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Name: Andrea Wiechern <pawiechern@clear.net.nz>
Date: 2016-04-14
Did you find a relative? Yes
I am a relative of Eldon Lawrence Geeves. I would like to know if you know any more about him or his relatives. I am the daughter of his son.
Thank you I look forward to hearing from you.


Name: Pauline Watson <pauline_watson@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 2016-03-25
Did you find a relative? Yes, Edward Geeves Chandler, my grandfather
Did you find any links that didn't work? no
What was the best part of the site? finding my ancestors
Thank you Lesley, an enormous amount of work has gone into this site


Name: Rennae Long <rennaelong@yahoo.com.au>
Date: 2015-05-21
Did you find a relative? Yes - many
My name is Rennae Long and I am a related back to George Jones and Susan Featherstone - through Georgina Jones and her daughter Rebecca Susan Turnbull who married Senator James J Long. I am interested to update the next three generations of Long's and Brady's - is it possible to do this on your site?
I hope to hear from you and thanks for the information you prepared and shared.

Kind regards,



Name: Susan Doel <Boots1960@hotmail.com>
Date: 2014-11-12
Did you find a relative? No
Looking for the name Doel understood to of came out on the ship Carnatic a bout 1873 the same time the potter family

Name: Robert Graham <tinygraham@hotmail.com>
Date: 2014-09-28
Did you find a relative? yes
I am the grandson of Julia Lillian (Huria Reriana)Bidois (eldest daughhter of Hoani Papita Bidois & Te Rati Maretina pareamio Borell# and Sydeney Graham#Kereama Hirini#(eldest son of Enoka hirini & Agataha Borell. Hoani Papita bidois is the son of Mary Anne#Mereana) Borell and Pierre Peter Kanohi Warner Bidois. Mary anne and agatha were sisters. I believe we are related via Mary Annes daughter Sarah Te Tane Hera Bidois & Taupua Thomas Hauhungas daughter Martha who married Thaoms percy Ransom. I would love to contact family members of Thomas and Martha

Name: Jennifer Hammond <alwynjenny@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 2014-08-18
Did you find a relative? Yes
Did you find any links that didn't work? No
What was the best part of the site? Photos
My great gg parents Thomas Urquhart and Margaret McKenzie , son Alexander , son my grandfather Balfour A U McKenzie, my mum Nance U McKenzie. I went to Wanganui reunion 1976, Book POYNTZFIELD BY Rob Knight. I want photos of grave of Thomas and Alexander. I saw in your page. Nothing about Alexander family there.

Name: Jane Tomlins <tomlins.jane@gmail.com>
Date: 2014-08-06
Did you find any links that didn't work? no
Hi Lesley,

A correction to Jack and Jackie Lomas's family. They had 6 children not 7, Beth Lomas is not one of their children.

Kind regards


Name: Courtney O'Hagan <courtney.ohagan@hotmail.com>
Date: 2014-05-05
Did you find a relative? Yes - many
Did you find any links that didn't work? No
What was the best part of the site? Being able to trace my family
Thank you so much :)

Name: Eleanor O'Byrne <eobyrne@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 2013-11-25
Did you find a relative? my grandmother
Ethel Alice Sexton, nee Milner was my grandmother. My father was Jim Sexton and I was so excited to find this website. Thank you. Would like to see more if possible. Ethel Harriet married Joe Osborne and they had 1 daughter, Margaret who married Rex Topless and is now deceased but I have no dates. Dad also had a younger brother, Bill who married Hilda Wilson and they had 3 children, Shirley, Gary and Murray but again I have no dates.

Name: Jeanette Baylis <baylis@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 2013-09-19
Did you find a relative? Oh, yes!
What was the best part of the site? Its clarity and ease of use!
I married Colin Harold Brett Baylis (d. Jan 2001) on 16th May 1964 and we have two sons, Philip Richard (b. 1964) and Geoffrey David (b.September 1968). Colin's father was Lewis Harold Baylis, son of George Henry Baylis (so many George Henrys!)and all three families lived/live in the Island Bay & Owhiro Bay areas. Colin had three siblings, Vera, Joan & Geoffrey, an uncle Sidney(?) and four unmaried aunts.

Name: Kay Walker <murfomurf@gmail.com>
Date: 2013-07-12
Did you find a relative? No, unfortunately
Did you find any links that didn't work? Not so far!
What was the best part of the site? Info about Walker connections
Easy to use website. Not too fancy or complicated. Font sizes appropriate. I thought you might have my uncle Ivan (Wilfred) Walker in your tree, but he's not the one- can't find him anywhere except my own tree :-(

Name: Stephen Govier <printssg@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 2013-03-24
Did you find a relative? Dr Wrightson
Hi, am reseaching the Wrightson family could I obtain copies of the photos please.

Name: Gayle Blanch <blanchy@actrix.co.nz>
Date: 2013-01-13
Did you find a relative? Yes
Your information was very helpful filling in a few gaps. My ancestry come through William Park who married Jane Tory. My relative are from his firt wife.


Name: Richard O'Leary <roleary45@gmail.com>
Date: 2012-10-21
Did you find a relative? sort of
Did you find any links that didn't work? no
I am interested in the Geeves family in as much as both Alfred (b.1875) and Samuel (b 1872) were married to relatives so distant it almost doesn't matter. Both Sarah and Emily were daughters of my ex mother in laws' great great grandmother (work that one out) and I don't like loose ends on my site. I cannot find any records of the birth of all of this family except Ellen, Jessie and Martha and would appreciate the source of your information. I have found confirmation of the marriages and would like to verify the Geeves family connections. You can see were I'm from at www.rjoleary.com I would like to exchange info Thanks


Name: PeterTaylor <hanright@mac.com>
Date: 2012-10-19
Did you find a relative? YES
Letting you know that Bruce George Taylor died on 19/3/09 & that his wife's maiden name is spelt Hanright not Hanwright

Name: Peter taylor <hanright@mac.com>
Date: 2012-10-19
Did you find a relative? Yes
Did you find any links that didn't work? No
What was the best part of the site? Walkers
Hi I would like to be able to contact you as I am one of Beatrice May Taylor nee Walkers grandchildren. Im trying to find out more about the walker family as well as trying to get any photos of the family where possible (Im also willing to share what I have as well, although its not much. hoping to hear back from you soon.

Peter Taylor


Name: Vic Jarvis <vicj@clear.net.nz>
Date: 2012-10-18
Did you find a relative? Robert Isaac Love
He had other children Victor Gordon Love b1905 & Joyce Winifred Love b 23 December 1906. Joyce married Harold Bennett Sylvester on 5 February 1928 who is connected to my family tree.

Name: Margaret Jarrold <jarrold.g.m@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 2012-10-09
Did you find a relative? Yes
I am a descendant of the Bowden family.
Mary Margaret Geeves married Lance Guffie son of Clara Bowden
My grandmother Rebecca Bowden and Clara Bowden who married Walter Inder Guffie were sisters.
A great Site - well done


Name: Brett Ransom <brett.ransom@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 2012-06-10
Did you find a relative? not too sure
Did you find any links that didn't work? not sure
My dads name was barry albert robinson but was adopted to barry ivan ransom born 1939 in Palmerston North New zealand he also has a brother brian robinson

Name: Brett Ransom <brett.ransom@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 2012-05-01
Hi there i was hoping this site would be able to find my ancestors. I dont have much information but was wondering if anyone knew my dad He was Barry Ivan Ransom born in Foxton my dad was adopted into the Ransom family and that is all i know about him


Name: Debbie Caunter <caunter@hnpl.net>
Date: 2012-02-24
Did you find a relative? Yes
Hi Lesley, I am descended from the Geeves, namely Amy Esther - youngest daughter of Reuben and Mary. I see you are lacking info on that line of the family. I can supply most of the names- not completely sure of the dates.Amy and her daughter, Madge, took a trip down Otago way in 1962 and met many of the relatives. I have been reading the diary and trying to match up the names with the family tree. How are you connected?

Name: Barry Challenger <barryc@melbpc.org.au>
Date: 2011-08-11
Did you find a relative? no
Did you find any links that didn't work? no
What was the best part of the site? the Carnatic page
I was interested in the page on the ship Carnatic because the same ship brought my Challenger ancestors to Rockhampton Qld in 1879. I have some details at http://member.melbpc.org.au/~barryc/index.htm
I'd be interested in a picture of the ship, but can't find one.
Barry Challenger


Name: Rick Manners <rick.rhodo@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 2011-06-12
Did you find a relative? Quite possible.
My family "MANNERS" have come from the same areas in England, i.e. Doncaster, Wakefield and Alkborough. John Hall and family came in 1859 on The Tornado, he was a Primitive Methodist Minister, one of his sons (my G.Grandfather was born in Wakefield. We have had contact before as regards another side of my family, George Washington Wheeler.
Regards. Rick Manners.


Name: Chantel Crispin (Fletcher) <brendon.chantel@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 2011-01-07
Did you find a relative? Samuel Mark Fletcher (my father)
Did you find any links that didn't work? no
What was the best part of the site? all the info you have
Great site thanks

Name: Shilo <shilosunset68@yahoo.com.au>
Date: 2010-12-17
Did you find a relative? no unfortunately
Did you find any links that didn't work? no
What was the best part of the site? All
Hello, Firstly Congratulations on your Family Tree well done Countrybump99 I guess that stands for "country bumpkin" ?
so many surnames in your tree, I found you at www.familytreecircles.com and was hoping in desperation that I just might find a surname that
connects with mine however not so,although several surnames which brought me to your site.
Carty,Dixon,Jeffery/Jeffrey ,McCarthy, Ryan,Scott,Tieney,Tuohy.

One surname Jeffery did relate only as place,as my Jeffery/Jeffrey ancestors did come from the Isle of Wight the only information I have is
as follows......

My ggrandmother Hannah Wright/Wight Seymour Jeffery
her father was Henry Seymour Jeffery b1850-d1918 married Ellen Dixon parents Edward Dixon /m Margaret Paton
Henry's parents Frederick Hannah Wight Seymour all from Isle of Wight Nana was named after the place Wight, as in Isle of Wight
other christian names were surnames Seymour, Wright,.as far as I know.


Name: Pamela McInnarney <nga_tahi@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 2010-09-27
Did you find a relative? Yes
Maud Mary Eggers was a sister to Violet May Eggers - married name: (McCaughern) (They are actually buried in the same cemetery) Violet was my husbands grandmother - her daughter, was Olga May McInnarney. Olga was born in 1919 and adopted out at approx 3 years of age to the Morgan family in Karori. We have very little information on Violet and would love to know if the family has any family photos available to copy.

Name: Nigel McKendrick <nigelmck@shaw.ca>
Date: 2010-08-08
Did you find a relative? not sure
I am researching my mother Milner family tree which appears to have orgin in Yorkshire, Pudsey, Calverley, Halifax, and also a branch that moved to KENT!! and new Zealand. I have a family tree which was started by my Great Grandmother I can send a photo of it to you.

Name: Jenny Scott <zk_jrs@yahoo.com.au>
Date: 2010-01-05
Did you find a relative? Yes
Thanks Lesley - I am a descendant of Selina Bassett and George Washington Wheeler. Their daughter Ada Louise married Robert Edward Young in NZ 22/11/1884. They had 11 children between 1886 and 1905 including my maternal grandmother Olive Harding Young 1892-1984.

Name: Brian Shiers <brian@shiers.orangehome.co.uk>
Date: 2009-05-01
Did you find a relative? yes
Did you find any links that didn't work? no
What was the best part of the site? Martha Byfield
Hi My Materal Grand Mother Mary Sophia (1859 Lambeth) Bliss & George Beart Was the daughter of Thomas Bliss (1830 & Mary Ann Harrison) the Brother Martha Bliss(11-4-1824 Soho london)Thankfor a most interesting Site .The site was given to me by my Nieice Linda Stewart
Brian Shiers


Name: John D Mahoney <mladi@woosh.co.nz>
Date: 2009-02-22
Did you find a relative? Patience Lovelock
Isaac Lovelock, father of Patience who married George Milner, is my 4th great grandfather. I am descended from Patience older sister Sarah Lovelock. Sarah was born 9 Oct 1830, East Farleigh, Kent, England. Sarah Married Edward Collins 11 Jan 1854.