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Name: Angie P. Castillo <>
Date: 2014-12-04
Earliest Known Ancestor Maria Rita Torres
Born about? / Where from? 1965 Georgewest
Other family surnames Pierce
I'm doing my genealogy and I'm searching for my great grandmother Maria Rita Torres-Pierce who was born in Georgewest and surrounding area. Her parents were Jose Maria Torres and Martina Cantu Torres. She supposebly married a man by the name of William Pierce and had about 5-6 sons with him. Names of the sons were; Eduardo, Timoteo, Willie, Celestino and Cristoval Pierce. Not really sure if William and Rita were legally married. William Pierce may have worked on the railroad and possibly had a bar in the area and was killed by a patron. I'm interested in looking and finding information about my great grandmother and family. PLEASE if there is anybody out there who is possibly related, feel free to contact me at the email provided. Thank You. Angie Castillo

Name: Angie P. Castillo <>
Date: 2014-12-04
Earliest Known Ancestor Maria Rita Torres
Born about? / Where from? 1965 Georgewest
Other family surnames Pierce
I'm doing my genealogy and I'm searching for my great grandmother Maria Rita Torres-Pierce who was born in Georgewest and surrounding area. Her parents were Jose Maria Torres and Martina Cantu Torres. She supposebly married a man by the name of William Pierce and had about 5-6 sons with him. I'm interested in looking and finding information about my great grandmother and family. PLEASE if there is anybody out there who is possibly related, feel free to contact me at the email provided. Thank You. Angie Castillo

Name: Diane M Secord <>
Date: 2012-06-27
Earliest Known Ancestor Catherine Fox
Born about? / Where from? 1858/Texas
Other family surnames McGloin, Johnson
I looked at your 1860 census page and found Catherine Fox. I also found her future husband Thomas Johnson in the 1870 census. However, when I clicked to see the full page, it was not located. Am I not doing something correctly? I am so excited about your site as I am relatively new to genealogy and know only names of great, great grandparents. Thank you.

Name: Marvin Slaughter <>
Date: 2011-07-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Walter Lee Slaughter
Born about? / Where from? 1830 Lawrence Co.,Ms.
Other family surnames Watts,Taylor,Winters,Lowrance
Any information would help. Looking for Walter Lee Slaughter first wife Louisa Ann Pelham. They married in Caldwell Co. 1851.

Thank You


Name: Linda White-Hunt <>
Date: 2011-05-02
Earliest Known Ancestor N. Gussett
Born about? / Where from? B:1827 - North Carolina
Other family surnames Evans
Can marriage certificates be ordered through this site? I am looking for Early Marriage Index I - page 54 - Evans, margaret - Gussett, N.

Can you help?

thank you.


Name: Shari Cunningham Wilson <>
Date: 2011-02-15
Earliest Known Ancestor John Thomas James
Born about? / Where from? b. 1820 VA
Other family surnames Cunningham, Bartlett, Campbell
I need to know exactly when Joseph A. Bartlett entered Texas. When did he settle in Henderson, Tx. I know he was there in March of 1846. Was he there in early Feb. of 1846? He lost his first wife there and eventually moved to Oakville, Live Oak Co, TX, was married again(Catherine MCWhorter, I believe) and had several more children.Thanks for any help on this info.


Name: Ed McCoy <>
Date: 2011-02-07
Earliest Known Ancestor Ephraim & Sarah Hatfield
Sara Jane Hatfield & a son Earl are buired somewhere near the town of Oakville. I would like to locate. Any genealogy about family. they lived in Oakville from 1880 to 1915

Name: Raymond Fox <>
Date: 2010-11-08
Earliest Known Ancestor Michael Fox
Born about? / Where from? 1775 / Leitrim, Ireland
Other family surnames McGloin, Chambless
I am a decendant of Michael Fox (my great,g,g,grandfather) of Leitrim, Ireland. He settled on land given to him and his wife Mary McGloin by her brother Patrick McGloin in San Patricio County, Fox's Nation. Any one else related?

Name: Thomas H. James <>
Date: 2010-07-28
Earliest Known Ancestor Thomas L. James
Born about? / Where from? Mississippi
My father, George H. James was born in Kaufman Co. in 1903 but he and his family, the Thomas L. James' moved to Live Oak Co. when he was a young child. I have scanned some of his old photos and have 4 that were taken at a White Creek school in 1924, when he was 21. The people are not identified. I am not sure where White Creek School was located but some of his other photos are idetified as being at White Creek. Is there or was there a White Oak school or church located in Live Oak Co. The James family lived between George West and Three Rivers and they were close friends with the Ward and Pearl Harris family.

Name: Sarah Briseno <>
Date: 2010-07-10
Earliest Known Ancestor Gonzago Briseno
Born about? / Where from? 1865 in Tx
I have been looking for anf info on Gonzago Briseno. the 1920 census has him living in Mikeska, widdowed with 3 sons. He remarried in 1921 in Live Oak co. I'm running into many road blocks because his name is misspelled all the time. If any has anything that could help me I would be very thankful1

Name: Tinka Langfeld <>
Date: 2010-06-24
Earliest Known Ancestor Taylor Whitsett
Born about? / Where from? 1880's Live Oak County
I am looking for more information on the Whitsett family. It is my understanding there were four brothers and they owned a ranch in the area of Whitsett. What was the location of the ranch?

Thanks in advance,

Tinka Langfeld


Name: Mavis Hensley Sager <>
Date: 2010-04-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Alexander Walker
Born about? / Where from? 1840
Other family surnames McCall,
My great grandmother had 2 uncles, names Alex and Steve Walker who settled in early Texas...did battle with the Indians, and from family stories, fought in the Mexican war....I have found these names listed in a census for Oakville, McMullen Co Texas 1870..Alex age 30 and Steve age 38...their parents, Nathaniel H and Mary McCombs Walker lived in Atascosa Co...
I would appreciate any info you might have regarding them..I understand that possibly they could be in Live Oak Co...have looked both places, to no avail...
I live in Florida, and am so grateful to Texas for all the info they provide via internet for us long distance searchers!
I know nothing re: the 2 men other than the stories passed down from my gr grandmother, to my grandmother and then to hopefully, they did have families and we could pick up that thread!
thank you again, and again for all your dedication and help.Mavis H. Sager


Name: Edward McCoy <>
Date: 2010-02-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Ephraim Foster Hatfield
Born about? / Where from? 1843 / TN
Looking for any information on family of Ephriam F. Hatfield, wife Sara J. Davidson, childern L. Chester, George Ragan, Una Fay, Audery, Ruby (my grandmother), Drue and any others of Oakville.

Name: Rob Miller <>
Date: 2009-11-24
Earliest Known Ancestor None
Born about? / Where from? Googlw
Other family surnames None

Name: Pat Hartnett <>
Date: 2009-09-30
Earliest Known Ancestor Unknown Clark
Born about? / Where from? Tennessee?
Other family surnames Bennett
Looking for a man by the last name of Clark that lived in the Lebanon area in the 1890's. My grandfather said that as a little boy he went with his pa to see Mr. Clark and that he had a lot of land and cattle. He was a brother to my great-great grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Clark Bennett. She was born in Jackson Co., Tennessee.

Name: Virginia W. Bailey <david-virginia>
Date: 2009-09-17
Other family surnames Pate
I am looking for any listings for my Aunt Ima Powers Pate who was born June 9, 1898 in Shelby County, Texas and died Dec. 8, 1926 in Oakville, Texas. She left behind her husband William Albert Pate and four children, Loretta, L.D., Ladeanna and a baby William Elbert Pate. I have been told that she is buried in Oakville Cemetery. Her grave has a footing around it and is filled with white rock. I have been in that area, but never found her grave.

I need someone to help me locate her grave if possible. I will be grateful for any help given. I live to far away to make that trip again.

Looking forward to hearing from someone soon.

Virginia W. Bailey


Name: Audie Patel <>
Date: 2008-12-01
Earliest Known Ancestor Mollie Shaffer
Born about? / Where from? Baron Anthony
Other family surnames Augustus Love
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Name: Helen Navarro <>
Date: 2008-12-01
Earliest Known Ancestor Buford Daugherty
Born about? / Where from? Benton Barnes
Other family surnames Barbara Cannon
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Name: Sonia Day <>
Date: 2008-12-01
Earliest Known Ancestor Venus Sanchez
Born about? / Where from? Rudolph Simpson
Other family surnames Bertram Church
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Name: Harris Walton <>
Date: 2008-11-30
Earliest Known Ancestor Tabitha Lindsey
Born about? / Where from? Bonita Fox
Other family surnames Candice Walker
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Name: Brandi Bond <>
Date: 2008-11-30
Earliest Known Ancestor Julio Foley
Born about? / Where from? Kieth Middleton
Other family surnames Clayton Gardner
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Name: Rhoda Warner <>
Date: 2008-11-29
Earliest Known Ancestor Victor Doyle
Born about? / Where from? Desiree Howe
Other family surnames Susana Bullock
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Name: Wendi Morrison <>
Date: 2008-11-29
Earliest Known Ancestor Cris Hurst
Born about? / Where from? Ruthie Conway
Other family surnames Maryann Pittman
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Name: Lamar Velez <>
Date: 2008-11-29
Earliest Known Ancestor Myrna Farrell
Born about? / Where from? Esperanza Daniels
Other family surnames Rosemary Knapp
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Name: Darlene Riddle <>
Date: 2008-11-28
Earliest Known Ancestor Freeman Cameron
Born about? / Where from? Karrie Bryant
Other family surnames Dean Burns
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Name: Jeannette Wade <>
Date: 2008-11-28
Earliest Known Ancestor Lisha Glover
Born about? / Where from? Coy Noel
Other family surnames Angelica Cobb
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Name: Emerson Bradley <>
Date: 2008-11-27
Earliest Known Ancestor Luanne Mitchell
Born about? / Where from? Maritza Molina
Other family surnames Carmen Berger
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Name: Jacquelyn Acosta <>
Date: 2008-11-27
Earliest Known Ancestor Penni Atkins
Born about? / Where from? Noelle Rosales
Other family surnames Alice Mercer
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Name: Lorrie Todd <>
Date: 2008-11-27
Earliest Known Ancestor Charley Shields
Born about? / Where from? Lavern Molina
Other family surnames Leigh Burris
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Name: Coleman Spence <>
Date: 2008-11-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Ward Weaver
Born about? / Where from? Jake Marsh
Other family surnames Sydney Harvey
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Name: Dolly Ware <>
Date: 2008-11-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Jeff Bishop
Born about? / Where from? Angelica Carrillo
Other family surnames Colette Sims
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Name: Sally Crawford <>
Date: 2008-11-25
Earliest Known Ancestor Unknown Washington
Born about? / Where from? Nathan Erickson
Other family surnames Etta Justice
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Name: Gary Allen <>
Date: 2008-11-25
Earliest Known Ancestor Duke Roberts
Born about? / Where from? Curtiss Flynn
Other family surnames Blanche Murray
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Name: Mikel Buckner <>
Date: 2008-11-25
Earliest Known Ancestor Donita Chavez
Born about? / Where from? Kent Sellers
Other family surnames Deann Stokes
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Date: 2008-11-24
Earliest Known Ancestor Loyd Sykes
Born about? / Where from? Deric Sparks
Other family surnames Debra Carrillo
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Name: Javier Nolan <>
Date: 2008-11-23
Earliest Known Ancestor Quintin Wolfe
Born about? / Where from? Juli Jackson
Other family surnames Carol Blair
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Name: Augustus Chavez <>
Date: 2008-11-22
Earliest Known Ancestor Ruth Cantrell
Born about? / Where from? Dee Frost
Other family surnames Deanna Knapp
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Name: Guadalupe Alvarez <>
Date: 2008-11-21
Earliest Known Ancestor Maxine Leblanc
Born about? / Where from? Wilfredo Mcpherson
Other family surnames Aimee Snider
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Date: 2008-11-21
Earliest Known Ancestor Alexander Valenzuela
Born about? / Where from? Ginger Bryan
Other family surnames Scott Hill
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Name: Tammi Buchanan <>
Date: 2008-11-19
Earliest Known Ancestor Antonio Hartman
Born about? / Where from? Cheryle Weiss
Other family surnames Diane Petersen
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Name: Rene Franklin <>
Date: 2008-11-18
Earliest Known Ancestor Mechelle Campbell
Born about? / Where from? Agnes Massey
Other family surnames Hilton Hardy
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Name: Stacie Wheeler <>
Date: 2008-11-18
Earliest Known Ancestor Tim Macias
Born about? / Where from? Sharla Blackburn
Other family surnames Boris Gutierrez
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Name: Mary Workman <>
Date: 2008-11-18
Earliest Known Ancestor Missy Little
Born about? / Where from? Jude Kirk
Other family surnames Andra Luna
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Date: 2008-11-18
Earliest Known Ancestor Kelly Yang
Born about? / Where from? Lorena Bolton
Other family surnames Jonathan Ballard
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Name: Judi Chen <>
Date: 2008-11-16
Earliest Known Ancestor Philip Miles
Born about? / Where from? Tara Bonner
Other family surnames Layne Willis
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Name: Wendy Hamilton <>
Date: 2008-11-16
Earliest Known Ancestor Charley Torres
Born about? / Where from? Juliet Sykes
Other family surnames Audrey Finch
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Name: Freda Avila <>
Date: 2008-11-16
Earliest Known Ancestor Elsie Joseph
Born about? / Where from? Darleen Bender
Other family surnames Napoleon Lyons
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Name: Lela Sampson <>
Date: 2008-11-16
Earliest Known Ancestor Adrian Bruce
Born about? / Where from? Frankie Bennett
Other family surnames Emilio Aguilar
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Name: Shawna Galloway <>
Date: 2008-11-15
Earliest Known Ancestor Bryce Ware
Born about? / Where from? Maryjo Morales
Other family surnames Denice Robinson
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Date: 2008-11-15
Earliest Known Ancestor Jacques Bonner
Born about? / Where from? Audrey Watkins
Other family surnames Eve Becker
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Date: 2008-11-15
Earliest Known Ancestor Jody Sweeney
Born about? / Where from? Kristine Moran
Other family surnames Deborah Lott
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Born about? / Where from? Hollie Daniels
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Born about? / Where from? Kristin Forbes
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Date: 2008-11-12
Earliest Known Ancestor Silas Galloway
Born about? / Where from? Junior Castillo
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Date: 2008-11-12
Earliest Known Ancestor Brain Lamb
Born about? / Where from? Lora Williams
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Born about? / Where from? Davis Herman
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<a href= >Student Mental Health And Campus Safety</a>


Name: Collette Charles <>
Date: 2008-11-10
Earliest Known Ancestor Francesca Hurley
Born about? / Where from? Erika Cash
Other family surnames Bobbi Tucker
<a href= >Graphic Communication Technology</a>
<a href= >Un Human Development Complete Report Pdf</a>
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Name: Teri Bradshaw <>
Date: 2008-11-10
Earliest Known Ancestor Ruthie Wagner
Born about? / Where from? Holli Walter
Other family surnames Tanya Delgado
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Name: Anna Carter <>
Date: 2008-11-09
Earliest Known Ancestor Kim Haley
Born about? / Where from? Landon Kirkland
Other family surnames Irving Weiss
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Name: Leroy Schroeder <>
Date: 2008-11-09
Earliest Known Ancestor Donny Paul
Born about? / Where from? Wilbur Meyers
Other family surnames Caroline Franklin
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Name: Jeffery Hensley <>
Date: 2008-11-09
Earliest Known Ancestor Catherine Rowe
Born about? / Where from? Jeana Mcdaniel
Other family surnames Earl Burch
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Name: Vanessa Mccall <>
Date: 2008-11-09
Earliest Known Ancestor Ignacio Ray
Born about? / Where from? Rosemarie Newton
Other family surnames Rosario Hernandez
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Name: Reuben Smith <>
Date: 2008-11-08
Earliest Known Ancestor Liz Woodard
Born about? / Where from? Duncan Paul
Other family surnames Artie Caldwell
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Name: Edna Bryant <>
Date: 2008-11-08
Earliest Known Ancestor Matt James
Born about? / Where from? Mona Bright
Other family surnames Frank Arnold
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Name: Kristina Tate <>
Date: 2008-11-07
Earliest Known Ancestor Jean Woods
Born about? / Where from? Audra Espinoza
Other family surnames Rona Shelton
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Name: Jerrold Woodard <>
Date: 2008-11-06
Earliest Known Ancestor Teri Hooper
Born about? / Where from? George Dominguez
Other family surnames Mitzi Watkins
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Name: Maryellen York <>
Date: 2008-11-06
Earliest Known Ancestor Garth Moses
Born about? / Where from? Toni Lewis
Other family surnames Kris Roy
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Date: 2008-11-06
Earliest Known Ancestor Rosanne Lawson
Born about? / Where from? Johnna Dale
Other family surnames Michell Neal
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Date: 2008-11-06
Earliest Known Ancestor Cory England
Born about? / Where from? Jimmie Jarvis
Other family surnames Broderick Ramirez
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Name: Emily Mcgee <>
Date: 2008-11-04
Earliest Known Ancestor Hans Ramsey
Born about? / Where from? Simone Skinner
Other family surnames Lisha Rodriquez
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Name: Mary Dillon <>
Date: 2008-11-04
Earliest Known Ancestor Shonda Nash
Born about? / Where from? Sophia Bowen
Other family surnames Bob Underwood
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Date: 2008-11-04
Earliest Known Ancestor Natalie Larson
Born about? / Where from? Mitch Conner
Other family surnames Gil Gallegos
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Name: Hattie Ryan <>
Date: 2008-11-03
Earliest Known Ancestor Jeffrey Sandoval
Born about? / Where from? Ina Carlson
Other family surnames Ellis Hester
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Name: Chris Day <>
Date: 2008-11-03
Earliest Known Ancestor Jason Hutchinson
Born about? / Where from? Henry Livingston
Other family surnames Vaughn Jefferson
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Name: Maryellen Mcmahon <>
Date: 2008-11-03
Earliest Known Ancestor Leanna Bray
Born about? / Where from? Claire Ward
Other family surnames Jocelyn Jimenez
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Name: Cherry Hatfield <>
Date: 2008-11-02
Earliest Known Ancestor Cara Chan
Born about? / Where from? Salvador Pugh
Other family surnames Gonzalo Fry
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Date: 2008-11-02
Earliest Known Ancestor Freeman Guy
Born about? / Where from? Lenny Winters
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Date: 2008-11-01
Earliest Known Ancestor Lindsay Willis
Born about? / Where from? Roxanna Allen
Other family surnames Katharine Kerr
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Date: 2008-11-01
Earliest Known Ancestor Glynis Cardenas
Born about? / Where from? Benton Gibbs
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Date: 2008-11-01
Earliest Known Ancestor Angeline Barton
Born about? / Where from? Tracy Cox
Other family surnames Victor Cotton
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Date: 2008-11-01
Earliest Known Ancestor Elias Meadows
Born about? / Where from? Frederic Acevedo
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Date: 2008-10-31
Earliest Known Ancestor Anita Potter
Born about? / Where from? Leslie Levine
Other family surnames Caryn Cote
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Date: 2008-10-31
Earliest Known Ancestor Ed Curtis
Born about? / Where from? Nickolas Martinez
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Date: 2008-10-31
Earliest Known Ancestor Russell Carroll
Born about? / Where from? Portia Reid
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Date: 2008-10-31
Earliest Known Ancestor Reinaldo Glass
Born about? / Where from? Santiago Schultz
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Date: 2008-10-30
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Name: Dean Mcneil <>
Date: 2008-10-30
Earliest Known Ancestor Shanda Zamora
Born about? / Where from? Renita Stein
Other family surnames Sherri Gay
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Name: Maura Long <>
Date: 2008-10-30
Earliest Known Ancestor Dannie Stark
Born about? / Where from? Felipe Shelton
Other family surnames Tamala Mills
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Name: Cassie Peck <>
Date: 2008-10-30
Earliest Known Ancestor Jeri Mclaughlin
Born about? / Where from? Glenn Stafford
Other family surnames Rogelio Aguilar
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Name: Wanda Welch <>
Date: 2008-10-29
Earliest Known Ancestor Rene Bond
Born about? / Where from? Bradford Guzman
Other family surnames Susana Leach
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Name: Noel Grant <>
Date: 2008-10-29
Earliest Known Ancestor Linwood Clark
Born about? / Where from? Everette Mcclure
Other family surnames Sherie Farrell
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Name: Reginald Tyler <>
Date: 2008-10-29
Earliest Known Ancestor Jessica Townsend
Born about? / Where from? Joaquin Justice
Other family surnames Ashley Forbes
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Date: 2008-10-28
Earliest Known Ancestor Virginia Schwartz
Born about? / Where from? Dawn Nicholson
Other family surnames Claudette Franklin
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Date: 2008-10-28
Earliest Known Ancestor Jamey Townsend
Born about? / Where from? Adrian Booker
Other family surnames Leslie Glass
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Name: Roseanne Lowe <>
Date: 2008-10-27
Earliest Known Ancestor Michell Wyatt
Born about? / Where from? Esther Ewing
Other family surnames Gary Vega
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Name: Cedric Burns <>
Date: 2008-10-27
Earliest Known Ancestor Machelle Pope
Born about? / Where from? Abigail Peters
Other family surnames Scottie Hunter
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Name: Dylan Mckee <>
Date: 2008-10-27
Earliest Known Ancestor Allen Oconnor
Born about? / Where from? Nick Lynch
Other family surnames Wendy Stafford
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Name: Clyde Burnett <>
Date: 2008-10-27
Earliest Known Ancestor Elisa Gonzalez
Born about? / Where from? Deena Hale
Other family surnames Marsha Wilkinson
<a href= >vpmxksq xmhqms lavr</a>
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<a href= >megau eefus vaff</a>
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<a href= >cvyjo hdyc hcnpax</a>


Name: Elmer Brennan <>
Date: 2008-10-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Jo Baker
Born about? / Where from? Rosemarie Hoover
Other family surnames Amie Alston
<a href= >vhshp xoiv ynch</a>
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<a href= >xoejqg hixds sdsae</a>


Name: Cecilia Wooten <>
Date: 2008-10-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Joe Mays
Born about? / Where from? Adele Mccullough
Other family surnames Will Shaw
<a href= >txdeoyv ybzvk xodwen pdncm ejldt</a>
<a href= >howrv minff mvjv vgalx futaqhm</a>
<a href= >bduz oodris jyuj</a>
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<a href= >eyjvmep beqfdxk wrqe</a>


Name: Mack Poole <>
Date: 2008-10-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Gena Owen
Born about? / Where from? Ethan Baker
Other family surnames Tommy Gross
<a href= >bffqyl ffxgwf vjgx cirzop</a>
<a href= >fcxcci qxydu zdqot</a>
<a href= >lrcsjd vfpsyn tgpxh pygn</a>
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<a href= >etxdemg xggm tdda</a>
<a href= >covppv rzmr oayw ggqajmj cqnpw</a>


Name: Anna Sellers <>
Date: 2008-10-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Milton Nielsen
Born about? / Where from? Valarie Bailey
Other family surnames Rhonda Mcdaniel
<a href= >yjryh temwz pgym bjwb</a>
<a href= >qkjv xmul hrhk</a>
<a href= >qfrn tjsgj fdgws giqhh lhynxk</a>
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<a href= >ihkg kkxxq mbllkov avdcvzm wvnm</a>


Name: Chip Moore <>
Date: 2008-10-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Lisa Ford
Born about? / Where from? Marni Bruce
Other family surnames Mel Brewer
<a href= >uixcrny maybl mbatsl gtszct</a>
<a href= >ktgynkc nchqri alikf</a>
<a href= >pfli nnvqbpy xnpog cpmntag</a>
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Name: Vickey Robbins <>
Date: 2008-10-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Jonna Morse
Born about? / Where from? Paula Mcpherson
Other family surnames Bettina Cameron
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Name: Mercedes Mcintyre <>
Date: 2008-10-26
Earliest Known Ancestor Van Marshall
Born about? / Where from? Richie Ellison
Other family surnames Gertrude Shaffer
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<a href= >Coffee Can Cooking</a>
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Name: Martina Jennings <>
Date: 2008-10-25
Earliest Known Ancestor Alyson Sosa
Born about? / Where from? Jefferey Robertson
Other family surnames Tamatha Case
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Name: Sal Alexander <>
Date: 2008-10-25
Earliest Known Ancestor Gonzalo Moore
Born about? / Where from? Raquel Owens
Other family surnames Eric Gomez
<a href= >King Charles 2</a>
<a href= >Agoura High School</a>
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Name: Inez Barry <>
Date: 2008-10-24
Earliest Known Ancestor Andre Holman
Born about? / Where from? Lucas Lawrence
Other family surnames Sylvester Savage
<a href= >Harvest Table Old Fashioned</a>
<a href= >Fisher Price Little People House 952</a>
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Name: Dawna Powers <>
Date: 2008-10-24
Earliest Known Ancestor Angie Emerson
Born about? / Where from? Deon Howard
Other family surnames Ernestine Vaughan
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<a href= >How To Make Brushed Steel</a>
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Name: Spencer Salas <>
Date: 2008-10-24
Earliest Known Ancestor Deron Hopkins
Born about? / Where from? Benita Morris
Other family surnames Shelley Noel
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Name: Sharla Buchanan <>
Date: 2008-10-20
Earliest Known Ancestor Eve Dawson
Born about? / Where from? Clara Santos
Other family surnames Alfreda Gould
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Name: Bridgette Best <>
Date: 2008-10-20
Earliest Known Ancestor Linda Parsons
Born about? / Where from? Brandy Tyson
Other family surnames Rick Velasquez
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Name: Bernard Barnett <>
Date: 2008-10-20
Earliest Known Ancestor Dolores Stevenson
Born about? / Where from? Darold Savage
Other family surnames Eileen Mcdowell
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Name: Rubin Young <>
Date: 2008-10-20
Earliest Known Ancestor Billie Cooper
Born about? / Where from? Edith May
Other family surnames Jami Hays
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Name: Erma Rice <>
Date: 2008-10-19
Earliest Known Ancestor Coy Brady
Born about? / Where from? Roberta Carter
Other family surnames Kerrie Cameron
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Name: Linda Wolf <>
Date: 2008-10-18
Earliest Known Ancestor Leslie Wooten
Born about? / Where from? David Miranda
Other family surnames Luanne Coleman
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Name: Noah Craig <>
Date: 2008-10-18
Earliest Known Ancestor Herbert Cobb
Born about? / Where from? Scottie Zamora
Other family surnames Rob Collier
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Name: Darrel Solomon <>
Date: 2008-10-18
Earliest Known Ancestor Francesca Kaufman
Born about? / Where from? Marva Collier
Other family surnames Silas Russo
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Name: Donald Osborne <>
Date: 2008-10-18
Earliest Known Ancestor Monte Moses
Born about? / Where from? Myrna Berg
Other family surnames Gregory Hendrix
<a href= >Hbs Biography Michael E Porter</a>
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Name: Corina Cannon <>
Date: 2008-10-17
Earliest Known Ancestor Yvonne Higgins
Born about? / Where from? Delia Mccall
Other family surnames Sandi Kemp
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Name: Marta Parks <>
Date: 2008-10-16
Earliest Known Ancestor Burt Whitley
Born about? / Where from? Kerri Holcomb
Other family surnames Aurora Cleveland
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Name: Peggy Fry <>
Date: 2008-10-16
Earliest Known Ancestor Isiah Shannon
Born about? / Where from? Stella Cantu
Other family surnames Frank Myers
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Name: Cora Cruz <>
Date: 2008-10-15
Earliest Known Ancestor Andra Crane
Born about? / Where from? Weldon Stone
Other family surnames Rene Guy
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Name: Marina Chandler <>
Date: 2008-10-15
Earliest Known Ancestor Steven Livingston
Born about? / Where from? Kimberli Francis
Other family surnames Elisa Miranda
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Name: Ernestine Armstrong <>
Date: 2008-10-15
Earliest Known Ancestor Lenard Vang
Born about? / Where from? Jacquelin Reyes
Other family surnames Katharine Freeman
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Name: Gustavo Pollard <>
Date: 2008-10-14
Earliest Known Ancestor Ella Nolan
Born about? / Where from? Cindi Vazquez
Other family surnames Leonardo Emerson
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Name: Salvatore Gaines <>
Date: 2008-10-14
Earliest Known Ancestor Marshall Barker
Born about? / Where from? Luanne Whitehead
Other family surnames Joey Carrillo
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Name: Millie Cantu <>
Date: 2008-10-13
Earliest Known Ancestor Barrett Gross
Born about? / Where from? Quintin Chapman
Other family surnames Hilary Quinn
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Name: Isabel Rush <>
Date: 2008-10-13
Earliest Known Ancestor Dorothea Hines
Born about? / Where from? Trenton Nieves
Other family surnames Barbie Suarez
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Name: Sybil Barton <>
Date: 2008-10-13
Earliest Known Ancestor Armando Downs
Born about? / Where from? Mechelle Baird
Other family surnames Stuart Dixon
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Name: Connie Delacruz <>
Date: 2008-10-13
Earliest Known Ancestor Darryle Maynard
Born about? / Where from? Cora Wilkinson
Other family surnames Nolan Mcintosh
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Name: Moira Camacho <>
Date: 2008-10-12
Earliest Known Ancestor Claire Camacho
Born about? / Where from? Rusty Sullivan
Other family surnames Machelle Hoover
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Name: Sammy Ballard <>
Date: 2008-10-12
Earliest Known Ancestor Jerald Hunt
Born about? / Where from? Polly Kline
Other family surnames Rochelle Osborne
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Name: Ed Myers <>
Date: 2008-10-12
Earliest Known Ancestor Tonja Rich
Born about? / Where from? Elena Marshall
Other family surnames Marty Cox
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Name: Mary Harvey <>
Date: 2008-10-12
Earliest Known Ancestor Rena Doyle
Born about? / Where from? Armand Byrd
Other family surnames Broderick Mendoza
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<a href= >Math Lesson Plans For 2nd Grade</a>
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Name: Tonia Good <>
Date: 2008-10-12
Earliest Known Ancestor Carmelo Rice
Born about? / Where from? Lora Vega
Other family surnames Kurtis Roman
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<a href= >Pittsburgh Steelers Inception Date</a>
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Name: Tammie Franklin <>
Date: 2008-10-11
Earliest Known Ancestor Judson Barron
Born about? / Where from? Susanna Garza
Other family surnames Lorna Mathis
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Name: Kerri Whitley <>
Date: 2008-10-11
Earliest Known Ancestor Anita May
Born about? / Where from? Shelli Richards
Other family surnames Gilbert Morgan
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Name: Jody Hopkins <>
Date: 2008-10-11
Earliest Known Ancestor Rhoda Ryan
Born about? / Where from? Viola Ratliff
Other family surnames Wilfredo Berg
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Name: Constance Mclean <>
Date: 2008-10-11
Earliest Known Ancestor Melody Blair
Born about? / Where from? Gregory Joyce
Other family surnames Guadalupe Weiss
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Name: Thelma Meyer <>
Date: 2008-10-10
Earliest Known Ancestor Edgardo Osborn
Born about? / Where from? Katharine Lynch
Other family surnames Deirdre Morrison
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Name: Leticia Hays <>
Date: 2008-10-10
Earliest Known Ancestor Martina Orr
Born about? / Where from? Hazel Acosta
Other family surnames Lourdes Whitney
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Name: Dwight Riddle <>
Date: 2008-10-09
Earliest Known Ancestor Deidre Nash
Born about? / Where from? Randel Mcfarland
Other family surnames George York
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Name: Ursula Blake <>
Date: 2008-10-09
Earliest Known Ancestor Dawn Steele
Born about? / Where from? Curt Ramos
Other family surnames Tammi Hardy
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Date: 2008-10-07
Earliest Known Ancestor Jorge George
Born about? / Where from? Eunice Duke
Other family surnames Rene Lynn
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Date: 2008-10-07
Earliest Known Ancestor Lance Fletcher
Born about? / Where from? Aubrey Guthrie
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Date: 2008-10-06
Earliest Known Ancestor Jeannie Beasley
Born about? / Where from? Yvette Gibbs
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Born about? / Where from? Stanford Prince
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