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Name: Kammee <>
Date: 2009-12-15
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How I found this page Rootsweb
Wow I'm so glad I stumbled across this webpage. I've been searching for HONE's in the Warwick area & I've gotten close to late 1500 but a lot of it is still missing [ie dates & some last names]. Thank you for having this up it's help & I will still continue on my search. I'm sure you're links will help me out even more. THANK YOU!!!

Kammee Stewart


Name: Mary Skipworth <>
Date: 2009-02-03
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Nicole can you please contact me as I have some new information of interest re Charles Dennis William Henry DANE. I cannot find your new email address.



Name: Best Guest Houses <>
Date: 2006-08-09
Title of my Website Windermere Guest Houses
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How I found this page Google
Very useful and interesting site

Name: Nic <>
Date: 2006-04-28

Name: Anne Henson Dennix <>
Date: 2004-02-19
How I found this page Just surfing
As yet have not done the Website thing. But like you started my research in the early 90s. So I can say "Been there, still doing that". Gotta love the internet. A great research tool for those who just plain don't have the time to get out and dig about in the courthouses, etc. (which, by the way, I really love to do.)



Name: Fran Bowman <>
Date: 2003-11-03
How I found this page just searching
Great Site.......

Name: Paul <>
Date: 2003-04-04
Just testing