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Name: MaryEllen <>
Date: 2016-04-18
The amount of information on this site is nothing short of spectacular!! You are to be commended.

Name: Suzanne M. Walsh <>
Date: 2015-11-04
Thanks for this wonderfully-written site. I've been working in research for the Zadock Pratt Museum in Prattsville NY and have found your website full of invaluable observations and wise insights.

Date: 2015-10-14
You should add the Dygert Genealogy:


Name: C. F. William Maurer <>
Date: 2015-10-02
Been awhile since I checked in. All looks good. Smart and attractive historical site. Best wishes.

Name: David Snyder <>
Date: 2015-07-24
Thank You for your labour of NY History!!
Hello Jimmy Morrison!


Name: David Snyder <>
Date: 2015-07-24
Thank You for your labour of NY History!!
Hello Jimmy Morrison!


Name: Donald W. Rankins <>
Date: 2015-07-22
Thank you! I am finding much of interest concerning my ancestors and life in the Mohawk Valley during the times of the revolution.

Name: Dave Paul <>
Date: 2015-07-18
A map showing the rough 1775 boundaries of Tryon County is available at link:

One error is presented in this file. The furthest northeast county was NOT Washington County in 1775. Washington County was erected in 1784 from the defunct original New York Province Charlotte County that existed a dozen years from 1772-to-1784. Washington County was so named in honor of the Revolutionary War General and First President of the USA George Washington.


Name: Dave Paul <>
Date: 2015-07-18
A map showing the rough 1775 boundaries of Tryon County is available at link:

One error is presented in this file. The furthest northeast county was NOT Washington County in 1775. Washington County was erected in 1784 from the defunct original New York Province Charlotte County that existed a dozen years from 1772-to-1784. Washington County was so named in honor of the Revolutionary War General and First President of the USA George Washington.


Name: Dave Paul <>
Date: 2015-07-18
The lead note on the web site contains an incorrect and incomplete definition of current New York Counties that made up the lands of Tryon County.

The now defunct Tryon County existed for a dozen years in colonial New York Province and for a short period in the youthful New York State, USA. Tryon County was formed from western Albany County lands as originally erected in 1683 by act of the New York Provincial Congress and approved by British authority on March 24, 1772. Tryon County was named to honor the infamous William Tryon, the last provincial governor of New York, and the county existed only between the years 1772 through 1784 – with boundaries extending far further than any present New York State county. All or part of lands in the present day New York State counties of St. Lawrence, Hamilton, Fulton, Montgomery, northwest Schohorie, western Delaware, eastern Broome, eastern Chenango, eastern Madison, Herkimer, Oneida, Oswego, Lewis, and Jefferson are included in Tryon County, New York Province. Tryon County DID NOT include the lands of present day Tioga County.


Name: Willard Saunders <>
Date: 2015-06-13
First visit..looks good

Name: Kevin Cain <>
Date: 2015-06-10
Interesting site. I have been researching my Cain family line, from Barney Cain, born 1778 in the Herkimer area.

Name: Arthur Pegg <>
Date: 2015-04-03
Started to review the website - thanks. I was drawn to the site from research I have accumulated relating to ancestors associated with the Mohawk Valley and environs. Ancestry that migrated to St. Lawrence River region circa, and post 1780 - United Empire Loyalists.

Associate surnames Cain, Hogeboom, Karn (Carns), Patterson


Name: Bruce Hoffman <>
Date: 2015-03-22
I am connected to Schneider,(Snyder) Klapper, Fuchs (Fox), Funck, Becker, Oeschner (Exner) families.

Name: Dennis <Ellsworth>
Date: 2015-03-04
Looking for ancestors.

Name: Charles Scott Doty <>
Date: 2015-01-30
Thank you for the compilation of historical sources. It is very helpful in my genealogical research.

Name: bud downer <>
Date: 2015-01-07
hi i am eliphalet downer the fighting suergon 6th gr grsn i live in pgh pa if any downers are out there related leave a ms thk you


Name: Hon. Jonathan Robert De Mallie <>
Date: 2014-09-05

Facts are so much nicer/better than any fiction even with bad diction.

Thank you for providing actual /factual.

I saw Mr. Van Buren was New York A.G. and think he was direct kin to US President Martin Van Buren the first Dutch US President and first also born here and after the US Revolt ( Revolution)

GOD Bless you/ GOD Blessed America. Freedom is never free. We had to fight for it, protect it, defend it, and obey the laws we lay.

Jonathan Robert De Mallie

A North American family from English blood and genes since A.D. 1584


Name: Jim <>
Date: 2014-08-17
Surfing the net doing research and came across your site! THANK You for such great information!

7th Great Grandson of Guert Cornelisen van Niewkirk


Name: Bob Chase <>
Date: 2014-07-03
Wonderful resource; I had forgotten about this page.

Name: Linda Easterwood <>
Date: 2014-06-16
My 7th Great Grandfather is Johan Jost Herkimer (1695-1775). Always searching for more information. Thanks for organizing such the great collection of information. Hope to someday come up to visit the valley and walk in my ancestors footsteps.

Name: Gregory M Lusk <>
Date: 2014-04-15
Looking for information on Michael Lusk b:1740 and his descendants.

Name: Kerry Riege <>
Date: 2014-04-12
Obadiah Cooper, born 1720 and died in the first year of the Revolutionary war in 1776 was my 7x great grandfather. Any information on him would be appreciated. Thank You.

Name: Caron Case <>
Date: 2014-02-22
Well done site,lots of great information! My great-great grandfather's parents were David Henry Dockstader b. 1816 in Manheim, Herkimer Co. Death 1861 in Stratford, Fulton Co. and Lois Bullock. Their son, Albert Mount Dockstader changed his name and never had anything to do with his family after enlisting in the Civil War, (seems to be a family trait!) so I am just learning about this branch of the family. I have visited Stone Arabia, William Johnson's homes, Fort Klock, Herkimer Home, Old Stone Fort, Cherry Valley Museum, all but Ft. Plain which is on my to-do list this summer. I plan to stock up on reading material while I am there! I also have a great grandfather who was a Butler from Herkimer, so lots of digging to do there sometime. or

Name: ray vose <>
Date: 2014-02-20
spotted my 5g grandfather's name (henry vose)


Name: Janice Briggs <>
Date: 2014-01-17
Thank you so much for this site. There is more than I will get to read, but having it, should I want to read, is wonderful. Having read some and copied some names and dates I feel like I have only skimmed the surface. Keep it up!

Name: Ronald A Stombaugh <>
Date: 2013-11-28
My mother's lineage is Klock. Her father was Ira Augustus.

Name: Michael Bennett <>
Date: 2013-11-02
Michael Bennett

Name: Oma L. Rose <>
Date: 2013-09-22
I am a LOBDELL surname genealogist. Some of them married into Dutch families of New York. I welcome all inquires.

Name: AJ Berry <>
Date: 2013-09-04
Welcome to the new guest book. Hope it will work properly.

Name: AJ Berry <>
Date: 2013-09-04
Stop by, browse and leave a question for others to view.

Name: roland oathout <>
Date: 2013-08-26
I am still looking for info on Everette and Hannah Oathout from the early 1800s. I need the father and mother of both. I also need info on Hattie or Harriet Walrath also from the 1800s.


Name: Cid Swartz <>
Date: 2013-07-03
Thank you; I am totally awestruck by the wealth of information in this site. My sincere respect and admiration for the material composed here, and for the researchers of this information.

Name: Bill Young <>
Date: 2013-06-10
I appreciate the time and energy that goes into keeping this site growing with material. I am interested in any research material about Adam Young and his wife Catharine (Schremling) Young. I am a descendant of their son Daniel Young and his wife Elizabeth (Windecker) Young. I would also like information on Daniel's sister, Elizabeth Young who married Joseph House and "inherited" Adam's estate after the War of Independance. Adam and his sons fought with the Butler's Rangers for the British and settled in Canada while Elizabeth House remained in the Mohawk Valley and Joseph fought with the Patriots.

Name: Christine <>
Date: 2013-06-08
Love your site; I'm researching for DAR membership; not using your material for a blog

Name: brenda <>
Date: 2013-03-27
Descendant of Agnes J. Wagner wife of Seth Myers
Daughter of John and Rozanna Wagner


Name: Wendy Holmes Grosjean <>
Date: 2013-03-19
My husband is related to Nathaniel Foster Jr.

Name: Dade Gregor <>
Date: 2013-03-14
Wonderful collection of stories... I will have to pick a few and read them Thank you Joyce.

Name: Heather Campbell <>
Date: 2013-01-29
I am a descendant of Sir William Johnson and I have been researching my ancestral tree.

I am interested to know if Sir William Johnson ever actually married anyone by any custom.

I am certain he never married my g-g-g-g-g-g-g-grandmother Catherine Weissenberg.

But did he marry an Indian woman?


Name: Christopher M Windecker <>
Date: 2013-01-26
My name is Christopher M Windecker born 9/1/70 and I am loooking for my uncle Harry Windecker who seems to have written all of the articles about my family. I remember Harry as a young boy. He got me pong (the first video game). He also let me drive before I was ready to by letting me sit on his lap. Uncle Harry I would like to get in touch with you!!

Name: Jacques Beaulieu <>
Date: 2013-01-16
This is an amazing website: the wealth of information is breathtaking. My interest is finding out about a Henry Paul Pfeiffer or, as he signed in French: Henri Paul Payfer) who ended up in the lake of Two Mountains area of Quebec in 1754 and finally married there. While some of his descendants went back to New York and became the Poyfairs, some others became important people in French Canada. What I know of Henri Paul is available at Thank you.

Jacques Beaulieu, 7933 Tellier, Montreal, Canada


Name: Chris Keefer <ck>
Date: 2012-12-26
I lived in Delanson in the 60s-70s in an old farm house with a big barn/garage and a defunct dairy barn. Above the sliding doors of the garage was a sign with metal letters that spelled 3 RIVERS. As a kid I always figured it was the Hudson, Mohawk and Schoharie rivers, as they were the closest. any thoughts?

Name: John OMalley <>
Date: 2012-10-19
Looks like some awesome resource material. Thanks for providing it.

Name: Joel Knutson <>
Date: 2012-06-20
Love your site - looking for information on Thomas family from Whitehall.

Name: Jeanne Stewart <>
Date: 2012-05-25
I am trying to find the parents of John Windecker Stewart - parents are Samuel J.W. Stewart and Fanny (or maybe Frances) - I have not been able to document her last name but her sons middle name "Windecker" makes me wonder. I know the parents name from an obit found in John Windecker Stewart's obit stating his parents were Samuel & Fanny Stewart. I have not been able to find either Samuel or Fanny in any records so far.

Name: Katherine Snow <>
Date: 2012-05-16
I am here looking for ancestors of my 3-great grandmother, Margaret Spraker b. Spraker's Basin June 1830. I believe she is daughter of George Spraker and Maria Loucks and am on this site looking for some type of confirmation.
If anyone reading this can help, please email me.


Name: Katherine Snow <>
Date: 2012-05-16
I am here looking for ancestor's of my 3-great grandmother, Margaret Spraker b. Spraker's Basin June 1830. I believe she is daughter of George Spraker and Maria Loucks and am on this site looking for some type of confirmation.
If anyone reading this can help, please email me.


Name: Ronald Clidence <>
Date: 2012-05-10
My Grandmother was a Louks(Laux) and have trace her lineage back to Southwest Germany and the Palatines thanks to sites like yours.

Name: Dawn Mischka <>
Date: 2012-05-01
I was researching my husband's family for our children's school project. My mother in law was Fern Sponable's daughter. It was amazing to actually see how many families my children and husband are connected to! He remembers many stories told to him. It would make for a great road trip to see St Johnsville!

Name: Clara Jane Walrath <>
Date: 2012-04-27
Thank you to so many others for all their time and research. I am trying to research my father's name "Eldred." Where did the name come from in the family.

Name: Rick Porter <>
Date: 2012-04-21
Researching the Butler house in the Town of Mohawk, Montgomery County, NY

Name: Jean Tapia <>
Date: 2012-04-14
My Great grandmother is Dorothy Klock. I am researching my family history. My Great Aunt Kootchie-Leora lee(Dorothy Klock's daughter)has referred me to your site. Awesome! Can't wait to visit!

Name: Diana Smith <>
Date: 2012-03-21
It was absolutely fascinating to read about my fiance's family roots and the fact that he has possibly entire branches of unknown family members is also quite interesting. His great, great, great grandfather Henry Zimmerman according to family legend served under General Herkimer at the Battle of Oriskany.

Name: Tom Lampman <>
Date: 2012-03-20
Bully for you. Great to see someone with a passion for our history

Name: B Sanders <>
Date: 2012-03-10
Researching the Sanders family

Name: Beverly Bates <>
Date: 2012-03-02
Looking for information on Henry Becker who came form Holland in 1774. He had a son, John who married Nancy Phillips.

Name: Barbara <>
Date: 2012-02-28
I wish I could contact the author Elgen Vader of "Descendants of Simon Volkertse Veeder" there are errors in the story
---Engeltje Vrroman born 3 Sept 1742 did not die 3 Sept 1742---
---She die not marry 2) Abraham Vrooman born 1762 (he was 20 years younger) Abraham married 1787 Catherine Merkel and had children to 1804.


Name: Laurel Jeppesen <>
Date: 2012-02-18
I am looking for geneolgy records for surnames: Peterson, Like(Lyke), and Scott.

Name: Carol K Burns <>
Date: 2012-02-07
1790 Tax List for Canajoharie County. Also lived in Schoharie County. HIBBARD, WESSELS, LIPE, FOLMSBY and many others!


Name: Sherri McDonald <>
Date: 2012-02-04
Thanks so much for your site. While searching for my surname, I found what appears to be a book index with lots of "McDonald" listings. The PDF says INDEX, brothers. Can you tell me what book this is? Thanks!

Name: Noel Veeder Long <>
Date: 2012-01-21
My ties are with Veeders and Fondas fron Caugnawaga (Fonda, NY. Your listed Dutch Barns and Houses looks interesting. Suggest also "Dutch Colonial Homes in Anerica"
ISBN 0-8478-2466-7


Name: Pamela liggitt <>
Date: 2012-01-18
I am a descendant of Al (alan) Walrod from Sac City, Iowa and believe I can help you with that link for you. Thanks so much for the work you have already done in the Walrod family history.

Name: Tanya <>
Date: 2011-11-14
Really appreciate the immense amount of work that has gone into creating and maintaiing this site!

Whatever happened to Lt. Benjamin Mackey (various spellings)who was a 2nd Lt., 1st Batt.,3rd Co. under Gen Herkimer: 1st BATTALION (Canajoharie).
Colonel: Nicholas Herkimer. Lieut. Col.: Ebenezer Cox.3d Company.
Capt., Peter S. Tygert, 1st Lt., Henry Zimmerman, 2d Lt. Benjamin Mackey.
He disappears from the record, but I don't see him listed as among the dead at Oriskany or anywhere else. His grandson stated that he was killed in the Revolutionary War.My thanks in advance to anyone who can figure out this guy's fate! Tanya


Name: Sharon Beach <>
Date: 2011-11-05
Am looking for info on the Fulton family, Scotch-Irish, who might have settled in West Camp in the mid-1700s. Family came from Londonderry. Father's name might be Henry Fulton....think his wife was Isabelle Black. Son John Fulton (1740-1832) ended up settling in Milan, Dutchess County, New York. Thanks.

Name: Barbara <>
Date: 2011-10-17
I believe the article about Fort Hunter by John J. Vrooman 1951 contains an error:
" Hendrick Vrooman the architect and boss capenter... who was prisoner in Canaca..." it most likely refers to "Barent Vrooman"(ab. 1679-1746) son of Adam (Hendrickse) Vrooman taken prisoner in 1690 and retrieved in 1697. There is certainly no known documentation about Hendrick in Canada.


Name: Troy David Walrod Sr. <>
Date: 2011-10-12
Love reading History and especially on the WALROD CLAN.. Please keep up the good work.

Name: Laurie Schultz Hayes <>
Date: 2011-09-29
I'm looking to connect with other descendants of the Nathan Brown family in Schoharie County. (I'm connected to Jennette Brown Heath.)

Name: Nancy Barkley <>
Date: 2011-08-08
Came across this site when I was reading a paper on the Palatine immigrants from Germany. I have been tracing my family history for over 10 years and believe that there is a connection with one of the historic families in the Albany County area of New York, that later migrated to the Dundas County area of Ontario, Canada. I'm always looking for any information that will further my research.

Name: joyce <>
Date: 2011-07-23
Shirley @ casac14094@yahoo we share a few surnames, Van Slyck, Vrooman, Cornelius (sp) probably more, how are you related to them?



Name: Darlene Diefendorf Cahill <>
Date: 2011-07-21
I am looking for proof of my connection to the Revolutionary War veterans of the Diefendorf family.
My great great great Grandfather was Jacob Diefendorf, spouse of Amelia. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Name: Tiffany jackson <>
Date: 2011-07-15
jacob klock, grandson of david klock:p great sight.

Name: shirley <>
Date: 2011-07-14
Van Slyke, Corneliese, Van Alstyne, Vrooman, Pfeiffer, Wever


Name: Andreas Mielke <>
Date: 2011-07-04
You may want to update your reading and research lists with this special issue:
Kocherthal: A Tricentennial Commemoration of the Palatine Migration of 1708/1709 = Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage 31,4 (October 2008).
Andreas Mielke


Name: Marcella Hamilton Mahan <>
Date: 2011-06-17
Fantastic & beautiful site! Thank you!

Name: Carolyn <>
Date: 2011-06-01
Googled Lyman Clifton Vader and found the Vader genealogy, what a resource - Lyman Clifton Vader was married to my 1st cousin, twice removed - Helen Margaret (Nellie) McAvay...that is the correct spelling. Helen/Nellie was first cousin to my Grandmother.



Name: Robert Westfall <>
Date: 2011-04-28
....Great grandson of Rev. Lewis H. Stoughton (the geneologist credited with a 1947 contribution to the Bronk family geneology.

Name: Stephen J. Andrews <>
Date: 2011-03-30
I am the surving son of Harry J. Andrews. Harry is the son of Sarah Young. I noticed I was not listed.

Name: Dan Weaver <>
Date: 2011-03-11
New Mohawk Valley journal is seeking submissions for its first issue.

Name: Diana Statt <>
Date: 2011-03-03
I am interested in the genealogical references regarding the RUNKLE FAMILY. One of my maternal ancestors is claimed to be John Daniel Runkle, original President of MIT,who is mentioned in the genealogy section of this website. I am interested in finding out about his children and their descendants, to see if there really is a direct line in my family leading back to him. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Name: Dorothy Blackman <>
Date: 2011-02-26
Dear Joyce,
I read this a year or so ago and just realized I could reply. Thank you for featuring this on the website. You may know that Jan. 2007 North Country Books published this story along with 14 others set in our area during the Revolutionary War. The title is New York Patriots. I had a book signing in Barnes and Noble in New Hartford as well as a local one and have spoken to several groups including DAR chapters. I've sold 300 myself in our hamlet of 600 but most will purchase from North Country Books in Utica or or Barnes & Noble or other bookstores. Thanks again for giving my story such good exposure! Dottie


Name: Marlin D. Carr <>
Date: 2011-02-24
The Marriage License records are just great! Thank you.

Name: Edwin Vogt <>
Date: 2011-02-06
I request permission to use extensively the copyrighted material related to the Abraham Lincoln funeral ceremony and route arrangements; descriptions of towns and cities along the route as reported in the various valley newspapers. Presently, I have a work-in-progress entitled: ON RAILS OF MOURNING, The Funeral of Abraham Lincoln, The World's Greeatest Public Spectacle.

Name: Shirley Poyfair Yaremo <>
Date: 2011-01-19
Looking for info on

Pfeiffer; Andreas, Henri Paul,Johann Henrich, Ernestina and more. In some lists may be Piper.

Fouin, Foucien, Fox, Christina. Mother of Henri Paul Pfeiffer/Payfer

Wever/Weaver Wifer; John, Andreas, Johann


Name: Mike van Beuren <>
Date: 2010-12-31
Tracing roots of the Spingler family.
See the work:
Historical account of the Public Markets in the Cities of New York Boston Philadelphia and Brooklyn by Thomas F. De Voe (2 Vols.)
could be related to: "SECOND List
Vol. 2 B 64. The Second List of 1193 Palatines Lately come over from Germany into this Kingdom taken at Walworth 27th of May, 1709

Spingler, Caspar, Hs. & V., age 43, sons 11-3, daughters 12-3, C." on this site


Name: H. Martin Soward, III <>
Date: 2010-11-24
I would like to contact Mr. Herman Witthoff the expert on the Schaeffer/Shafer/Shaffer/Shaver family. If anyone can provide an e-mail address I would greatly appreciate it.

Name: Gary L Rhodes <>
Date: 2010-11-12
Great Site, how can I join so I can use some of the members only material such as pensions? Thanks !

Name: Dan Cook <>
Date: 2010-11-09
Enjoyed your website very much. I am a descendent of Casper Koch, of Stone Arabia, and am also the Park Manager for Mackinac Island State Park--where many of your photos seem to have come from! I hope to get out to Stone Arabia one of these years, and explore for the old farmstead.

Name: Martin OConnor <>
Date: 2010-10-31
Researching Dibble and Crippen Families from the Three Rivers Region

Name: Stephen Bald <>
Date: 2010-09-02
A fantastic website. I am researching Christopher Kill & family.

Name: Marti Walrath <>
Date: 2010-08-15
I just love your web site and I keep coming back. Keep up the good work. Have found so much about the Walrath and Wagner families. Jerry Walrath got me started on the right tract when I first started my research. I see you have much from him on your site. Thank you. Marti

Name: Andrea Kohl <>
Date: 2010-07-20
I would like to talk to someone about the history of Col Jacob Klock and Christopher Foxes Company of the 2nd Battalion Levies? Can someone contact me, please?

Name: Phil DeAngelo <>
Date: 2010-07-18
My name is Phil DeAngelo and I am the founder of a Tea Party group in Sauquoit, New York. We are hosting an event on 9/12/2010 to benefit the Wounded Warriror Program and the Forgotten Man Scholarship Fund. The event is non-political and is a history lesson to present citizens with an active history of our country. I would love to speak with you about attending our event and I am attaching a flyer for you to view. Please contact me at 315-839-5173.


Name: Howard Dewayne Klock <>
Date: 2010-07-08
Hello,im new here,gotta figure how this works,tryin to find more info about my Klock family background,thanks and i hope to find some relatives here.

Name: Jean Abbott Bailey <>
Date: 2010-06-12
I have a small portrait done at Abbott & Law, Little Falls, NY, most likely done at the turn of the 20th century. I would like some information on this if possible.

Name: Jean Abbott Bailey <>
Date: 2010-06-12
I have a small portrait done at Abbott & Law, Little Falls, NY, most likely done at the turn of the 20th century. I would like some information on this if possible.

Name: Gregory Edgar <>
Date: 2010-06-03
I notice on your article webpage that you refer to one of my books. Please consider adding a link there "Gregory Edgar's Revolutionary War books" and have it point to my new website which will be That would help me a lot. Thank you. If you'd like a free book, email me your US mailing address. - Gregory Edgar

Name: John Poaps <>
Date: 2010-05-17
What a lot of work has gone into this website and the collection of history is amazing. I enjoyed reading and will come back to continue. Thanks again.

John Poaps


Name: P Van Curler <>
Date: 2010-05-10
Penny Van Curler

Name: Suzette Hutt Rapp <>
Date: 2010-04-13
I'm a descendant of Herbert and Ida Nellis of Salisbury Center, NY. My mother was Gertrude Nelliss Hutt. Father was Francis Hutt of Dolgeville, NY.

Name: Christine Reichert <>
Date: 2010-04-10
I looking for information about Captain Joseph Yeomans (1719-1785) who served in Tyron Militia, 3rd Batallion NY from 1775-1785. Want to verify link to husband's maternal line. I'm looking for his marriage date and wife's name. I believe he is the son of Samuel H. Yeomans (1688-1753) & Mary Ingraham (1692-aft. 1753)from Stonington, CT. Any leads ragarding Yeomans family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Name: Joanna Haspels (Klock) <>
Date: 2010-04-06
I just discovered this site; my father was John L. (Lausche) Klock, (son of Russell Winfield Klock; married to Mattie Lee Morton, a second marriage for him). John L. married Gaynell Elsie Copass; they had three daughters: Joanna Carol, Georgia Bess, Rebekah May. John: d 11/2/68; Gaynell: d 1/23/63. When viewing the obituaries page, I did not find any of this part of the family listed.

Date: 2010-03-26
Hi, I am named after Dewitt Clinton and John Starin, am directly descended from John Phillip Starin, via John H. Starin, Henry Wemple, Elizabeth Starin & John Robison (aka Robson). A number of the Three Rivers Stories are contained in manuscripts and the "Starin Family in America" by William Stone, Jeol Munsell's Sons, Publishers, Albany, N.Y. 1892. In addition I have numerous other antiques and possessions dating back into the 1700's which I will be happy to share with other interested parties.

Name: Ralph Meisse <>
Date: 2010-03-24
Found your site and I am planning to come up this Summer with my wife and take in all your History.

I found your site while I was doing some research of a gunsmith from your area that made Kentucky rifles some forty years ago. I thought maybe since he made period guns he might be hooked up with your group. I don't know if he is even still alive. He would be around 70 yeras old now. I own three of his guns and would like to meet the guy who made them. His name is Mark Matteson. Have you ever heard of him?

Thank you for your time,


Name: Howard Dewayne Klock <>
Date: 2010-03-05
im trying to figure out my families geneology,if some could help me please email me @ fathers name is Howard Otis Klock of painted post,ny.grandfather is Claude or Claud Klock of lodi,ny. any help would be deeply appreciated.

Name: David Ker <>
Date: 2010-02-02
Researching my Aunt's connection to Mary Sitts and the Geissenberg Raid 1780.
Dave Ker


Name: Gayle <>
Date: 2010-02-01
What an excellent site! Thanks to all who have labored to add such informative content. I am searching for information on wives, specifically Elizabeth Sitts who alledgedly married Johann Gottlieb Krach, a Hessian soldier, at Ft. Plain abt 1783. Any clues would be most appreciated!

Name: Frank Crannell <>
Date: 2010-01-15
Thanks for creating and maintaining this site. It's a terrific resource for Albany area genealogists.

Name: Sarah Lovelace <>
Date: 2010-01-15
thank you for the information on my distant relative Christopher Merkley.

Name: Ronald Fults <>
Date: 2010-01-15
Great historical information. Always interesting.

Name: Ryley Meagher <>
Date: 2010-01-14
I found some interesting and valuable information for researching the Brown family from your area. I noticed that you have a "Brown File." How can I figure out what else is in it? Thanks for posting such great materials

Name: Nancy Herlein Reynen <>
Date: 2010-01-14
I just heard about your book Times Past. Yesterday I ordered a copy and am eager to read it. As I brought up the image of the book online, I couldn't help but notice some familiar pictures on the cover. Actually, I have those same pictures of my mother, her parents, and siblings.

Date: 2010-01-11
I have published my family genealogy. Stewart: Heather Lost, May 2009

My Blog:


Name: carole daniel <>
Date: 2010-01-03
looking for proof of service of Capt. Peter Bellinger who faught in French and Indian war.

Name: Martha Wright <wncmartha@HOTMAIL.COM>
Date: 2009-12-28
I'm researching the Wright's who fought in the revolution from Dutchess County and Westchester County, NY and settled in Steuben County, specifically near Addison, NY.

Name: David SNYDER <>
Date: 2009-12-09
What an iformative website! I am enjoying it very much.
I have the honour to be the most western member of Col. Morrison's Third TRYON Reg. at least I was in 2005 when Last I visited the Mohawk.
Scouting for the Col., I remain,
DBJS Penticton, BC Canada


Name: Peter Badura <>
Date: 2009-12-05
Very intersted in the site

Name: Melissa Olson <>
Date: 2009-11-04
Looking for information on the Steele(Stehl,Steel,Steale,etc.)family

Name: Bill Simpson <>
Date: 2009-11-04
Very interesting website. I am researching the Floyd family from Litchborough Northhamptonshire England. I notice on your site that you mention a John Floyd which I have on the 1841 census. any more information would be very much appreciated. Bill

Name: Cristy Culp <>
Date: 2009-10-28
I am descended from the LIEBER family of Fort Plain, Canajoharie and Minden. Also SCHARF, GEORTNER, LOUCKS, LYKE, CARBON/CARBIN, CHITTENDEN, QUACKENBOSS, SACIA and RICHARDS (family of Truman and Orlando Richards). I'm looking for any info on these families. Henry Lieber arrived pre 1808 with his brothers, John and George. The rest of the family arrived in 1829.


Name: Kay (Van Hoesen) Donnelly <>
Date: 2009-10-26
trying to trace paternal line to Jan Franse Van Hussum

Name: Robin Miller <>
Date: 2009-10-20
Great site!

Name: Aric Dingman <>
Date: 2009-10-09
SGT. Don Stevens was my grandmother's (Bernice Jane) brother. I had what I thought to be the only hard copy of his military exploits until I located them electronically here. I was just curious how they ended up here.

Name: Lori Flaherty <>
Date: 2009-10-02
What a fantastic site! I have been doing a lot of study of my family history...names like Deforest, Wemple, Veeder, Swart, Visscher, etc. This site has been very interesting to me and I will be visiting often! Thank you!

Name: alan scouten <>
Date: 2009-09-28
As a descendant of Richard Elwood and an Architect, I have taken a particular interest in the ongoing debate as to the builder of Fort Klock. The contract with Sir William Johnson is compelling to me, but not definitive. The inscription over the addition to the initial structure seem to insure that the addition was built by the Klocks. An examination of the stonework, both in restored state in in earlier unrestored pictures, reveals stonework likely NOT produced by a Master Mason, but by a Journeyman Mason, or possibly even Apprentices. The addition however illustrates a book-knowledge of masonry technique, and a stone iteration of Flemish Bond brick laying, with tie-stones at appropriate intervals. I would need to more closely examine the wall of the initial building to see how those walls were tied, if at all. The 1955 photo reveals settlement and wall deformation that indicate that if the walls were cross-tied it was not done with much success. I would like to know if the Restoration Group has done any "forensic" research and evaluation of the two quite different stone laying techniques in an attempt to shed more light on the builders. Certainly the fact that George Klock's fortified
house is named Fort House, after its carpenter builder, and also an ancestor of mine, indicates that the common practice of naming a building after its builder was in effect in the Klock family. Looking at the extensive land purchases by the Klocks in the Patent on the north side of the river indicates that they were prosperous, while the sudden death of Richard, and the subsequent move by both
the Widow Elwood and one of the Houses, to the poorer south side of the river, indicates that Richard Elwood was not prosperous, but was surly a stone mason, although probably NOT a Master.My guess is that he was, as an employee of a Torie, not looked on with favor by Restorers and Reinactors, even though his children were renown for their service to the Revolutionary cause. I would like to be proven wrong in this assumption, but would also like to confirm what this webpage has already suggested, and that is that Richard Elwood was probably allowed to live in the house (probably its cellar, which was common at the time) in lieu of pay, until is indenture was worked off. That Sir William Johnson's initial requests for a "draw" came after Richard Elwood's death is telling to me. I look forward to visiting the house as soon as possible and examining further. Hoping for your cooperation as you can.
Alan Scouten, Charlottesville, VA.


Name: Heidi Groff-McGowan <>
Date: 2009-08-25
My entire Groff lineage was in Montgomery County. Starting with Christian Graff b. 1733 in Germany, his son Christian Graff II b. 1768, and his son Christian Graff III or better know as Jr. Any info regarding this family line is appreciated.
Heidi McGowan


Name: Dana Mericle <>
Date: 2009-08-21
Looking for info on Lewis Mericle born 1801.

Name: Laura O'Keefe <>
Date: 2009-08-12
I am interested in getting information on having our wedding at the Stone Arabia church. Any contact information to make these arrangements would be greatly appreciated. Please send to Thanks

Name: John R. Cassleman III <>
Date: 2009-08-11
I am a descendent of Christian Cossilman born Stone Arabia 1802, son of John Joseph and Barbara (Coughenet) Casselman. Currently (2009) researching and composing history of my branch of a bountiful tree that was planted in Stone Stone Arabia by Hans Dietrich in 1723 after a long, often tortuous, but relentless journey. I encourage all his descendents to visit his still very beautiful orchard (Stone Arabia) sometime in their life.

Name: Brian Mack <>
Date: 2009-08-09
Hi Joyce and Jim,

Excellant website and very informative.
Thank you,


Name: carole lynn <>
Date: 2009-08-07
Is there a way way I could get in contact with Nancy Cioch?
thank you
carole lynn


Name: Kellie Burke <>
Date: 2009-07-28
I was visiting your website while researching Catherine Nellis. She was my great,great,great,great grandmother on my father's side. Catherine's mother was Elizabeth Klock and her father was J.I.D. Nellis. I started working on genealogy when I was 13 with my father. My maiden name is Stroup. I stopped for awhile and have picked up my search a few years ago. I would like to know who I contact to add my branch of the tree to this great site. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank for being able to view a very informative site. Kellie Burke

Name: Judi <>
Date: 2009-07-18
I am researching my Mapes roots, and this is a wonderful site for anyone researching the role of New York in the Revoltionary War

Name: Vanessa Lay <>
Date: 2009-07-15
Thank You, Ella A. Ehle<James H.Ehle<John H. Ehle<Joseph Ehle<Adam Ehle<Johan C. Ehle<Johannes A. Ehle<Johann H. Ehle<Micheal Ehle, my connection. Thank You for all the information I've gotten from your pages, and alot of other peoples very hard work.

Name: Eric Niemietz <>
Date: 2009-06-26
A wonderful compilation of information. Facinating. Thank you for your hard work.

Name: Jacqueine Spofford Hollister <>
Date: 2009-06-13
I would like to see more of the Spofford history on these pages! More of the Mohawk Indian connections would be very helpful, also.

Name: Barbara Main Jacobs <>
Date: 2009-06-02
My compliments on your beautiful site. I do have a correction as it relates to Charles Albert Vader #1757. His second wife was Marion Lamont Main (not Murray). She was my grandfather's sister and I have the marriage license of Charles & Marion. She was b. July 1, 1857 in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Charles and she were married on May 26, 1910 in Alberta, Canada. She returned to Scotland in 1931 and died June 18, 1933 at Old Luce District, Wigtown, Scotland. I am not sure why "Murray" has gotten circulated instead of 'Main'. There was a Jessie Murray as one of their witnesses.
Thank you accepting this correction.


Name: Rob Miller <>
Date: 2009-06-01
Cool site.

Name: Wendy <>
Date: 2009-05-27
Thanks for a wonderful site! I have just spent the last 7 hours glued to the screen, clicking on everything and amazed at the information! My Grandparents settled in Little Falls after they married in 1909 after arriving in USA in 1907 from Norway!

Name: Marlow Bumpus <>
Date: 2009-05-17
Very nice web site with an amazing amount of history. Thank you.

Name: Sable Klock <>
Date: 2009-05-14
Looking for the KLOCK family from New York. Gary Richard Klock's family, Donald and Naomi Klock

Name: Sable Klock <>
Date: 2009-05-14
Looking for the KLOCK family from New York. Gary Richard Klock's family

Name: Robert Wolf <>
Date: 2009-04-26
An excellent website. Every time I visit, I find something of interest.

Name: jimmy b. Hickey <>
Date: 2009-03-31
hi cousin maggie mehan johnson this is jimmy Hickey from mayfield pa. maggie if you see this then email me ok bye.

Name: Sandra Turnbull <>
Date: 2009-03-04
My family were the Pickards - Starting with Bartholomew and Eva Pickard, son Nicholas, his son Jacobus, his son James. Thank you for all the information. This summer when I visit my son a West Point, I plan on stopping and visiting the area.

Name: cathy ossenfort <>
Date: 2009-02-08
one of the best web sites around for the mohawk valley keep adding to it i have brown, barkers of oppenheim if wnted.

Name: Steve Snell <>
Date: 2009-02-06
steven c.-charles e.-harold s.-charles e.-charles j.-john j.-joseph a.-adam-johan jost-jacobus-johannes


Name: Charlotte Hughes <>
Date: 2009-01-26
Joyce, what a wonderful web site. So much information to grasp. What a wonderful job you did. Am looking forward to reading some of your books.

Name: andrea and peter benson <>
Date: 2009-01-25
I was very excited to read the article in todays Leader Herald about AJ Berry..January 24 2009. I never found any of these impressive web sites. I wish the LH had listed all of the web sites that AJ manages.

thanks you so much
Andrea Benson Broadalbin NY


Name: Rob Michael <>
Date: 2009-01-23
One of the most fact-filled American colonial historical websites that I have encountered in searching for information on my Mohawk Valley ancestors. Can anyone provide me with the name and email address of a local (Mohawk Valley) genealogist who, for a reasonable fee, can assist me in my search? Thank you.

Name: Rick Crance <>
Date: 2009-01-21
I am a descendant of Johann Heinrich Krantz (b 1686) who arrived in 1710 aboard the ship "Fame". I am just beginning my genealogy research and I find your site extremely helpful. If there is anyone else out there researching the Crance/Crans/Krantz lines, drop me a line and we'll compare notes. Great site!

Name: Allan Shad <>
Date: 2009-01-07
What a great website! I am related to the Walrath clan and was delighted to obtain so much valuable information from this site. Thanks to everyone who did such an outstanding job consolidating all of this information and making it available.

Name: Timothy Richards <>
Date: 2008-12-23
Just trying to send a shout out to my other family members. I am the grandson of Margoret Bevens, maiden name of Margoret klock. I am trying to find some pictures of the 1996 family reunion where some of the pictures from the book (a time of terror) were taken. I attended that reunion and would appreciate if anyone had more pictures of that day. Thanks again and god bless!

Name: Bill Schaefer <>
Date: 2008-03-24
Amazing collection of information here!! THANK YOU!! I am applying to join the Sons of the American Revolution and was able to find critical documents on your websie. Keep up the great work!

Name: Anthony Bastedo <>
Date: 2008-02-26
I've lived St.Johnsville back in my young-man days and at that time never realized or cared about the rich history the land and its surrounding had to offer. It's so amazing every time I find out more and more of the history of the area and how it made such a huge contributions to our national history. Thank God for St.Johnsville,N.Y.

Name: Darcie Mae <>
Date: 2008-02-24
I enjoyed visiting your site. You have a lot of information and the pictures are great.
Darcie Mae


Name: Mary J Cuyler <>
Date: 2008-02-18
I am the daughter of Harold Cuyler son of Frank Cuyler I am not listed under my fathers name or 2 of my other siblings and some of the dates are not correct. Would like to clear things up with my fathers and maybe add some more to his.
Thank You


Name: jim <>
Date: 2008-02-17
i looked up ehle and found many but not the ones i hoped for. the site asked for more info but gives no e-mail or other address. i have some ehle info not connected to any of your ehle lineage. at least it appears that way to me. i would be willing to get what i have to you if i had the knowledge that it was wanted. jim ehle

Name: Deborah Fantana <>
Date: 2008-02-09
I am a descendant of Samuel Demaray dob May 29,1754, he served from Albany,NY. I think he was in the 6th regt.
He served under Capt Henrick Vandarhoof.
I would like to hear from other descendants of Samuel Demaray


Date: 2008-02-01
I am doing research on the Fox side of my family - who lived in the area in the 1700 and 1800's. Christopher, William, Philip, Daniel, and Peter

Name: John Cronin <>
Date: 2008-01-19
Outstanding site! Tremendous source documentation; especialy the 5th NY roster-Most Impressive...

Great Job!


Name: Jane Sturdevant Camm Trilling <>
Date: 2008-01-18
Hello, I have found your website immensely helpful and fascinating in researching my ancestors on my father's side. My great grandfather George E Camm, Sr. married Dorothy Nellis (1843-1927). My sisters and I grew up in Johnstown and are now amazed at the rich heritage that we didn't know about.
Recently, I located 2 Camm first cousins in LA, and they have also been blessed with learning about their ancestors, about whom they knew nothing.
Thank you.
PS I have a photograph of my grandmother standing with, I think it may be, Dorothy Nellis. Is there some way that I could send the photograph and have the identity verified??? Thank you.


Name: Bonnie Massey <Bonnie>
Date: 2008-01-16
My great grandfather was Elijah Klock, Grandfather was Dellie Burton Klock and my grandmother was Madge Lee Klock Sullivan.

Name: John Border <>
Date: 2008-01-15
I visit this site many times, as a descendant of Melgert Bader / Bauder,who was with the 2nd Tryon Militia. I want to thank you very much, for all you have done.

Name: Richard Schnoor <>
Date: 2008-01-11
My mothers maiden name was Klock. The daughter of Duane Klock, who grew up in East Homer. My grandmother's first name was Rita.I have enjoyed this site very much.Than You

Name: Elizabeth A. Tomlin <>
Date: 2008-01-03
Very impressive! Such a large amount of research has gone into this site! I am looking forward to reading the historical novels.

Name: C Moneke <>
Date: 2008-01-02
Looking for Crownhart family. Will come to just read about the times and families next time I visit.

Name: Eric Haver <>
Date: 2008-01-01

One of the Palantine Immigrants that was sworn in to become a citizen in 1715 was named "Christian Haver" I am looking for a possible son named Fredrick Haver of Germantown, Columbia County, NY.

I would like to connect them with George Haver, of NJ that settled in Greene County Pennsylvania in 1781.



Name: Jane Higgins <>
Date: 2007-12-22
Have enjoyed reviewing this website. Lots of historic information readily available. Thank you! Am particularly interested in information on the Snell and Reiffenberg families.

Name: Regenia Willmann Campbell <>
Date: 2007-11-29
I am looking for my husband's JOHNSON line. The story goes that a JOHN JOHNSON who was in the linen trade left Ireland ? because of the English Tax Laws. He came to America with his sons and settled in Mohawk Valley NY.

JOHN JOHNSON also had a daughter ELIZABETH JOHNSON who married a WILLIAM YOUNG.

WILLIAM YOUNG was b. abt. 1758 in Londonderry Ulster Ireland. They married in IRELAND and came to America abt. 1790 and settled in Wilmington North Carolina. WILLIAM YOUNG was a weaver and made machinery for weaving. He also designed patterns for table cloths and other linens.

Hoping to find any records for JOHN JOHNSON and his sons.


Name: Margaret Franz <>
Date: 2007-11-23
I recently learned I am descended from the Thum & Bellinger
families, among others. Jason Hall & Permelia Thum were my
GGGG Grandparents. They lived in Oppenheim, N.Y. I have
been reading the interesting material on your website
before I knew of my connections. This month I was able to
locate Jason's & Permelia grave in Ingham Mills. Thank you
for all you have contributed. I have learned so much.


Name: Donna Brown Klock <>
Date: 2007-11-13
Was looking for a Donald Frederick Klock and Naomi Fell from
New York.


Name: Roger W. Wilson <>
Date: 2007-10-12
Nice to read a well "cited" genealogy. Conversely, I did find a page with contradictory information about the same person within the same page. I did not find an address to call it to anyone's attention

Name: Deborah Fantana <>
Date: 2007-09-28
Samuel Demaray served in the Revolution War, from New York, he was in the Albany Militia, regiment 14.
Samuel was born in NJ in 1754, he was married to Grietji Martin. He died in 1819 in Whitby, Ont, Canada.
I would like to know about his serve in the Revolution War, if he got land or any pay for serving, when did he enter the service and when he left and what branch he served in.


Name: cal walrod <>
Date: 2007-09-26
my grandfather is from shellbrook saskachawn canada. his name was orvil walrod.

Name: Deborah Fantana <dkfantana>
Date: 2007-09-13
My 4th great grandpa Samuel Demaray served in the Albany Militia 14th regiment from New York.
I would like to know what branch of the service he was in, when he elisted and when he left the service. Was he in any battles?


Name: Kenneth Walker <>
Date: 2007-09-06
I was looking into my ancestorial history. I saw that one of my ancestors "William H Webb, born 1 Jan. 1845" was listed as being born in Passakie. When searching out the word Passakie to find the location, I discovered your site had two listings for Passakie. They are the last names of Henry and Christian. So, to say the least, while it is confusing, I believe there must be a clue to his birth lying somewhere here. Thanks for a great view of your history. It was interesting!
If anyone has any information that could help me in my search, please contact me.


Name: Brian Mack <>
Date: 2007-08-23
Nice Job

Name: John Roy Shaver <>
Date: 2007-08-21
This site is an excellent source for researching your family.Well done.

Name: Rebecca <>
Date: 2007-08-15
Would like to know if you are aware of any groups that do Colonial Period dinners or reinactments of Christmas time or other events in Ohio.
Thank you,


Name: Sally Kraus <>
Date: 2007-08-13
I liked your site

Name: Michael Birnbaum <>
Date: 2007-07-22
Thank you for providing such a rich volume of fascinating information...

Name: Gail Sutton Kuchavik <>
Date: 2007-07-01
I am a Fonda descended from Elizabeth Maier (not certain of last name) married to George D. Fonda 1868. I am trying to research my family. Thank you for a beautiful site!

Name: Sarah Reynolds <>
Date: 2007-06-25
I was looking at the pension letter regarding Asa Camp. He is my great great great (plus) Grandfather and I was delighted to find something about him. All I really know is that he settled the area now known as Campville in Tioga County NY. It's very interesting to learn about your roots. Any information about the Van Ness, Freeman, or Keyes family would be welcomed as well.
Nice site, thanks!


Name: Sally Kraus <>
Date: 2007-06-25
I enjoyed your site.

Name: Sandra Jones <>
Date: 2007-06-23
Klock Family info GREAT.

Name: Dawn Nichols <>
Date: 2007-06-19
How does one add their kids to the geneology listed here?

Name: hector hammeken <>
Date: 2007-06-04
I love your site.I am from Mexico and had some relatives who lived in there.
thank you


Name: Mandy Stanford <>
Date: 2007-05-29
What a great collection of history!
I am Gertrude Walrath's 3rd great-granddaughter.


Name: Patricia Webb Scremin <>
Date: 2007-05-27
Sister of Jean Webb Williams who researched/wrote/published
"Shunpiking in Old Schoharie." She was a perceptive observer of contemporary life in Schoharie County and a great historian of her adopted county.


Name: jeanine ickes callahan <>
Date: 2007-05-20
hi I used to live in saugerties and worked in kingston. now years later I find my grandmothers ancestors lived there. example neeltie cornelia lowe

Name: linda ruesing <>
Date: 2007-05-17
16 May 2007
I read with interest the Three Rivers article regarding Frederick Bumpus. I am trying to verify that he indeed had a daughter Mariah born 1803. This Mariah would have married Alexander Mann 8 May 1822 in Richland, Ohio.

Can you help me? Many thanks!!!


Name: Deborah Ritchie <>
Date: 2007-05-11
My family heritage of native americans comes from Three rivers, NY. I am just trying to trace back my beginnings

Name: Bradford Archer <>
Date: 2007-05-09
I am a 9th or 10th generation descendant of Heinrich Klock. I am interested.

Name: Sally Kraus <>
Date: 2007-05-07
I liked your site

Name: Joyce E Luscomb <>
Date: 2007-04-26
This site is one of the best I've seen. I am researching my Young/Jung family's and Schremling/Scrambling from the original Palentine from NY. to Canada and to Michigan. Will share all I have.

Name: Monica Lange <>
Date: 2007-04-14
What a wonderful site. I am a very far away grandaughter of a few palantine people including Johannis Vinger, Niclaus Hess, Christina Eschwein, Jurrie Mussier(sp),Kuhns (Coons). Its been incredibly moving to read some of the history.

Name: Linda Glover <>
Date: 2007-04-09
What an awesome sight!So filled with information. Will take a month of Sundays to look at it all. Great job!

Name: roland oathout <>
Date: 2007-04-05
Looking for info on Everett and Hannah Oathout born in early 1800s in the New York State area and any info on the parents of John W. Hoar born in 1842 in England and came here and settled in Wells, NY. ROLAND OATHOUT

Name: Jayne Morgan <>
Date: 2007-04-01
I know from your site that Edward Clark and Dorothy Reynell were married 12/14/1678 I have tried to get a copy of the marriage license from New York, But they say the copies were burned in a fire. How is it your know this info? do you have a copy of it? If so how hard would it be for me to get a copy? We are having our first ever Clark Family reunion and I would love to show off the copy. Thank you Jayne Morgan

Name: Gary Gibbons <>
Date: 2007-03-26
I am a direct descendant of Col Peter Bellinger and came across this sitd while researching the family history.

Name: Sally Kraus <>
Date: 2007-03-18
i liked your site

Name: Joyce E Luscomb <>
Date: 2007-03-17
I have found this site very helpful, as I am a Young (Jung) desendant, From Daniel & Elizabeth Windecker Young, Daniel & Rebecca Weeks Young, George G & Louisa A Fergerson Young, & Daniel Ferguson & Elizabeth A Hamilton, Gladys I Young & Charles L Thompson my parents.
Joyce E


Name: Dana Marshall <>
Date: 2007-03-07
I only wish I had found your site before. Thank you for the hard work

Name: Barbara <>
Date: 2007-03-07
I am not new but would like to comment about the story of Max Reid in regard to Comte Frontenac, his half daughter and the successful escape of this daughter Oneta with her Indian husband Achawi.
According to known historical writings and Canadian historians there is no evidence of Fronetac having a half Indian daughter at all, there is nomewhere a reference that instead the Mohawks accused Frontenac of having kidnapped one of the Indian women. There also seems to ve no sources given by Reid for this story. It appears therefore that those accounts are fiction and the story should be rather clearly labeld "a Legend" or "A supposed story" They way it is presented it looks like this is actually a fact not fiction.


Name: Charles Roberts <>
Date: 2007-02-23

My grandfather William Siver was a son of Michael Henry Siver born in Minden 1830.I would like to know if Michael Siver son of Jacob is the father of Michael Henry.


Name: Gayle Coombes <>
Date: 2007-02-22
Love your site, I am researching Getter, Van Deusen, and White.

Name: M. S. Bronson <>
Date: 2007-02-16
I just found your website
I'm related to the Brownson Family that lived in Amsterdam on the Mohawk River. I am the great-great-great grandaughter of Ozias Brownson, great-great grandaughter of George Washington Jefferson Brownson, great grandaughter of Edward Delevan Brownson, grandaughter of Charles Stratton Bronson. Edward Delevan Brownson built a beautiful house house on the Mohawk River. I was told that it was torn down when the railroad came in. I've found information on your website about my relatives here.


Name: Ronald 'Ron' Baldwin <>
Date: 2007-02-13
Still the best historical site covering central New York State!

Name: Sallie Cauchon <>
Date: 2007-02-12
Looking for information on Silsbees or Silsby family especially before the Mohawk Valley Massacre. My mother was born in Caroline, NY. Her grandfather was David Silsbee.

Name: Duane Preissner <>
Date: 2007-02-10
Thks im interested in the Van Pelts my Grandmother was one.

Name: willard Osterhout <>
Date: 2007-02-02
a fine historical site

Name: valerie england jones <>
Date: 2007-01-31
Loved the info here. Am new at geneology. Think we are related to Klocks via greatgrandmother, Rozelia Bauder England. Still checking. Thanks for such a great resource.

Name: niceline <>
Date: 2007-01-25
nice site keep it up

Name: Liz Lawson <>
Date: 2007-01-23
What a wonderful site! Thank you so much. I've enjoyed learning more about my family heritage. I'm a descendent of Hendrick Klock and then 8 more generations of Klocks.

Name: Jackie White <>
Date: 2006-12-30
Looking for relatives! Grandfather to have been born 1887 in Harrison Vally PA. Looking for family of Clinton Barber White.

Name: Deanna Smith <>
Date: 2006-12-28
Hi Joyce and Jim. I have a new email address. It is only temporary but will work for about a month. I'll let you know. I didn't have your email address Joyce as my PC is down and I'm using a new Laptop. I need it. I know that you and Jim have another book in progress. Ready yet?


Name: Falaah Muqtadir <>
Date: 2006-12-20
My grandmother was Mohawk

Name: Jim Dobson <>
Date: 2006-12-10
I liked your site.

Name: Larry L Cuyler <>
Date: 2006-12-09
When Louis Cuyler gets down to Lloyd Cuyler(my dad)in the van curler genealogy there are some minor errors.

Lloyd Leslie Cuyler,b. 3/26/1922
mar.Edith L Shepler, b. 3/6/1926
children; Kenneth Lee Cuyler, b. 10/14/1946 mar. Marlene Manchester; children Jason and Kristina
Larry Leslie Cuyler, b. 11/22/1948, unmarried


Name: Vonnie Law <>
Date: 2006-11-27
Daughter of Lucinda Klock Dennee, decendents of Johannes Klock - I am enjoying the website very much and thanks to you all who have worked very hard to build it, I am able to pass down the family history to my children.

Name: Thomas Blackhawk Wetzel <>
Date: 2006-11-15
I would like to join "Improved Order Of Red Men" can someone please contact me and help me to join
Aho (peace)



Name: Jens <>
Date: 2006-11-02
Re: The origins of Stone Arabia.

Just wanted to give the probable explanation for that name, since I found your site when I looked for the term on Yahoo.
That is an old misconception of the Roman name "Arabia Petraea". This could be interpreted as "Stone/stony Arabia", but really it means "Arabia around Petra", the famous city carved out of the rocks in the Syrian desert. This was a well-known joke in the time when more people spoke latin and whoever named the counterpart in America repeated that joke, though of course possibly in German.


Name: Cindy Blevins <>
Date: 2006-11-01
Thank you so much for this site. It is wonderful!

Name: Penny Seeley Homer <>
Date: 2006-10-24
I am the grand daughter of Otto and Florence Minch Stahler and I am looking for information on my can email me at

Name: Jim Dobson <>
Date: 2006-10-22
i liked your siyte

Name: Marianne Warnick <>
Date: 2006-10-20
You suggest "Contact the webmaster", but I have not been able to find an e-mail address for the Webmaster. I would like permission to quote a short passage from the section on Revolutionary War soldiers from this website in a book I am writing for my children and grandchildren. I do not intend to sell the book. It will only be distributed to my family and I will cite the source in the text and in the bibliography.
Please reply to the above e-mail address.
Thank you.
Marianne Warnick


Name: Marianne Warnick <>
Date: 2006-10-20
Many thanks for compiling valuable information for genealogical researchers. I found my ancestors who fought in the Revolution on your list. Jeremiah Dolaway (Dellaway, Dollaway).

Name: Elaine Bellinger Universal <>
Date: 2006-10-14
Descendant of Johannes Bellinger, who came over with the Palatines in 1709.

Name: bob hoffman <>
Date: 2006-10-02
Looking for John Hoffman,Rev War,Son John Hoffman born 1776 cant find name of wife. All around Herkimer and Fulton co ,Oppenheim especially Interested? Any Help please Bob

Name: Ruth Louck <>
Date: 2006-09-12
EXCELLENT!! A wonderful site!! Thank you for creating it, I'm sure the hours were long and gruelling, but just know that there is at least one person who appreciates all your efforts!!

Name: Harry & Debbie Teuchert <>
Date: 2006-08-31
Very interesting web sites. The St. Johnsville area photos were most illuminating. Maybe someone has an old photo of the St. Johnsville Methodist Church.
Thank you.


Name: nguyenduc <>
Date: 2006-08-24

Name: ken williams (eckhart, john) <>
Date: 2006-08-23
lenore eckhart, daughter of John Eckhart, St. Louis MO

Name: Diane Wagar <>
Date: 2006-08-22
The site is very impressive. I am enjoying the tour. -d

Name: Jan Miller <>
Date: 2006-08-19
Children of George Fader (32) and Susan Crowbar.

(169.) Jemima Fader.

(170.) William Fader, m. Anne Briggs.

(171.) John Fader, m. Letitia Johnston.

(172.) Hannah Fader.

(173.) George Fader, m. Pauline Shaver.

(174.) Martha Fader.

Jemima Fader b. 1844, married George Castle of Waddington, NY. She died in 1885, and is buried at Brookside Cemetary in Waddington, NY She was my g-g-g-grandmother.

Martha married William John Payne on Nov 5, 1879 in Matilda, Ontario, Canada

George Fader (#173) married Paulina Shaver Feb 12, 1879 in Matilda, Ontario. He later married Maggie Robinson on July 5, 1893. He was listed as a widower.


Name: Dawn Garmezy Nichols <>
Date: 2006-08-17
589-Fifth generation-How does one find out more about Seward G. Spoor born July 11, 1886? I know he was assistant district attorny during the mob time in NY, and he died in 1955. Also, how do I add my two children? My cousin, Dirk Mather, has two girls and by now, they probably have kids! Thanks for your help.

Name: Peggy Johnson <>
Date: 2006-07-25
Every time I come to this site, you never cease to amaze me! Job well done, keep up the good work. Love the site. PJ

Name: George Norton <>
Date: 2006-07-24
Very interesting and well organized. Keep up the good work.

Name: Merrie (Fuller) Sodder <>
Date: 2006-07-23
Your site is fascinating and full of information. I am a descendant of Elizabeth Van Curler (Aaron, Arendt, Bennoni, Arendt Van Corlear) and Henry Barnhart.

Name: Glenda Gleave <>
Date: 2006-07-13
This is the first time I have viewed this site. I am fascinated that my paternal ancester, Johannes Bellinger, is mentioned here as well as his daughters. As a portrait artist, I love to paint family history. I painted my youngest son as he portrays Henry Bellinger after the deaths of Johannes Sr., Johannes Jr., and Frederick Bellinger at the battle of Oriskany. This painting was purchased by New York State Historic Society and will be unveiled August 6 as a permanent exhibit there. I am hoping to fly in for the occasion and hopefully meet other Bellingers and Klocks. Is there any way to contact the descendents of Johannes Bellinger? Please let me know.
Thank you.


Name: Stuart Wood <>
Date: 2006-06-22
I have enjoyed reading about my Dockstader ancestors and other ancestors from New York.

Name: Don Relyea <>
Date: 2006-06-20
I am really enjoying the search through your website. There is such a wealth of information it will take a long time. My interest stems from the fact that the Relyea family was much present in the Hudson valley area since the late 17th century and I there were more than a dozen who servied in various capacities (Loyalist) durng the revolution.


Name: andrew p wheeler <>
Date: 2006-06-16
Splendid Site. The book excerpts are fabulous, esp. b/c these books are rare or hard to find. Thank you for making this free, and available.

Name: James C. Kilts <>
Date: 2006-06-02
I was raised in Stone Arabia, N.Y.
I am a decendent of Conrad Kilts. I currently reside in Metro Atlanta, but I am still very much interested in New York state history. My brother, Albert, told me about your website. It is truly outstanding and I will visit it often!


Name: Peter Jones <>
Date: 2006-05-23
I find your site very exciting

Name: Deanna Vosburgh Smith <>
Date: 2006-05-14
Evening Joyce. I have purchased the trilogy! They are a wonderful research tool for me as a Professional Genealogist.


Name: Eva Brahman <>
Date: 2006-04-30
was looking for the Dockstader Family and I ran across your site.

Name: Maria Schell Burden <maria>
Date: 2006-04-15
Great site full of informative documents. Thank you!

Name: jim knight <>
Date: 2006-04-10
looking for history of knight of owasco / summerhill / auburn

Name: Gary E Burkdorf <>
Date: 2006-03-31
Hi Iam just starting the research of my family history and helping my dad (Earl O Burkdorf). Iam so happy that there is so many people in the family that have a great intrest in the family History

Name: Stephen Longnecker <>
Date: 2006-03-30
LOVE your site!
I have old photocopies of mY ggggrandfather George Wagoner's military service in the First Regiment Tryon County Militia. He was wounded at Oriskany and was carried to Fort Plain by another soldier. His father, Inglehardt Wagner was a Lt. in the same militia but was not at the fight due to health.
One of the papers is signed by Jellis Fonda, and there are others as well. George was also at battle of Johnstown, and West Canada Creek, and ran down to Cherry Valley as well. Aside from serving with Cox and Campbell, he also served with Willet. He married Maria Lipe and there is an affadavit describing his wedding by Dominic Gros, as stated by Margaret Charlesworth.
They are buried at Sand Hill cemetery.
I would like to mail you copies of these pension papers.
Please e-mail me an address and I will copy to you.
Stephen Longnecker, West Seneca, NY.
(They are copies from the films at the National Archives)


Name: John Border <>
Date: 2006-03-29
This is Great, Thank you
My ancestry is from there. I`m from (Melgert Micheal Bader) family.
Thank you. John Border. Michigan


Name: Theresea Collier <>
Date: 2006-03-26
Looking for lucy collier s brother Jim Collier married to woman named Mary

Name: Marlene VanCurler <>
Date: 2006-03-22
I so interested to know everything there is to know about the VanCurler, Van Curler, history.

Name: Stuart Wood <>
Date: 2006-03-20
My ancestors include John Frederick Dockstader and Nicholas A. Gardinier from this area. Hope to visit soon as my ggrandfather William H. Dockstader was born in Stone Arabia in 1839.

Stu Wood


Name: Connie <>
Date: 2006-03-16
What a wealth of information on my Vanhoesen descendants..
thank you!


Name: Claydene Hamblin <>
Date: 2006-03-13
Looking for information on HAMBLIN/HAMLIN circa 1824. James Hamblin married Carlie Shaver. Info on his parents.

Date: 2006-03-10

Name: Kathy Hastings Hoeldke <>
Date: 2006-03-09
I was dumbfounded when I clicked on this site. It is truly an amazing site. My connection through the valley is through the Lossing, Emigh and Swartwout, etc family. My line laded up in Canada, not they were loyalist, although some were, most went for the land, and evenutally moved on to Michigan.

You site is truly an amazing work of art. I would be honored to join such a site. As most of my work is on the American side. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I would give my eye tooth to be able to come down to Albany and the Mowhawk Valley to do research. I but I can watch your site and know that more than enough is being done. I love seeing the buildings etc. Thank you


Name: Barb Westgarth <>
Date: 2006-03-03
There are many family names in this grouping. My ancestors were the Ouderkerk/Ouderkirk/Oderkirk family, the Van Pattens, and many other related families. My husband is a Mattice descendant.

Name: Judy Bechtel Gilson <>
Date: 2005-11-13
I am a decendant of George and Veronica Hain. Both lived in the Schoharie Settlement it is written in their family genealogy book. I would love to talk to any relatives of this family who moved south with the group to the Berks Co area in the early 1700's.

Name: Donald L. Springer <>
Date: 2005-10-24
What a terrific site. I believe I have found my ggggrandfather
and his a son of his on the military rosters. Now I have to find a way to get a look at the enlistment papers. Does anyone
have a suggestion??? Thanks again.


Name: j. ramos <>
Date: 2005-10-22
Just thought to send an e-mail in reference to a book that I have which is the original Joseph Brant Thayendanegea, Mohawk from W.L. Stone 1838. It seems that there were to be two books I only have one. Do you know where I can possibly find the original 1st series at? The one that I have covers the first half of his life, I would need the second book. Any leads would be helpful. Thanks

Name: Dr Keith Millar <>
Date: 2005-10-17
I would be very interested in any information about John R Millar (incorrectly spelled as "Miller" on the Little Falls site). I have a paper weight in the form of a heap of dollars issued by National Automotive Fibres Inc which, on the back, has the inscription "Your friendship is worth more to me than a whole pile o' gold. J.R. Millar, Chairman". I think John Millar may be a distant relative of mine (I live in Glasgow in Scotland) and my late mother had memories of him visiting Scotland perhaps in the late 1940s or early 50s. I see from the Little Falls website that the company closed in 1954. What happened to John Millar and his family? Glad to have any information.
Dr Keith Millar.


Name: Melody Everett-Neddo <>
Date: 2005-10-09
My friend, Dave Grames, asked me to do some genealogy work on his family tree. I am actually trying to focus on another line but his grandmother was Inza Klock. If anyone shares the smae line, please email me at

Name: John Hall <>
Date: 2005-10-05
I congratulate webmaster Joyce and all who contributed to the threeerivers site.

I found page 14 of the coloring book to (all too clearly) illustrate the horrors that people faced in earlier times.
I thought that this was an "ordinary" battle scene, until I saw the horrific scene at the lower left. The poor lady! Seeing a scalp already hanging on her attacker's belt, she knows her fate. I hope that she is somehow spared, though I know that in reality, many a man or woman (indian and non-indian) suffered exactly this fate. How glad I am not to be living in those times!


Name: Barbara <>
Date: 2005-10-05
Your website is very informative and helpful to my research. I have a question: Am I correct to assume that two listings with the same name in the list of State troops (if one knows there are not 2 inidivudals at the same time with the same name) indicates a promotion? E.G. Nicholas Boerum is private and Nicholas Boerum is Sergeant (in different companies) How could one make sure? Fernow does not have such connecting data. Thanks.

Name: Katherine Vroman Cohen <>
Date: 2005-09-27
I enjoyed reading about Capt. Walter Vrooman's exploits in the American Revolution; he is a many-greats grandfather of mine. I am descended from a long line of Vroomans back to Hendrick Meese Vrooman of 1664, Hallenbecks, Pootmans, Bradts, and Barheits. What a great site. Thank you.

Name: David Baker <>
Date: 2005-09-25
My great grandfather was Channing David Baker born 1860. He married Alice Klock, daughter of Sylvester Klock. I was interested in knowing if she was related to the Klocks of Fort Klock? My father says yes as our family is all from Schoharie, Berne, Knox and so on.
I don't follow geneologies often but Harold Miller has done the Baker geneology and has sparked my interest.
David Baker
2253 County Hwy 107
Amsterdam, NY 12010 (actually Perth) 518-842-5289


Name: Harold F. Morgan U.E. <>
Date: 2005-09-18
I am related to Hendrick Windecker through his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Young.

A very informative site.


Name: Peter Schulthes <>
Date: 2005-09-12
I am born 26. December 1936 in Germany.
My home now is a small town at thes Baltic Sea.

I found this:

Elisabeth married (MRIN:1921) Peter SCHULTHES-19424. Peter was born 26 Dec 1771. He died20 Apr 1850 in Berne, Albany Co., NY, USA and was buried 23 Apr 1850 in Berne, Albany Co., NY,USA

Same name: Peter Schulthes and
same date of birth: 26. of December
but more than 230 years later.


Name: Ron Coates <>
Date: 2005-08-30
Thank You for the information I received. I could fill in some of the blanks on mt Feeter Genology if I knew how to do it. I am a decendent of Simon Nelson Fader (140), his son Charles Nelson Fader was my grandfather. My mother is his only daughter Maple Mae Fader, born May 27, 1910 in Wentworth, SD. She married my Father Vincon Rex Coates of Madison, SD. Can you let me know how we can add to the Feeter genology to keep it going?

Ron Coates


Name: Shane Fox <>
Date: 2005-08-29

Name: David Clayton <>
Date: 2005-08-16
this is agreat site!
Having been raised in the Mohawk valley, with family legends claiming a connection to Adam Helmer & Nelliston I am always intrigued with the history of the area.
I am currently working on scale models of period Mohawk River Craft.
Any info about these special historic boats would be appreciated.
Dave Clayton


Name: Pat Carey <>
Date: 2005-07-17
What a great site!! I am specifically interested in the Staley, Brown, and Whyland families.

Name: Vincent T. Klock <>
Date: 2005-07-11
Hi, Again a great resource. I appreciate everyone's effort to make this work as well as it does. Also, Dave, you mentioned you wanted some information on:

Dale F. Klock b. 10 Aug. 1898 d. 19 Sept. 1981, Res., Lake Mich. Roscommon County, Mich. died in Lake, Roscommon Co. Mich. Death Certificate # 53416

Fredrick Klock died at age 81, in Lake, Roscommon County, Mich. Death Certificate # 53416

I would be surprised if I was wrong here, but I believe these two men were one in the same as my grandfather Dale.
It's also my understanding he 'adopted' his middle name very young.

499. FREDRICK DALE8 KLOCK (FRANK C.7, WESLEY6, CHRISTIAN5, JOHN J.4, JOHN J.3, JOHANNES I.2, HENDRICK1) was born August 10, 1898, and died September 19, 1981 in Belding, Michigan. He married THEDA L. JACOTT. She was born June 06, 1904, and died October 05, 1973 in Greenville, Mich.


The Neiberding's live in Cleveland, Ohio

iii. DONNA KLOCK, d. March 2002; m. UNKNOWN BRADFORD.

The Bradford's Live in Hougton Lake, Michigan

621. iv. THOMAS VINCENT KLOCK, b. December 05, 1925, Belding, Michigan; d. April 30, 2002, Goodrich, Texas.

Hope that helped,
V. Klock


Name: Robert Wolven Bonesteel II <>
Date: 2005-07-06
Beginner Bonesteel Geneologist and History teacher here. Please write and converse. I would love to chat.



Name: Cameron McCreary <>
Date: 2005-06-11
Very nice site. I am Corliss and Florence Timmerman's Grandson.

Name: Mary Ellen Hoover <>
Date: 2005-06-05
I LOVE this web site. I have gathered a tremendous amount of information on my ancestors from you. Thank you so much for all your work on behalf of those of us whose ancestry means a great deal.

Name: Mary Carson <Gdog Gdog Gdog Gdo>
Date: 2005-05-28
My Direct ancestor was a Palatine who came about 1740 to the Cherry Valley area. His name was Christopher HANNAMAN and his wife was Mary O'Nwil. He came from a town near Meissen and was a cousin of the homopathic origonator Dr. Samuel Hannamann.Thank you so very much for your outstanding web page.

Name: Jim Weller <>
Date: 2005-05-25
Thanks for the Veeder family information. I am trying to get as much as I can on the family and enter it in my database. With your information i can check what I have.

Thanks again, and I will check the rest of you websit for any thing else that I can use.

Thanks again,


Name: Tee <>
Date: 2005-05-25
can you tell me how I can get in touch with Peg Sponable ..

Name: Dana <>
Date: 2005-05-23
Very informative site
My ancestor is Jacob Vedder/Vader born August 1792 in Herkimer or Niskayuna, married 1st Elizabeth Altenburg, 2nd Elizabeth D Golier. I haven't been able to prove it for sure, but believe his parents were Jacob H Vedder and Catharina Hall


Name: melanie sharp bolster <>
Date: 2005-05-02
I am a descendent of Marinus Willets and read with interest your essay. I have a number of letters from Marinus and several other things of interest. Do you have any more information on him or know where I could get any.
Thank you


Name: kurt <>
Date: 2005-05-01
Great Site,
Are there any other local church records other than St. Johns?.
I am searching for information on my family John McCRARY b. mid 1700?. possibly worked as a clerk for Mr. KLOCK in Montgomery County (now Fulton) about 1795. he had a son named Jacob McCRARY b.late 1700's. Lived also same place, next door to Mr. PETTYBONE and Mr. YONKERS.
John McCrary (Spelled Macreny in the St. Johns Church Records)
Page 83
Parentes John Macreny, Palatine, Christina Macreny; 22th 8bris Infantes Margretha, born the 27th Novb. 1784; Sally, born the 28th Novbr. 1787; Eva, born the 14th Januar; Testes Peter Ris, Elisabeth Stamm; Andreas Palsli, Lea Palsli.

His Son Jacob McCRARY m. 1st Nancy? had son Alva b.1816 Montgomery County. (now Fulton CO.) Jacob m. 2nd Roxy BARNES. Would be very interested in seeing Minden census record for 1870 or anything earlier on McCrary/Macrary/MCreany or Barnes and Keelers., and also would be interested in the Census record of Nancy McCRARY NY state Census 1830. Any information shedding a little light on the above family's would be appreciated.


Name: Helen Ackerman <Muggins 1934 @ Yahoo.Com>
Date: 2005-04-20
I wish an address for Elgin A. Vader. My husband descends from Johannes and Elizabeth Smith Veeder. Their daughter, Margaret married Garret A. Newkirk of Fonda, NY. Their children were; John V, Maria married Richard Sammons, Abraham, Cornelius V, Elizabeth married William Adair Hall. My husband decends from John V. Newkirk.

Name: Charles Klock <>
Date: 2005-04-20
Thanks for your efforts

Name: Jimmy Hickey <>
Date: 2005-03-26
hi my name is jimmy Hickey i would like to visit the fort this summer of 2005 hi maggie

Name: Cal Melick <>
Date: 2005-03-17
Seeking any information on Richard Vedder (b. 1793, m. 1820 to Elizabeth Schriver, d. 1853) He was married at St. John's Church in Johnstown, then moved to Genesee and later Niagara Counties.

Name: Bob Hoffman <>
Date: 2005-03-14
Have Hoffman family back to John Hoffman b 1776. Looking for more info on John sr. was in Rev War no more info ???

Name: Dave Klock <>
Date: 2005-03-12
Note: Klock Connections

Hi everyone, Matt inquired about receiving the newsletter, Klock Connections. I tried to e-mail him but the could not get the link to his e-mail address to work, so I thought I would respond to his posting in this guest book. Matt, if you or anyone would like to receive the Newsletter, "Klock Connections" just e-mail me at and let me know. I presently mail Klock Connections to about 130 Klock and Klock connected people in the US. I also send it to one Klock Family in England, France, Japan, and Australia, two in Germany, and e-mail it to about 50 more in MS Word.
I would be happy to add you to my mailing list. Just e-mail me and let me know you would like to receive Klcok Connections.



Name: Kate McArthur <>
Date: 2005-03-10
Have visited the Mohawk Valley and Stone Arabia where my grandsire, John Cook farmed. Am still trying to trace his roots.

Name: Dan Walker <>
Date: 2005-03-10
Great site, enjoy it very much.

Name: matt klock <throwin heat 33>
Date: 2005-03-09
hello i have recently learned about this fort i was wondering i could be put in klock's connections
i live in grand island new york


Name: LuAnn Hazelwood <>
Date: 2005-03-08
FAILING (Fahling, Fehling) family: I loved checking out your site for my family from Germany. I found many useful items.

Name: Stephen M Longnecker <>
Date: 2005-03-06
I am a descendant of several Tryon County Militia Members who were at the Battle of Oriskany (George Waggoner & John Countryman) both of whom are on the battle plaque at the memorial. (above Waggoner, son of Inglehardt Waggoner) I am also a VanAlstyne descendant and many Uncles and Cousins were there as well.
I think this site (Klock) is absolutely wonderful and so well done that it deserves a big hurrah! It rivals anything I have ever seen along these lines. I should have posted this commendation a long time ago.
When someone wishes to know about the Mohawk in the Revolution I point them here, always.
Well done!


Date: 2005-03-04

Name: Duane <>
Date: 2005-03-01
Enjoyed your website. So much info, I have so little time:)

Name: Joan Massman-Wardzala <>
Date: 2005-02-23
This is a wonderful site! Do you have anyone that could answer some questions for me? I am very confused. It looks to me like I am descended from a couple inter-family marriages of Klocks and Walraths if I am reading everything right. Here is what I have:

I am descended from Mary Ann Walrath and Bejamin Beck.

Mary Ann Walrath’s parents were Jacob Abraham Walrath and Maria (Polly) Klock.

Her father: Jacob Abraham Walrath’s parents were Johan Jacob Adam Walrath and Magdelena (Lana) Klock (Old George, Hendrick and Maria Margaretha Walrath).

Her mother: Maria Polly Klock’s parents were Jacob Joh Klock (Johannes, Hendrick) and Anna G. Klock (Old George Klock, Hendrick).

So it seems to me that Anna G. Klock married her 1st cousin. Plus her mother-in-law was her Aunt. There is possibly another inter-family marriage regarding her mother Maria Margaretha Walrath (dau of Heinrich Conrad Walrath). I have not traced the Walraths back from Heinrich Conrad yet, but there may be a connection to Jacob Abraham Walrath.

Do I have everything straight? It seems pretty bizzare.
Thank you very much!


Name: Howard Loveless <>
Date: 2005-02-18
Researching the Loveless line of upstate NY (Onondaga County) - this is a great site, a very good resource. Thanks!

Name: Duluth M. Witt <>
Date: 2005-02-16
Very interesting page.

Name: Jennifer Martino <>
Date: 2005-02-06
t h x
jenn martino


Name: Barbara Holsapple Hancock <>
Date: 2005-02-02
A lot of work here and truly appreciated by those of us far away and unable to get to the area. Thanks

Name: Foxie Hagerty <>
Date: 2005-01-24
Hi, am interested in any information you or anyone else would have on Terpenning's spelled many different ways, Abijah Peck who was the minister and founder of the Clifton Park Baptist Church he married Mindwell Close. Also, on his daughter Sarah Ann Peck who married a Richard Smith. Thanks and happy gene Hunting.


Name: Lori Radcliff-Woods <>
Date: 2005-01-23
I am searching to find more informations on my gggggggrandfather/grandmother and their decendants;Jan (John Radcliffe and Rachel Lamberste Van Valkenberg. This is where my journey began over two years ago so I thought I would come back and see if there was anything new.
Thank you.


Name: Ed Smith <>
Date: 2005-01-14
Fantastic, but also overwhelming. Congratulations to all involved on great site

Name: Wernie Wiesnegger <>
Date: 2005-01-11
I searched your site for Caspar Wiesenegger, witch came to
Fort Klock in 1750 at the age of 24 as a Dressmaker. If anybody has more information please get back to me.
I came to the US thirteen years ago and just found out that
one of my Family members came here a few years past.


Name: Nancy Olson <>
Date: 2004-12-31
I am doing research on Johan Christian Schell and Johanas Jost Petri. I am a decendant of both. This site was a wonderful gift. I found both of them mentioned. Thanks.

Name: Joyce Poole <>
Date: 2004-12-31
Stumbled across your site while doing family research for Poole and Corsa/Corsar names in my geneology. My grandfather was born in Bainbridge/Afton, NY, Chenango County - which I learned on your site (thank you) was formerly a part of Herkimer County. I will be back again and am referring others to your site. Excellent data and full of wonderful leads on LOTS of research. Any POOLE's or CORSA/CORSARs out there??

Name: Laura Kennedy <>
Date: 2004-12-26
My Sager's are from New York, 1709-19,Rhinebeck, Claverack then North to Quebec settling Sagersfield,(Pigeon Hill)in St Armand.I.Micael married a Bauer, 2.David married an Ekhardt, 3.Michael married a Vannather(Vannett)4.David married a Wallace who lived on South Lake Champlain. My grandfather was his 12th son, 5.Hiram, who was born at Westport, NY and moved on to the Dakota's,in the Custer battle, and on to Spokane, Washington. Any one interested?
Write to me.


Name: Ronald Alan Stombaugh <>
Date: 2004-12-26
My mother's maiden name was Klock and her father was Ira August (IRA, ISAAC, CHRISTIAN, JOHN J., JOHN J., JOHANNES I, HENDRICK).


Name: Ralph Miller <>
Date: 2004-12-23
Historian, Town of Berne, Albany County. A wonderful site. Interested in hearing from anyone in regard to our genealogy or history.

Name: Terry McMaster <>
Date: 2004-12-15
I am really amazed at the volume of material here as well as the depth and breadth of sources. This is a treasure trove for me, in that until recently I had not found new information on my ancestors in some time.
Thank you so much for this site and to all the people who have contributed to it. I hope to contribute something myself one day.
I am particularly interested in finding information on Capt. David McMaster, my direct ancestor, who was in Col. Vischer's regiment. We do not know where he is buried. His will is dated October 1800, Town of Florida, and his executrix was his wife Esther. She was daughter of Rev. William Johnstone who settled Sidney (the Johnstone Settlement). The final resting place of his parents James and Sarah Gordon(or Ann?) McMaster is also unknown to me. I would love to hear from others with whom I could exchange information. I would very much like to do a history of the McMasters in this country.
Thank you so much for this wonderful resource.
Terry McMaster


Name: Robert Youker <>
Date: 2004-12-13
Why don't you include Youker four geneology books in your fsamilies list. St Johnsville library has copies. Or reference Youker family web site. Bob BethesdaMd

Name: Jeanette Maynes <>
Date: 2004-12-09
Your website is great. I loved reading all the articles on the Klocks. I just keep coming back and finding more interesting things. Keep up the great work

Name: Chester Callahan <>
Date: 2004-11-30
Thanks for the Information and introduction.

Name: Jane Platt <>
Date: 2004-11-20
I started a message, went back to look at the listing and now don't know if my firt message was posted. So, I saw Irving Beekman Klock listed in a census (can't remember which one), and the person listing him wondered if he is the same Irving descended from Hendrick. He is. He was my great grandfather. The daughter listed as June L. is actually Jane L. Her name was Jennie Lousie but she was also called Jane. She was my great aunt. I'm happy to have found this site.

Name: Willilam Harrison <>
Date: 2004-11-18
Searching for genealogy of Sir James Wright & all Wrights in South Carolina & Georgia. Thanks for a great site!

Name: William Campbell/Wanyln Burnet Campbell <>
Date: 2004-11-10
Descendent of Samuel Campbell.

Name: Fred Wanegar <>
Date: 2004-10-21
I am searching for the parents my ancestors, Jeremiah Winegar and Leah Burwell. Best evidence is that moved to Brownville, Jefferson County in 1799 and were married in 1803 in Brownville. Their parents must have lived in the Three Rivers area because one source indicates Leah was born in 1788 in the Mohawk Valley. Jeremiah was originally from Amenia in Dutchess County. Any help will be appreciated.

Name: Leslie <>
Date: 2004-10-09
Very useful website... lots of info!! Keep up the excellent work!! Angel Hugs!!

Name: Pat Kelderman <>
Date: 2004-10-08
Very excellent site. I am a descendant of the Young (Jung) and Windecker families. I have received my United Empire Loyalist certificate for Johannes Adam Young and am now working on my Windeckers. Elizabeth Windecker, married Daniel Young(1749-1834). Daniel fought with Butler's Rangers along with his father Adam and four brothers John, Henry, Abraham and David.

Name: Janis Owens <>
Date: 2004-10-04
I am a descendant of Thomas Young and Nancy Hackney; Thomas and Nancy>Christian and Katherine "Katie" Hall>Thomas Christian and Charlotte Hutchins>Elmer and Emma B. Jones >Dessie and Joseph Everette Owens>John Melvin Owens and Hattie L. Penrose>me (and my sister and two brothers!)Christian and Katie also lived in LaPorte Co., IN for a time, leaving off their only daughter, Mary, who married John Seward Jessup. They, Thomas and other son, John (who married Charlote Webb)came on to settle in Iowa in Benton and Linn Counties.

Name: Verna Edwards Martin <>
Date: 2004-09-29
I didn't like the fact that I would access "cand find this page" then have to go to folkware site, with different options. My linage is to the Castleman/Kasselman family that came in 1710 Johannes and Anna

Name: Garry Weagant <>
Date: 2004-09-27
I am a decendant of Rev. John Gunter Weagant Paster of Williamsburg Parish around 1822-1832. I would be interested any information anybody might have.

Thanks GS Weagant


Name: Gail (Boyer) Swetman <>
Date: 2004-09-25
I wanted to note something that I have not seen on all "Battle of Oriskany" sites. Johannes (John) Boyer, as well as his son Johannes (John) Boyer, Jr. were in the battle. Sometimes, I only see the Sr. and sometimes the Jr. As far as my research has taught me was that the son was with the father, and Johannes Boyer (the father) lost a horse and a wagon in the battle. Although John Boyer, Jr. is not my direct ancestor, John Boyer Sr. was my 10th great grandfather. I am very proud of that. I wish that someone had a photo of them.

Name: Lorine Schulze <>
Date: 2004-09-24
What a terrific site - so much good information and in a user-friendly format.

I'm interested in the Van Slyke, Chrisman and Pickard families, and have info on the Van Slyke line at

Would be very interested in connecting with others searching this line.


Name: Paul F.Palen <>
Date: 2004-09-19
In a word AWESOME,nice photo,s

Name: LuAnn Hazelwood <>
Date: 2004-09-17
Failing or Fahling Family-I have researched our family to your area and see many entries regarding them. I loved all of the sites that you have. Would love to try and link up the names and families. I am from Henrich Failing B. 1640 in Germany, Henrich Failing B. 1684 the immigrant who came in 1710, Henrich (Henry) B. 1718, Henry H. B. 1775, Abraham B. 1801 Would love to hear from you

Name: Leslie Collier <>
Date: 2004-09-16
Thanks to Google, I stumbled across your Asher Freeman biography this morning. I was thrilled to find it, for he is part of my Freeman family ... but I then began to explore your resources.

Wonderful materials on every page I've visited.


Name: Denis <>
Date: 2004-09-16
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Name: LuAnn Hazelwood <>
Date: 2004-09-12
Failing Family, I am from Henrich Failing Born 1717 Schoharie, Died 1790 Canajoharie. Love to hear any Failing info.

Name: Gerry Genson <>
Date: 2004-09-06
I was recently at Fort Klock and have a question regarding my ancestor's service in that region during the revolutionary war. You had mentioned someone I could contact that might be able to answer the question but I can't find the note I made with his name. Could you please send me his name and/or email address again.

Name: Roy Youngs <>
Date: 2004-09-05
Great site! I am a descendent of Jerg Hans Jung - Jerg Hans, Johann Matteus, Lt. Peter Young (Tryon Co Milita), Jacob (Tryon Co Milita), Peter J., (who moved to Cortland County, NY abt 1817), Abraham, William, Edwin, James. Also connections to Petrie, Nellis, Loucks and other Palatine families. The one connection I have not been able to doucument is that of Peter J. Young b 19 Oct 1771, m Catherine Brass 1798, as son of Jacob Young and Maritje Petrie who were married about 1771 in Saugerties. Much evidence - documented siblings Elias and Jeremiah were baptismal sponsers for Peter's children, Jacob and second wife Magdalena Dinehart were sponsers also. Peter - Jacob - Peter - Jacob naming convention for the first sons was followed. I would be happy to communicate with anyone who is interested in this line or who might have additional information.

Name: Joe <>
Date: 2004-08-24
Great site! Thank you! I really enjoyed my visit to the Fort Klock home too. Your members really have it all together. The site interpreter was really helpful too. Keep up the good work!

Name: MaryEllen <>
Date: 2004-08-23
I visit this site on an irregular basis, hoping to find my Schram family. My ggggrandfather Jarred Schram,was b. 1765 somewhere in N. Y. but so far I haven't been able to find him.
I think this site is well done and very informative. Keep up the good work


Name: Celina <>
Date: 2004-08-20
Hi friend!

I have been on your intresting website, and I realy loved what I saw and read. I am Celina from a little Island in Norway.
When I saw your site, I wondred if you could take time to be a member of our group. We are only 6 members in NA warrior group, and wishing some more. All as is interesting in history battles, like Native American, Samurai, the vikings, and more...Its a friendly group as love to learn from the past time history...
My english is too bad I think, but hopefully you will understand...
I had love to get to know you...Please come with us.We have a lot to learn from you..



Name: Marlene Hunter <>
Date: 2004-08-19
I am looking for Hardt/Hart families from German Flats area. I found your sight by accident while looking on another site.

Name: Cheryl Baffoe-Bonnie <cbaffoebonnie@yahoo>
Date: 2004-08-18
This has been a great help to me! I have been able to find things my family have wondered about for over 60 years.The family name is Hans Conradt Fflmore ( Christian Fulmer). Please write me.

Name: cliff shaul <>
Date: 2004-08-04
My ancestors were early settlers in the Mohawk Valley (Schall/Shaul). has documented much of the family, but I am still interested in finding out more about our roots in Germany. I welcome any comments or additional information.

Name: Betty M, Genz <>
Date: 2004-07-24
looking to see if anyone has written about the keller people

Name: Jayne Teel <,>
Date: 2004-07-15
My Humphrey family goes back to 1700's in the Schoharie Valley. Love to visit from time to time.

Name: Amber Tabangay <>
Date: 2004-07-15
This is a beautiful website. I moved from California to Little Falls, NY and it was the rich history that brought me here. Thank you for all of the amazing and valuable information.

Name: James Forsythe <>
Date: 2004-07-14
I am looking for information on James Nellis and his wife Mary Magdalene Wert who had sons DeWitt Clinton Nellis and Daniel Nellis. Thanks.

Name: Mr. Kim W. Fink <>
Date: 2004-07-12
Looking for info regarding the Finks (Finck) - Han Yost Fink (Finck) Sgt., Christian Fink (Finck) Corporal, John Fink (Finck) 2nd Lt.,and Christopher, William and Andrew Fink (Finck) Pvts., in the Tyron Co. Militia, 2nd Battalion. I know at least two died in battle of Oriskany. Any info on any of them would be greatly appraciated.

Name: Ron Branfort <>
Date: 2004-07-11
I would like a contact for the person who did the Schaffer report as I have some information for him on Josephus Warner in Kansas.

Name: Christy Craig (nee Tanner) <cacraig15@cs.>
Date: 2004-07-11
This is a wonderful site! I have been trying to research the Tanners from that area for my father. I know they have been in the area for quite some time as we were stationed at Griffiss AFB and found my ancestoral graveyard quite by accident on, I believe, Crosby Manor Road behind an old house that was my grandfather's. Nothing of the Tanners was mentioned except for the marriages of 1700's. I am delighted to have found this site and to have read some very interesting writings. Thank you for making it so easy to use. Christy Craig

Name: Betty Genz <>
Date: 2004-07-07
looking for john keller

Name: Paul Sacia <>
Date: 2004-06-24
Thanks so much to all the dedicted people who spend so much of their time and money making this site so important. Over one million visitors!
David Sacia, my 7th generation grandfather fought along wiht the American militia. He could neither read nor write but his son David F. Sacia became a county judge after his service as a sgt. in the War of 1812. Old David road express to Cherry Valley to warn the inhabitants of the enemy approach.
Cedar Key, FL


Name: Ruby Lynch <>
Date: 2004-06-18
I have searched for a link to my Great Grandmother and it appears to be on this site. My GGrandmother was born in Kanawake Quebec. I will return here again.

Name: betty m. genz <>
Date: 2004-06-12
just looking for an answer.

Name: Linda Genz-Piechowski & Betty Kellar-Genz <>
Date: 2004-06-12
Our ancestors lived in the Herkimer area. There are baptism records at the Reformed Church in Herkimer.
We found the transcription of the church records at:
This “helper linkö takes you to the Mormon site and helps you access just the real church records that are
in the data banks of the Mormon’s computers which consist of transcriptions of church records and also submissions from people. This “helper linkö puts the Batch # into the Mormon search so all you get is church records…no risky submissions that could be false or have errors. Once at the Mormon search page, just put the Last name in, and select “North Americaö and if there are church records, they will pop up.

We’ve been hunting and hunting to get back to the Keller who fought in the Revolutionary War. We thought that our Kellers crossed into the Klock and Windecker tree, but now we are not so sure.

We need to hire a genealogist from the historic Herkimer area. If anyone knows of a good person
who could look up land records, state census records, will records, please email us We have a very good idea who we are after, but need proof with some kind of documents that this Keller is ours. We can’t find our proof ourselves, even though we’ve tried through the land mail. We live out-of-state.

Thank you.

Linda Genz-Piechowski
Betty Kellar-Genz
James Alton Kellar
Franklin Geno Kellar
James H. Keller (1829)
John Keller (1800)and Catherine Casler
????Michael Keller and Betsy Shoemacher????


Name: Betty M. Genz <>
Date: 2004-06-12
I am looking for a connection between John Keller and Michael Keller. Michael was married to Betsey Shoemacher and John was married to Catherina Casler.

Name: James B Brumaghim <>
Date: 2004-06-10
I found informatin about my family I did't know. But found mistakes maybe would like to know where you got the information. Any way to wind out about your info.

Name: Donald Robertson <>
Date: 2004-06-07
Much valuable information. Has been very helpful in my research of my Staring ancestors.

Name: Richard Beirman <>
Date: 2004-06-03
Hi my name is Richard Beirman, I'm from Carthage, NY. I am a desendant of Viola Klock who married Frank James Backus. I also have a great aunt Viola Beerman who married a Klock, I am looking for any info on these two woman. The first Viola Klock Backus was my gg grandmother. Thank you and I think this site is great.

Name: Brian Shuckburgh <>
Date: 2004-05-30
I am a descendant of the elder brother of DR. RICHARD SHUCKBURGH, (d. 1773), Army Surgeon, Secretary of Indian Affairs under Sir William Johnson, author/composer of "Yankee Doodle Dandy", and holder of several land patents in Colonial New York. I would be happy to hear from interested persons who may have knowledge of his career and family, including descendants of his daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Lt. James STEWART, married at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Albany, New York, 11 October 1766. As a Lt. Col., James Stewart (Stuart) was a member of the Saint Andrew's Society of New York sometime between 1756 and 1783. After 1763 Stewart served the King's 17th Regiment, and subsequently purchased a commission in the 68th. Regiment; he served a total of 26 years in the British Army.

Date: 2004-05-23
Joseph Brant descendant (Joseph, Jacob, John, Lucy).
Great site and will look forward to visiting again!


Name: Barbara J. Staffo <>
Date: 2004-05-02
I just want to thank you for this awesome site. The amount of work that you have done shows in how easy and enjoyable it is to get around the site. I have already found several of my ancestors here and love the maps. I told my sister that it will take me many months to see everything on the site. What a wonderful experience this is going to be.
Thank you again


Name: Charlotte Hughes <>
Date: 2004-05-01
I cannot believe all the information on the site. So well put together. It will be a pleasure to revisit often. Thank you for all your work.

Date: 2004-04-29
The amount of information on this site is amazing. I am researching the Petrie and Apple familes, especially those who migrated north to St. Lawrence County after 1800.

Name: Patricia Sass <>
Date: 2004-04-26
Looking for connections to the Manee FamilyWho migrated to Brooklyn.

Name: Daniel DeMay <>
Date: 2004-04-14
What a terrific goldmine of a site!

Name: Susan Sisson <>
Date: 2004-04-09
I live in Florida and would like to visit the museum. Are there any hotel accomodations near the fort? What airport would I fly into? I would like to visit Memorial Day.


Name: penney kiser <>
Date: 2004-04-02
this site was really great

Name: Nwanne Biko <>
Date: 2004-03-31
nice and cool site of indian please keep waka pass here biko ohhhhhhhthanks okkkkk

Name: Donald E. Cox <>
Date: 2004-03-29
I have been looking for my grandfather of 10 generations.His name is Fasier Cox born 1743-44 N.Y. Maybe I will find something to lead me to him at your location. If I do i'll let you know. Thanking you in advance. Don

Name: Linda Piechowski <>
Date: 2004-03-28
I was sent a page out of the book --Mohawk Valley Caslers and Allied Families--from the Herkimer Historical Society. There is an entry in the back of the book (EY1) about John Keller and his wife Catherine Casler.
It states that John's father was Michael Keller. Much of the info in the book's entry was correct. Some of it, though, I believe is not correct. Also, I would like to know how the person discovered John's father's name. I would like to check their research. If anyone knows how to contact anyone related with this book...please email me.


Name: Roland Young <>
Date: 2004-03-23
I am looking for my #4 g/gf Peter Young b 1749 and came to Rowan Co.,NC abt 1766 from Ireland, maybe also from the Palatinate.
My family names are, YOUNG, Clemmer, Hoffman, Miller, Mills,
Thanks Roland


Name: Linda Piechowski <>
Date: 2004-03-23
3-23-04 RE: Keller line
I'm back again. I've come a long way since my first posting here. I do believe it was the people at this site who connected me with the Herkimer DAR people. One person at the DAR has been really helping me. Also now the Herkimer Historian has found some very good material for me.
I discovered that Henry Keller and Jacob Keller, his son, were living in Little Falls Township on the north side of the river. They were living in Glen's purchase Lot #17.
I really wish I knew more about the patents. I haven't been able to locate any information about the non-Burnetsfield patents. All I know is that Glen's purchase was 1739. If someone at your site has any info on the patents in the area..please post it. Maps would be great.
Thank you so much.


Name: Carina <>
Date: 2004-03-19
I am German citizen and researching my family. My Grandfathers last name is DADT. I found that his Grandfathers name was spelled DATT. Grandfathers full name is Friedrich DATT born 16 October 1813, baptised on 24 October 1813, wife Dorothea Reuß, His father was Johannes DATT, wife Margaretha Anna Koch. I saw that you had the JOHANNES DATT and wife MARGARETHA also listed and was wondering if they are identical? The years seem to be correct. Please reply! Thanks!


Name: Ruth Sickles, Marcine <>
Date: 2004-03-18
Excellent site. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about every day life during that time frame. The fact that my Sickles ancestors were part of it all, makes it that much more interesting. Thank you for sharing.

Name: John Knowlton <of>
Date: 2004-03-10
My mother's ancestors, the Harters, were among the 1710 group to come to the Hudson Valley. This web site has given me a large amount of valuable information. The on-line book by Knittle was especially useful for background history.

Date: 2004-03-06

Name: joe farrell <>
Date: 2004-02-15

Name: Tina (Klock)Murray <>
Date: 2004-02-09
I'm trying to find more on my father's side of the family.
His father was willaim Klock and grandfather was Lorenzo
Klock. thank you tina


Name: Kathleen Bronk <>
Date: 2004-02-08
The site was very informative. I have been tracing the history of Mathias (Matthew, Matheus) Brunk (Bronk, Brong). I have catalogued much of the family history up to the present if anyone is interested.

Name: Mike Louis <>
Date: 2004-02-04
I wish the places I'm currently working had this kind of operation. ml

Name: James b. Hickey <>
Date: 2004-01-30
i first learned about this place from my cousin maggie and i hope to visit this place this year in looks like they have a lot of history there, and a very nice place to see thanks. Jimmy Hickey from mayfield pa.

Name: Marion (Mosher) Keyser <>
Date: 2004-01-22
Very interesting. I will be back to read more.

Name: Tim Coulthart <>
Date: 2004-01-15
I recently stumbled upon your site, WOW. I was most amazed to see the submission of Clifford Young's book, The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley(1710-1946).

A couple years ago I entered the the Jerg Hans Jung descendants into a genealogy database and posted the results hoping to extend the tree past the published date of 1947, see

Great site
Tim Coulthart
Madison, WI


Name: Steve Hysted <>
Date: 2004-01-14
The ens Hysted mentioned is a possible ancestor of mine. I will probably visit when I visit America from UK>

Name: douglas paulson <>
Date: 2004-01-10
some of you mite no from when my parents use to take care of the place.john an jean paulson.since my father has passed away ny nother has gottin alot better.she told me to ask ake about who was still runing the fort?or who is the main boss up there still? well take care and hope to here from you soon.

Name: David Burton Flint <>
Date: 2003-12-31
Just a short update. I have now added to my web-site: my latest book in the David Burton Flint Colonial Book Series, 'Trail of Broken Chains.'
I hope you will visit my web site and review my latest novel, as well as new articles, and pictures of the Mohawk Valley. After doing book signings In Cherry Valley last September, I had a few hours to take new phots of places I like. I hope to see all my friends this coming year.
I will be keeping you all updated on my newest novel, 'Two Brothers, Two Wars, One Valley.'
I wish all of you a Great New Year.


Name: Ben Tice <>
Date: 2003-12-30
I just starting to look up my ancestors. This is a great site. I'm sure I'll be back several times.


Date: 2003-12-27
Thank you so much for your site! I am originally from Canajoharie & Fort Plain, but am currently living in Orlando, FL. It is great to be able to revisit so much from home, and your historical information is helpful for my son's research report on the Mohawk Indians. I found your site and started looking for info on the Iroquois and soon got side-tracked with so much other information!


Name: Wayne Burkey <>
Date: 2003-12-27
This amazing site delivered info on William P. Webster (d. May 1900) whose Mohawk Valley roots stem from the 18th century; the info helped me date a Utica photograph. Also thrilled to see that someone is restoring the Fox House (St. Johnsville).

Name: Linda Piechowski <>
Date: 2003-12-10
I was recommended this site by possibly a very distant cousin of a cousin. I found the church histories to be
very good.

I am researching the Keller line. James H. , John 1799, and we think his father may have been names John also.


Name: Gary G Gann <>
Date: 2003-12-10
Great site, I found what I was looking for. My gggggrandfater Johannes (John) Plantz served in this regiment. His name however is misspelled as "PLANT" I have a copy of his grandsons obit tracing his roots to Johannes Plantz and listing his service with a Col. Clocks second regiment. This is really awsome, thanks.

Name: Marilyn Casson <>
Date: 2003-11-25
Love this site! As a descendent of the Sternbergh and Loucks line with ties to Schaeffer I have found some interesting genealogical information here. Thank you to all who have taken the time to compile and contribute this historical information.

Name: Donald Sass <>
Date: 2003-11-22
Searching my ancestory I found your sight "NY in the Revolution as Colony and State"

There I found Nehemiah Kniffen my GGGGGGrand Father in the Fifth Regiment.

The Line is still serving!

D.L. Sass


Name: Paul Fox <robocop1@front>
Date: 2003-11-20
this is a nice place my father leslie fox lived their when he was younger thanks Paul Fox

Name: LeRoy VanHee <>
Date: 2003-11-20
My (6g)grandfather was Johann Henrick Spohn (Spoon, Spaan, Spawn, Spone, Sphon, etc.) who drew lot #32 on the south side of the Mohawk River in the Burnetsfield Patent. See his story at:
I'm very grateful for the information available at the Fort Klock website. It's priceless!


Name: Doug Johnson <>
Date: 2003-11-17
Researching my ancestry of Simon John Strader (Strayter, Strider, Streter) born 1721 who lived on Lot 60W of the Kingsborough Patent and Dr James Stuart, member of Royal Regiment and lived in Delaware County in 1774

Name: James b. Hickey <>
Date: 2003-11-15
hi my name is James b. Hickey and i am not looking for my roots on this page, but iam puting my name in this guest book just like every one is doing. oh hi maggie.

Name: David Reaver <>
Date: 2003-11-10
Noticed our family name in your 1790 census. Interested in a follow up if any history of the Reaver name in your town.


David Reaver


Name: Tina Dottino <>
Date: 2003-11-10
Thank you so much for your site! I am originally from Canajoharie & Fort Plain, but am currently living in Orlando, FL. It is great to be able to revisit so much from home, and your historical information is helpful for my son's research report on the Mohawk Indians. I found your site and started looking for info on the Iroquois and soon got side-tracked with so much other information!

Name: Michelle Williams <>
Date: 2003-11-07
This site is great. I am a decendent of John Ried and his wife Dorothea Sutz. My family always knew that John's father was murdered and scalped by Indians but we did not know exactly when just during the Revolutionary War. This site finally gave me that information in Dorothea's fathers pention application. Thanks.