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Name: Donna Muse < >
Date: 2014-02-28
Where are you located? Inglewood California
Ancestor surnames? Meshell
Ancestor locations? Mansfield Louisiana

Name: Dennis M McCullough <>
Date: 2013-11-26
Where are you located? Lumberton, Texas
Ancestor surnames? McCullough, Anderson, Raines
Ancestor locations? Pleasant Hill Cemetary(North), Spring Ridge Cemetary, Union Springs Cemetary
Parents were Fred G. McCullough and Virginia Raines McCullough. Both from the Pleasant Hill area. I've lived in Texas over forty years.

Name: Misty Webb Barron <>
Date: 2013-07-28
Where are you located? Haughton,La.
Ancestor surnames? Webb,McCormic, and Maines
Ancestor locations? Bayou Scie, Pleasant Hill, Mitchell,Sabine
Thank you.

Name: homer lynn brown <>
Date: 2013-05-30
Where are you located? converse, louisiana
Ancestor surnames? brown, thaxton, ellzey
Ancestor locations? United States
Linking to my past...And i find it is amazing to say the least...

Name: Linda W Miller <>
Date: 2013-03-25
Where are you located? Florien, Louisiana
Ancestor surnames? Leach
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish
It would be nice to be able to view the death records again!


Name: Brenda N McLain <>
Date: 2013-01-17
Where are you located? Texas
Ancestor surnames? Holland
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish
Your links are broken or hacked!

Name: Kathryn Benson <>
Date: 2012-07-24
Where are you located? Bossier Parish, LA
Ancestor surnames? Murphy, McCormick (Mccomic)
Ancestor locations? Many, Ft. Jessup
Looking for information about brother of John Mccomic (spouse, Elizabeth Carter) named Russell. He was listed on the 1850 census and was born around 1838.

Name: Connie Adkins <>
Date: 2012-06-10
Where are you located? Warner Robins, Georgia
Ancestor surnames? Rhodes, Bell, Dowden, Peacock
Ancestor locations? Many, Ft. Jesup, Many others

Name: David Masinter <>
Date: 2012-05-19
Where are you located? Spokane, WA
Ancestor surnames? Wade, Ammons, Carter, Sibley, Montgomery, Wright
Ancestor locations? Negreet, Many, Fisher

Name: Marilea Whitfield <>
Date: 2012-04-27
Where are you located? Baton Rouge, La
Ancestor surnames? Whitfield, Bryant
Ancestor locations? Toro, Bayou Sce, Many
Researching the family of William Whitfield and Mary Agnes Bryant 1870-1900. Children: Willie, Lewis, Joe, Mary Agnes, Delia, Henry Clay and possibly others.

Name: William Sibley Jr <>
Date: 2012-04-08
Where are you located? Coolidge, Arizona
Ancestor surnames? Sibley, Walker, Montgomery, Corley
Ancestor locations? LA-AL-GA-VA-MA-England
Researching family tree from Sabine Parish to mid Europe. Need help with the Corley Clan


Name: diane f harkins <>
Date: 2012-03-27
Where are you located? Port Allen, La.
Ancestor surnames? Parker
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish
no Comment

Name: Regena MAXEY English <>
Date: 2012-02-06
Where are you located? Scott, Lafayette Parish, Lafayette USA
Ancestor surnames? Maximillian
Ancestor locations? Natchitoches Post, Sabine Parish
Would like to find some Obiturairies and Cemetery locations.

Name: Wanda Thomas Poche' <>
Date: 2011-12-20
Where are you located? Natchitoches, La.
Ancestor surnames? Davis
Ancestor locations? Many, La.

Name: Porter Click <>
Date: 2011-10-27
Where are you located? Upshur Co, TX
Ancestor surnames? Davis
Ancestor locations? Zwolle LA, Milam TX
researching Clara Mae Davis, b 1902, Panola Co, d 1976 in Michigan: father William Henry Davis, b 1867 TN d 1912 Milam, Sabine Co, TX, mother Lizzie Leslie b 1877 in LA, d abt 1912, place unknown but close to the TB hospital in Shreveport, LA. Clara said she lived in Zwolle, LA as a child. Looking for records in Sabine Par, LA

Name: Kathryn McCormick Benson <>
Date: 2011-10-19
Where are you located? Haughton, LA
Ancestor surnames? Murphy, McCormick
Ancestor locations? Many, LA
I have enjoyed getting information about the Murphy and Mccormick families from your website. Thanks to all who help gather and transcribe the data.

Name: Curtis Kelly <>
Date: 2011-09-19
Where are you located? Houston Texas
Ancestor surnames? Kelly,singletary,Waters
Ancestor locations? La., Miss.
Looking for info on a eprham kelly son of Lloyd M Kelly


Name: Charnel Anderson <>
Date: 2011-09-14
Where are you located? San Juan Puerto Rico
Ancestor surnames? Anderson/Brent/Hodnett/Gandy/Wright/Sibley
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish/ Grant Parish and Mississippi
Excellent site. I wonder why the Sabine Index hasn't been digitized and placed on-line?

Name: Wanda <>
Date: 2011-08-28
Where are you located? Keithville,La.
Ancestor surnames? Bass and Burnette
Ancestor locations? Zwolle and Many,La.
I like your site but I can't locate any of my Burnette family.

Name: Pamela O'Quinn <>
Date: 2011-08-25
Where are you located? Mandeville, LA
Ancestor surnames? Brumley, Dew, O'Quinn
Ancestor locations? Mt Zion Cemetary & Many Cemetary
Many of my relatives - grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and my dad are buried and listed in these cemetaries. If you would like further information about husband/wife and daughter/son relationships, I can provide quite a few, especially in Mt Zion Cemetary.

Thank you,


Name: Bobbie N. Harris <>
Date: 2011-07-29
Where are you located? Az.
Ancestor surnames? Cryer
Ancestor locations? La, Tx.
Outstanding website lots of information on it. Thanks for all of your work on behalf of researcher

Name: Cynthia Watson <>
Date: 2011-06-14
Where are you located? Huffman Texas
Ancestor surnames? Gore, Mott,Cronea(Cronnier)Bellad,Sisson,Burkes
Ancestor locations? St.Landry,Cal. Parish
Good Web site. Thank you.

Name: William B. Foley <>
Date: 2011-04-27
Where are you located? Elizabeth City, NC
Ancestor surnames? Speight
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish, la
no comment

Name: Faye Patterson <>
Date: 2011-04-23
Where are you located? Winston Salem, Nc
Ancestor surnames? Pierce, Eaves, Kennedy
Ancestor locations? Old Pisgah Cemetery
You have one of the best Louisiana Parish sites for research. Keep up the good work!

Name: gaines oxley <>
Date: 2011-03-06
Where are you located? tyler tx
Ancestor surnames? anthony- oxley
Ancestor locations? sabine parish
all my people are from sabine parish, thanks for a great site

Name: Larry Scarborough <>
Date: 2011-02-25
Where are you located? Bryan Texas
Ancestor locations? Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina
Very nice site!

Name: Betty Mosley <>
Date: 2011-01-18
Where are you located? Texas
Ancestor surnames? Neal, Boyett,Polk,Mayeux,Mayeaux.,Mosle
Ancestor locations? Texas, La., Ala, Ark
Thanks for your webb site

Name: Carl Garbarino <>
Date: 2010-10-20
Where are you located? Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Ancestor surnames? Nash
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish
Enjoyed the website. I have traveled in the parish trying to locate the graves of Valentine Nash and his wife. Was told they lived around an area called Toro. My wife and I located a cemetery in that area and walked through it but they weren't buried there. Would you know of any information regarding their grave sites?
Carl Garbarino


Name: keijo <>
Date: 2010-10-07
Where are you located? sweden
Ancestor surnames? viljo
Ancestor locations? finland
Thank you to the lord for many thanksgiving today for grace and for the cross and joy inthe Holy Spirits power and miracles and be the light with salt in this the world and expect the Lord for he is coming soon,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

Name: Judy Grundy <>
Date: 2010-09-26
Where are you located? Texas
Ancestor surnames? Perkins
Ancestor locations? Many LA
Nice webpage

Name: floyd hicks <>
Date: 2010-09-17
Where are you located? baton rouge la.
Ancestor surnames? hicks,davis, simms,cooley,
Ancestor locations? ms.ala,
real good thank you.

Name: Donald Ray Parker <>
Date: 2010-09-01
Where are you located? Elkhart, IN
Ancestor surnames? Sibley, Cassady, Coburn, etc
In your obituary files you have one for "Fannie Cassady." This person is my Grandmother and her correct name is FAMIE Clyde Law Cassady. She is buried at Central Baptist Cemetery just out of Robeline. My Aunt Hazel's last name is GUEST. My Mother is Bessie Mae Cassady Parker (1923-2009) of Gretna.

Date: 2010-08-19
Where are you located? DANVILLE, VIRGINIA
Ancestor surnames? LEONE AND FALCON
Ancestor locations? ZWOLLE
My step-father Mr. Lawrence Leone ( the son of the late MR. Peter (Pete) Leone, and Dora Falcon Leone ) was from Zwolle La. My mom, Mrs. Lillie Mae Leone Passed away on Nov. the 28th 1992 and my step-dad, Lawrence, passed away on Sept. 14th 1993. I lived there off and on for 25 or more years and will always think of all of my friends and family in Zwolle. I and my mom were born in Va. My sister, Patricia Leone Watson is still living in Converse and 1 brother, Lawrence Buford Leone in Merriata, Ga. I love all the people of Zwolle, actually my heart, a huge part will alway's be there!

Name: Lynda Byrd <>
Date: 2010-07-21
Where are you located? Japser, TX
Ancestor surnames? Byrd, Morgan, Stuckey
Absolutely the best site ever. Loaded with information. Thanks for all of the hard work. It is simple tremendous. Thanks again.

Name: Casey <>
Date: 2010-06-21
Where are you located? Crossville, Alabama
Ancestor surnames? Ford; Boyd
Ancestor locations? Converse
It is a welcoming sight to see someone take the time out of their lives to care enough to give even the smallest of communities some TLC. It is a welcome sight to be able to keep up with the place that I was raised. Keep it up and thanks!!!

Name: Carolyn Keelen Copeland <>
Date: 2010-06-06
Where are you located? Olive Branch, Mississippi
Ancestor surnames? Keelen
Ancestor locations? Zwolle, Sabine Parrish
I enjoy the website. CKC

Name: Terrell Walraven <>
Date: 2010-06-01
Where are you located? Olive Branch Mississippi
Ancestor surnames? Sepulvado,Leone,Ray
Ancestor locations? Sabine parish
This is a great site.

Name: Robin Kelly <>
Date: 2010-04-20
Where are you located? Boisser City
Ancestor locations? Pleasant Hill, Marthaville, Many, Zwolle
I think that this is a realy good thing that yall have for people to look for there people and other things as well.

Name: Claudia Branen <>
Date: 2010-04-15
Where are you located? Houston, TX
Ancestor surnames? Ezernack, Marr, Maxey, Maximillion
Ancestor locations? DeRidder, Natchitoches, Many, LA

Name: Michael (Eason) Wilson <>
Date: 2010-03-28
Where are you located? Plaquemines Parish
Ancestor surnames? Eason
Ancestor locations? Many, Zwolle
Searching for family Bibles, or any additional
records regarding the Eason family.


Name: Charlotte Hardamon Coble <>
Date: 2010-02-12
Where are you located? Mansfield, Tarrant, Texas
Ancestor locations? Natchitoches and Sabine Parishes
Sabine Parish is one of the best parishes for records.... I would really like to see Natchitoches Parish put their obits and death records on line as Sabine Parish. These records are invaluable to family members that are doing research (especially those that are not near Natchitoches or Sabine Parishes).

Name: Charlotte Hardamon Coble <>
Date: 2010-02-12
Where are you located? Mansfield, Tarrant, Texas
Ancestor locations? Natchitoches and Sabine Parishes
Sabine Parish is one of the best parishes for records.... I would really like to see Natchitoches Parish put their obits and death records on line as Sabine Parish. These records are invaluable to family members that are doing research (especially those that are not near Natchitoches or Sabine Parishes).

Name: cynthia arnold <>
Date: 2010-01-16
Where are you located? ventura, california
Ancestor surnames? ashmore, bennett, cochran, mears, nichols
Ancestor locations? United States
enjoy your site, keep up the good work.

Name: Kathryn A Walker <>
Date: 2010-01-11
Where are you located? Bangor, ME
Ancestor surnames? Forbis/Forbes/Forbush
Ancestor locations? KY/LA
I have found your site delightful and informative. Much data has been gleaned in my research and I continue to use this site almost daily. Thank you for your tremendous effort to gather so much material.

Name: Charlie Vines <>
Date: 2009-12-11
Where are you located? Garland, Texas
Very nice job on the website. Lots of link to Vines' which will be helpful to my research. Thank you.

Name: Sharon Williams <>
Date: 2009-11-15
Where are you located? Livingston, TX
Ancestor surnames? Chapman
Ancestor locations? Many, Natchitoches
Researching William Washington Chapman born Jan 1900. Died July 1972. Siblings: John, Elmer, Authru, Gem? (female). Spouses: Mary Esther Bell and Arizona ?

Name: Joseph A. Ebarb <>
Date: 2009-09-06
Where are you located? Bon Wier Texas
Ancestor surnames? Ebarb
Ancestor locations? Louisiana
Looking for Ebarb,Leone, Rivers

Name: Debbie DuBrucq <>
Date: 2009-09-06
Where are you located? Bartlett, TN
Ancestor surnames? Brumley, Sanders
Ancestor locations? West Carroll, Natchitoches
I would like to thank all of those who have taken the time to put together the information for this site.

I am the mother in law to one of your young Parish ancestors who is proudly serving in the US Marine Corps in Afghanistan currently. In his absence, I am working on his family tree and your site has been very helpful.


Name: Laura K Castle <>
Date: 2009-08-31
Where are you located? Liberty, TX
Ancestor surnames? Sibley
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish
Daughter of Sybil Doris Smith Edwards> Bonnie M. Sibley Smith> John Coleman Sibley, Jr.>John Coleman Sibley Sr.>Robert Lansford Sibley> Reddick Sibley who married Mary Albritton, daughter of Richard Albritton.


Name: Roy Gay <>
Date: 2009-07-08
Where are you located? Buda, Texas
Ancestor surnames? Gay, Cobb(s),Litton, Tatum
Ancestor locations? Coushatta, La.
I'm looking for an indian bloodline that is supposed to run in the Cobbs family tree. GG grandmother Nancy Cobbs reportedly was or part Choctaw.

Name: Susan Vodvarka <>
Date: 2009-07-07
Where are you located? Holly Pond, Alabama
Ancestor surnames? Spears
Ancestor locations? Union and Sabine Parish
Good Work and a load of information. Thank you

Name: angie brazzel <>
Date: 2009-06-30
Where are you located? louisiana
Ancestor surnames? ammons
Granddaughter of Dorothy Ammons Sandifer Freeman, by her first son Billy. She also has a grandson, four great grandchildren and one great great grandson.

Name: angie brazzel <>
Date: 2009-06-30
Where are you located? louisiana
Ancestor surnames? ammons
granddaughter of Dorothy Ammons Sandifer Freeman, by her first son Billy.

Name: Evelyn Wieck <>
Date: 2009-06-19
Where are you located? Iowa
Ancestor surnames? Struve, McCormic
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish, LA
This is a great website. I am seeking information on Adolphus Struve & Anne McCormic m. 1883 and the descendants of Susan Struve and Noah McComic.

Name: clarence e rivers <>
Date: 2009-04-05
Where are you located? ville platte, la.
Ancestor surnames? rivers
Ancestor locations? zowolle, la.
my grandfather was john rivers and he married margaret bebe in jan of 1892. my father ( james l. rivers ) was the first child and he was born on dec. 18, 1892.

Name: Melinda Jones <>
Date: 2009-03-17
Where are you located? Zwolle
Ancestor surnames? Meshell
Ancestor locations? Zwolle
Thank you to all the volunteers who work on this.

Name: C. Jones <>
Date: 2009-03-08
Where are you located? Los Angeles, CA
Ancestor surnames? Davis, Gandy, Sweet
Ancestor locations? Many, LA
Loved the site and seeing old family photos of the Davis family especially seeing my grandfather Joseph 'Gandy' Davis. Hi to all my cousins. I will visit again.

Name: Allen Altvater <>
Date: 2009-03-06
Where are you located? Lake Placid, FL
Ancestor surnames? Estes
Ancestor locations? Many Cemetery.
Your web site is a wonderful resource!

Name: Kristen B. Kibby <>
Date: 2009-02-26
Where are you located? Seattle,Wa
Ancestor surnames? Oliver Family (Jimmy, Birtha, Franklin,Ross)
Ancestor locations? Many and Negreet, La
I really enjoyed your site. I was looking for my grandfather Jimmy Dale Oliver's obits and finally found it here! Amazing thanks for all the hard work to keep up this site. It really brought happiness to me. If you come accross any pictures of the Oliver Family especially my pawpaw Jimmy Dale Oliver please forward them to me or email me. He resided in Fort Jessup, LA for about 25 yrs. Thanks Kristen :)

Name: Deborah Tam <>
Date: 2008-12-18
Where are you located? Pineville, LA
Ancestor surnames? Stuckey, Foote, Miller, Wells,
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish

Name: Elizabeth <>
Date: 2008-03-24
Where are you located? South Carolina
Ancestor surnames? Fripp
Hopson Pinckney Fripp died in Sabine Parish in 1940. You have his obituary on this site. Thank you! I want to prove his parents. He was born in SC in 1868.

Name: Linda D. Acklin <>
Date: 2008-03-11
Where are you located? Sabine Parish
Ancestor surnames? Procell, Leone, Martinez, Acklin
Ancestor locations? Texas, Sabine Parish, Athens, LA
I am very happy to have found this site.
It is quit interesting. However, some spellings of names are incorrect. Additionally, Specific directions to each cemetery would be very good to have on the site.



Name: Rosie Cangelose <>
Date: 2008-02-06
Where are you located? Mansfield, La
Ancestor surnames? Cooper,Brumley,Ott,Pilkington
Ancestor locations? Ala.,La.,S.C., Miss.,Ark.
This is a great site. I am so glad you have the funeral records. I will be searching this site
often. I was born in Many, so I have many family members buried there. Rosie Cangelose


Name: Jerry <Stevens>
Date: 2008-01-17
Where are you located? Jackson, MS
Ancestor surnames? STEVENS / MILES
Ancestor locations? Pleasant Hill
You guys have put together the best county genweb site I have visited. A lot of research material and the cemetery records are the best I've seen.
Keep up the great work.


Name: Christopher Wade Ebarb II <>
Date: 2008-01-13
Where are you located? Bossier Parish, La
Ancestor surnames? Ebarb
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish
I am looking for info on my great grandfather George William Ebarb. Born in Zwolle,La. I am the son of Christopher(Dink)Wade Ebarb who is the son of Doyle(Buddy)Wade Ebarb which is G.W. Ebarbs' son. E-mail me if you have any info or pictures. Thanx so much. C.W. Ebarb

Name: Charmin Mitchell Martin <>
Date: 2007-12-11
Where are you located? Gonzales, La
Ancestor surnames? Mitchell
Ancestor locations? Many, La
I am the daughter of Sammie A. Mitchell. Please correct his name. He is not a Jr. His dad's name is Sammie L. Mitchell. My dad's father & mother are not listed. Also, my dad's grandsons Savy Adam Mitchell & Joshua Alwyn Mitchell. You may contact me via my email for additional information. May God bless you!

Name: Billy N. Fussell <>
Date: 2007-11-30
Where are you located? Milam, Sabine County, Texas
Ancestor surnames? Neal
Ancestor locations? Natchitoches, Sabine Parishes
You have a good site. I visit here often. First time to sign in.


Name: F. C. Rembert <>
Date: 2007-11-13
Where are you located? Dallas, TX
Ancestor surnames? Rembert, Chapman
Ancestor locations? Pleasant Hill
Well Done !! Wish other parishes would do even half of your work.

Name: Mike McDonald < >
Date: 2007-10-18
Where are you located? New York
Ancestor surnames? McDonald
Greetings from the Big Apple !

I see you have included my grandparents in your records. I appreciate that. They were Eva H. and Wiley G. McDonald, who lived on Smith Street from 1928 forward until their deaths, which are recorded. They also worked in the Sabine Parish Court House for many years. I'm sure the older folks would remember them and my eight uncles and aunts. My aunt Doris Wright is now in a nursing home there in Many.
I have many fond memories of that little town growing up and coming from Shreveport for visits with my parents, Ray and Evelyn and my brother and sister, Ray Jr. and Judy. We used to spot the water tank from Highway 80 for sport. We had many great family gatherings there in that old house on Smith Street and I can vividly remember both Eva and Wiley. It's nice to see records of them do exist in Many.
Lots of water under the bridge since those days, but it is nice to remember. I'm a Viet Nam War veteran and a 9/11 Ground Zero survivor myself. I'm a New Yorker at heart, living here now for 31 eventful and action-packed years.

Thanks for the "Visit".

Mike McDonald


Name: Steve deValcourt <>
Date: 2007-10-12
Where are you located? Fort Walton Beach Florida
Ancestor surnames? Davis, Robinson, Buvens
I have really enjoyed the Websites and they have been very useful in gathering information on ancestors

Name: Janet deValcourt Bravo <>
Date: 2007-09-30
Where are you located? MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA (South America)
Ancestor surnames? Davis, Gandy, Buvens, Duggan, Robinson, Taylor, Montogomery, Day
Ancestor locations? Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, New York, North Carolina, Mississippi , Belgium, Ireland
WOW!!!! EXCELLENT WEBSITE.....very well done!!!

Name: Greg deValcourt <>
Date: 2007-09-28
Where are you located? Lafayette, LA
Ancestor surnames? Davis, Gandy, Buvens, Duggan, Robinson, Taylor, Montogomery, Day
Ancestor locations? Louisiana, Belgium, Georgia, Alabama, New York, Ireland, North Carolina, Mississippi
This is an incredible website that is well before its time, it will be of value to many many future generations! Thanks to y'all we have collected and shared plenty of interesting family information. This has led us to have extended family reunions in Many during the fall of the year. Thanks to all of the contributors and volunteers for their extraordinary effort with this project. I will try to get others involved and make an effort to contribute my fair share. THIS SURELY WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE SABINE THE BEST DAM PARISH WEBSITE IN LOUISIANA!

Gregory Dean deValcourt


Name: William E. Sibley Jr <>
Date: 2007-09-06
Where are you located? Coolidge, Arizona 85228
Ancestor surnames? Sibley,Walker,Montgomery,Corley,Watson {Willis},Gandy,Baker,Burnett {?},Watson {William}Bennett, Wall,Evans,Connell {Conine}, Ho
Ancestor locations? LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, DE, VI, MA, NJ, ENGLAND,WALES, IRELAND,

Name: Susan West Bible <>
Date: 2007-08-21
Where are you located? Apple Valley , Ca
Ancestor surnames? West
Ancestor locations? Many , Deridder , Leesville .
I grew up in Many and I wanted to check on some old friends that left us long ago ... Enjoyed the site . very informative . Thank you

Name: george head <>
Date: 2007-08-14
Where are you located? shreveport
Ancestor surnames? strother
Ancestor locations? converse
my mother was kate strother head who was born in sabine parish.

Name: Betty Jo McFerrin Kelly <>
Date: 2007-08-11
Where are you located? Shreveport, LA
Ancestor surnames? McFerrin (also spelled McFerren)
Ancestor locations? Shreveport, and Belmont, LA
I was born in Shreveport, LA. My father was Leonard McFerren. He grew up in Belmont, LA. My mother was Pearl Russell McFerren. She grew up in the Bayou Cie community, Near Belmont and Zwollee.

Name: Marshall F. Kelly <>
Date: 2007-08-11
Where are you located? Shreveport, LA
Ancestor surnames? Kelly
Ancestor locations? Louisiana, TX, Alabama
I understand my Ancestors came from Alabama, went to Texas, came back to La. Some went to civil war and never returned, but were not thought to be dead. Some may have ended up in the Winnfield area, some in the Longview, TX area and some in the Lake Charles area. D A Kell(e)y founded or co-founded Kelly-Weber wholesale, later changed to Weber-King, in Lake Charles. My immediate family was born and raised in Southern Sabine parish in the Pisgah/Toro community.

Name: A blice <>
Date: 2007-07-30
Where are you located? texas
Ancestor surnames? cheney ,bennett, jones, fussell
Ancestor locations? many, louisiana (sabine river area ) Tx & La
Enjoyed this site and was helpful in my research.

Name: Jim Wood <>
Date: 2007-07-28
Where are you located? Charlotte NC
Ancestor surnames? Tyler, Self
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish
Great site and have enjoyed reading all the new information about Sabine Parish. My Great Grandparents (Tyler/Self) were married here in 1875.

Name: Dorothy Wright Williams <>
Date: 2007-07-25
Where are you located? Montgomery, Texas
Ancestor surnames? Wright-Royal
Ancestor locations? Many-Florien
Just found out about the site- have enjoyed
looking at all the information. Good job!


Name: Barbara Jo Cook <>
Date: 2007-07-21
Where are you located? Frederick, Maryland
Ancestor surnames? cook,leach,hardiman,moss,mcclendon
Ancestor locations? natchitoches, louisiana

Just exploring on the informaton on Theodore Cook's parent.



Name: Jean Plummer <>
Date: 2007-07-08
Where are you located? Deer Park, Texas
Ancestor surnames? Lewing, Johnson, Cupp
Ancestor locations? Sabine, Vernon & Rapides
You have a great site with so much wonderful information. Thank you for all the great work

Name: Jo Havins <>
Date: 2007-07-06
Where are you located? Texas
Ancestor surnames? Conerly/ German/Burleson
Ancestor locations? Sabine/ Vernon Parishes
The best site I have found for La. The funeral home records have been esp. helpful. I will share info on these and related lines.

Name: Red Peters <>
Date: 2007-06-27
Where are you located? Texas
Ancestor surnames? Oxley-Peters-Lewing-Salter-Babb
Ancestor locations? Sabine parish La.
Thank You

Name: Charmaine Campbell <>
Date: 2007-06-15
Where are you located? Orange, TX
Ancestor surnames? Campbell, Pugh, Sanderson, Goodwin
Ancestor locations? North Louisiana, Sabine Parrish
I think that you all have done a fabulous job of creating this website. I enjoy visiting it over and over. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Name: Jim Watson <>
Date: 2007-05-27
Where are you located? Texas hill country, Spicewood
Ancestor surnames? Watson
Ancestor locations? Many, Sabine Parish
Watson family was in this area and Beuaregard parish in the early 1800's. You have a great site.

Name: Jeri O'Keefe <>
Date: 2007-05-22
Where are you located? San Diego County, CA
Ancestor surnames? Armstrong, Dr. J.C.
Ancestor locations? Many, Sabine Parish
I am a descendant of Dr. James Crittenden Armstrong, by his daughter Annie Virginia Armstrong and her husband, Harvey Henderson (Sheriff of Many, 1901). This site has provided me with a wealth of previously unknown information. Thank you for a wonderful job.

Jeri O'Keefe


Name: Eloise Stephens <>
Date: 2007-05-05
Where are you located? Grand Cane, LA
Ancestor surnames? Moore, Tyler, Webb
Ancestor locations? Bethsaida, Noble, Converse
Thank you for the work you have done gathering the information you have made available for people to locate relatives. It is much appreciated.

Name: Sandy Freeman <>
Date: 2007-05-03
Where are you located? Oklahoma
Ancestor surnames? Rhodes, Peavy, Singletary, Dowden
Ancestor locations? Louisiana
Great site to search, thank you so much. Any one with info on my surnames, get in touch. Sandy Rhodes Freeman

Name: Jackie Martin <>
Date: 2007-04-15
Where are you located? Lafayette, LA
Ancestor surnames? Forshee / Rains / Wesinger
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish
I have used this website for a number of years .. Mr. Carl Dilbeck is wonderful for all his organization & work .. I have transcribed the Lakeside Baptist Church cemetery & want to submit it ... Thank you all for your work

Name: Jeanne Tipton <>
Date: 2007-04-10
Where are you located? Gadsden, Alabama
Ancestor surnames? Armstrong, Pierson (aka Pinson)
Ancestor locations? Sabine Ward 4
Armstrong Pinson (aka Pierson) families

Name: Patsy Skinner Crossley <>
Date: 2007-03-26
Where are you located? Round Rock , TX
Ancestor surnames? Skinner
Ancestor locations? Sabine County?
I'm not sure of the location in LA where my ancestors were, but I have proof that they were there in the late 1800's. My great grandfather was John Kalem Skinner. His wife's first name was "Charlotte".

Name: Carolyn Mills-Bunch <>
Date: 2007-03-15
Where are you located? Big Sandy,Texas
Ancestor surnames? Mills, Sutton
Ancestor locations? Noble, Oak Grove
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Name: Jan Currier <>
Date: 2007-03-12
Where are you located? Porter, Texas
Ancestor surnames? Vines, Darnell,Ebarb,Sepulvado, Burr, Tuggle, Roberts, Combs,Jones
Ancestor locations? Zwolle
Any help would be appreciated

Name: William R. Addison <>
Date: 2007-02-28
Where are you located? Mansfield, Texas
Ancestor surnames? Addison, Sibley, Carter, Petty
Ancestor locations? Negreet
Interesting site that will help me with my family history research. Thanks

Name: Avis Miller <>
Date: 2007-02-24
Where are you located? Ruston, LA
Ancestor surnames? Brumley, Carley, Nash, Potter
Ancestor locations? Rapides, Sabine, Vernon Parishes
Wonderful amount of work that has been put into this site. Thank you for your dedication.

Name: Jim Edwards <>
Date: 2007-02-16
Where are you located? Pleasant Hill, LA
Ancestor surnames? Laffitte, Lafitte, LaFitte
Ancestor locations? DeSoto & Sabine Parishs
Obviously, a great deal of effort was made to make this site available. Thanks.

Name: Tara Fuller <>
Date: 2007-02-12
Where are you located? Kanas City, MO
Ancestor surnames? Ezernack, Remedies, Meschell
Ancestor locations? Zwolle
I was able to locate my grandfather's obituary. He died when I was 2 and I have no memories of him. It was interesting to read all the names of relatives that I never met.

Date: 2007-01-27
Where are you located? DENHAM SPRINGS,LA
Ancestor surnames? SALTER,COOK
Ancestor locations? FLORIEN

Name: Linda Williams <>
Date: 2007-01-09
Where are you located? Malvern Arkansas
Ancestor surnames? Lewis,Lewing
Ancestor locations? Many
Good Work

Name: william Heins <>
Date: 2007-01-08
Where are you located? Bossier City, La.
Ancestor surnames? Perley, Prothro
Ancestor locations? Marthaville, Pleasant Hill, Mansfield
Very good website. It's obvious a lot of hard work was involved. Thank you

Name: Ken Knight <>
Date: 2007-01-01
Where are you located? NRH, Tarrant, TX
Ancestor surnames? Mize, Ford, King, Goff, Lucas
Ancestor locations? TX,LA,MS,AL,GA,SC,NC,TN,VA
Helpful site, found a bunch of Fords. Mize/Mise moved back and forth to Panola, TX but didn't find
any this trip...maybe later. Did find Ford/Mise
marriage, miss-transcribed...Ike for Jesse.
Thanks for the help!


Name: Nola Barnes Nee: Bell <>
Date: 2006-12-29
Where are you located? Phoenix, Arizona
Ancestor surnames? Bell, Chowns
Ancestor locations? Sabine Parish, Nacodoches Parish
Locating the Bells of Nacodoches Parish and the Chowns of Sabine Parish

Name: harold dyess <>
Date: 2006-12-25
Where are you located? blue ridge, tx.
Ancestor surnames? dyess/lewis
Ancestor locations? sabine
a very informative link. i'm glad i found it.

Name: Dorothy Bragg <>
Date: 2006-12-20
Where are you located? Sabine County, Texas
Ancestor surnames? Chambers,Anderson,Russell,Sanders,Eason
Ancestor locations? Sab. Co.Sab. Parr., Rapides Parr., Vernon Parr. La.
Enjoy La. website very much,have found lots of
info here on Sabine Parrish site,which is where I
grew up.


Name: Bert Mitchell <>
Date: 2006-12-19
Where are you located? Southern Sabine Parish
Ancestor surnames? Mitchell, Glaspie, Tines
Ancestor locations? Sabine and Vernon Parishes
I have a family Bible of the Harvey Mitchell family and of the Mac Glaspie family. I will try to get information to this site.

Name: Cookie Leach <>
Date: 2006-12-06
Where are you located? Mississippi
Ancestor surnames? Cook-Langton
Ancestor locations? Clara ; Negreet ;
Enjoyed looking through some obits. Robert L. Laurence (July 3, 1980) did graduate from Pisgah School in the Toro Community in 1964.


Name: Bryant Walker <>
Date: 2006-12-05
Where are you located? Florida
Ancestor surnames? Walker, Whatley, Oliver and Pritchett
Ancestor locations? Louisiana
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