for the links on your website, very interesting.

I am the first male of the second generation on my father's side to be born in Canada. My Grandfather, J. Boyd Nicholson, Sr. was from Blantyre. He was a flight lieutennant for the RAF in WW2. He was a remarkable scotsman who came to Canada for flight training and met my dear Grandmother. Later in life "Boyd" travelled worldwide (North America, Russia, China, India, Africa, etc.) as a preacher of the wonderful, good news of Jesus Christ. He passed away in November 2001 at the age of 78, and is greatly missed by many, many people.


Name: Jerry Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-07-28
My Location Phenix City, Alabama
My Nicholsons are from Portee, Isle of Skye
Great, Great, Great grandfather was Duncan Nicholson, who
came to the United States in the 1700's. Would like to find out more information abouth the Clan Nicolson Gathering
to be held in Oct 2004


Name: Pam Skurray <>
Date: 2003-07-25
My Location South Australia
My Nicholsons are from Skye/Howmore?
Have revisited the site & wish to add more details about my g.g.grandparents. Niel MacDougall married Catherine Nicolson at Howmore in 1876. Their parents were Allan MacDougall & Janet MacDougall (nee Beaton) and Archibald Nicolson & Marion Nicolson (nee Macauley). Can anyone give me any information about Archibald & Marion Nicolson - someone must known them???? they would be my ggg grandparents.

Name: joshua nicholson <>
Date: 2003-07-25
My Location fort campbell ky
My Nicholsons are from indiana

Name: Derek S. Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-07-25
My Location Victor, Colorado
My Nicholsons are from Philidelphia/Colorado Springs
Nicholsons Rock!

Name: Barry Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-07-22
My Location Washington, Tyne & Wear, England
My Nicholsons are from Wensleydale & Sunderland
Just looking for my ancestors.

Name: Anne Kemp <>
Date: 2003-07-13
My Location Columbus, GA
My Nicholsons are from PA, NC, GA
Trying to find information on Cuthbert Nicholson b 1712 d 1789 who married Janet Candor in Philadelphia, PA 1736. Had at least 3 sons: George, John, Joseph. Lived in PA? Moved to the Mecklenberg NC area and some family moved to Georgia. Male names frequently found: John, Joseph, George, James, Nathanial, Samuel. Female names frequently found: Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah. Some spelled Nickleson; others Nickelson. Other surnames: Sorrow, Weldon, Autry, McLaughlin, Hall, Ellison, Patrick, Archer, Moncrief, Reddin, Gordy, Threkell, Macon, Grimes, and Bass. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Shaun Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-07-05
My Location Auckland, New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from Glasgow
We visited The Isle of Skye and in particluar, Portree where there is a monument erected by Nicholson's from all over the Globe. A very moving and soul stirring place that is highly recommended for any Nicholson. You will feel at home there and your Celtic blood will boil for sure. Great to see such websites as this. Keep up the good work.

Name: Pamela Skurray <>
Date: 2003-07-02
My Location South Australia
My Nicholsons are from Skye/Inverness?
Thoroughly enjoyed viewing the guestbook. Now can anyone help me - I am looking for any info about my g.g.grandmother Catherine Nicholson/Nicolson bn:c1852 (parent's unknown) who married a Neil MacDougall (bn:c1853)
at Gretna Green in 1876(against her parent's wishes) and they emigrated to South Australia (on board The Duntrune).
I have been unable to find a birth registration or proof of their marriage. It almost seems that they did not exist!
However, a story that I was told was that Catherine's family (NIcholsons) hid Bonnie Prince Charles when he was under seige...Does this story add up with any other Nicholson's. I would dearly love to find out the names of her parent's & any siblings that she had. Neil MacDougall returned to Scotland for a holiday & died there (guessing around 1900-1905). Catherine & Neil had 5 or 6 children & they lived at Woodside, in SOuth AUstralia.
Many thanks for reading this e-mail. Pam SKurray.
4th. July, 2003.


Name: Patricia (Freeman) Cassady <>
Date: 2003-06-28
My Location Massachusetts
My Nicholsons are from Isle Of Skye Scotland
My Mother is a Nicholson and my grandfather was Donald Angus Nicholson (b. 1917/d. 1990) and his father was Angus Alec Nicholson. My Great Grandfather Angus was born in East Bridgewater Mass. I know the family goes back to the Isle of Skye but they went to Cape Breton and then down to Mass. Anyone have a connection?
Also my Great Grandfather was married to a woman named Catherine Carey.
I am also looking for information on Twins born in this line, I know of one set that was born to a Rachel Nicholson who was the daughter of my great great uncle Alexander Nicholson ( whom I named one of my twins after) Alexander Nicholson was the brother of I think Murdock Nicholson who is the father to my great grandfather Angus Alec Nicholson.


Name: Bryce Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-06-04
My Location Auckland New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from England

Name: Mary Lou Nicolson Klimek <>
Date: 2003-05-15
My Location Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Aberdeen
I'm not sure where we lived prior to Aberdeen

Name: Michael NICHOLSON <>
Date: 2003-05-08
My Location KENT England
My Nicholsons are from WESTERN ISLES (UIST)
HI NICHOGANG,im looking for info on my grandfather HUGH NICHOLSON born 1905 all i know is he left the islands when he was approximately 14 and went to ireland???????he had several brothers and sisters? sadly he died a few years ago

Name: Josephine Nicholson Ford <>
Date: 2003-04-28
My Location Surrey
My Nicholsons are from London
I am new to Genealogy. I have found my grandparents Henry and Alice Nicholson and their 6 sons - Frederick, Charles, George, Reginald and Ernest (my father) - living at the time in Chelsea, on the 1901 Census website. So far I have not found anything else on them. I was amazed to come across this site, with so many Nicholsons! Excellent site.

Name: Jenny Johnson <>
Date: 2003-04-12
My Location Lincolnshire
My Nicholsons are from Hull

GreatWebsite. I've just started searching our family tree. My mum's maiden name was Nicholson. My Grandad was Wilfrid Nicholson born 1899 and married Isabella Newlove. My Great Grandad was Edward James Nicholson. If anyone has any information they can give me that would be wonderful.




Name: Keith Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-04-07
My Location Perth Western Australia
My Nicholsons are from Fatfield Co Durham
My parents emigrated from Co Durham to Surrey England in the 1930's and us 3 kids were born in Surrey.
We had no grandfathers, both were killed in in 1914-18 war, but most of our relations still live in the Co Durham.
Good to see a Nicholson site.


Name: Helen McAllister-Ross <>
Date: 2003-03-16
My Location California
My Nicholsons are from Galway Ireland
I am researching Nicholson’s from Galway Ireland to NY and Canada (by mid-1850). Before Ireland it is believed they came from Isle of Skye but I have no ancestor’s names for that time period. The following are names of relatives:

Patrick Nicholson married Margaret Lloyd (born Galway Ireland)
Had son
Andrew Nicholson about 1835-36 married Mary O’Grady (Galway Ireland) emigrated to US/Canada 1949-52
Had Peter Nicholson (1869) married Ellen Dwyer

Patrick died in US or Canada.

Andrew and brother John settled in Logan (Monkton) Ontario Canada. Other relatives went to NY and Detroit.

Thank you.


Name: Edward a Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-03-15
My Location Brookline Ma
My Nicholsons are from Lynn Ma

Name: Robin Brock <>
Date: 2003-03-13
My Location Missouri
My Nicholsons are from Iowa(Marion County, and Oskaloosa area)
Looking desperately for any info on my g-grandfather Arthur Guy Nicholson,who married a Stella Inman. Any info would be soooo appreciated!!! Thanks!

Name: Lorraine <>
Date: 2003-03-11
My Location Kent, England
My Nicholsons are from London, England
Good Site


Name: Robert W. Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-03-06
My Location Austin, Texas
My Nicholsons are from North Scotland lowlands
In the usa around Chicago, IL. the turn of the 20th century
Grandfather, Oscar Farr Nicholson, twin brother of Jed who fought in the Battle of Manila. Family legend is the line started with a Lady in waiting in Mary, Queen of Scots court.


Name: David Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-03-03
My Location Andover Hampshire
My Nicholsons are from Carlisle, Cumbria
I am trying to do some research about my grandfather Laurence Nicholson b.27 Jan 1912 in Carlisle d.10 April 1977 in Blackpool Lancs, Married Esterina Donati Muccini in Carlisle, She being the daughter of Adolfo Augustus Muccini who owned an ice cream and fish and chips palour in Botchagate,James St and English St in Carlisle.Also I would like to trace my grandfather,s father Walter Nicholson who was married to Elizabeth.Walter was a blacksmith who worked for the foundry who made the railings and gates for Carlisle cathedral. If any one can help please e-mail me.
Many Thanks.


Name: John Thomas <>
Date: 2003-02-27
My Location Columbus Ohio
My Nicholsons are from Fayette County, Pa
I have considerable information about the Nicholsons, a Quaker family that settled in Wayne Twp., Belmont County, Ohio, in the early 1800s. My ggg grandfather was Jacob Nicholson who was born around 1760 and died in 1835. His wife was Mary. My gg grandfather was George P. Nicholson (1815-1880) who married Mary McNichols. Their daughter Rachel married Amos Thomas. I have looked at a lot of Quaker records and Jacob, despite being disowned when he became a Hicksite was true to his pacifist views. Most of his children were disowned for marrying outside the faith or other transgressions. I have written an essay that I would like to share with anyone interested in this line of Nicholsons. I'm also interested in a Joseph Nicholson, who also settled in Belmont County in the early 1800s, before statehood actually. I've often wondered if he is the same Joseph Nicholson who was with Washington during his trip down the Ohio River in 1770. His farm was next to Jacob's. I'd love to hear from anyone who has any information about this line, particularly ancestors of Jacob. He was in Redstone, Fayette County, PA, for a time before moving to Ohio. There are many Nicholsons still in the Belmont County area and they get together in August for a reunion, although not many people show up these days.

Name: Roger L'Heureux <>
Date: 2003-02-23
My Location Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Ontario, Canada-Northern England
Great site! Seeking info on John Alfred Nicholson (cud be Alfred John)who married Elizabeth Ann Lansing of Scugog,Ont. and he cud be from Port Perry, on Lake Scugog. They had three children, John Alfred (my grandfather), Freeman and Mary. There is word of a 4th child - Mabel who passed away at an early age. John Alfred passed away in 1905 and is burried near Dundalk, Ontario. Elizabeth remarried one Alfred Colley same year and she passed away in 1942 at age 77. They had resided in Orangeville for some 38 years. Son John moved to Manitoba, Sask and then settled here. Freeman and Mary stayed in Ontario. If you have any info which will add to this project, please contact. Thanks for any action taken- Roger

Name: Peter J. Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-02-21
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Australia>Scotland
So many Nicholson's. I would appreciate any further or more complete details of Nicholson's originally from Isle of Lewis, Scotland.
My Australian records begin with:
William Nicholson b. circe 1807 Essex England
married Charlotte Pell b. circe 1810>
Benjamin Barnard Nicholson b. 1833 d.4 Apr 1867
married Mary Edge Rostron b. 1838 Bury, Lancaster>
Frederick William Nicholson b. 1861 d, 1935 N.Z.
married Lucy Mary Goulter b.1861 d, 29 Dec 1931>
Hurtle Charles Nicholsonv b.1885 d. 8 Jul 1952
Melbourne Vic. Aust.
married Gladys Irene Steel b.18 Oct 1887 d, 1984>
Harold Romayne (Jim) Nicholson b.4 Nov 1914 Vic
married Phleta Boyne b.1915 d.1999>
Peter James Nicholson b. 16 Jun 1947


Name: Joan S Loos <>
Date: 2003-02-20
My Location CT
My Nicholsons are from Fenagvale, Ontario
Looking for the parents of Chauncey Gates who married Hannah Nicholson in Fenaghvale, Prescott County, Ontario, Canada.

Name: Bon <>
Date: 2003-02-20
My Location Vancouver BC
My Nicholsons are from Ireland
Enjoyed my visit to your site.My g.grandfather was Joseph Nicholson b.1828 in Ireland (m.Evis or Avis Newman Illinois USA.) children Emily(b.Canada)John,Joseph,William (my grandfather m.Hannah in UK 1901)James,Harriet and Evis (last 6 children born in British Columbia).I would like more info.on siblings if anyone has any.

Name: Robert MacNicoll <>
Date: 2003-02-18
My Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
Please feel free to contact me if you are searching for information regarding this family clan.

Name: Rachel Alliston <>
Date: 2003-02-18
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Inverness Skye Scotland
Seeking any information on Malcolm NICHOLSON who supposedly married Flora McPHERSON. Malcolm served in the 92nd Regiment. His daughter Rachel born abt 1817 is my 2nd Great Grandmother. Apparantly born Stenscholl Eastside. She married Neil McLEAN who was born at Braodford, Strath.

Name: Fran Booth <>
Date: 2003-02-18
My Location Colorado
My Nicholsons are from England then to Michigan
I am looking for any connection to England for My GG Grandfather Christopher Nicholson's family line and his wife Mary Ann Bradford and her family.

Name: Pat Fisher nee nicholson <>
Date: 2003-02-15
My Location Croydon, Eng
My Nicholsons are from Shipton, Yorkshire
A helpful site.

Name: A L Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-02-02
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Assyant, Scotland
Donald Nicholson came to Australia on the Sailing Ship " James Moran" February 11, 1838. The occupation of Donald and his father was listed as Ships Carpenter/Boat Builder. Donald was bought out as a Free Immigrant. Apparently there was a shortage of skilled labour in Australia at the time. His parents were listed as Donald Nicholson and Ann Mathison and they were married January 15, 1812 Stromness, Orkney, Scotland. I have quite a lot of researh material of the Australian side of Donald. But I don't have anything other than this of his Scotland ancestors.

Date: 2003-01-28
My Location Calgary Alberta Canada
My Nicholsons are from Yorkshire UK, Manitoba, Alberta?
Am searching for direct descendents: NICHOLSONS: John William, Alice, Alice Mary, Florence Annie, Ernest Henry, Jack, Dorothy, Lucy.
They are originally from Yorkshire England, however, immigrated to Manitoba (Winnipeg, and/or Ste. Agathe) ERNEST left his family in Manitoba and headed West, presumably married again, and I have cremation date of September 04, 1956. His son, JACK also left family in Manitoba, headed to Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island under name WILLIAM HARRIS. Please help me find the missing links in the chain. There were others within the family, Lucy Yates, Teddy Yates (or Gates). Email me:
Thanks in advance


Name: mark Nicholson <marktamsin aol>
Date: 2003-01-17
My Location kent england
My Nicholsons are from London
A hello to all Nicholson's in the world dont forget we are the scottish master race ps never trust a cambell

Name: Ellen Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-01-17
My Location Bullhead City, Arizona
My Nicholsons are from Connecticutt/New York/Calif.
I have traced my roots to Henry Nicholson, born 1705 i Hartford Connecticutt

Name: Elizabeth(Nicholson) Barry <>
Date: 2003-01-12
My Location Miramichi.NB.
My Nicholsons are from NB.
I am looking for information on my grandfather William Nicholson,b PEI around 1868-1870.moved to Blackville NB.married Lucy McCarthy,They had four children,John b.1898,Ambrose b,1900,William b.1902,Lucy b.1903.His wife Lucy died in childbirth 1903 at age 35 years .The children were sent to live with relatives.William disappeared ,the children never saw or heard from him again.It was said he returned to PEI.Do I have some family in PEI?
Hoping to solve the mystery of William.


Name: Sarah Nicholson <>
Date: 2003-01-02
My Location rocky river, ohio
My Nicholsons are from ireland, rocky river(cleveland)
hi i was just wondering if u may be related to me. i am a young person but my aunt wanted me to help her with our heritage. so if u think we may be related please email me and tell me anything u ahve. thank u!

Name: Karen Nicholson Brogan <>
Date: 2002-12-28
My Location Rochester, NY
My Nicholsons are from Michigan, PA, Englans
Haven't had a chance to look yet.

Name: Enid Nicholson Fitzsimonds <>
Date: 2002-12-24
My Location Edmonton AB, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Ireland via n, NY and Ontario, Can.
My Nicholsons--William, George, Samuel and my father Hallam all from Ontario, Sam and Hal to Alberta circa 1900. Originally from southern Ireland. Any info gratefully received.

Name: John P. Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-12-10
My Location Horseheads,N.Y.
My Nicholsons are from Ireland
This is Great, It's nice to see all the places the Nicholson name show up!

Name: John P. Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-12-10
My Location Horseheads,N.Y.
Would like to hear from other Nicholson's

Name: frank nicholson <>
Date: 2002-12-04
My Location ayrshire scotland
My Nicholsons are from west of scotland
if i can help any 1 reguarding scots roots drop me a line

Name: David Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-11-23
My Location Paignton Devon u.k
My Nicholsons are from Lisburn N Ireland
would be interested in contacting any one who has started a tree of this name

Name: Kathy Vickers (Nicholson) <>
Date: 2002-11-18
My Location Ontario
My Nicholsons are from Harrietsfield Nova Scotia
My grandfather and grandmother are listed on your family tree. This has been a very interesting site. Thank you

Name: Elizabeth P. White <>
Date: 2002-11-14
My Location Saunderstown, RI
My Nicholsons are from Providence, RI
I am the granddaughter of Elizabeth Nicholson White; she was the daughter of William T (?) Nicholson, who was--I believe--the founder, or son of the founder, of Nicholson File Company in Providence, RI. I know she did much research into her geneaology, but I don't now have access to her papers. However, Scotland is known to be the origin of our Nicholsons. Any help out there?

Date: 2002-10-27
My Nicholsons are from NORTHUMBERLAND


Name: jack nicholson <>
Date: 2002-10-24
My Location Kelowna,B.C.,Canada
My Nicholsons are from Dauphin,Manitoba,Canada
My ancestors inclots George Stubbs, born about 1700,produced another George Stubbe, born in Carlyle,England, in 1747, married in 1769.The other side of my autobiograghy, mentions a Thomas Nicholson who married in 1743,and died in 1760.He married Margaret RASHELL in 1743.Susannah Nicholson born in 1751, in Carlyle,England. Their was a Christopher Nicholson born in 1756.

Name: Berry Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-10-21
My Location lake worth fl.
My Nicholsons are from the carolinas and georiga
look For the silas Nicholson faimily

Name: Stuart Walker <>
Date: 2002-10-19
My Location 7 Clifton Place, Gisborne, New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from Victoria
I am seeking information on Angus Nicholson who I believe was born in Victoria, 1860. It may be possible that the person I am seeking is the descendant of one of the original Nicholsons who emigrated to Tasmania.

Name: J.G.Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-10-17
My Location melbourne australia
My Nicholsons are from Cumrew Cumberland England
Joseph NICHOLSON and Isabella ELLWOOD and desc. went to Ontario and Michigan and Ballarat.

Henry NICHOLSON b 1836 Newbiggin, Cumberland England
d 1895 Valley Centre Michigan USA
m 6 Sept 1859 Hannah LANG b 1845 Canada d 1905 Port Huron Michigan USA. Their only son:
2nd m. to Lorna GOHEEN born Michigan, who died 1936 Brown City
1.Uneeta NICHOLSON, b 1901 d 1964 Chicago, 2.Charles NICHOLSON, b 1903
3.James NICHOLSON b 1905
4.Bruce NICHOLSON b 1907
5.William NICHOLSON b 1912
6.Irma NICHOLSON, b 1914
Please see our webpage


Name: Donna Nicholson Cook <>
Date: 2002-10-03
My Location Georgia
My Nicholsons are from Cartersville Georgia area
Hi Everyone,
I have recently began researching the Nicholson name, but I am at a stumbling block..My paternal grandmother has told me alot but said her mother-in-law Cleo Nancy Jane Teague Nicholson and her husband Robert Nicholson never talked about their past..So if anyone knows ANYTHING about my branch of Nicholsons please let me know...


Name: John Nicolson <>
Date: 2002-09-27
My Location Haute Vienne, Paris, & Sussex
My Nicholsons are from Braes, Skye - but are Nicolsons
I do think you might recognise another spelling of 'Nicholson' on your site. 'Nicolson' does seem better known in the original location. As far as I know, for example, there are no 'Nicholsons' of Scorrybreck.

Name: Paul Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-09-24
My Location Oxford, England
My Nicholsons are from Kent
Son of Ian & Mary, brother of Richard & James, grew up in Tonbridge, Kent and my Fathers' Father was George Nicholson who had family in Kirkcudbright, Dumfries.

Name: Kenneth Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-09-15
My Location sanford North Carolina
My Nicholsons are from central North Carolina
great site....

Name: Max Triola <>
Date: 2002-09-06
My Location Houston, Texas
My Nicholsons are from Massachusetts, US / Arbroath, Scot.
Nic Olsen or Nichol's Son? My uncle, Kenneth Scott Nicoll of Conroe, Tx, is originally from (I think) a farmstead in the Ballardvale area of Andover, Mass. After I took a trip to Scotland, I had bought a MacNichol of Scorrabreac cap badge and balmoral for my aunt. But Scorrabreac is on the west coast of Scotland and my uncle's family is from the east coast at Arbroath. Plus there's the Nicholsons of Lasswade and Carnock, south of and near to Edinburgh in the east, whose clan motto is "Generositate". So if his folks are from Arbroath, which clan or group does he belong to?

Name: Linda Mankowski <>
Date: 2002-09-03
My Location IN
My Nicholsons are from Ohio, England
Researching Mary Nicholson b. 1801 m. Daniel Clark.

Name: Travis Jason Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-08-26
My Location Utah,USA
My Nicholsons are from Unsure?
My Father was adopted.He lived in Ohio for several years before moving to Utah. He has been searching for the wereabouts of his birth parents for as long as i can remember

Name: Bruce Nicholson Levis <>
Date: 2002-08-08
My Location New Hampshire
My Nicholsons are from Upper Montague PEI Canada
Nice to see the Clan so well represented. Keep up your
good work.


Date: 2002-08-07
My Location Panamß, Panamß
My Nicholsons are from My Grant Grandfather
Pleace, if anyone could inform me about GEORGE JOSEPH NICHOLSON, Royal Navy Officer, that come from Jamaica to Panamß in lasted 1800, or earliest 1900, to work or carried workers to the Panamß Canal building. He was the first Nicholson in Panamß, and he was burried in Mount Hope cementery, in Colón province, Panama. Thanks you.

Name: Noah C. Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-08-05
My Location Williamston, NC
My Nicholsons are from Martin County, North Carolina
I can trace my family back to my Great Grandfather and his brothers. His name was J. F. Nicholson, and he had two brothers: John Nicholson left for California and was never heard from again. Mathew moved to Ohio and is reported to have been the editor for the Cincinnati Post.

Name: Robert Kirk Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-07-31
My Location Great Falls, Virginia
My Nicholsons are from Canada (Thomas Nicholson)
My father was Alphonso R. Nicholson, Jr.
Grandfather was Alphonso R. Nicholson, Sr.
Great Grandfather was Thomas Nicholson, b. 1834, Lurgan, Ireland. I believe that he came to the US via Canada.


Name: Louise Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-07-30
My Location Manchester, England
My Nicholsons are from Manchester, England
nice to see there are so many of us out there!!

Name: Charlene <>
Date: 2002-07-28
My Location Long Island, NY
My Nicholsons are from Chelsea, Okalhoma
Very Interesting site.

My geneologhy as follows:

William Nicholson
Evan Nicholson m. Sallie Vann
John(Jack)Nicholsn m. Sara Gunter
Richard L. Nicholson m. Bidifer Foulger
Thomas Kemp Nicholson m. Nellie O. Brooking
Gracie Lelia Nicholson m.
Lelia Irene m.


Name: Jeff Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-07-19
My Location Page arizona
My Nicholsons are from Iowa
Very nice glad i'm a Nicholson

Name: Patricia Nicholson Fisher <>
Date: 2002-07-18
My Location Clarkesville, Georgia
My Nicholsons are from Northeast Ga. and S.C.
Looking to see if I could relate to any of your info. Thanks. Just curiouis about ancestors, but don't know how to start!

Name: Nancy Lee Nicholson Ginnever <>
Date: 2002-07-07
My Location Alamo, CA
My Nicholsons are from Iowa
Ran across this great web site. Hope some one out there can help me. Started on this project several months ago and have been unable to locate info on the Nicholsons in Iowa to help. My grandfather was William Hiater Nicholson and married my grandmother Alice Stewart Trimball and had five children: George Wayne Nicholson (my father),Yvonne, Jean, Frances and Ruth. There is a connection with a Martin Nicholson but only know he lived in New Sharon, Iowa for a period of time. My grandparents were divorced and I cannot find a connection anyhere. Can someone out there help. Thanks

Name: Marilyn Myra Bredenkamp nee NICOL <>
Date: 2002-06-28
My Location South Africa
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye /Newcastle-Gateshead-on-tyne
I am looking for any relatives from Newcastle or Isle of Skye. My father and grandfathers names were William Alfred Nicol. My grandmother was Susannah Nicol nee Banes. Father's birth registered in Durham County. I know my g.father came from Scotland. Visited Isle of Skye 2000. So very proud of the progress made. PLEASE PLEASE someone help me find my family. My dad had one brother by the name of George, sisters, Mercy, May, Betty and two others. I have one cousin called Billy Nicol who used to phone us years ago. My dad passed away in April 1980. GREAT SITE ! Thank you

Name: Danella Dickson <>
Date: 2002-06-23
My Location Lubbock, TX
My Nicholsons are from Nash co., NC and Lawrence Co. AL
I am searching for the father of Lucretia Nicholson b. ca. 1754, m. John Bonds, Nash co., NC
also searching for father of Sarah Jane Nicholson b.1822 AL m. Wright Bonds Jr.,19 July 1837 Lawrence Co., AL


Name: Jennifer Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-06-05
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from Denmark
this is a really good site, but theres nothing on the nicholsons from denmark!!whats the deal!?!?!

Name: Robert Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-05-23
My Location St. Marys, GA
My Nicholsons are from Jackson County, North Carolina
I'm just starting to trace my family's roots. I am excited about learning the history and events of our past.

Name: Elaine Nicholson Hardgrove <>
Date: 2002-05-13
My Location New Castle, IN
My Nicholsons are from Ira&Lida Nicholson, grandparents
My father was Russell[Nick] Webster Nicholson,he passed away in 1977, he is buried in Knightstown, IN. . I have a brother, Terry, our parents divorced when he was 4 and I was 2 . Would like any info about our ancesters, please.thank you, Elaine

Name: Barbara Loraine Nicholson-Pieper <>
Date: 2002-04-30
My Location Dawson MN
My Nicholsons are from East Texas
Where are the Scots Texs?
Where was my papas home in Scotland.
Robert Augustus Nicholson,or Robert Joseph,
others are William Angus,William Augustus,
my dad is Joseph Wayne, my papa is Joseph Ray,
my dads cousin is Robert Lewis.
I like touching this stone. Thanks, Lori


Name: Michael Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-04-29
My Location Warrenton Virginia
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
As a Nicholson of good standing I recently married a Campbell of Scotland also.

Name: William C. West <>
Date: 2002-04-27
My Location Marietta, Oh
My Nicholsons are from Rivesville, wv and Marietta, Oh
Looking for any information on Roma D. Nicholson born in 1895. Family from Rivesville,WV.

Name: Jeffrey <>
Date: 2002-04-24
My Location Page, Arizona
My Nicholsons are from Iowa, Colorado,Washingto
Very nice to find a website like ours.
Would like to comunicate with shirt tail and distant relatives.


Name: joyce Riddick <>
Date: 2002-04-18
My Location Rhos-on-sea North Wales
My Nicholsons are from Wigan, Lancashire
There are connections in Warrington, Liverpool and Australia

Name: Janice Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-04-18
My husband is Dennis Nicholson. His father was James C. Nicholson. My husbands grandfather was from Cork County in Ireland. I enjoyed viewing your site. Thank you.

Name: Jean Ratley-Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-04-17
My Location Oklahoma
My Nicholsons are from Indiana
I'm a little lost I was given the starts of a family history, it was typed w/ a type writter so that should kinda dates it. Anyway here are my listed Nicholson descendants Larkin Nicholson,Vandiver Venton married to Elizabeth Spurgeon, James Larkin Vandiver from Iowa married Malinda Elizabeth Nowling, David Dudley from IN married Ethel Derringer, Charles Alfred from IN married Viola Leona Miller, and my dad David C from IN. If you are connected in anyway to this line or just have info please help me!
Thanks, Jean


Name: Ian Samuel Nicolson <>
Date: 2002-04-15
My Location Banora Point, NSW, Aust
My Nicholsons are from Portree Skye
I can trace my paternal line back to my great-great-grandfatherANGUS NICOLSON, born Portree 1801. He married CATHERINE MATHESON of Lochalsh in 1824 (a fisherman, he drowned and she became known as the "Widow Nicolson", taking part in the Battle of the Braes against the English).Children: JOHN, ANNE& SAMUEL b.1869 (my grandfather, Captain Samuel NICOLSON) m. Elizabeth Pounder in Sydney 1902. d. in NZ 1936. My father, SAMUEL IAN married JOYCE McGREGOR in 1936 in NZ. We are four siblings. My wife Lia (Chinese from Indonesia) and I have two daughters, Olympia 5 & Celestine 3yrs. I have a son, Etienne, by my previous marriage - born in Beirut.He and Kyle have two sons, Blake & Ewan.

With kind regards,

Ian Nicolson

Tel (07) 5523 1853


Date: 2002-04-15
My Location MISSOURI
My Nicholsons are from IOWA-MAHASKA COUNTY

Name: Lester Emmitt Nicholson, Jr. <>
Date: 2002-04-13
My Location Florida
My Nicholsons are from Georgia/Carolinas
Our branch of the family is traced back only as far as John Nicolson of North Carolina, reputed to have been born in Scotland, and a private soldier in the revolutionary war. Any information from others who have traced this branch back further would be appreciated.

Name: George Carpenter <>
Date: 2002-03-24
My Location Hawaii
My Nicholsons are from Stockton, Maryland
Trying to locate any history on the family. My father changed his name and I am the baby of the family much history back to 1600s in Maryland.

Name: Lori-Ann Ryan <>
Date: 2002-03-20
My Location Mississauga, Ontario
My Nicholsons are from Newfoundland/Nova Scotia (?)
I enjoyed my visit.
I was hoping to find something about my Roy Nicholson d. abt 1941?
He married Dulcie Welcome b. 1908 Joe Batt's Arm, Newfoundland and they had a daughter Wendy.
Roy died during WWII, a paratrooper I am told.
I believe that March of 2001, he was finally acknowledged with the Victory Cross Medal as announced on the BBC.
Dulcie is still living at this time in Camberly, Surrey, England and corresponds with her sister Matilda, through Wendy.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Lori-Ann Ryan


Name: Jane Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-03-09
My Location Long Island NY
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye/ Rear Beaver Cove NS
Have some notes written by my uncle Msgr. (Doc) Patrick Nicholson that are written in Gaelic if anyone is interested I will gladly share them with you. Just email me

Name: John Masters <>
Date: 2002-03-08
My Location NewZealand
My Nicholsons are from Surrey England
Hi I am trying to trace my fathers ancestors (just getting started). John Masters born 18 March 1918 Balham - Wandsworth - London. Father was EP Nicholson of Leigh Place Surrey (Farmer&Political Agent). Mother Elsie Ann Masters "Farthingstone" Canbridge Road Middlesborough

Name: Sandra White <>
Date: 2002-03-06
My Location Park Hills, MO
My Nicholsons are from Unknown at this time
I am looking for my Nicholson family. My great-grandfather is James Harrison Nicholson (his parents were Samuel and Eva Wycoff Nicholson). His daughter (my grandmother was Ruth Nicholson). I haven't had a chance to look through all of the information, but enjoyed viewing these pages.

Name: Jan & marjorie Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-03-03
My Location ohio
My Nicholsons are from scotland
Have been searching for a year , I really enjoy it I'am hooked.

Name: Douglas Leonard Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-02-25
My Location Halifax, Nova Scotia
My Nicholsons are from Amherst, Nova Scotia
I am trying to locate my Nicholson relatives. The only one I know of is a Leonard James Nicholson of Amherst and died in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was married to a Mabel Sabina Fillmore, daughter of Joseph Lewis Fillmore and Sabina West Morris Fillmore. I am looking for some of my Nicholson ancestors. I have located the Fillmore relatives. Leonard James Nicholson and Mabel Sabina had two children, Aubrey Leonard and Lillian Jean (Sim).

Name: G.B. Landrigan <>
Date: 2002-02-20
My Location Indianapolis
My Nicholsons are from Montgomery County, Indiana (Crawfordsville)
Greetings! Would like to find out what happened to the Thomas Lawrence Nicholson line. He was the brother of John Kenyon Nicholson (the playwright). Lawrence married a niece of General Bragg and then died in 1930 or so. We have quite a bit of information on Kenyon, but not as much on Lawrence. Thanks for any help! BTW: Other names in our family: Savage (from St. John's Canada), Thomas, Ferguson, Kenyon, O'Neall.

Name: David Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-02-19
My Location Wollongong, Australia
My Nicholsons are from Sheffield, Yorks, England
having recently found this site, i am fascinated by the amount of information available on the net for us newby genealogists

Name: guy jeffery hunter nicholson <>
Date: 2002-02-19
My Location oxford, england
My Nicholsons are from ???
really interesting, but i am unsure of how to ttrace my country and family tree of origin. can you help?

Name: Doreen Shewmaker <>
Date: 2002-02-18
My Location Dublin, Texas
My Nicholsons are from Unknown
Nicholson Brickwall!!!!
My only known Nicholson information. Robert Stewart (my ggggrandfather) married Unknown Nicholson and had Samuel Stewart 11 Oct 1783 in PA (my gggrandfather). Samuel married twice. 1) Elizabeth McClarney they had nine children, one birth known in NC 2)Margaret Eshart, they had 4 children one OH, three in IN.


Name: Christine Ramsay <>
Date: 2002-02-13
My Location Edinburgh
My Nicholsons are from Skye
I would love to know more about my grandfathers family. His name was Donald Nicolson and he was born about 1898 in Duntulm in Skye. He had brother Alec, Fred, Lachlan and Angus, there may also have beeen a sister. Angus was the longest surviving member of the family and he remained on Skye until his death in the late 80's. My grandfather moved to Glasgow and married Margaret Ferguson from Dunvegan, Skye. He was a piper and had written and had published music for the pipes. Any information greatly received.

Name: Alice Dickens Ledee <>
Date: 2002-02-11
My Location USA
My Nicholsons are from Edinburgh
My grandfather is Gilbert F. Nicolson. I have no information on him except that he married Roberta Yorkton Bell. They had two daughters; Euphemia Bell Nicolson (my mother)and Marion Bell Nicolson. I seem to remember my mother mentioning that grandfather was from Isle of Skye. I do know that on her last trip to Scotland she brought home a family crest that looked just like the one on your website. She also mentioned something about being part of the Clan, McLeod of Stewart. I have been working on the family genealogy for many years but have never been able to get anything on my grandfather. Any information you may be able to provide would be welcome.
Alice Caroline Dickens-Ledee


Name: Peter Johnson Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-02-08
My Location Rudgwick West Sussex UK
My Nicholsons are from Cumberland/ Northumberland
I would be pleased to hear from any decendants of Nicholsons of Drigg or Lamplugh in Cumberland UK

Name: Kay Haskett (nee Nicholson) <>
Date: 2002-01-30
My Location Dorset, England
My Nicholsons are from Farlam and Brampton,Cumberland, England
My Great Grandfather was Joseph James Nicholson born in Brampton Cumberland in 1870 to Thomas and Martha. Thomas was born in 1840 in Farlam to William and Elizabeth. No further information about them, if anyone can help I would like to hear from them. Joseph had two sisters, Maggie (I think) and Mary, and one brother Robert. Would like to hear from decendants of these siblings and also of any siblings of Thomas. Also, does anyone know Martha and Elizabeth's maiden names? I think Elizabeth's may be Atkinson, but am not sure.

Name: Graham Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-01-23
My Location Tuncurry .Australia
My Nicholsons are from Lewick Shetland Ilands
Just found your web site.
I'am a decendent of Robert Nicholson & Barbara Abernethy
Lerwick.Their son Andrew married Agnes Abernethy who(after her death)married her sister Mary Abernethy 9-12-1858.
To the second marriage had Thomas, Mitchell, Sarah,William.
William born 22-12-1886, migrated to Australia and married
Elizabeth Hanna Richards 21-5-1886.


Name: Julie Curtis <>
Date: 2002-01-22
My Location Mountlake Terrace, WA
My Nicholsons are from Scotland>Canada>NorthDakota>Washington
My grandfather was Samuel Nicholson, son of Archie Nicholson and Julia (ribordy). I believe Archie's father is to be Samuel Nicholson. I also believe Archie's brother's name is Malcolm. I have just started doing my family tree in the past 2 months. I would be interested in any information about my family. Thanks, Julie

Name: dana taylor <>
Date: 2002-01-20
My Location newcastle uk
My Nicholsons are from newcastle uk
im just about to start researching my family tree as iam the youngest of five nicholson daughters. with no brothers or male cousins,the nicholson name ends with us. i would be grateful for any hints or advice on researching my familys history.

Name: Jack M. Hornbeck <>
Date: 2002-01-09
My Location Royal Oak, Mich.
My Nicholsons are from Pennsylvania
I am looking for any information on Lacy H. Nicholson married to Hannah J. ?. They are my ggrandparents. My grandparents are Hiriam Hornbeck and Philena Nicholson, from Fayette Co. Pennsylvania.Lacy was born in 1843 and lived with another couple in 1850 , when he was 7 yrs. old.Lacy was in the Civil War.

Name: Ian Nicholson <>
Date: 2002-01-07
My Location ST helens England
My Nicholsons are from ?
On a quest to find my roots can anyone HELP!

Name: Sharon Maloney <>
Date: 2002-01-02
My Location Illinois
My Nicholsons are from Indiana?
Hubert nicholson is my Grandfather.
The only information I have is he married ruby saunders ( my grandmother) in Boone County Indiana 1902-3


Name: Craig Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-12-30
My Location NW England
My Nicholsons are from Scorrybreck
Nice to find a decent website with helpful info on the Nicholsons!

Name: Elisabeth Culbertson <>
Date: 2001-12-29
My Location Jackson, MS
My Nicholsons are from Skye
I am researching the Skye Nicholsons and their Danish connections. Any ideas?

Name: Laura Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-12-27
My Location Swift Current, Saskatchewan
My Nicholsons are from Montreal from Scotland
I was just having a look to see what long lost relatives might be out there.

This is a great site!


Name: Pat Brosnan <p.brosnan@telco4u>
Date: 2001-12-18
My Location Cornwall U.K.
My Nicholsons are from Yorkshire
Looking for ancestors/relatives of Albert Nicholson (died of wounds 1945 buried in Holland) His brother Mark (known as Jack) emigrated with family to Australia (no more known) His Father was Charles Nicholson, Mother was Rose Ellen Jensen.My father Albert was born in 1913 (no birth certificate found for date given by Army records) born in Hornsea Yorkshire It has been difficult to find info as my sister, June and I were brought up in a home.Thanks for listening----great site!

Name: Jackie Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-12-16
My Location Cumbria
My Nicholsons are from Cumbria and Scotland
I am replying to the entry of David Nicholson 2001-07-01 re a book he read about Nicholson name being nic daughter of. my reply has been returned. My uncle read a book some years ago that Nicholsons came from Skye and before that Norway. that the name was Nich (daughter of) Olson. Olson being a common Norweigan name. I did not get the name of the book and have been unable to find it since. but the book may have a point. Jackie

Name: cynyhia nicholson <>
Date: 2001-12-08
My Location crookwell nsw australia
My Nicholsons are from scotland england
desendants of thomas nicholson from hereford, came to tasmania for short time ,died back in england, also in rev nigel nicholsons book , keep watching for update

Name: Ralph Koehler <>
Date: 2001-12-05
My Location Detroit Area, Michigan USA
My Nicholsons are from Canada???
Looking for information on my grandfather, Henry Crayon Nicholson. He married Florence Schweitzer about 1900. I think he was born approximately 187_? He died when my mother was about 14 years old in 1918. I would like to find who his parents sre and where they came from. I hope some one can help. Thanks.

Name: Margie Howe <>
Date: 2001-11-28
My Location Ft. Walton Beach, FL
My Nicholsons are from Jacksonville (Duval Co.) Fl
The Nicholson I am looking for was married to Marjorie Elizabeth (?). I am named after her. They had 5 children. Agnes, Rosemary, Louise, William, and Margaret Elizabeth. Margaret being my Biological Mother. Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Email me. I would really like to find my family.

Name: Dr. Sven Kuusk <nil>
Date: 2001-11-25
My Location South Australia
My Nicholsons are from Skye
Want help with Angus Nicolson born 31 Dec 1887
married Rachel Toman b 5 Oct 1887 father William Toman
480 Portrush Rd


Name: Nancy Nicholson Phillips <>
Date: 2001-11-25
My Location Oklahoma, USA
My Nicholsons are from Virginia (England?)
No comment.

Name: Barbara Fay (Nicholson )Beaver <>
Date: 2001-11-21
My Location Wichita, Ks 67203
My Nicholsons are from North Ga. /Whitfield County
Great Grandfather: John Henry Nicholson , Sr. b.12/5/1851 d. 6/8/1944 Married to Martha J. b.4/4/1865 d. 7/14/1944
His son Jerry austin sr. (Austin ) was my grandfather. My brother Jerry (lll) is also researching this. What were the names of all their children? thanks.


Name: Lois Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-11-16
My Location Le Roy, New York
My Nicholsons are from Kirkwall, Scotland
Looking for information on my Great Grandfather William Nicolson Born in Kirkwall, Scotland on Jamuary 20, 1864. He married Isabella Work Tinch. Please contact me if anyone comes across information on him. Thanks

Name: Jimmy Don Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-11-16
My Location Paris, Texas
My Nicholsons are from Fort Smith, Ark.
My Dad's name was Henry Harrison Nicholson. His Dad's name was Harrison Taylor Nicholson. That is all I know. My Dad was born in Fort Smith during the year of 1889.

Name: Paul Nicolson <>
Date: 2001-11-07
My Location Gill Massachusetts
My Nicholsons are from Lynn Massachusetts
I think I was mistaken, my grand father William A. Nicolson from Lynn, his middle name was agnes or angus... something mor like this. His birth date is "last of May" 1902

Name: Paul Nicolson <>
Date: 2001-11-06
My Location Gill, Massachusetts
My Nicholsons are from Lynn, Massachusetts
I love this website, I'm looking for information on William Astor Nicolson, Lynn MA. He was my grandfather born around the turn of the century(1900). Married to Mary Steele.

Name: William Mitchiner <>
Date: 2001-11-03
My Location Raleigh, North Carolina
My Nicholsons are from England to VA; George - 1635
Have an 80 page record of some Nicholson descendants of George Nicholson to the present time.

Name: Gordon Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-10-30
My Location Vermont
My Nicholsons are from Quebec, Canada
Scotstown and Gould Quebec.

Name: Geoff Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-10-23
My Location Washington, Tyne & Wear UK
My Nicholsons are from Cumberland - Kirkoswald (17th cent) & Farlam (19th cent)
Congratulations on an extremely interesting site. My own Nicholsons were miners from Cumbria (Kirkoswald in the 18th century and Farlam in the 19th, then over to Tyneside in the 20th), but I cannot get past Martin Nicholson who married in Newton Reigny in 1711, in spite of that parish being full of Nicholsons at the time! My line married into families such as Raine, Mingins and Storey.

I have considerable experience of research in the north-east of England, being a full-time Professional Genealogist of 11 years standing and a founder-member and former Chairman of the Northumberland and Durham FHS. I am currently Chairman of that Society's Gateshead branch.

I have met, and am still in touch with, Harry Nicholson who runs the "breakaway" Clan Society in the US, and I have also met Rev Nigel, who has discussed several Nicholson families wiith me and given me some of his as-yet unpublished notes on them. I also have a considerable collection of Nicholson information of my own, especially as relates to Northumberland and Co Durham


Name: Emma Lou Weldon <>
Date: 2001-10-22
My Location Gainesville, FL USA
My Nicholsons are from Greene Co GA; Jackson Co GA
Would like to connect with some one who has Greene County Ga or Jackson County Ga Nicholson connections. My father was born in Statham, Walton County; his father was Lorenzo Claude Nicholson; his father- Lorenzo Dow Nicholson; his father - Samuel S Nickelson; his father - William Nickelson. Not sure of anything before that.

Name: Thomas M. Kimes <>
Date: 2001-10-13
My Location 0hio
My Nicholsons are from cumberland, England
A great webb site for the Nicholsons. I need help bad on this one her name was Mary Jane Nicholson. She was l3 on the l880 cenus of Mason County,West Virginia. Later she had a son by the name of Pearl Aase Nicholson, who died inthe sixtys he lived in Clifton, West Virginia. I belive that Mary Jane lived in the Athens County area of 0hio, or around Wellsville,0hio. Also mayabe in the Cleveland or Columbus area. Her parents were Joseph and Laura Nicholson with brothers named John,Garfield, william,sisters Virginia, Hannah. I have information on Josephs and laura Families to share. So if you can give me some help on this puzzle of Mary Jane Nicholson. she may of died in the l930's

Name: Pamela Nicholson Angel <>
Date: 2001-10-12
My Location OH
My Nicholsons are from ?, NC, TN
Looking for the parents of Elisha Nicholson, born 18 August 1764, place unknown, married Margaret McNairy(5 January 1771, Guilford Co., NC-24 August 1824, Davidson Co., TN), the daughter of Francis and Mary 'Boyd' McNairy, on 17 August 1789 in Guilford County, NC and died 24 October 1848 in Davidson County, TN. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Clista Lee Nicholson Anderson <>
Date: 2001-10-07
My Location Warner, Ok.
My Nicholsons are from No. Carolina to Georgia to Ark. to Okla.
Have been trying since 1970 to find the parents of Alexander Lawrence Nicholson from No. Carolina with no luck. I know he got married in Georgia in 1843 to a Martha Jean. I know he had several children while living in Georgia of which some died. He moved his family to Polk County Ark around 1851, where another child was born then died around 1862. His son John Alexander Nicholson married Mary Elizabeth Delilah Hilton around 1872 and they had a large family. He moved to Indian Territory around 1890. My father Thomas Jefferson Nicholson was born in 1898 at Enterprise I.T. which is now Oklahoma. I was born in 1933 in Muskogee County Okla. Alexander Lawrence was born in No, Car. in 1808. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Clista

Name: Nancy Nicholson Mathewson <>
Date: 2001-09-23
My Location Florida
My Nicholsons are from Wayne County Pennsylvannia
My great grandfather was Horatio W. Nicholson lawyer in Wilkes Barrie then Waverly Penn. Grandfather George Stone Nicholson only son that married . Horiatio had several half brothers and sisters but his mother died giving birth to Horatio. I am looking for his half brothers and sisters ancestors.

Name: David Richard Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-09-22
My Location New Zealand
Have just started looking into the family name.Looks like here was a good place to start.Like to find out about the Nicholsons that came to New Zealand and their fore fathers.

Name: LeDora Nicholson Calvert <>
Date: 2001-09-06
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from AL,VA,NC,GA,TN,KY,IN
I really would like to find my dad's cousins and their children. My grandfather was born in AL and his father was from GA, he is buried in VA. My grandfather had brothers and sisters but I don't have a clue as to where they are. This is a great site! Thanks Bill

Name: Caroline Larman <>
Date: 2001-08-27
My Location Wales.UK.originallyKent
My Nicholsons are from Skye
A WONDERFUL WEB SITE.Very helpful. I am shortly to visit SKYE. I HOPE THERE TO discover more information of my ancestors.

Name: Peggy Hutchins <>
Date: 2001-08-26
My Location Granbury Texas
My Nicholsons are from Richard and Martha DuBois Nicholson
I Love Yoyr Web-Page, Sure wuold like too see more photos
on it. And I need a mailing adress for Nicholson Library-in England... Need too mail Richard And John's Rev-War Records.. Thanks Peggy Jackson Hutchins


Name: kathi <>
Date: 2001-08-26
My Location alabama
My Nicholsons are from albany & troy n.y.
a wonderful site. i think my nicholsons have died out but there may be cousins out there. hope my info is helpful to someone and someone can connect to me. grandfather was john j. nicholson, born approx.1832, mother honora mcneil(?)spelling. married nora mullamphy, children john j. and kathryn isabel. john had no issue, kathryn, 1 girl, me.

Name: Dorothy Hunt <d.m.hunt@att,net>
Date: 2001-08-23
My Location Chagrin Falls, Ohio
My Nicholsons are from PA
My great-great grandfather was John Robert
Great Grandfather was Adam
Grandfather was Edward Bruce.
All lived in Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset Co., PA


Name: alan nicholson <>
Date: 2001-08-19
My Location ashton ontario
My Nicholsons are from gould quebec canada
Great site

Name: Donald Henry Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-08-15
My Location Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Ottawa
I was born Jan 31, 1945 in Ottawa, am married with two daughters. Unfortunately, my father, mother, sister and I moved to Peterborough in 1952. We had no car and so most family ties ended then. My father was Henry Francis Nicholson, born in Ottawa April 9, 1906 to George Nicholson and Cecilia Purcell. Cecilia died when my father was 9 or 10 and my father spent some of his time in a Catholic orphanage. There were brothers and sisters to my father, Raymond, Cecil, Albert, George, Caroline, Ruby and Edna. Unfortunately I have not seen my cousins since I was 7 y/o. I hope to do some archives research in Ottawa through the census. I was wishing I had known about the great reunion that was organized in Ottawa this summer. If you have any suggestions as to where I could go from here in my search, I would appreciate it.



Name: Sara Nicholson Calendine <>
Date: 2001-08-09
My Location Michigan
My Nicholsons are from Portree, Isle of Skye
I have just learned of this site. Looks great. My ancestor, Allen Nicolson/Nicholson immigrated abt.1862 to Kinloss Twp.Ont.but I am unable to find port of entry.

Name: Howard Patrick Nicholson <HPNICHOLSON2001@YAHOO.COM>
Date: 2001-08-08
My Nicholsons are from WAY BACK!
Although my cousin Jean Nicholson Maack has been researching the Family Tree for 50 years plus, I am just trying to pick up where she is leaving off. Interested in hearing from anyone related to Henry Nicholson of Boston (1700's), married to Sarah Stratton, and those earlier and later.

Name: William Knox <>
Date: 2001-08-06
My Location Dallas, Texas
My Nicholsons are from Downs, Ireland to Mochrum, Scotland
The farthest that I can go back is to James Nicholson & Agnes McCullough and the birth of Francis Nicholson in 1818 in Downs, Ireland. He married Margaret McQueen in Mochrum, Scotland. They had one son that I know of - John born around 1837.

Name: Joyce Riddick <>
Date: 2001-08-02
My Location Rhos-on-Sea North Wales
My Nicholsons are from Wigan, Lancashire, England
Are there any Nicholsons from Wigan Lancashire. If so please e-mail me.

Name: Bonnie Johannes <>
Date: 2001-07-30
My Location Fresno, California
My Nicholsons are from Maryland
I have been searchring Elizabeth Nicholson and her family since 1800's in Knox County KY. Finally got to Francis Nicholson in England. Who was his wife? Heard he had three.

Bonnie Johannes
5594 N 10th Apt 103
Fresno, CA 93710


Name: Peggy Hutchins <>
Date: 2001-07-27
My Location Granbury Texas
My Nicholsons are from John+ Richard
I started reseaching my maiden name about 3yrs ago. It has me now into my Nicholson/Broughton Families, They are a delight, I just love the photo's on your Web Page. I've ran copies so I can share them with my family. Anyone working on my line, Please feel free to E-Mail me. Thanks For A Great Job, BILL> Thank You, Peggy H.

Name: Linda Woodbury <>
Date: 2001-07-27
My Nicholsons are from Clay County Kentucky
Nicholson Paternal line:
Woodrow 1914/Shelby 1887/Wilmington 1857/Leonidas 1826/ Elijah 1880/ Richard 1752/ John 1724/ Richard 1690/ Francis 1658.


Name: Renee Nicholson Bauman <>
Date: 2001-07-27
My Location Columbus, Ohio
My Nicholsons are from Schickshinny, PA & Parkersburg, WV
My father is Addison Ambrose (Nick) Nicholson Jr. and my Granddad was Addison Ambrose Nicholson Sr. His father was Lee Nicholson. That is as far back as I know.

Name: Denise "Nicholson" Goodale <>
Date: 2001-07-27
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from VA, KY, TN
I am a direct descendant of Gov. Francis Nicholson of Williamsburg Fame.

Name: John Wheldon Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-07-21
My Location Karratha,Western Australia
My Nicholsons are from Lancashire, England
Love the site. with four boys the Nicholson name will live for a long time.

Any Aussie Nicholsons from my neck of the woods??


Name: Loma Sloper Taylor <>
Date: 2001-07-18
My Location WA
My Nicholsons are from TX
Census record shows my WM. Green NICHOLSON born in TX
about 1865. Death records shows mother as Sarah WALKER
Family also spoke of an UNCLE BOB WALKER when they lived in Marble Falls, TX in early 1900's. That is ALL I have to go on. Lillie GADBERRY and WM Green Nicholson married in Indian Territory (OK) about 1893. Moved to AZ in 1920.
Would like very much to place WM in a family LOMA


Name: Sherilyn <>
Date: 2001-07-11
My Location SC
My Nicholsons are from SC, GA?
Francis Elizabeth Nicholson - Resided in SC - 1950-1960. Any info on the line of Nicholsons would be helpful.
Thank You.


Name: Stanley Campbell Nickell <>
Date: 2001-07-09
My Location Frankfort, Kentucky
My Nicholsons are from Skye
Would like to organize the preservatiion of the John Nickell descendants homeplace and mill at Nickell's Mill, WV near the Greenbrier resort.

Name: Suzanne Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-07-09
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Workington Cumberland England
My husband is Geoffrey Ian Nicholson Born 1953
His Dad was Joseph Nicholson from Workington born 1920
We dont know if he was born in Scotland or Workington He had a brother Edwin and a sister
He joined the RAF in 1936 served till end of the war 2
He narried in Winchester a Isabelle Duff Winkles
Her family also came from Scotland (her MUM&DAD I THINK)
She was a decendent of Mary Mckintyre.
Thats as far as we know as unfortunatly they both died in a acident in 1967 when my husband was 13
We now live on Australia Best regards Suzanne Nicholson (nee Curphey I O Man )


Name: Joanne Nicolson <>
Date: 2001-07-07
My Location Glasgow
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye
Just started out on researching my family history.

Name: MaryAnn Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-07-04
My Location TX
My Nicholsons are from Michigan>NY>Isle of Skye
Looking for parents of William D Nicholson, born 11 April, 1811 in New York, died 23 Sept 1876. Lived in Kent County, Michigan. Married Sarah - last name Unknown (26 Dec 1814 - 26 Dec. 1814). They lived in Courtland, Kent Co., MI and had 4 children: MaryAnn (b 1836), Lucinda (b 1837), George W. (b 1840) and Lavina (b 1845.) Would appreciate hearing from anyone with knowledge of William's parents or siblings.

Name: Tracy <>
Date: 2001-07-03
My Location Oshawa, Ontario
My Nicholsons are from Sydney Mines, N.S.
Just looking around to see if I can find some of my family here.

Name: David Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-07-01
My Location Ipswich
My Nicholsons are from Glasgow then Yorkshire
A great visit Bill. I am a soldier who was once stationed in Edingburgh in 1980. Whilst there I visited the city library to look up the family history. I read a small volume on the subject, which at that time was the only one available. The central thesis of this was that the root of the family name was to be found in the first three letters - 'Nic', which is a Galic word meaning 'Daughter of'. This, the book proposed indicated that the clan was of norse origin as in thise early days, norse society allowed the wife of the clan chief to inherit the title and power of the chief if he waas killed in battle. Such a woman was brought up to be a warrior queen. There would be no problems in her taking on the mantle of chiefteness. To indicate that the tribal leaders were now decended through the female line the prefix Nic was likely to have been adopted. This may or may not be true, but as it was the first authority I read, it tended to stick. I have seen no where, where this has been discussed, and am a bit dismayed that such a lot time and effort has been spent in promoting the view that the Macnicol name is pre eminant (or its galic roots). I have read the arguments as to why this should be, but judge that the 'Nic' of Nic(H)olson has just as much validity. Whats your view? Unless I can find some reasonable answer, I'm afraid I cannot subscribe to the current vogue. I find various sites and pages touting themselves as 'the authoratitive' answer, but precious little by way of hard facts to back it up apart from hearsay. Is there any hard evidence? Would love to hear from you and see what your thoughts are. Regards - david Nicholson/

Name: Bruce Nicol <>
Date: 2001-06-30
My Location 431a High St Rangiora NZ
My Nicholsons are from Turfachie,Near Tannerdice.
I am trying to obtain information about David Nicoll and elisabeth Fenton, said to be a farmer in the Turfachie area in the 1830`s His son William m Elisabeth Fenton who lived at 48 Montrose St Brechin. The son died on 5th Feb 1857.
We think that David the father may have been born about c1764. If you have no knowledge of this family are you able to suggest the next step i should take. Many Thanks


Name: Iain Ross Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-06-24
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Easington Village, England
My parents names are Irvine Hind Nicholson and Anne Nicholson (ne Errington)My father has a brother= Stuart and father= David and mother= Elizabeth.I would like to discover who their ancestors were and what they did etc...
My mothers father was John Gilbert Errington and her mother was Ellen?? Errington (ne Scott)My Mother has a sister called who lives in england and a brother called Robert John Errington. He lives in England also.
I have two brothers who live in Australia where I live also. Older brother is called Phillip Graeme Nicholson and younger brother is called David Grant Nicholson.
My name is Iain Ross Nicholson. I would be happy to provide a history so you can further the family line and I would like to find out as much info as I can about my relatives.


Name: Col. Donnick L. Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-06-24
My Location Kentucky
My Nicholsons are from England??
So much information, I have only begun.

Having the time of me life.

Appreciate the efforts of so many for the information



Name: Laurie Ann (Nicholson)Trevors <>
Date: 2001-06-05
My Location New Brunswick
My Nicholsons are from Miramichi, New Brunswick
Hi, just was looking for information about why the scottish people came to Nova Scotia, and when they returned again. As I was looking for this, I came across this information. I really would like to know more about the Nicholson ancestry.

Name: Roger Allen Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-06-04
My Location Cincinnati, Ohio
My Nicholsons are from Pennsylvania-Ohio-Wisconsin
I would like to find some more information on my family tree. We know that the first Nicholson in the United States came from Ireland. The name may have been spelled Nichelson when he came here, but his son Samuel spelled it Nicholson. I would be glad to send what information I have to find if there is any more information on the family avalable.



Date: 2001-05-30
My Nicholsons are from DURHAM c1859


AGE 22



Name: Shirley (Cox) Barnes <>
Date: 2001-05-27
My Location Dallas, GA
My Nicholsons are from Va to Rabun,County,Ga
Hello,My gr gr grandmother was Malinda Kae Nicholson,(B)Feb 1824,Daughter of Ira R Nicholson and Jane Palmour. She married Mordecai Cox,and named a son after her father.Ira Nicholson Cox.He was married to a Sarah ?.I have Hunt,My cousin has her name as Grindel.Are you familiar with any of these names I have mentioned ?


Name: Mike Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-05-26
My Location Perth Western Australia
My Nicholsons are from Berwick-Upon-Tweed UK & NZ
I have traced a direct male line back to Nicholsons of Loanend and Thornton, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland UK.

Ancestors migrated to South River, Maryland, New Zealand , Canada.

I would like to make contact with all Nicholsons to enable me to "flesh out" (not "flush out") my Family Tree




Name: Mary <>
Date: 2001-05-18
My Location USA
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye Scotland
Donald Nicholson m. Euphemia ---- Daughter Christina Nicholson b. 1798 Isle of Skye, Inverness, Scotland. Christina m. John Campbell. One of their children Norman Harrington Campbell b. 1829 in Scotland went to Canada in 1858 he m. Mary Campbell. One of their children Alexander Campbell b. 1871 in DeSalaberry Quebec Canada m. Flora McLennan b. 1871 d. 1921 she is buried in Dunvegan Ontario Canada. Looking for any info on these famliy members and more.


Name: Rachel Nichoslon <>
Date: 2001-05-18
My Location England
My Nicholsons are from England
I am trying to trace my family tree, can anybody help?

Name: Charles E. Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-05-17
My Location Topeka, KS
My Nicholsons are from Illinois, Vermont, Massachusetts, ?
We think we are descended from a John Nicholson (Nicolson) who left Liverpool at the age of 20 in 1699 bound to a Thomas Tyler for seven years in New England. We think he settled and married in Scituate, MA. Many of his descendents appear to have settled in Pike Co., IL before going on to Kansas and Oklahoma.

Name: Paul Alexander Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-05-14
My Location Kaiserslautern Germany
My Nicholsons are from Perry County, Mississippi, USA
Grandfather: John Alexander Nicholson (est. 1886 - 1947)
Father: John Paul Nicholson, (1915 - 1953)
Uncles: Leo, Luke, Horace, Wilmer, Beaux

Great site. Hope this little bit helps


Date: 2001-05-08
My Nicholsons are from I AM NOT SURE BUT SOME ARE FROM TN

Name: Don Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-04-30
My Location clarkesville, Ga 30523
My Nicholsons are from Portree Isle of Skye
I would like to Join a Nicholson Clan I do not have much information but I am new and I am just starting.

Name: Gerry Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-04-26
My Location South Australia
My Nicholsons are from Cumberland, U.K.
I've been here before. Good to have another look. I am descendant from Joseph Nicholson, Blacksmith of Workington, Cumberland. U.K. His son Joseph Nicholson (II) was a teacher at Brampton and married Mary Ann Allen. They had four sons and one daughter, all of whom emigrated to Australia. I have many details for any one interested and am always on the lookout for more. The family is listed in the Nicholson Book written by Rev Nigel Nicholson as "Brampton Cumberland and Australia" branch on page 221

Name: Gary L. Key <>
Date: 2001-04-24
My Location Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
My Nicholsons are from Eastern County Galway---Homesteaded in Eastern Iowa, USA
My GGF, William Nicholson, was born in County Galway in 1832, and along with his brothers John ( Born 1825 ) and Michael, came to America about 1848-50. All three brothers are buried in Cherry Mound Cemetery, Allamakee County, Iowa( St.Pius Parish). I have reason to believe they were part of the Nicholson Clan in the area in County Galway between Milltown and Ballinasloe. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Joe Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-04-19
My Location Nelson england
My Nicholsons are from Longridge
I'm trying to trace my family tree. My father was born in Longridge and I think his family were from the Longridge, Chipping, Preston area

Name: JohnJ Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-04-08
My Location NH USA
My Nicholsons are from NH, MA, TX,
Last entry spelled Ferdenand Micholson-- Should be Ferdenand Nicholson frome Gladewater TX. Thanks

Name: JohnJ Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-04-08
My Location NH USA
My Nicholsons are from NH, MA, TX,
I am just getting started on researching my family name and would appreciate any tips you could provide me to help.
The only information I have is that my great grandfather was Thomas Ferdenand Nicholson who was born in Gladewater Texas in the 1890's.
I would greatly apprciate any information linking to Tomas Ferdenand Micholosn? Please contact me if you can help in any way. Thanks


Name: Joan Nicholson Flatt <>
Date: 2001-03-31
My Location Kingston, Ontario, Canada
My Nicholsons are from Hatter's Bay, Portsmouth, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
John and Thomas Nicholson came to this area in the 1840's. I have reason to believe that Thomas, at least, was in Brockville before this.
They were ships' carpenters as was their father-in-law, John Kenning. John, my great great grandfather, married Mary Agnes Kenning and Thomas married Eliza Jane Kenning.
John and Mary Agnes have many descendants in this area and two of the three original houses on Richard St., Portsmouth,(a suburb of Kingston), are still standing. The third house was torn down by my grandfather and a bungalow replaced it. Three widows of this family are now living in the three houses.
My line is from John, my great great grandfather.
Amos James was my great grandfather.
William Amos -- grandfather.
John Amos Nicholson was my father.
I would like to learn about where John and Thomas care from in England. I have heard rumours of both Cumberland and Manchester but as yet have been unable to link up with anyone. I am also interested in anyone who is related to us. JNF


Name: Guy W Nicholson Jr <>
Date: 2001-03-24
My Location Louisville, Kentucky USA
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
My great great grandfather JamesNicholson was born 1785
do not know where family oral history says in scotland they
came to NY.NY then to Pennsylvania then to Kentucky the first place i find this james is in Scott Co, Ky in 1850 census living with a son and his age listed at 65 yrs old.
If anyone can help please let me know. thank you


Name: Allen Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-03-23
My Location Sacramento
My Nicholsons are from New Zealand
This is a sweet website

Name: Clifford Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-03-10
My Location kansas
My Nicholsons are from GA,and TN
My grandparents came from GA, and TN, my grandfather was born in Ga about 1885 named William Monroe Nicholson spouse Mary Ann Nicholson Her father and mother were Thomas Nicholson and Sarah Gibson Mary was born dec 11 1892 I am looking for information on any of these people if anyone can help I would greatlu apreciate it.

Name: Les Nicholson <>
Date: 2001-03-07
My Location Southport,Merseyside,England.
My Nicholsons are from Ballinasloe Co.Galway,Ireland.
Possible relatives in U.S.A.Patrick Frances Nicholson born 6thJuly1887, emigrated there early part of 20th.cent.New York/New Jersey area.Employed as a Deparment Manager at Reeves Store New York.

Name: cindy nichelson prochaska <sindee_2001>
Date: 2001-02-27
My Location nebraska
My Nicholsons are from far
abner nicholson,francis a. nicholson,charles w. nicholson,francis g. nicholson,donald w. nicholson.

Name: Leann McClain <>
Date: 2001-02-21
My Location La Grange, Texas
My Nicholsons are from Kentucky, Missouri
I have received several bits of information as a result of your pages. Keep up the good work.

Name: Gloria Fordyce <>
Date: 2001-02-21
My Location North Vancouver, B.C.
My Nicholsons are from Harrogate, Yorkshire
Am really enjoying all of the info on the NICHOLSON name. Hopefully I will be able to locate family of my great grandfather Joseph Nicholson.

Name: Jerry Lowder <>
Date: 2001-02-20
My Location Columbus, OH
My Nicholsons are from NC
My G-G-Grandfather, Green Alexander Nicholson, b.
24 Nov 1811, Warren County, NC. His mother:
Nancy A. Nicholson, b. 15 Sep 1785, husband unknown. Any info will be appreciated.


Name: micaela nicholson cregger <>
Date: 2001-02-19
My Location marion,virginia
My Nicholsons are from dalton and tunnelhill,georgia
My grandfather is Billy Edward Nicholson who resides in New Mexico.He moved there from San Bernidino,Ca.If anyone has any information on any of the NICHOLSON line it would be very helpful in my research.

Name: guy nicholson <>
Date: 2001-02-06
My Location louisville, ky
My Nicholsons are from scotlasnd via ny pa to ky
my greatgrandfather james nicholson is first foundin the 1850 ky census @ 65 yrs old born abt 1785. cannot find any further back. he had three sond james m , j louis, andrew.
hope some can help solve this puzzle. thanks
like this site


Name: gregory nicholson <>
Date: 2001-02-04
My Location covina calif. usa
My Nicholsons are from montana usa
Iam the son of howard nicholson of billings mt. usa
grandson of fred nicholson of chicken flats mt. usa


Name: colin cameron mac nicol <>
Date: 2001-02-03
My Location zimbabwe
My Nicholsons are from inverness
father : richard montgomery

Date: 2001-01-23
My Nicholsons are from DUNTULM SKYE
great site, my grandfather Donald Nicolson came from Duntulm in Skye born circa 1898. Had brothers Angus and Fred. Married to Margaret Ferguson from Dunvegan in Skye. Any information on other relatives greatly appreciated.

Name: Paul Malone <>
Date: 2001-01-18
My Location Wilmington, DE
My Nicholsons are from William-Gassaway-James
Looking for ancestry of William Nicholson, Anne Arundel Co.,MD.

Name: Allan Nickels <>
Date: 2001-01-14
My Location London Ontario Canada
My Nicholsons are from not sure
Ifind your site most interesting and helpfull. will visit it many more times.

Name: John Nicholson Wotherspoon <>
Date: 2001-01-07
My Location CA
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
My ggrandfather was found in the 1881 census in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, b. 1851. Married Grace Gillespie. Their son John Nicholson, my grandfather, was born 1877.

Date: 2000-12-28
My Location Auckland, New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye
Good stuff. Well done for making the effort to use the Internet to co-oridinate information

Name: Leann McClain <>
Date: 2000-12-26
My Location Texas
My Nicholsons are from Kentucky, Missouri
Researching Archibald & Mary(Varmoth-WARMOTH) NICHOLSON from Garrard County, Kentucky. 1850 Kentucky census lists Arch as 54 and Mary as 37 years of age at the time. Children were Thaddeus, William, James, Thomas S (my husband's gg-grandfather), Ellen, Emily Jane, Gabrael, & Matt. Widow Mary moved to area near Cameron, Missouri in covered wagon with the 8 children after Arch died in Kentucky. Would like to know burial place of Archibald in Kentucky. The two were married by a Baptist minister & bonded by Thaddeus WARMOTH - probably her father. Arch was a constable. Also would like to know any other family info about them and where the ancestors originated. They were my husband's ggg-grandparents. Any info out there? Thanks.

Leann McClain


Name: Bob McNichol <>
Date: 2000-12-25
My Location Perth Ontario Canada
My Nicholsons are from Skye
although came to Canada in 1812 approx believe the roots are in Skye

Name: Sharon Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-12-24
My Location Oak Harbor, WA
My Nicholsons are from Liberal and/or Lamar. MO
Looking for framily information on Lewis Nicholson of Liberal and/or Lamar, Barton Co. MO

Name: Philip R. Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-12-23
My Location wichita ks.
My Nicholsons are from nebraska
my fathers name was frank (nmi) nicholson. looking to see where we came from

Name: paul nicholson <>
Date: 2000-12-21
My Location sharon, ontario, canada
My Nicholsons are from Ireland
My father's name was john thomas seth nicholson. His father was thomas nicholson. his father was seth nicholson who was born somewhere in ireland according to his death certificate in egbert, ontario. I am trying to locate where seth was born in ireland so that i can continue the search. any ideas?

Name: Jean Ann Nicholson Ratley <>
Date: 2000-12-16
My Location Oklahoma
My Nicholsons are from N.C. then Indiana
I'm hoping to find info on Larkin Nicholson or Vaniver. So I hope your site can help me. Thanks Jean

Name: Jerry E. Nichols <>
Date: 2000-12-12
My Location Mesa, AZ
My daughter is Janet E. Nichols

Date: 2000-12-10
My Nicholsons are from GRAHAM NORTH CAROLINA

Name: Sondra Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-12-07
My Location Irving, Tx.
My Nicholsons are from NC>SC>Ms>Tx
Great site! My husband's GGGrandfather was Cornelius "Neill" Nicholson, married to Hannah Ellerbe from Marlboro Co., SC. Their children were Joseph, John, Alexander, Celia, Thomas, and James. Alexander "Sandy" Nicholson is my husband's GGrandfather. Sandy and his wife, Henrietta McCoy, their family, and parents came to Upshur Co., Tx. in 1875. This is as far back as I have gotten. We do know Neill was a tailor in Marlboro Co.,SC.

Name: Sharon Harper <>
Date: 2000-12-03
My Location St.Louis,Mo.
My Nicholsons are from missouri
I've been looking for my auntshe was married to my brother Robby L. Nicholson (son of Marvin L. Nicholson & Mildred L Nicholson. My nephews John & Dave Nicholson haven't seen their mother since about 1960(?) her maiden name was Virginia Helen Smith. They were married in approx.1952, divorced in approx.1964or65. I'm having a real hard time & need help.
Thanks; Sharon Harper


Name: Eric Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-11-23
My Location Medina, Ohio
My Nicholsons are from Henderson, KY
Happy Thanksgiving.

Name: thomas <nicholson>
Date: 2000-11-11
My Location kalamazoo michigan
My Nicholsons are from chicago
need help/ father Frank. Died 1943 his mother Nellie married to Joseph. they had i beleave 2 sons .one daughter
one sons name William others?? Nellie came from County Kerry Ireland in 1907 or 1912 her name was nellie o'connor
Fank barried in St Maries cem. in chocago. ans was in 1 st WW// Frank married Mable Holroyd//I am only child of Mable and Frank// thank you tom..


Name: Marilyn Nickelson <>
Date: 2000-11-07
My Location Missouri
My Nicholsons are from Missouri/London, England
I am working on a family tree. After 5 years any help I
can get will be deeply appreciated. According to the census
in Potosi, Missouri my great great grandmother came from London, England with 2 children: Joseph & Ann about 1840's.
I do not know my great great grandfather's name or why he
does not show up in the census. In 1845 my gg grandmother
married Robert Henry Scott ?later divorced him. If you know
who Jane Nicholson was married to in London, England or what her maiden name was it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and God bless you.


Name: Linda Criss <>
Date: 2000-11-07
My Location CA
My Nicholsons are from WV/VA
Hi, I don't know much....but here goes.
I found my Nicholson's in Wirt Co., WV:
Thank you,

1900 CENSUS OF WIRT CO., WV by Wes Cochran
#35-35 Elizabeth District
John NICHOLSON head b Apr/1844? 54? Wd b WV father b UNK mother b VA
Leona J dau b Mar/1889 11 b WV parents b WV(MY GRANDMOTHER)
Laura E dau Sept/1891 8 b WV parents b WV
Minnie D dau b May/1874 6 b WV parents b WV (birth date must be 1894)
Fanny F dau b Oct/1896 3 b WV parents b WV
Andrew J newphew b June/1874 25 single b WV father b UNK mother b WV
note: Luch's last name is listed as Shanks on Leona's death information but it looks like her actual maiden name was CROUSSER.... I have lots more on the Crousser Family.

1880 CENSUS OF WIRT CO., WV by William Marsh (probably suppose to be NICHOLSON)
#E035 (Elizabeth District page 35)
E NICHOLS wf 58 Washerwoman b WV parents b WV
John wm 23 Son Farm laborer b WV parents b WV
Jennie (div) wf 22 Dau Servant b WV parents b WV
A J wm 6 gr/son b WV parents b WV (possibly Andrew J. from 1900 census above)

> Joseph STALLINGS 37 Tyler Co.; res Wirt Co.; s/o M Mason
> Minnie D NICHOLAS 19 Wirt Co.; d/o John & Lucy
> Married 19 Feb 1914 Wirt Co., WV
> Joseph W STALLINGS 41 (W) Tyler Co.; res Wirt Co.; s/o Melissie
> Fannie V NICHOLAS 21 Wirt Co.; d/o John & Lucy
> Married 08 Nov 1918 Wirt Co., WV

John A. Criss 26 Wirt Co., res Wirt Co., s/o William & Elizabeth
Chessie Leonie Nicholas 16 ?Wirt Co., d/o John & Lucy A.
Married: 30 Mar 1905 Wirt Co., WV

From Hardesty notes for Wirt County Confederate :
John Nichols, veteran volunteer, re-mustered March 26, 1864;

I believe John may have been born 1857/Harrison Co., VA
Thank you,


Name: Jeanne Ruffin <>
Date: 2000-11-01
My Location Virginis
My Nicholsons are from Rhode Island
I am searching for the Nicholson line from Woonsocket and Pascoag RI

Name: George Nicolson <>
Date: 2000-10-31
My Location Auckland New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from Glasgow & Aberdeen,Scotland
I have a sister in Edmonton Alberta Canadaalso a nephe in Vancouver Canada

Name: Gregory Scott Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-10-27
My Location covina calif. usa
My Nicholsons are from billings montana
please and me to the list

Name: Gary and Sandy Key <>
Date: 2000-10-16
My Location Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
My Nicholsons are from County Galway-to--New York-to --Iowa
My GGF, William Nicholson, born County Galway about 1832,came to America about 1850 along with an older brother, john. My GGF married Mary Galagher of County West Meath apparently after both had arrived in USA. My GGF was trained as a tanner, a trade which he then worked at in Amsterdam, New York until 1862. After 1862, William and John both ventured to Iowa where they established farms.
Anyone having any knowledge of the Galway Nicholsons please
share this with us as we are returning to County Galway this November to continue our search.


Name: W.V. (Bill) Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-10-15
My Location White Rock. B.C. Canada
My Nicholsons are from Egrement & Irton, Cumberland
Our family is in the Nicholson Family Library book of the Rev. Nigel Nicholson, as the Egremont and Irton group. My 7th great grandfather, John, (d. 1694) is at the top of the clan, and I am a direct descendant. Great to see this web site. Congratulations to you Bill,from this Bill.

Name: Marilyn Myra Bredenkmap(nee NICOL) <>
Date: 2000-10-09
My Location South Africa
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye??
Iwould like to send a message please.

Name: Phyllis collins <>
Date: 2000-09-25
My Location Sarasota, FL
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye
My Florence Nicholson married Frederick Beaton.
She died 1914 , burried in Cemetary #3 Lot 23 Stone 56 PEI
Her first born, Mary Beaton,Wickham,Smith, was my great grandmother. She died in MontVernon,NH and is burried in Townesend, MA


Name: Meloney Taylor <>
Date: 2000-09-25
My Location Marietta, GA
My Nicholsons are from Ark & GA
I have enjoyed reading everyone's entries. I have been trying to find info on a Carrie Jane Nicholson b: March 21, 1874. She married James Dyer Yarbrough October 27, 1889. She d: 1952. She is buried at Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, GA. Good Luck to everyone.

Name: Roy Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-09-24
My Location Birmingham. England
My Nicholsons are from Liverpool England
Hello to all Nicholsons
Im looking for Nicholsons from Liverpool. Ther must be a lot out there. So send me email all you cousins.


Name: sara nicholson calendine <sara-calendine>
Date: 2000-09-23
My Location redford mi
My Nicholsons are from invernesshire isle of skye
the family arrived in 1862. settled in bruce county, onterio.


Name: nicholas nicholson <>
Date: 2000-09-21
My Location Calif
My Nicholsons are from unknown
my father was russell c nicholson if eneyone knows about him please let me know because I dont know eneything but that he was in the air forace in 1948 when i was born he was 27 years old i have been looking for him for along time dont know if he is dead or alive please help me .

Name: Scott Kelly <>
Date: 2000-09-16
My Location Fryeburg, Maine
My Nicholsons are from Bristol, Rhode Island
I am looking for Nicholson family. They lived in Bristol, Rhode Island or North Kingston, Rhode Island...some Nicholson names are William and Barbara and Charles and Barbara Nicholson and Scott Nicholson and other Nicholson children. These are my cousins...

Name: Gary Lewis Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-09-16
My Location Marietta, Georgia, USA
My Nicholsons are from NC SC County York UK
I am searching for info on my Grandpas' brothers
John C. Nicholson B 6-11-1867
Miles Framling Nicholson B 11 or 12-30-1873
Francis Luiga Nicholson B 1-27-1879
All were probably born in or around Glenville, NC
Their Father was John Wesley Nicholson B3-16-1836 D4-11-1916
Buried Hamburg Cemetery, Glenville, NC


Name: Tyler D. Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-09-12
My Location Tigard, Oregon
My Nicholsons are from Southern Canada
Their is a lot of great information on this website. Thank you!

Name: Irene Webb Dorsey <>
Date: 2000-09-10
My Location North Carolina
My Nicholsons are from Richmond County via Scotland
GGgrandmother , Nancy Nicholson married John Leonard Webb in 1836 in Rockingham N. C. 1860 census says born in N. C. 1870 born in Scotland. Most Nicholsons from Richmond County are from Isle of Skye. Believe ggggrandmother Isabella Nicholson was her mother, but can't really pin down, due to burning of courthouses, churches, etc. We had a bad fire problem! Nancy names her children Daniel and Isabella, and I consider that a definite clue. Love Scotland and the Scots!!!!

Name: Betty Beck Robertson <>
Date: 2000-09-03
My Location Sun City, AZ
My Nicholsons are from Westmoreland Co, PA
Andrew Nicholson's will was 19 March 1811. Probate 6 Jun 1813.
Daughter Elizabeth m. William Donald c 1809.
Any cousins out there?


Name: William P Nicholson JR <>
Date: 2000-08-30
My Location Cherry Valley Ar
My Nicholsons are from William Nicholson II 1678-1728
I come from the Northfolk va;nc; nicholsons

Name: Cathleen Sheehan <>
Date: 2000-08-29
My Location Tulsa, OK
My Nicholsons are from Virginia, Florida
I am looking for information re: my gggrandmother, Grace Elinor Nicolson's ancestry. Her family lived in Culpepper, VA area pre-Civil War. They apparently had land through an AmRev land grant or a king's grant. At the age of 7 or 8, the family was moved to Jacksonville, FL. She had a brother named Robert who eventually became a newspaper editor in J'ville. She m. ca. 1860 to Jerome Livingston Wells in J'ville, and returned to his home of Big Stone Gap, VA. They had 2 boys: Jerome Jr. and Robert Nicholson (my ggrandfather) and 4 girls: Anna, Reland (sp?), Alma, and Elsa (Snead) of Princeton, WV (still living @ 93 y.o.) but apparently doesn't remember anything. Grace d. ca.1955 in Lynch, VA and was buried in Princeton or Bluefield. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Linda Criss <>
Date: 2000-08-29
My Location CA
My Nicholsons are from WV/VA
1900 CENSUS OF WIRT CO., WV by Wes Cochran
#35-35 Elizabeth District
John NICHOLSON head b Apr/1844? 54? Wd b WV father b UNK mother b VA
Leona J dau b Mar/1889 11 b WV parents b WV(My grandmother)
Laura E dau Sept/1891 8 b WV parents b WV
Minnie D dau b May/1874 6 b WV parents b WV (birth date must be 1894)
Fanny F dau b Oct/1896 3 b WV parents b WV
Andrew J newphew b June/1874 25 single b WV father b UNK mother b WV

1880 CENSUS OF WIRT CO., WV by William Marsh (probably suppose to be
#E035 (Elizabeth District page 35)
E NICHOLS wf 58 Washerwoman b WV parents b WV
John wm 23 Son Farm laborer b WV parents b WV
Jennie (div) wf 22 Dau Servant b WV parents b WV
A J wm 6 gr/son b WV parents b WV (possibly Andrew J. from 1900 census above)

*There is a Maryland marriage listed for: Nicholson, John H. m. Ann Jane Patterson 28 Nov 1838.
(I've been told to look for the surname Patterson)

Any help will sure be appreciated.....


Name: tom Wallace <>
Date: 2000-08-18
My Location San Francisco
My Nicholsons are from fife Scotland
Looking for data on George Nicholsonb. 1760 cameron Fife

Name: Dan Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-08-15
My Location Chicago,Il, USA
My Nicholsons are from Henryville, PQ, Canada, Sligo Ireland
Have traced my Nicholson Roots to a William Nicholson born around 1781 in Ireland probably County Sligo who was married to an Ann McGee and then emigated to Henryville , Quebec, Canada around 1825-30
and was father to among others a Dominick Nicholson from whom my line comes


Name: Robert Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-08-13
My Location Auckland, New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from London, England
A. GEORGE NICHOLSON, born 1781; buried 30 Jun.1824, aged 43 years, at Harrow; buried St. Mary&#8217;s, Harrow. Tailor and Draper, of Roxeth, near Harrow, Middlesex in 1809 and Harrow 1813. Married about 1808 Lucy ----- (she was born about 1789 at Roxeth; in 1851 Census a widow, aged 62 years; died shortly afterwards; no details given). Issue:
2a. ANNE, born 23 Apr.1809 at Roxeth; baptised 23 Apr.1809 at St. Mary&#8217;s, Harrow-on-the-Hill.
2b. JOHN, baptised 10 Feb.1811 at St. Mary&#8217;s, Harrow; died 2 Jul.1886, aged 76 years. Painter and glazier; later pub manager of the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Byron Hill, Harrow in 1858, when it changed its name from &#8216;The Load of Hay&#8217;. Living with his son Charles, a widower, aged 71 years, in 1881. Married 1851, at Harrow, Hannah (Anna) Davis (she died 5 Mar.1865). Issue:
3a. THOMAS, born 1850 at Harrow; died 6 Sep.1868 at Harrow.
3b. JOHN, born 8 Jul.1851 at Harrow; baptised 1 Jan.1854 at St. Mary&#8217;s.
3c. GEORGE WILLIAM, born 11 Jul.1853 at Harrow. Note: There is a George Nicholson (WO97/1748) enlisted 5th Middlesex Regiment of Militia (Regt. No. 7352); discharged 24 Aug.1869 to serve in 20th Hussars (Regt. No. 875), transferred to 16th Queens Lancers 1 Sep.1872. At enlistment on 13 Jun.1870 his declared age was 20 years and he served 10 years 338 days, being discharged on 27 Jun.1881 at York, aged 30 years 11 months, with intended place of residence as Harrow-on-the-Hill.
3d. ANN REBECCA, born 1 Jun.1854 at Harrow; baptised 23 Jul.1854 at St. Mary&#8217;s, Harrow; died 1 Sep.1854.
3e. CHARLES JAMES, born 2 Mar.1856 at Harrow. Bricklayer. Married about 1880 Mary Ann ----- (she was born about 1859 at Paddington). Issue:
4a. LUCY, born 1880 at Hendon.
4b. SARAH, born 23 Mar.1885 at Hendon.
3f. ELIZABETH CAROLINE, born 1 Mar.1858 at Harrow; died 24 Nov.1859.
3g. HANNAH SOPHIA, born 14 Mar.1860 at Harrow. Married 28 Apr.1877 Daniel Joseph Jones, a clerk.
3h. ELIZABETH ANN, born 4 Jun.1862 at Harrow.
2c. GEORGE, baptised 5 Sep.1813 at St. Mary&#8217;s, Harrow. Indentured as a plumber, glazier and painter on 28 Jul.1826 on an seven-year apprenticeship to a Mr John Dean, costing his mother Lucy ú14. Married Caroline ----- (she died 16 Jun.1863).
2d. CHARLES, baptised 21 Jan.1816 at St. Mary&#8217;s, Harrow.
2e. WILLIAM, born 17 Dec.1817 at Harrow; baptised 11 Jan.1818 at St. Mary&#8217;s; died 9 Aug.1882 at Auckland, New Zealand. A Draper. It is possible he emigrated to California about the time of the Gold Rush. Went to Mangonui, New Zealand in 1856 and later moved to Auckland. Married 30 Jan.1851, at Benecia, California, USA, Emma Fish (she was born 30 Dec.1828 at Cutcombe, Somerset and died 8 Aug.1918), second daughter of George Fish and Joan (nee Crockford). Issue: see B. below.
2f. LUCY, born 20 Apr.1820 at Harrow; baptised 29 Apr.1821 at St. Mary&#8217;s.
2g. HANNAH, baptised 11 Aug.1822 at St. Mary&#8217;s; buried 20 Apr.1825, aged 3 years; buried at St. Mary&#8217;s.

JOHN (3B) was my Great Grandfather.....looking for any other info on the family members


Name: James Thomas Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-08-13
My Location Summerville, South Carolina
My Nicholsons are from Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
I am a descendant of Enoch Jepethy Nicholson and Louisa McNabb from McMinn County, Tennessee.

Name: Nigel Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-08-08
My Location Virginia
My Nicholsons are from Skye
just got to the web site, will have a look around.

Name: Clarke Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-08-07
My Location Cass Lake, MN 56633
My Nicholsons are from Prince Edward Island
I don't have a family tree document but am interested in creating one.

Name: Arnim A. Nicolson <>
Date: 2000-08-05
My Location San Martin, Ca
My Nicholsons are from Shetland Isle , Mo, and Calif.
Our spelling NICOLSON is different and we are seeking family from Walter and Agnes Jane Brown Nicolson who setteled in Benton Co. Mo. in early 1850's Walter was from Cliff,Tingwell, Shetland Islands"

Hope someone out there knows of the family.
A. Nicolson


Name: Marie Wheeler-Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-07-20
My Location NY
My Nicholsons are from ?
Antoinette Wheeler married a Nicholson, hence the name,four generations ago.

Name: Wayne Kirkwood <>
Date: 2000-07-17
My Location Ellwood City, PA
My Nicholsons are from Ireland
James and Catharine Nicholson both born in Ireland. Their son James Nicholson married Permilla Johnson. They are to be found in the 1870, 1880 and 1900 census in Slippery Rock Twp., Lawrence Co., Pennsylvania. Permilla, as a widow lived in Wampum, Lawrence Co., PA.

Name: Ida Mae Kirkwood <>
Date: 2000-07-17
My Location Ellwood City, PA
My Nicholsons are from Oldham, Lancashire, England
Edmund Stansfield born October 5, 1788, Hollinwood, Lancashire, England married Mary NICHOLSON December 11 1808 in St. Mary, Oldham, Lancashire, England.

They're son John Stansfield was my great great grandfather. He and wife Elizabeth (with sons George and Phillip Stansfield came to Mineral Ridge, Trumbull County, Ohio before 1860.


Name: Deanna Grimes <>
Date: 2000-07-05
My Location Oregon
My Nicholsons are from Missouri
Great web site. Looking for Nicholsons of Missouri. Howell and Shannon Counties. Especially those with a connection to Betsy Walkingstick (Married Isaac Nicholson) and Martha Malinda Berry (BerryHill?) married John Nicholson.
Would love to compare notes!


Name: Billy Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-07-02
My Location Williamston, NC USA
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
great site, just checking out info. ggrandfater john
nicholson, i think his father was asa nicholson in eastern
nc, would like to here from anyone with any info


Name: Anne Nicholson Crocker <>
Date: 2000-06-29
My Location North Carolina
My Nicholsons are from Charlotte NC, GA, MS
John NICHOLSON, Charlottetown, Mecklenburg, NC, 1767-1792+ then to Wilkes/Oglethorpe Co., GA---will probated 1818

Many of John's grandchildren moved first to Muscogee/Stewart/Chattahoochee Co., GA, and then on to Hunt Co., TX.
Mine went to Kemper/Lauderdale/Jones Co., MS.

Neighbors and possible relatives in Revolutionary Charlotte:
Joseph NICHOLSON to Greene Co., GA, 1785
Culbert/Cuthbert NICHOLSON and wife buried 1780s Steele Creek Presbyterian, Mecklenburg Co., NC.


Date: 2000-06-27
My Nicholsons are from BRUNSWICK/TROY ALABAMA


Name: Gerry Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-06-26
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Cumberland
Currently reseaching descendants of Joseph Nicholson, teacher of Brampton Cumb in early 1840's. He married Mary Ann Allen at Workington in 1841 and had four sons born in Brampton - Robert, Richard, Joseph & George. Also had another son John and daughter Maria Fanny. All family emigrated to Australia in 1858. I have a large collection of descendants already but always looking for others. Mary Ann died at Casterton, Victoria, Australia in 1878. Please contact me if interested or can help. Thanks

Name: Yanelle Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-06-22
My Location San Antonio, TX
My Nicholsons are from Thomaston, Georgia
Married to Christopher Nicholson, we have two sons Bryan Alexander Nicholson and Hunter Austin Nicholson.

Name: O nicholson Henry <>
Date: 2000-06-18
My Location North Texas
My Nicholsons are from GA. TN. NC . TX. OK.
I am looking for Mother and Father of JAMES NICHOLSON (JACK)
one census b-1861 another 1865 . Ga. Ga. Nc. then Tx.
died somewhere Ok. my father born 1888 Hunt Co. Tx.
I born 1939 , Hopkins Co. Tx.
Please help .


Name: Mary Bremner <>
Date: 2000-06-17
My Location New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from New Zealand
Great site thanks

Name: Vivian Cress <>
Date: 2000-06-15
My Location Texas
My Nicholsons are from VA>NC>SC>NC>GA
I am a descendent of the elusive John Nicholson (Bute,NC- Union Co, GA) through his son Walter. If anyone is working on this family line they may contact me for information about our Family Reunion in GA this year. We have migrated from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific in search of land and gold leaving 'crops of cousins' in our wake.

This is an excellent site and a great gathering place for all Nicholsons to share.


Name: Gerald B.Nicholson Jr. <>
Date: 2000-06-12
My Location Texas
My Nicholsons are from Georgia
this is a great web site

Name: laurie nicholson <>
Date: 2000-06-12
My Location ontario canada
My Nicholsons are from not sure
I don't know much about my family name, interested in knowing more, not sure how to proceed.

Name: Gerry Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-06-06
My Location South Australia
My Nicholsons are from Brampton - Workington, Cumberland , England
Hello Bill. I have been researching my Nicholson ancestors for about 12 years now and wanted to see what you had here. Thanks for letting me drop in.

Name: peter douglas <>
Date: 2000-05-30
My Location wallasey wirral
My Nicholsons are from last heard in thetford
iam looking for richard russell nicholson, i was his best man at his wedding , that was around 1978 to 1981, he married penny in a small village in norfolk,his father-in -law ran the local post office, he also served in the army
and was in the REME, so nick if your out there get in touch.


Name: Kathrine Harper <>
Date: 2000-05-29
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye
Catherine Nicholson came from Isle of Skye to NSW Australia in 1852. She was born in Glendale, Isle of Skye. Her father was Donald Nicholson. I think she may have come to Australia with other members of her family on board 'Ontario' in 1852.She was born about 1836.Other names on ship were Angus, Catherine, Donald, Janet, Lachlan.

Name: Kathrine Harper <>
Date: 2000-05-29
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye
Catherine Nicholson came from Isle of Skye to NSW Australia in 1852. She was born in Glendale, Isle of Skye. Her father was Donald Nicholson. I think she may have come to Australia with other members of her family on board 'Ontario' in 1852.She was born about 1836.Other names on ship were Angus, Catherine, Donald, Janet, Lachlan.

Name: Jean Nichols Smith <>
Date: 2000-05-27
My Location Orange County CA
My Nicholsons are from Nichols are from East Tennessee
Great webpage.

Name: Lynn Schuyler <>
Date: 2000-05-27
My Location Florida
My Nicholsons are from Somerset County,Penna
My Nicholson's line comes thru Robert/John Robert/John Wesley Nicholson.

Name: Gary Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-05-25
My Location Marietta,GA
My Nicholsons are from NC , SC , England
Hello to all you Nicholsons !

Name: Sandra Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-05-23
My Location Arlington, Texas
My Nicholsons are from Recently Tx - Orig Scotland
What a great site!

Name: M C Allen <>
Date: 2000-05-22
My Location GA
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
Mississippi Nicholson's of Hinds County and Copiah County
Alexander and Nancy Gillis Nicholson: Daniel, Mossette, Effie Lexie, Charles, Neal, Virgie in Terry, MS circa 1830-1900. Great site.


Name: ian adey Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-05-14
My Location sydney
My Nicholsons are from austrlia
I will send you a copy of our family genealogy going back to John Milton the poet, In a few weeks when I get a copy of the family Bible. My dad just died his name was Victor John Adey Nicholson, he was on Australian television for 12 years and is famous for writing the slogan "It's The RealThing" for Coke-Cola when he was working in advertising in New York in the early sixties. Speak to you soon
Kind regards


Name: Donald Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-05-13
My Location New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from Harris then Cape Bretton then NZ
Very interesting will be back

Don Nicholson


Name: Helen Bakguy <>
Date: 2000-05-13
My Location TN
My Nicholsons are from IN
Clyde's bro. Gerald was living at Columbia, MO not TN. Sorry, Helen


Name: Helen Bakguy <>
Date: 2000-05-13
My Location TN
My Nicholsons are from IN
Search for Clyde Nicholson, living in Ft.Wayne, In. in 1988. Brother of Gerald Nicholson living at Columbia, TN. Any info would be welcome. Thanks. Helen

Name: Kara Garbutt <>
Date: 2000-05-12
My Location Casper, Wyoming
My Nicholsons are from Wyoming
My husband is a Nicholson by blood. His father was adopted by a Garbutt when he was younger. All I know is that my husbands true grandfather's name was William Bedford Nicholson. We have a 6 month old daughter and I am interested in her ancestors.

Name: Helen Bakguy <>
Date: 2000-05-11
My Location Tennessee
My Nicholsons are from PA>OH>MO
Looking for a Valeria possibly a Nicholson.
Thanks, if anyone can help. Helen


Name: Renee Kristine Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-05-10
My Location Columbus, Ohio
My Nicholsons are from Shickshinny, PA
May grandparents, Addision Ambrose Nicholson, Sr. and Opal Ada Nicholson are burried in Shickshinny, PA. My parents, Addison Jr. and Constance Nicholson also live in Columbus, Ohio.

Name: LeDora Nicholson Calvert <>
Date: 2000-05-09
My Location Indiana
My Nicholsons are from Alabama,Ky,IN
Would like to find cousins in KY and IN

Name: Joyce Maxson <>
Date: 2000-05-07
My Location Greenwood, SC
My Nicholsons are from Pa
Researhing with very little info. Ggrand John Wesley Nicholson, cival war vet-wounded Gettysburg, married Ellen?
one daughter Cecilia married James Edward Lewis. All buried Hill Side Cem. Derry Pa. I have no info for any of these family members except can remember an old lady from Piitsburgh, Pa. Mae Nicholson in late 1950. Please someone connect me to some answers. Thanks


Name: Susan Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-05-03
My Location Texas
My Nicholsons are from Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri, Texas
I have the family Bible of John Riley Nicholson and Helen Rains. They had 11 children listed. I have no information on the family or the line above or down other than he would be my gggrandfather. Anyone out there that may be of help, I am interested.

Name: Phyllis Ann Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-05-02
My Location Washington. Iowa
My Nicholsons are from Virginia Kentucky and Indiana
I am searching for the ancestors of George William Nicholson who was born on March 24, 1789 somewhere in Hampshire, County Virginia. He married Sarah Ann Bassett on Sept. 9, 1813 in Franklin, County Kentucky. I hope that some one will be able to provide information about our missing links.
Thank you for taking the time to read this blurb.


Name: John T Nichols <>
Date: 2000-04-29
My Location Manassas, VA USA
Way and Squire in their book about Scots clans and families assert that many MacNicols and Nicholsons went from the Isles to Ulster particularly to Donegal and Tyrone where many Englished their surnames to Nichols, Nichol, Nicholl etc. Would like to correspond with anyone who has been able to confirm this.

Name: Norman Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-04-26
My Location Boxboro MA
My Nicholsons are from Boston / South Shore Area ?
Just starting out to trace my roots I am Norman Hayward Nicholson b5/26/1963 Boston.
f:Norman Joseph Nicholson b1927?
M:Pauline Lorraine Hayward (Nicholson)b.1928


Name: Helen Bakguy <>
Date: 2000-04-26
My Location Tenn
My Nicholsons are from Pa and moved to Pettis Co. MO
Searching for Ira NICHOLSON a pastor at Flat Creek Baptist Church abt. 1910, at Providence Churc 1916, and at Antioch Baptist in 1937. Trying to locate any children or grandchildren he may have had. hey would be my cousins. Where might I look for these? Helen

Name: Pamela Nicoll <>
Date: 2000-04-26
Hi Bill, just browsing the clan site and found your site very interesting!!


Name: Helen Bakguy <hmrhg>
Date: 2000-04-25
My Location
My Nicholsons are from Somerset,PA
I would like to find Hugh Nicholson before 1750.
Where from? England, Scotland, Ireland???? and came to AM ? Helen


Name: Bob Nichol <>
Date: 2000-04-24
My Location Virginia, USA
My Nicholsons are from Ireland
I look forward to finding out more about the clan and sharing what I have. I can only find my way back to 1760 in Ireland at this time. However, I plan a trip back to County Tyrone and Scotland in May 2000. Maybe I will find more of the family. My best to everyone.

Name: Michael R. Nicholson <mnwnsn@juno>
Date: 2000-04-23
My Location Salina Kansas
My Nicholsons are from Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma
Looking for information of a William R. Nicholson who died feb. 24,1897 at Pittsfield Illinois.This is my great great grandfather who came over from England.

Name: maureen granville <>
Date: 2000-04-22
My Location teesside england
My Nicholsons are from durham england
i'm looking for any information on my granfather, albert jackson nicholson,died in County Durham in the 1920's.
thank you.


Name: Trevor Webb Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-04-21
My Location Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada
My Nicholsons are from Skye to PEI circa 1841
I'm doing a little search for my folks. He has found
some things of interest for any descendants of Jessie
(Janet)Nicholson b. february 26, 1853--married James MacLure, Millanocket Maine. Possible names of children
William and Lillian.
Would love to hear from anyone! She was my father's
great aunt.


Name: Brian Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-04-20
My Location Toowoomba Australia
My Nicholsons are from Around Dumfries I think
Very good

Name: Nancy Wagner <>
Date: 2000-04-19
My Location Reading, Pa
My Nicholsons are from Georgia. USA
My gr.grandmother was a Nicklson or Nicholson. Her name was
Elliferdonia, and her father was Thomas. He is buried in
Doerun, Ga., somewhere. She married a John Newitt Foster
and one of their dau. (Mervin)Bell married Herbert Linton.
I've had a hard time because of not knowing the correct spelling.


Name: Brock McFall Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-04-18
My Location Raleigh, North Carolina
My Nicholsons are from John Nicholson; b 1759 near Princeton, NJ
I'm happy to find this web site and hope I'll gain greater knowledge of our family through its use.


Name: Peter K. Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-04-17
My Location Texas
My Nicholsons are from Ark.
Looking for anc. of Murdock David Nicholson. b N.C. d Mont. ct. Ark. 1875 m. Rebbeca Pettit

Name: Pascual Ian Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-04-16
My Location Cardiff, Wales
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye, Scotland

Name: Jacque Phillips Wilson <>
Date: 2000-04-15
My Location brantley co ga
My Nicholsons are from Dodge, Pulaski and Wilkinson co Ga
My gr grandfather Axom Phillips b 13 sept 1851, Pulaski Co Ga. (,father Elias Phillips b. N.C.,) married 27 Feb 1873, Dodge Co Ga. Cerenia Nicholson b. 13 Feb 1857 Pulaski Co Ga (her father S C Nicholson originally from Wilkinson Co, Ga then to Pulaski and Dodge Co Ga)

Name: William Sward <>
Date: 2000-04-14
My Location Laguna Niguel, CA
My Nicholsons are from PA to IA
Sephen Nicholson married Jane Shaw in Venango Co, PA abt 1830 and migrated west. Lived in the Wyandot County area of OH and by 1840 were in IA. Stephen died in Jefferson Co, IA about 1848. The family moved to Washington County, IA.

Stephen & Jane were my GG Grandparents.


Name: Bobbie <>
Date: 2000-04-13
My Location Oregon
My Nicholsons are from County Down, No. Ireland
John Nicholson died in 1835 in Bangor, County Down, No. Ireland. His daughter, Jane Graham Nicholson, was born there in 1828, married John C. McCormick there and died in Toronto in 1906. Their daughter, Marion Gordon Graham Nicholson McCormick was my great grandmother.

Name: Kerrie Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-04-12
My Location Los Angeles
My Nicholsons are from Idaho and Missouri
Hi to everyone!

Name: Tom Dickey <>
Date: 2000-04-08
My Location Portland, Oregon
My Nicholsons are from Virginia>Louisiana>Texas
Great website!

Name: Ann Badger <>
Date: 2000-04-07
My Location Pa.
My Nicholsons are from Venango and Lawrence Co Pa
James Nicholson was my gggrand father. He was from Ireland then Venango Co then Lawrence Co Pa. His children as far as I can tell were John-James-and William. Possiblly Robert.

Name: Sharleen Charles <>
Date: 2000-04-07
My Location Atlanta, Georgia
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye/Prince Edward Island/British Columbia, Canada
Samuel & Jane (Matheson) Nicholson immigrated to P.E.I. approx. 1842 from Skye. Their first son Armichael (Armiger) married Mary MacDougall in Somerville, MA in July 08, 1873 and their first son Archibald was born in MA in 1875. Apparently they had both gone to MA to work. They returned to PEI and had the following children - Kate Ann b. 1878, Samuel Armichael b. 1882, Sara Jane b. 1884 and Effie Christina b. 1888. Approx. 1895 the family immigrated to the Fraser Valley of British Columbia and were granted land to farm there. Effie Christina was my grandmother. Looking for relatives, as so far I appear to be the only one of this line to be researching the family tree. I do know that Armichael's younger brother Daniel and wife Ann (Martin)and children also immigrated to BC approx. the same time

Name: Helen Bakguy <>
Date: 2000-04-07
My Location Tenn
My Nicholsons are from PA and OH to MO
my grandfather Lewis Edward Nicholson was son of Silas Nicholson (b.1841 in Somerset, PA) and Sarah "Mary" Krebs.

Name: Murray Nicolson <>
Date: 2000-04-07
My Location Concord, Mass.
My Nicholsons are from Edinburgh, Pittenweem (Fife)
Always looking for other interested in Nicolson genealogy in Scotland, esp. Fife and Skye

Name: Judith Foy <>
Date: 2000-04-07
My Location New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from West Yorkshire
Looking for descendants of James & Amy (nee MURGATROYD) NICHOLSON marr. Keighley.
Family - Matthew bn 1828, marr. Alice LEACH
Mary bn 1830
Ann bn 1833 marr. Richard GREENWOOD
Joseph bn. 1834 marr. Sarah
John bn 1836
William bn 1839 marr. Margaret CREAH
James Sutcliffe bn 1845 marr Hannah CRABTREE


Name: Judy Laylon <>
Date: 2000-04-06
My Location Maryland
My Nicholsons are from Eastern Shore of MD,to Pickaway Co., OH to Miami Co., IN
This is a great way to help each other!

Name: Ian Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-04-06
My Location Ontario Canada
My Nicholsons are from Inverary Ontario Canada
My grandfather was Charles Counter Nicholson born March 9th 1872 near Kingston Ontario.One of his brothers was named Thomas .I believe the other brother was named Ernest.I believe that he had other siblings who may have settled in the U.S.

Name: josephine Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-04-06
My Location Launceston Tasmania
My Nicholsons are from Bolton Lancashire
My father in law was John Nicholson born in Bolton 21-2-1906 died 11-3-1978 he was a french polisher by trade. His father was James Nicholson born Bolton born c1858 died Isle of Man aged about 55 buried with full military honours in Kings Liverpool regiment. John had a brother Thomas married to Ethel who came from Manchester they emigrated to Rhode Island dont know date they had one son called Benjamin and Thomas had a sister called Alice Pettijohn who emigrated to Oklahoma Dont know anyone else researching this family so would be glad of any help if anyone has come across these names in their searched Terrific site

Name: Linda Criss <>
Date: 2000-04-05
My Location CA
My Nicholsons are from Wirt Co., WV
John Nicholson and his children are found on the 1900 Wirt Co., WV census. The children (wife deceased-was named Lucy A.)
Leona J. (My Grandmother), Laura E., Minnie D., and Fanny F., They also had a newphew living with them named Andres J.
Please contact if you know this family.


Name: Tonia L Underwood <>
Date: 2000-04-03
My Location Kentucky
My Nicholsons are from Pennsylvania
I am trying to find information on my grandfather's family. My grandfathers name is Clarence William Nicholson born in Carlisle, Pa. his parents are George Nicholson and Lottie ? any information would be most helpful. Thanks and Good luck with your search.

Name: Megan Easley <>
Date: 2000-04-02
My Location Washington State
My Nicholsons are from Appleton, Wisconsin
My Great Grandmothers name was Margaret Nicholson Williams, she was adopted as a child and I have no records of her biological family, Margaret was born October 20, 1899 and was adopted by Dexter Nicholson and Harriet Hammond, I do know that she had a sister, but I do not know her name or where she was from.

Name: Jimmy Brown <OLDRAGVA@AOL.COM>
Date: 2000-04-01
My Location Madison VA USA
My Nicholsons are from Whitehaven , England
I am a decendant of Thomas Nicholson who came from Whitehaven GB in 1710 . My GGgrandfather was Lewis
Buck(Buckner?) Nicholson a Confederate soldier killed at
McDowell VA on MAY 9 , 1862


Name: William H. Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-30
My Location Bethel, Alaska
My Nicholsons are from Alaska, Oregon, Denmark
My grandfather (old spelling of name may have been Nicolaaison or anothe derivative) is from Copenhagen, Denmark and arrived in the late 19th Century to Bristol Bay, Dillingham, Alaska with a Salmon Packing Company. He married Feodora Clark, daughter of well-known Alaska Explorer John W. Clark who may be a direct descendent of the Clark of the Lewis & Clark expedition.

Name: Marjory A. Austen <>
Date: 2000-03-29
My Location Ohio
My Nicholsons are from Monroe Co., Ohio
I am looking for William, b. ca. 1807 in Belmont Co., wife Nancy VASS, daughter Nancy Ellen who married Thomas Green. They lived in Athens Co. for awhile. Nancy had 11 children and died at 38. Anyone know where her father was born and to whom? Any leads appreciated. Marjory A. Austen

Name: Sally Lloyd <>
Date: 2000-03-25
My Location South Wales, UK
My Nicholsons are from Ireland
My g.g.grandmother was RUTH NICHOLSON b.about 1797, married ALEXANDER PEEL 1827 Armagh , Ireland. Died 1874,Hockley,Co. Armagh, Ireland. I believe she was related to Brigadaire General JOHN NICHOLSON (of Indian Mutiny fame). I have found a slip of paper in an old book ( 1810!)on which is written what looks like 'MAJOR NICHOLSON , Ship G???? Street, Londonderry. Does this mean anything to anyone?

Name: John Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-25
My Location West Wales, UK
My Nicholsons are from Hackney, London (?)
Grandfather was Ebenezer Bernard Nicholson. May have lived in Hackney around the turn of the century, but my father brought up in Sutton, Surrey

Name: Lori Nicholson Lindsey <>
Date: 2000-03-22
My Location GA
My Nicholsons are from Pickens/Gilmer County Ga and Tn
I'm researching the line of Nicholson's that descended from Isaac b ca 1776 w/son Thomas Nicholson married Susannah Burch. Would love to hear from other "cousins". Lori

Name: paul nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-20
My Location duncan sc 29334
My Nicholsons are from lynn,ma.
grandfather name was thomas,married to sarah glass lived on north federal street lynn,ma.born in birth or death records.


Name: Dawn Merola <>
Date: 2000-03-19
My Location New York
My Nicholsons are from South Dakota
My grandmother was born in a covered wagon in the black Hills of South Dakota, in the late 1800's Her name was Martha Nicholson. She married John Liberty, they lived in upstate New York, to the best of my knowledge she had several brothers and sisters,I think they all lived in the upstate area also.

Name: Samuel Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-19
My Location Florida
My Nicholsons are from Pennsylvania
Traced my family back to my ggg grandfather Robert Nicholson from Somerset County, PA. Unsure of his birthplace, died in 1837 in PA. We are interested in more information on the Clan MacNichol!

Name: Diana McMenemy <>
Date: 2000-03-17
My Location England
My Nicholsons are from Yorkshire England
My gt grandmother was a Nicholson, born at Mason St. in Hull in 1850s. Her father was a shipwright born in North Ferriby, she had several siblings. I'm interested in tracing this line of the family.

Name: Frederick George Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-12
My Location Johannesburg, SouthAfrica
My Nicholsons are from Stockport, England
I was born and bred in Stockport England, but sadly, I never knew my grandparents, I would dearly like to trace any relations. My fathers name was Fred Nicholson and he served in the Royal Navy during the war years, he then became a signwriter until his death in 1995, I was born on 10.02.56 at Stepping hill hospital in Stockport.

Sister's name Stella
Brother's name Robert


Name: Tony George Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-11
My Location Saxlingham-Nethergate, Norfolk, England, NR151TP.
My Nicholsons are from Woodbastwick & Salhouse area of Norfolk.
Would like to hear from anyone with ancestors from this part of the world. My own is a John Nickerson(the spelling from the Suffolk dialect) born 1740 died 1812. married Jemima Jackson 1769.

Name: Joanne Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-10
My Location Novo Scotia
My Nicholsons are from Spryfield/Halifax
Just found this site,Great information.
I have information on approx. 30 more Nicholson living in Tatamagouche N.S.that are family to Nicholson of Spryfield.
I will E-mail soon.


Name: mike nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-10
My Location england
My Nicholsons are from East Yorkshire
I have traced my family back to 1650 in E Yorks and Holderness

Name: Phyllis Ann Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-09
My Location Washington, Iowa 52353
My Nicholsons are from Kentucky and Indiana
My family can't go back beyond the 1790's. We know that Ceorge Washington Nicholson married Sarah Bassett in Indiana.
He had a sister named Sarah Nicholson who married Marmaduke Betts. We know that his mother's name was Ausha or a variation of that spelling and that George has a step-father by the name of Obadiah Ellis. We have not been able to discover George's fathers name. We do know that the family lived in Kentucky and then moved to Indiana.


Name: Kent Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-07
My Location saskatoon, saskatchewan canada
My Nicholsons are from Middlesex England
My uncle was Jack who lived in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, married to 1st wife Agnes 2nd wife Elsie. Daughters Betty (California) and Marlene married to Roy Murphy. I have never met any of the above with the exception of Jack on one occasion. My father was George Fedrick Nicholson Married to Margaret (Dron). George passed away in 1967 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I have a brother in Crofton British Colombia Canada, Brian Nicholson. I have a sister, Merle married to Gordon Minty living in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada.

Name: Robert S. Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-07
My Location NC
My Nicholsons are from Scotland to Greene County NY
Looking for information on : John Corrie Nicholson, Father
Eliz Stevenson, Mother -John Corrie Nicholson, son- Dorothy Hull Nicholson, daughter. Father and Mother born in Scotland. Son and daughter born New York


Name: Harold Glenn Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-05
My Location Waitakere City New Zealand
My Nicholsons are from Deptford London England
Tracing the above Nicholson Family.
currently back to my Great Grandfather James Revell Nicholson Born Deptford in 1841


Name: Joan Smith <>
Date: 2000-03-04
My Location Massachusetts
My Nicholsons are from Scotland, PEI and Maine
Neat site does anyone have info on a Ann Nicholson Stilson. She lived on PEI and then moved to Maine. She was married to a Fred Stilson and they had 3 children. Riley, Maud,and Roy also known as Eli. I think her fathers name was James who came from Scotland.

Name: Rick Eldridge <>
Date: 2000-03-03
My Location VaBchVA
My Nicholsons are from wife's - Eastern Shore of MD
Nicholson/Tingle descendant

Name: Susan Rogerson (Re Nicholson) <>
Date: 2000-03-03
My Location London England
My Nicholsons are from Newcastle Upon Tyne (Lemmington)
would welcome any information on my farther.Dennis Nicholson born 4th Febuary 1946.he was one of 6 brothers and two sisters born in lemmington Newcastle upon tyne.

Name: Elaine McDaniel <>
Date: 2000-03-02
My Location Washington State
My Nicholsons are from Maryland & North Carolina
I am looking for information about William Nicholson who was of Anne Arundel County Maryland. Married Lucy Gassaway in mid 1700s and eventually moved to Rowan County, North Carolina.

Name: Kelly McIntosh <>
Date: 2000-03-02
My Location Brampton, ON
My Nicholsons are from my grandparents are in Cape Breton N.S
I am just starting the search from information on my great grandparents and great great grandparents, so that I have information if my daughter ever asks.

Name: Clare Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-03-01
My Location Farnborough, Hants, UK
My Nicholsons are from Stillington, Stockton on Tees
Excellent website. I'm looking into William Nicholson (bn 1879) and wife Emily Walker. William lived in Stillington, near Stockton on Tees as a young boy and is said to have had 12 brother and sisters who never got on with each other so lost contact.

Name: Bill Sward <>
Date: 2000-02-29
My Location Laguna Niguel, CA
My Nicholsons are from Venango Co, PA to SE Iowa
My GGGrandfather Sephen Nicholson & wife Jane Shaw left Venango Co, abt 1830. To Ohio and in Iowa by 1840. My mother was a Nicholson.

Bill S


Name: Marsha L. Hillson Gerace <>
Date: 2000-02-28
My Location Naperville, IL
My Nicholsons are from Spryfield, Halifax County, Nova Scotia Canada
Great website! Thanks. Visit my website(s) as listed on Bill's links page.

Name: Walter Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-02-28
My Location Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
My Nicholsons are from Scotland, SC, Miss.
My brick wall is Peter Nicholson m. Margaret McSwain supposedly came to Willmington 1802 on the Duke of Kent and later moved to Miss. where Peter died. Margaret later moved to La. with family and is buried in Caddo parish. I have lots of descendant info including Taylors that married several Nicholsons to share.

Name: Rae Donna Jones <>
Date: 2000-02-28
My Location Utah
My Nicholsons are from Nebraska/Kansas/Idaho
Would love to locate some cousins!

Name: Kim <>
Date: 2000-02-28
My Location Washington State
My Nicholsons are from ?
Was researching my dad's side of the family and ran across this site. My mothers maiden name is Nicholson it would be great to learn about the other side of my family. My mother was the only girl with 5 brothers. I know they came somwhere in West Virginia to Washington.(James & Brookie)

Name: robert nicholson <>
Date: 2000-02-28
My Location auckland, new zealand
My Nicholsons are from Harrow, London
John William Nicholson born 1847? Harrow on the Hill, London. Mother's maiden name was DAVIS

Date: 2000-02-28
My Location Kingman, Arizona
My Nicholsons are from Scotland
My line is the Southern Nicholsons.

Name: maureen granville <>
Date: 2000-02-28
My Location NE England
My Nicholsons are from North Yorkshire & Durham England

I am just starting my search into my fathers family,I think this site is wanderful


Date: 2000-02-27
My Nicholsons are from LINWOOD MISSISSIPPI


Name: Donna <>
Date: 2000-02-27
were you related to a John Nicholson

Name: Karen L. Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-02-23
My Location Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
My Nicholsons are from Scotland- probably Skye
My family has been here in Cape Breton for many generations after emigrating from Scotland. I have traced back as far as gggfather Neil Nicholson, who married Catherine ("Baba") MacNeil. They had my ggfather John James in 1878, as well as Annie and Joseph. They were all here in Cape Breton, and I haven't yet been able to back further! We still haven't left "New Scotland"!

Name: Duncan Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-02-23
My Location Rivolet, Beaujolais, S France
My Nicholsons are from Newcastle upon Tyne

Name: Jan Huber <>
Date: 2000-02-22
My Location Lipton, Saskatchewan
My Nicholsons are from Penrith, England
I am wanting to complete my family tree my grandad's name was John "Henry" Nicholson born July 12, 1897 he married Edith Egglestone born March 29, 1894 and married on September 23, 1914 they had four children Florence, John, Jonathon,and Edith Rhoda. Henry and Edith moved to Canada in May, 1928, to Edgeley, Saskatchewan Canada. One more daughter, Doreen, was born October 5, 1928. If you have any previous information please contact me. Thanking you in advance. Grandad worked on a dairy farm at Kings Meaburn Farm near Penrith. Later he owned a pub closeby before moving to Canada.

Name: Jan Huber <>
Date: 2000-02-22
My Location Lipton, Saskatchewan
My Nicholsons are from Penrith, England
I am wanting to complete my family tree my grandad's name was John "Henry" Nicholson born July 12, 1894 he married Edith Egglestone born September 23, 1914 they had four children Florence, John, Jonathon,and Edith Rhoda. Henry and Edith moved to Canada in May, 1928, to Edgeley, Saskatchewan Canada. If you have any previous information please contact me. Thanking you in advance.

Name: Eleanor James <>
Date: 2000-02-11
My Location Victoria Australia
My Nicholsons are from Isle of Skye
My great grandmother's name was Mary Nicholson.She was born about 1854 at Portree Isle of Skye.Her father's name was John Nicholson and her mother's name was Ann Nicholson.Ann Nicholson's maiden name was also Nicholson. Because of the very common names I have been unable to trace any farther.I would appreciate any information about the Nicholson's of Skye.John Nicholson was a fisherman.

Name: deborah muir (nicholson <>
Date: 2000-02-11
My Location quesnel british columbia
My Nicholsons are from i don't know
my grandfather bob nicholson came from some place in
the states . i understand that he was adopted there
by a nicholson was came to canada as a teen .


Name: Nicholas Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-02-10
My Location New York, New York
My Nicholsons are from Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where they arrived from Canada. Alternately, from Virginia. Not really certain.
Am at a loss on how to begin a search. I am part of a HUGE group of Nicholsons, but I can't figure out how we relate to the rest of you! Where do I begin?

Name: Norma Frank <>
Date: 2000-02-10
My Location Ohio
My Nicholsons are from White Haven, England
Am trying to get as much information on Joseoh Nicholson Civil War Vet who lost his leg at the Battle of Vicksburg. Would like to correspond with anyone who is of the line. Home was in County Cumberland. Sailed from Liverpool.
Married Laura Caroline (Greathouse) McIntyre a widow in Meigs County, Ohio.


Name: Adam Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-02-10
My Location Australia
My Nicholsons are from London
Where did the name Nicholson come from or nichol (son of...)

Name: Cheryl Lynn Nicholson-Hallwood <chhallwood>
Date: 2000-02-08
My Location Niles, Michigan
My Nicholsons are from Chicago, Illinois
I am looking for my real father, was born on 1/28/48 in Chicago, Illinois. Mothers name-Betty Jane Nicholson born 10/30/28 to Roderick & Adeline Nicholson also of Chicago, Illinois. Says (on birth certificate) father was William Nicholson, not sure if this is true, as no one in family would talk about it. I know my father may not be alive, but would like to know anything about paternal family.

Date: 2000-02-06
My Nicholsons are from SULPHER SPRING TEXAS IN THE 1800

Name: Jeanne Ruffin <ruffinj@citizen,>
Date: 2000-02-03
My Location Warrenton , Virginia
My Nicholsons are from Rhode Island
I am searching for the parents of Reter Nicholson from Pascoag Rhode Island. I also need his birthdate and date of death. He was married to Mary Perry. He died in the early 50's. He is my greand father. I can't believe I am the only one looking for Rhode Island Nicholsons. Jeanne

Name: Warren C. Caldwell <>
Date: 2000-01-30
My Location Des Moines, Iowa 50311
My Nicholsons are from Baltimore, MD & ColoSprgs,CO
Seeking parents of Edward James Nicholson, b. ca.1844.

Name: m. nicholson <>
Date: 2000-01-30
My Location Gaffney,SC
My Nicholsons are from Georgia, South Carolina
I'm looking for info on Joseph C. Nicholson, father of William (Bill) Pack Nicholson, 1836-1900.

Name: John Allen Pearsall Nicholson <>
Date: 2000-01-29
My Location Norridgewock ME
My Nicholsons are from Philadelphia/ Southern NJ
Just checking the site and reading the information. Neat stuff!

Name: Nanette Reepe <>
Date: 2000-01-28
My Location Georgia
My Nicholsons are from Georgia
Looking for Joshua Nicholson whose son may be Curtis Namon Nicholson, my ggg grandfather. Nice site! Please check to make sure I am on the Nicholson web list. I changed addresses about two months ago and the old address is expiring. Thanks.

Name: deborah nicholson hineline <>
Date: 2000-01-27
My Location st charles, illinois
My Nicholsons are from illinois


Name: Carol Nickelson-McQueen <>
Date: 2000-01-21
My Location Central US
My Nicholsons are from Clark Co IN 1820 til 186_ then to NE
William and Margaret WILSON NICHOLSON married c. 1819 in Clark Co IN. Their children- born in Clark Co. include Mary Ann (m. Tibbets), Keziah (m. Tibbits), Harriet (Cortner), Isaac, James Wilson, Elijah, John W.

James Wilson NICHOLCON m. 1853 Margaret E. KOONS/COONS-Clark Co, IN- Utica Twp include Mary (died in infancy, unknown burial location), George, Alonzo, Herman. All counted on 1860 IN Census (Margaret was next door at Bottorf household. It is unknown when the family moved to MO then NE. There are additional children in the family, have the basic information for them, looking for family downline. James died in Elk Creek, Nemaha County, NE May 7, 1869. Margaret remarried Jan 1870 to Joseph MEDFORD additional children born. (She is buried in Table Rock NE under Margaret Nickelson Smith)

Weaving a tree for William and Margaret's line- having made contacts with two desc of Elijah this past year (99). Looking for descendants of James Wilson NICKELSON and Margaret KOONS/NICKELSON/MEDFORD/SMITH. Let's get reacquainted.

NICKELSON reunion, Labor Day Sunday @ Hill City,Graham Co, KS noon til... Lots of research, photo identification and gettin reacquainted goin on- won't you join us?

Have numerous lines of NICKELSON/NICHOLSON in Iowa and KS that have shared information and recontacted family.