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Name: Arne Koch <>
Date: 2015-09-26
I recently lost my genealogical program on my computer. Can you please recommend a program for me to buy to reinstall on my computer.
I used to have Family Tree Maker, but now there are several versions of this program. Which one do you recommend? Is there a difference between FTM 2012 and FTM 2014?
Will highly appreciate your answer.

Arne Koch
1300 W Random Way
Payson 85541


Name: Linda Scripter <>
Date: 2015-09-13
Gila County ancestors Jerome Enright
Names researching Jerome Enright, Della Rose Enright
Do you also do research in Globe, AZ? I live in Phoenix, so it is not too far of a drive for me, but I'm just interested if anyone does actual research in the Globe courthouse and/or old Globe cemetery?

Name: Chad Haines <>
Date: 2014-08-04
Names researching Alice L Thompson
I am Looking for any information on my Grandmother. I found through the SS index that she passed away in Payson,AZ March 1 1990. If possiable could you find out where she lived and her obiturary and where she might be buried. I am trying to do my family tree and would love this missing information.
Thank you so much for your time,
Look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks again,
Chad Haines


Name: Christine Banvard- Fox <>
Date: 2014-08-02
Names researching Goodnow
Comments Goodnow Road, Payson AZ origin intrigues me
Goodnow has many variant spellings Goodenow, Goodenough, Goodno, Goodnough, Goodeno, and others. Interested in all with this name.

Name: Victoria Farnsworth <>
Date: 2014-06-10
Names researching Van Pelt
Do you have a book titled "A Genealogy of the Van Pelt Family (1918)" by Effie Smith? If so, I would like to come in and do some research from it.

Name: Kitty Martin Butler <>
Date: 2014-03-31
Gila County ancestors AB Peach, DC Martin, Edith Peach Martin
Names researching Peach, Adair, Martin
I live in Oxbow Estates and have been to your library once. I am the great gr. daughter of Alfred Bryan Peach and his wife, Frances Myriah (sp) Adair thru their daughter, Edith Peach Martin Slaughter, who was born in Strawberry. I am chronically ill, but hope to visit your library and do some research soon.

Name: Ron Bumann <>
Date: 2014-03-17
Names researching Bumann/Bates/Byer
Will be moving to Payson next month. Will be joining your organization.

Name: Nancy Jo Holmes <>
Date: 2013-01-04
Gila County ancestors none known
Comments I am interested and coming to your Library and hope to do so on 1/5/13.
My ancestors settled in Bisbee Arizona, but I would like to do some general research. I am new to Payson and would like to familiarize myself with resources.

Thank you.


Name: Richard Daniels <>
Date: 2012-06-28
Gila County ancestors Moses Wertman
Names researching Wertman
Moses Wertman was held for murder of Michael Wahlen in May 1888 in Globe, Gila Co., AZ. I have collected info from the Arizona Silver Belt for that year (several issues). He was acquitted. Any additional info would be appreciated.

Name: sue hassleoff <>
Date: 2012-03-26
Names researching trad
just looking

Name: Betty Child <>
Date: 2010-09-24
Gila County ancestors Brown, Rufus B. and Elizabeth Ann
Would like information on this couple. His death certicate says he died May 9, 1920 and had lived in the area 20 years. He was a farmer and 90 years old at death. The death certificate also says he was burien in the Payson Cemetery.


Name: Carol Scott <>
Date: 2010-08-31
Names researching Elias Robert Rockafellow
Elias Robert Rockafellow, my "Uncle Bob", died January 1981 in Payson, AZ. Family rumor says he is buried in a military section of "the cemetery in Payson".
I would like to find out what cemetery, and the exact date in January if possible. I would like to know if a flag is placed at his grave on Memorial Day.
I don't know how difficult it is to find this information if you live there so don't know how much money to allow. I can't find anything on the internet other than what I have referenced already. Thank you in advance for your help.


Name: Nicole Goodwin <>
Date: 2010-06-21
Gila County ancestors none
Names researching Longtree, Mary Magdelene
Comments This is a school Project.
This is a school project, I am assisting a family to find information about their mother.

Name: Randall Ahrens <>
Date: 2010-04-02
Gila County ancestors Miller-Gould
Names researching Virgil M. Miller
Comments Good class in Pine
Missing marriage date of Virgil M Miller to Helen Ora Gould.
Probably in mid-1930s.
I will try to get to the library to look it up.


Name: Paulette Rubick Johnson <>
Date: 2010-03-29
Gila County ancestors Joseph, Margaret, Zora and Anthony Paul Rubick
Names researching All of the above
Comments Need help
I am going to be going through Arizona next week and was wondering if I should stop to see you, or if there is another way to get help finding my family. I would be happy to hire a genealogist to do the research too.
Here is my basic information:

My father, Anthony Paul Rubick, was born in Globe, Arizona in 1916. I believe his sister Zora Rubick was born there in 1914. His parents, Joseph Rubick and Mary Margaret Rubick were there, and I believe Joseph must have been working in the mines. Later, he moved his family to Butte, Arizona to work in the mines there. I don't know the date of their immigration from Croatia, but I assume it was in the early 1900's. I don't know what port.

Joseph's name could have originally been Rubich or Rubicic. Mary was born Mar Margaret Jovicich or Jovick. There might be another family from Croatia in Globe at the same time, Pericich (Nicolas).

I'd like to get a copy of my dad's birth certificate, and also know more about Joseph, how he got to Globe and when, and where he might have worked. I've looked at the Croatian miners websites for Globe. I'm just stumped. I want to trace back to Croatia, but I can't seem to get any information.

Can you help me?

Thanks so much,

Paulette Rubick Johnson
3421 Rio Hato Ct.
Camarillo, CA 93010


Name: Jess and Gayle Puente <>
Date: 2009-11-24
Gila County ancestors Estanislao Puente
Names researching Puente, Perez, Arronte, Gomez
Estanislao and Joaquina Puente appeared in the United States Census in 1920 with a daughter and Estanislao's brother Henrique Puente. We are looking for any information concerning this family's stay in Gila County.

Name: Mary E. Salcedo <>
Date: 2009-09-22
Gila County ancestors Diana (JOHNS) HENDERSON
Names researching Henderson, Edwards, Ellis,Turknett
Comments Henderson Family History
Searching for family of my 3Gaunt Diana (JOHNS) HENDERSON (1835 MO -1928 AZ),wife of John Andrew HENDERSON. I have great deal of information regarding her parents (William & Mary (MILLER) JOHNS and her sibblings. I know that Diana had 14 children and her sons were very involved in settling of Gila AZ area. I look forward to hearing from anyone with information to share. Mary

Name: Ben Cole <>
Date: 2009-07-31
Gila County ancestors Sam Stewart, Benjamin Stewart Louis P Cole (Pinckie)
Names researching Same
I have been in contact with the Northern Gila County Historical Society and planning a trip down there soon. Are you conntected. Do You have any info on the ancestors I have listed?

Name: Pat Williams <>
Date: 2009-04-15
Cool site.

Name: Anne Ciochetto <>
Date: 2009-04-10
Gila County ancestors Ciochetto, Bracco, Zucco, Cina, Bertoglio
The above surnames were Italian immigrant families to Globe, Arizona, and Winkelman, Arizona, in the early 1900s.
My husband, Donald Anton Ciochetto, and his cousin, Phil Ellena, are descendants of these families. Anyone interested in these surnames can feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.


Name: Janice Remmers <>
Date: 2009-03-10
Gila County ancestors holder
Comments researching holder, garrels, brink
researching holder, garrels, brink

Name: Roy Ratley <>
Date: 2008-03-04
Gila County ancestors John Truman Ratley
Names researching Ratley
Comments Grave Stone
Trying to find person of contact for Tonto basin Cemetary

Name: Judy Davis <>
Date: 2008-02-24
Gila County ancestors John and Elizabeth Branaman
Names researching John and Elizabeth Branaman
Comments Board House and Salon in Globe
These are my great-great grandparents who owned and ran a boarding house and salon in Globe in the 1850's. My gggrandfather was killed in a fight in his salon. Later, my gggrandmother married his business partner George Scott. Going out of town for the month of March, but plan to do some research when I return about where the boarding house was located in Globe, and see if there is any information about the family at Gila County Historical Society. I was born and raised in Florence and now reside in Phx, though my mother still lives in Florence. We have a chocolate service that we feel might have come from the boarding house.

Name: Colleen Lee <>
Date: 2008-02-11
Gila County ancestors John Henry Harrison Young
Names researching Georgiana Arwood Young
Comments Homesteaders in Dripping Springs
Just trying to track what I to this so stumbling but trying

Name: ellen horner <>
Date: 2007-11-02
Gila County ancestors Eugene R. Rice
Names researching Rice
Lived in Miami when he registered for WWI draft. Mining engineer for Van Dyke Copper Mine (src: WWI draft registration). Wife: Mary Jane RITCHIE. dau. b. 1913 in Miami.

Name: James A. Skinner <>
Date: 2007-07-10
Gila County ancestors Harer, Packard, Goswick, Skinner
Names researching all above
Comments Not very active now
Not actively searching now.

Name: Linda Crandell <>
Date: 2007-04-28
Gila County ancestors Crider
Names researching Crider
Comments Thank you
Thank you for your help.

Name: Arthur H. Simmons Sr. <>
Date: 2006-11-05
Gila County ancestors None
Names researching Simmons-Gaston-Grant
Comments My Family Tree is on
Need info on Isaac Simmons. born 1807 Oneida,N.Y.

Name: Arthur H. Simmons Sr. <>
Date: 2006-11-05
Gila County ancestors None
Names researching Simmons-Gaston-Grant
Comments My Family Tree is on
Need info on Isaac Simmons. born 1807 Oneida,N.Y.

Name: Arthur H. Simmons Sr. <>
Date: 2006-11-05
Gila County ancestors None
Names researching Simmons-Gaston-Grant
Comments My Family Tree is on
Need info on Isaac Simmons. born 1807 Oneida,N.Y.

Name: Beverly Rutledge <>
Date: 2006-06-06
Gila County ancestors Ransom B. Moore
Names researching Moore
I know that Ransom ran for public office from the Gila Territory. I am trying to determine WHEN he was there. I know that he was still in California in 1884 and died in Arizona in 1906-------so the window frame is small.

Any tip on how to find out more about "Uncle Ranse" would be appreciated.


Name: tim kelly <>
Date: 2006-05-11
Comments pleasent valley wars
I will be camping at Camp Geronimo with our Colorado scouts the last week of June 2006. I am looking for someone who has an interest and local information on the participants to the Pleasent Valley War of 1880's. I am interested in grave sites. my phone number is 303-866-3934

Name: Carolyn Snell <>
Date: 2005-09-07
Gila County ancestors None
Names researching Lewis, Harding
Comments Ky and Ill
Member of NGCGS.

Name: Bobbie Mathis <>
Date: 2005-07-27
Gila County ancestors Bryan Cox
Names researching Cox
Looking for any relatives of Bryan Cox, son of Frank and Charlotte Inman Cox.
He died in 1963 and is buried in Globe cemetery, AZ.


Name: Carolyn Snell <>
Date: 2005-06-18
Gila County ancestors none
Names researching Lewis, Schultz, Harding
Comments New member of NGCGS Payson
What a terrific organization we have! I am eager to add new members and encourage others to come to our meetings. Thanks for being in my backyard and such a helpful and knowledgeable group.

Name: Deane F. Schulze III <>
Date: 2005-02-02
Gila County ancestors Tatton, Hart
Names researching Tatton, Hart
Comments Passing through Globe @1890-1910
Would love to know more about my Hart and Tatton family the lived in Globe in the 1890 - 1910. The Hart's came from Texas (William Hart(e), wife Florence and his 6 daughters and son) According to the 1910 census the Hart's lived in Globe.

The Tatton's came out from New York (? Tatton, wife Margaret Ann ? and 2 sons. They had their third child Clarence in Globe in 1891 and 4th child Marguerite in 1898. Margaret Ann died in 1898 and is buried in Globe (Margaret Ann Tatton d. 12-28-1898) Would love to know more about both families if at all possible.

Thank you for your time.


Name: Val Sullivan <>
Date: 2004-06-30
Gila County ancestors none
Hi, Judy,
How about listing the classes that are currently being held through the rest of 2004!


Name: Jean Benson <>
Date: 2004-02-19
Names researching Burris 1817,USA and Whitaker 1858, England
Comments It is beautiful
I have found Schytte to 1460, Anderson to abt 1700, Sellen to 1779, Klink to 1618 and Nordahl to abt 1768. They are from Norway, Sweden, England, Germany (& USA) and Sweden. I would be happy to help anyone with these names in their countries, we may be related.

Name: Robert D. Peterson <>
Date: 2003-12-22
Gila County ancestors Surname BLAIR
Names researching Grant James, Charles Leonard, and John Blair
Will contact you at a later date concerning my BLAIR ancestors.

Name: Howard Moline <>
Date: 2003-10-24
Gila County ancestors Jerry P. Hayward
Names researching Jerry Hayward, Rosa Hayward, Claudia Calderon
Comments Interested
I'd like to know what publications your group has. If you could send me a publication list, I'd appreciate it. I'm especially interested in 1870 to 1925 period.

Howard Moline
3107 Granite Lake Drive
Missouri City, TX 77459
(281) 721-8371


Name: Peggy Warth <>
Date: 2003-02-23
Gila County ancestors WARTH
Names researching WARTH
Comments BOOKS
what books may I get my library to order for me that would show relatives in Gila, in 1920.

ANY help would be appreciated! I have the census, it is just Thomas C and his wife Harttie??? sp, can not read my copy. He was born in 1869 and She 1881.


Take care,


Name: Susan Lee <>
Date: 2003-02-14
Gila County ancestors William Dallas MCFADDEN, Nancy Jane GORDON MCFADDEN, Henry Richard HUDSON, & Laura Indiana SNODGRASS HUDSON
There is a McFadden Mountain I am told named after the McFadden family that are my ancestors. I understand they came to Arizona from Texas in about 1887. I know some of them lived in Payson and they were in Globe for many years I understand.

Name: Sharon <>
Date: 2002-07-03
Gila County ancestors Wisdom, Jones, Sparks
Names researching Edward Wisdom
Looking for obituary and cause of death of Edward Wisdom who died Feb 14, 1999. Believed to live in or near Young AZ. His mother Bertha Jones Sparks died in Payson, AZ Sept, 1998, having lived in Young for many years.

Name: Joan Savage <>
Date: 2002-01-14
Gila County ancestors None
Names researching Ferringer/Fehringer, German, Smedberg, Bolle
Judy, it looks great! You did an outstanding job. Looks like everything was covered.

Name: Hoyt <>
Date: 2002-01-08
Just logged on again to set it up on my "Favorites"

Name: Hoyt Kenmore <>
Date: 2002-01-08
Gila County ancestors none to my knowledge
Names researching Kenmore, Conner, Pierce, Rushing
Comments see below
Judy, it looks great! You have done an excellent job, and we (Alice & I) appreciate your efforts. The page was quite clear and easy reading. However, when it completed down loading, the logo background made the readin more challenging. Not a complaint, just feedback. Changing the introducdion from the color of green that you used to a brighter collor, such as red might inprove the recognition aspect. As I opened it, the first thing to catch my eye was the blue letters Payson Care Center (as I mentioned, during the process of opening). You did a good job, and I wish I knew how to do it---maybe one of these days.