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Name: Anne Rahamut <>
Date: 2016-02-20
Ted, I just received an email from a gal seeking Amanda Teeple and now I can't find your email address to let you know and to give it to her. She is Robin Johnson and her address is
I know it's been awhile since we chatted, but I'm hoping this will find you.


Name: Mary Lennox Lepper <>
Date: 2013-07-22
Josephine Rivers LaValla and Moses LaValla are my great grandparents. My father is Edward Glenn Lennox ....... Son of Edward and Effie LaValla Lennox. Just came from a family reunion of Moses and Josephine in Willams, MN. Aprox. 200 in attendance.

Name: Joeline Mudge <>
Date: 2012-07-27
My grandfather was Edwin Mudge. If you would like connecting information on my family please email me.Thanks Joeline mudge

Name: Rosemary Howe <>
Date: 2010-11-24
I am related to Hadden Smith and Laura Larkin which would be my greatgrandparents. You only went to Maranda Smith and then nothing. I can go on if you wish. Rosemary Quinlan Howe

Name: PAUL <>
Date: 2010-07-15
I tried an old email for you, please respond so I can send you some research material I found.

Name: Robert Mudge <>
Date: 2010-03-31
Just trawling through the 'Mudge' name and wondering where they all originated from. My Ancestors were from Cornwood in Devon, England.



Name: Rob Miller <>
Date: 2009-08-28
I liked this site.

Name: Alina Nelson <>
Date: 2009-04-15
I was just looking to see what information I could find on my family history. About 10 years ago I went with my father to a reunion and received pictures and information on my history. I thought I would follow it up. I have never known very much about my Nelson/Mudge background, so I thought I would look into it.

Name: Pam LaFave <>
Date: 2008-02-05
How exciting to find your site! I (the family) have additional information and photos not shown on your site. If you are interested, please do contact me. I would be so happy to make it a part of your (our!) history.
Pamela K. Stimart Kopp LaFave


Name: Gordon william Lowrie <>
Date: 2008-01-01
Son of Alfred & Elsie Lowrie. Grandson of Julia Etta Chase, Found some useful info for family tree, Thank You, Gord.

Name: Carmen Matthews <>
Date: 2007-07-13
I am very interested to find this website about part of my family. I have never met any of the extended Mudge family. My grandmother left Minnesota as a young woman and never returned. However, my son now lives in St. Paul.

I would be happy to give you some corrections and updates about the history of my grandmother, Nina Mudge, and her descendants, including my father, Rollin Onstad.


Name: Roger Scheunemann <>
Date: 2007-06-05
Under Frederick Arthur Remick you have his second child marrying Joos. This child would, I believe be Margaret Remick married to Robert H. Joos the brother of my grandmother Anna Gertrude Joos. Margaret is still living with a Remick family member in Texas. I am contacting them to verify a lot of this data.

Name: Jennifer Woeller <>
Date: 2007-03-22
i have alot of stuff about emma and porter like bith and death dates if you are interestedplease email and i will glady give you the info.

Name: Connie Fugle <>
Date: 2007-03-01
I was very surprise to find this, well done.


Name: denise whiteley lloyd <>
Date: 2006-12-06
What a great history. Thanks for sharing. As far as I know Mary only had two sons w/ John Henry Whiteley (John Edward and Thomas Joseph (my father))

Name: Frances Evelyn Merkel(Mudge) <>
Date: 2005-12-04
Im the oldest of 5 girls & 1 boy..Daughter of Kenneth A MUDGE.

Name: Frances Evelyn Merkel(Mudge) <>
Date: 2005-12-04

I was born on Aug.17,1928 in Selby,SD..i'M THE Oldest of 6
childrean..Lyle Kenneth Mudge was the only boy,the youngest
w/5 girls..


Name: Dianne Cobb <>
Date: 2005-11-23
Ted - Happy Thanksgiving!

I see that Kay Prindle Corwin wanted info re Lovina and Roland line from John Alden. I will contact her with relevant info and my membership #.



Name: Skip Cook <>
Date: 2005-10-11
In October 1969, I visited Edmund T. Mudge, IV at the Selsed Place guest house. We were both in officer candidate school at Ft. Belvoir, Va. I have often wondered what became of Ted Mudge. It is good to know that he is alive and well.



Name: bill moeller <>
Date: 2005-10-07
thanks Ted all you told me it would be.thanks for reaching out to the families and all the work and time this trip in the past has taken you

Name: Kay Prindle Corwin <>
Date: 2005-08-21
Hello Mr. Mudge;

I, too, am a descendant of Roland and Lovina Edson Sackett and have traced Lovina's lineage back to John Alden and Prescilla Mullins of the Mayflower. Over the years I have collected sufficient documentation on all preceeding and subsequent generations to meet the Mayflower Societies membership requirements EXCEPT for that of Roland and Lovina.

Thanks to you I have their dates and places of birth, marriage and death, but I have been unable to find any of the original documentation necessary to support those dates and places.

Can you provide any insight as to where these documents can be found? I traveled back east last fall (I live in Arizona) and was delighted to find the graves of Zavan and Abigail Bills Sackett in Meadville. However, I was unable to locate those of Roland and Lovina. Do you happen to know where they are buried?

I see from your various postings that you were able to obtain a photocopy from the National Archives Civil War Mothers Pension file which provides evidence of the date of Roland's death. I would deeply appreciate your assistance in telling me how to go about obtaining a copy of this document for my records.

Knowing that you understand how difficult it is to break through genealogical brick walls, any information, advise and assitance that you may be willing to share will be everlastingly appreciated!

Thank you!

Kay Prindle Corwin


Name: Ted Mudge <>
Date: 2005-06-21
Surprised you haven't been arrested with a name like this. I have been know as Ted or Teddy for my entire life (59yrs.), but given name is Edmund Tileston Mudge, IV. There is a 5th living in San Diego, We have lived in Baltimore for virtually my entire life.

Name: KIM <>
Date: 2005-06-16
I loved the plain, clear way you listed the families. Very easy to follow.

Name: Dick Straw <>
Date: 2005-06-15
I have an Elizabeth Smith Mudge, 1666-1743, who married a first cousin numerous times removed, William Carpenter, 1688, in Jamaica, Long Island, New York. I have info on the Carpenter family back to the 1540s or so, but nothing at all about Elizabeth. Do your studies happen to include her?

Name: larry mork <>
Date: 2005-05-15
My grandfather was Arthur Chase. I can furnish you with his family information. Please contact me at my email address.

Date: 2005-04-26

Name: Michele <>
Date: 2004-12-18
Awesome!! :-)

Name: George Lucht <>
Date: 2004-10-29
Very interesting looking forward to more time to look through it all.

Name: Robyn Johnson <>
Date: 2004-09-14
You have done a wonderful job.Look forward to seeing more.
I will be e-mailing you with information I have.
Thank You,


Name: Joel Knutson <>
Date: 2004-09-12
Good job Ted, I will keep checking back.

Name: Dianne Cobb <>
Date: 2004-08-27
Your in-depth research for your lines again take top prize.

Name: pat lehto <>
Date: 2004-04-28
you are doing a wonderful job, ted. am anxious for the duboid side to be done, as clara was a sister to my martha rivers.

Name: Neal Laurance <>
Date: 2004-04-27
Cleophas Duboid was Nelson Laurence's godfather.
Mose Lavallee was the brother of George Lavallee who married the widow of Alec Laurence, Nelson's uncle.
Mose Lavalle was the brother of Sophie Lavallee who married the widower Leon Laurence, Nelson's uncle.
The Lavallee, Rivers (Rivet) and Laurence families were very intertwined.


Name: Caroline <mumby at>
Date: 2004-04-19
Hope yoy get lots of help getting information on the families listed. You do a wonderful job getting what you already have.
Love ya


Name: Mary Virginia Crevier Van Lom <>
Date: 2004-04-18
George Kenneth Crevier was born in Minneapolis on Feb. 19, 1913. He died July 18, l971 in Medford Oregon. He is buried at Gethsemane Cemetary in Portland Oregon along with his mother and father, Nellie and George Crevier, Bernice Ericson and her husband Garfield. George and Olive Buck are buried there also. Bernice was killed in a car accident in 1972. Wesley Crevier died in the death march at Bataan in 1942. Robert and Donald are also deceased. Helen Crevier Mode is living in Silverton Oregon. I can provide names and dates of the others in the family if you would like. Sincerely, Mary Van Lom

Name: Barbara Nelson-Babcock <>
Date: 2004-04-15
I will keep checking back and get you more info on both sides that I have on both sides of the family. Feel free to email me about anything.


Name: Kathy Bellant <>
Date: 2004-04-01
I loved looking at the family tree. My great grandmother's name was Georgiana Palmer LaValla. I have lots of other info on my branch of the tree. Would love to hear from you. Kathy

Name: Carolyn Henderson <>
Date: 2004-03-26
Looking for the parents of Richard and John Lawrence. Richard Lawrence was married to an Elizabeth Mudge. They were married in 1778 in Staten Island NY.

Name: Josie LaValla <>
Date: 2004-03-22
Name Spouse of Walter LaValla; grandson of Moses LaValla
You have done a wonderful job. Thank you for taking the time to do all this researching.

Date: 2004-03-13

Name: Janet Denny <>
Date: 2004-03-09
Name Granddaughter of Oliver Stimart
Good job Ted. Looking forward to more.